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Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling Author Karen S. Glover
ISBN-10 0742561054
Release 2009
Pages 173
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This book is a critical examination of mainstream research on racial profiling. Through qualitative analysis of interviews with people of color who have experienced racial profiling, it offers an alternative understanding of racialized law and the traffic stop as the manifestation of racialized law enforcement.

Race Crime and Resistance

Race  Crime and Resistance Author Tina G Patel
ISBN-10 9781446210178
Release 2011-04-11
Pages 208
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In a post-Macpherson, post-9/11 world, criminal justice agencies are adapting their responses to criminal behaviour across diverse ethnic groups. Race, Crime and Resistance draws on contemporary theory and a range of case studies to consider racial inequalities within the criminal justice system and related organisations. Exploring the mechanisms of discrimination and exclusion, the book goes beyond superficial assumptions to examine the ensuing processes of mobilisation and resistance across disadvantaged groups. Empirically grounded and theoretically informed, the book critically unpicks the persisting concepts of race and ethnicity in the perceptions and representations of crime. Articulate and sensitive, the book clarifies complex ideas through the use of chapter summaries, case studies, further reading and study questions. It is essential reading for students and scholars of criminology, race and ethnicity, and sociology.

Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling Author Alison Marie Behnke
ISBN-10 9781512439205
Release 2017-01-01
Pages 160
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In the United States, racial profiling affects thousands of Americans every day. Both individuals and institutionssuch as law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and schoolsroutinely use race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of an offense. The high-profile deaths of unarmed people of color at the hands of police officers have brought renewed national attention to racial profiling and have inspired grassroots activism from groups such as Black Lives Matter. Combining rigorous research with powerful personal stories, this insightful title explores the history, the many manifestations, and the consequences of this form of social injustice.

Forensic Science in Court

Forensic Science in Court Author Donald Hon. Shelton, Chief Judge
ISBN-10 9781442201897
Release 2010-10-16
Pages 196
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Forensic Science in Court explores the legal implications of forensic science—an increasingly important and complex part of the legal system. Judge Donald Shelton provides an accessible overview of the legal issues, then examines the strengths and limitations of various kinds of forensic science, including DNA, fingerprints, handwriting, hair, bite marks, tool marks, firearms and bullets, fire and arson investigation, and bloodstain evidence. Case studies illustrate the issues and their application in depth.

Theft of a Nation

Theft of a Nation Author Gregg Barak
ISBN-10 9781442207783
Release 2012
Pages 213
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Theft of a Nation is a powerful criminological examination of Wall Street s recent financial meltdown. Through the lenses of white collar crime and victimology, the book presents a critical assessment of the economic and political elites who were responsible, shows how Americans were victimized, and assesses the resulting regulation."

Deadly Injustice

Deadly Injustice Author Devon Johnson
ISBN-10 9781479873456
Release 2015-12-11
Pages 384
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The murder of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin and the subsequent trial and acquittal of his assailant, George Zimmerman, sparked a passionate national debate about race and criminal justice in America that involved everyone from bloggers to mayoral candidates to President Obama himself. With increased attention to these causes, from St. Louis to Los Angeles, intense outrage at New York City’s Stop and Frisk program and escalating anger over the effect of mass incarceration on the nation’s African American community, the Trayvon Martin case brought the racialized nature of the American justice system to the forefront of our national consciousness. Deadly Injustice uses the Martin/Zimmerman case as a springboard to examine race, crime, and justice in our current criminal justice system. Contributors explore how race and racism informs how Americans think about criminality, how crimes are investigated and prosecuted, and how the media interprets and reports on crime. At the center of their analysis sit examples of the Zimmerman trial and Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, providing current and resonant examples for readers as they work through the bigger-picture problems plaguing the American justice system. This important volume demonstrates how highly publicized criminal cases go on to shape public views about offenders, the criminal process, and justice more generally, perpetuating the same unjust cycle for future generations. A timely, well-argued collection, Deadly Injustice is an illuminating, headline-driven text perfect for students and scholars of criminology and an important contribution to the discussion of race and crime in America.

Race and Crime

Race and Crime Author Shaun L. Gabbidon
ISBN-10 9781483384191
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 320
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Written by two of the most prominent criminologists in the field, Race and Crime, Fourth Edition examines how racial and ethnic groups intersect with the U.S. criminal justice system. Award winning authors Shaun L. Gabbidon and Helen Taylor Greene provide students with the latest data and research on White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian-American, and Native American intersections with the criminal justice system. Rich with several timely topics such as biosocial theory, violent victimizations, police bias, and immigration policing, the Fourth Edition continues to investigate modern-day issues relevant to understanding race/ethnicity and crime in the United States. A thought-provoking discussion of contemporary issues is uniquely balanced with an historical context to offer students a panoramic perspective on race and crime. Accessible and reader friendly, this comprehensive text shows students how race and ethnicity have mattered and continue to matter in the administration of justice.

Latinos Facing Racism

Latinos Facing Racism Author Joe R. Feagin
ISBN-10 9781317256946
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 185
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Feagin and Cobas provide the first in-depth examination of the everyday racism faced by middle-class Latinos. Based on a national survey, we learn how a diverse group of talented Latinos Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and others respond to and cope with the commonplace white racial framing and discriminatory practices. Drawing on extensive interviewing, the authors address the recurring discrimination of ordinary whites directed against Spanish speakers and individuals with presumed Latino phenotypes. These incidents occur in everyday encounters, such as when male and female Latinos travel or shop. The book also chronicles the mistreatment that Latinos face from immigration officials when they cross US borders and from the police when they are racially profiled outside Latino areas. Critical and conforming Latino responses to recurring white discrimination are also extensively examined, as well as the diverse Latino reactions to remedial programs like affirmative action and to the ideal of assimilation into the proverbial US melting pot. "

Media Crime and Racism

Media  Crime and Racism Author Monish Bhatia
ISBN-10 9783319717760
Release 2018-04-06
Pages 391
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Media, Crime and Racism draws together contributions from scholars at the leading edge of their field across three continents to present contemporary and longstanding debates exploring the roles played by media and the state in racialising crime and criminalising racialised minorities. Comprised of empirically rich accounts and theoretically informed analysis, this dynamic text offers readers a critical and in-depth examination of contemporary social and criminal justice issues as they pertain to racialised minorities and the media. Chapters demonstrate the myriad ways in which racialised ‘others’ experience demonisation, exclusion, racist abuse and violence licensed – and often induced – by the state and the media. Together, they also offer original and nuanced analysis of how these processes can be experienced differently dependent on geography, political context and local resistance. This collection critically reflects on a number of globally significant topics including the vilification of Muslim minorities, the portrayal of the refugee ‘crisis’ and the representations and resistance of Indigenous and Black communities. This volume demonstrates that processes of racialisation and criminalisation in media and the state cannot be understood without reference to how they are underscored and inflected by gender and power. Above all, the contributors to this volume demonstrate the resistance of racialised minorities in localised contexts across the globe: against racialisation and criminalisation and in pursuit of racial justice.

New Directions in Race Ethnicity and Crime

New Directions in Race  Ethnicity and Crime Author Coretta Phillips
ISBN-10 9781136261428
Release 2013-10-08
Pages 200
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The disproportionate criminalisation and incarceration of particular minority ethnic groups has long been observed, though much of the work in criminology has been dominated by a somewhat narrow debate. This debate has concerned itself with explaining this disproportionality in terms of structural inequalities and socio-economic disadvantage or discriminatory criminal justice processing. This book offers an accessible and innovative approach, including chapters on anti-Semitism, social cohesion in London, Bradford and Glasgow, as well as an exploration of policing Traveller communities. Incorporating current empirical research and new departures in methodology and theory, this book also draws on a range of contemporary issues such as policing terrorism, immigration detention and youth gangs. In offering minority perspectives on race, crime and justice and white inmate perspectives from the multicultural prison, the book emphasises contrasting and distinctive influences on constructing ethnic identities. It will be of interest to students studying courses in ethnicity, crime and justice.

Racism and the Press

Racism and the Press Author Teun A. van Dijk
ISBN-10 9781317403852
Release 2015-07-24
Pages 290
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Originally published in 1991. This book presents the results of an interdisciplinary study of the press coverage of ethnic affairs. Examples are drawn mainly from British and Dutch newspapers, but data from other countries are also reviewed. Besides providing the reader with a thorough content analysis of the material, the book is the first to introduce a detailed discourse analytical approach to the study of the ways in which ethnic minorities are portrayed in the press. The approach focuses on the topics, overall news report schemata, local meanings, style and rhetoric of news reports. Highly original, accomplished and penetrating, the book is the fruit of a decade of research into the question of racism and the press, important for ethnic studies, mass communication and media studies, sociology and linguistics.

Race Ethnicity Crime and Justice

Race  Ethnicity  Crime  and Justice Author Shaun L. Gabbidon
ISBN-10 9781412949880
Release 2010
Pages 241
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This book provides case studies from countries around the world regarding the nature and scope of concerns related to race, ethnicity, crime and justice. The text centres primarily on English-speaking countries where they have encountered problems related to race, ethnicity, crime and justice. The book is designed to be used as either a main or supplementary text for courses focusing on race and crime, minorities and crime, and diversity in criminal justice. Additionally, it can also be used in sociology and ethnic studies courses that focus on race and crime.

Social Inequality Criminal Justice and Race in Tennessee

Social Inequality  Criminal Justice  and Race in Tennessee Author Gerald K. Fosten
ISBN-10 9781498559218
Release 2017-12-21
Pages 148
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This book examines the national criminal justice system’s and the state of Tennessee criminal justice system’s policies in terms of how they balance the citizens’ need for prisons with the private sector's desire for profits and the policies’ effects on the incarceration rate of African American males in the state of Tennessee.

Race Crime and Justice

Race  Crime  and Justice Author Shaun L. Gabbidon
ISBN-10 9781135398569
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 394
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A comprehensive collection of the essential writings on race and crime, this important Reader spans more than a century and clearly demonstrates the long-standing difficulties minorities have faced with the justice system. The editors skillfully draw on the classic work of such thinkers as W.E.B. DuBois and Gunnar Myrdal as well as the contemporary work of scholars such as Angela Davis, Joan Petersilia, John Hagen and Robert Sampson. This anthology also covers all of the major topics and issues from policing, courts, drugs and urban violence to inequality, racial profiling and capital punishment. This is required reading for courses in criminology and criminal justice, legal studies, sociology, social work and race.

Racial Profiling in Canada

Racial Profiling in Canada Author Carol Tator
ISBN-10 9780802086662
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 251
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Informed by a wealth of research and theoretical approaches from a wide range of disciplines, Racial Profiling in Canada makes a major contribution to the literature and debates on a topic of growing concern.

Racism and Borders

Racism and Borders Author Jeff Shantz
ISBN-10 9780875868097
Release 2010
Pages 188
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While policies like SB 1070, Arizona's now infamous immigration legislation, have raised issues of racial profiling and policing practices, there have been few detailed analyses of broader practices of racialization and racism at borders more extensively. Some works have focused specifically upon profiling, without looking at varied processes of racialization. In addition, most studies of border controls have examined the US context, while few have looked at racism and racialization and borders in multinational contexts as the current work does. The work provides analyses of constructions of race and repressive border policies and examines critically larger policy questions in the context of neoliberal governance practices. It can serve as a primary or supplementary text for university courses in Criminology, Sociology, Politics, Geography, Cultural Studies and International Affairs. Beyond academia, it provides a useful resource for civil liberties and human rights groups, advocacy movements and community organizations supporting immigrants and refugees as well as those representing members of racialized non-migrant communities in diverse contexts. The Editor's introduction examines the historical and recent contexts of racial profiling and resistance to profiling, especially since 9/11 and the war on terror. Chapters contributed by scholars from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and institutions explore the problem of "the Other," the power and means of defining "territory," gender, the treatment of indigenous peoples, and the active and passive ways in which those in the dominant group step over, obliterate, abuse and turn a blind eye to all other groups. In contrast, Graciela Susana Boruszko discusses the concept of "hospitality" -- calling upon each of us to "make room for the other" and asserting that "divergent perspectives do not call for reconciliation but to remain standing at ease, side by side, while we disagree on that issue." It is a work that will provide a rich resource for those interested in issues of border controls and migration beyond the din of mainstream media discussions. It will be of value to academics and researchers on border and migration issues as well as community advocates dealing with the issues everyday on the front lines.

Visible Identities

Visible Identities Author Linda Mart?n Alcoff
ISBN-10 0198031416
Release 2005-12-22
Pages 344
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In the heated debates over identity politics, few theorists have looked carefully at the conceptualizations of identity assumed by all sides. Visible Identities fills this gap. Drawing on both philosophical sources as well as theories and empirical studies in the social sciences, Mart?n Alcoff makes a strong case that identities are not like special interests, nor are they doomed to oppositional politics, nor do they inevitably lead to conformism, essentialism, or reductive approaches to judging others. Identities are historical formations and their political implications are open to interpretation. But identities such as race and gender also have a powerful visual and material aspect that eliminativists and social constructionists often underestimate. Visible Identities offers a careful analysis of the political and philosophical worries about identity and argues that these worries are neither supported by the empirical data nor grounded in realistic understandings of what identities are. Mart?n Alcoff develops a more realistic characterization of identity in general through combining phenomenological approaches to embodiment with hermeneutic concepts of the interpretive horizon. Besides addressing the general contours of social identity, Mart?n Alcoff develops an account of the material infrastructure of gendered identity, compares and contrasts gender identities with racialized ones, and explores the experiential aspects of racial subjectivity for both whites and non-whites. In several chapters she looks specifically at Latino identity as well, including its relationship to concepts of race, the specific forms of anti-Latino racism, and the politics of mestizo or hybrid identity.