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The Radetzky March

The Radetzky March Author Joseph Roth
ISBN-10 9781847086150
Release 2013-01-03
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The Radetzky March is a meditation on the Austro-Hungarian Empire through the prism of three generations of the Trotta family. The novel opens in 1859 at the Battle of Solferino, when the young Lieutenant Trotta saves the life of the Emperor and is ennobled. He owes the Empire everything, and his son also becomes a conscientious servant of the great multinational state even as it enters into its period of chaos, with competing nationalisms and ideologies tearing it apart. The final generation of Trottas cannot comprehend or survive the collapse of the Empire, which no longer has any purchase on reality. Beginning at the moment when the Habsburg dominions began to crumble, and ending at the moment when the old Emperor's body is finally entombed in the vault of Capuchins in Vienna, the narrative arc of Roth's novel is perfectly judged. However, it is Roth's intelligent compassion and ironic sense of history that confer on The Radetzky March its greatness.

Joseph Roth s March Into History

Joseph Roth s March Into History Author Katharine Tonkin
ISBN-10 1571133895
Release 2008
Pages 223
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A strikingly new view of the novelistic career of the famously enigmatic interwar writer.

Weighting Differences

Weighting Differences Author Vasile Boari
ISBN-10 9781443812153
Release 2009-05-27
Pages 285
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Irrespective of the level of analysis, identity remains a vague concept, slippery, and insufficiently elaborated and defined. Be it individual or collective, ethnical or social, local or general, regional (e.g. the EU) or global, identity is a recurrent subject in political debates. Situated on the edge of history, anthropology, sociology, political science, and psychology it increasingly becomes a leading paradigm in the area of social sciences. Starting from the broader European perspective, this volume has a multidisciplinary approach and gathers relevant works of internationally renowned scholars who tackle questions related to the Romanian identity: Who are the Romanians? What is the essence of their identity and how has it evolved along history? What are their primary qualities and flaws? How do Romanians perceive their Europeanness and how do they assume their European condition? With no claim to unique answers, the book provides a multi-layered view of what Romanian identity means in contemporary period and how it develops in the broader European context. By challenging the common sense understanding of identity, we raise even more questions to be anasered by further research.

Encyclopedia of German Literature

Encyclopedia of German Literature Author Matthias Konzett
ISBN-10 9781135941222
Release 2015-05-11
Pages 1136
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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Encyclopedia of the Novel

Encyclopedia of the Novel Author Paul Schellinger
ISBN-10 9781135918262
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 838
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Edge of Irony

Edge of Irony Author Marjorie Perloff
ISBN-10 9780226054421
Release 2016-05-06
Pages 204
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Among the brilliant writers and thinkers who emerged from the multicultural and polyglot world of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Franz Kafka, and Paul Celan. For them, the trauma of the First World War included the sudden dissolution of the geographical entity into which they were born. Austria, the small, fragile republic that emerged from the Empire in 1918, became in Karl Kraus s words the research laboratory for world destruction. In this major reconsideration of European modernism, Marjorie Perloff identifies and explores the aesthetic world that emerged from the rubble of WWI Vienna and other former Hapsburg territoriesan Austro-Modernist ethos that strangely anticipates the darkness and cynicism of our own disillusioned twenty-first-century culture. Perloff introduces works in a variety of genresdrama (Kraus s Last Days of Mankind ), the novel (Roth s The Radetzky March ), the essay (central to Robert Musil s The Man without Qualities ), the memoir (Elias Canetti s The Tongue Set Free ), the lyric poem (Celan s love poetry), and the philosophical notebook (Wittgenstein)so as to give even non-specialists a sense of the complex and troubled literary scene created in the shadow of empire and war. These writers created a deeply skeptical and resolutely individualistic modernismone much less ideologically charged, for example, than its counterpart in Germany. Austro-Modernism was not avant-garde in the usual senses, Perloff shows. But its savage and grotesquely comic irony, its conviction, most memorably expressed by Wittgenstein, that argumentation was best conveyed through aphorism, its fondness for paradox and contradiction as modes of understanding, and its early embrace of an aesthetics of documentation and appropriationthese may well be the most lasting legacies of any modernist movement. Austro-Modernism emerges here as a vital alternative, not only to the French and Anglo-American modernisms that have largely defined the period, but also to Weimar and the Frankfurt School, so central to Anglo-American cultural studies."

Hotel Savoy

Hotel Savoy Author Joseph Roth
ISBN-10 9781590209585
Release 2003-10-28
Pages 160
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A forceful parable of Europe between wars. Still bearing scars from the gulag, a freed POW traverses Russia to arrive at the Polish town of Lodz. In its massive Hotel Savoy, he meets a surreal cast of characters, each eagerly awaiting the return from America of a rich man named Bloomfield. Like Europe itself in 1932, the hotel is the stage upon which characters follow fate to its tragic destination.

The Hotel Years

The Hotel Years Author Joseph Roth
ISBN-10 9780811224888
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 192
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The first overview of all Joseph Roth’s journalism: traveling across a Europe in crisis, he declares,“I am a hotel citizen, a hotel patriot.” The Hotel Years gathers sixty-four feuilletons: on hotels; pains and pleasures; personalities; and the deteriorating international situation of the 1930s. Never before translated into English, these pieces begin in Vienna just at the end of the First World War, and end in Paris near the outbreak of the Second World War. Roth, the great journalist of his day, needed journalism to survive: in his six-volume collected works in German, there are three of fiction and three of journalism. Beginning in 1921, Roth wrote mostly for the liberal Frankfurter Zeitung who sent him on assignments throughout Germany - the inflation, the occupation, political assassinations - and abroad, to the USSR, Italy, Poland and Albania. And always: “I celebrate my return to lobby and chandelier, porter and chambermaid.”

Joseph Roth A Life in Letters

Joseph Roth  A Life in Letters Author Joseph Roth
ISBN-10 9780393060645
Release 2012-01-16
Pages 551
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The tumultuous life of the Austrian writer best known for "The Radetzky March" is described through letters that recall his father's and wife's mental illnesses, numerous mistresses, and travel to Paris.


ISBN-10 9781468302165
Release 2003-10-28
Pages 112
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The Legend of the Holy Drinker" tells the haunting story of a dissolute vagrant who is uplifted for a short time by a series of miracles. Written in the final days of Roth's life, it is a novella of sparkling lucidity and humanity. "Fallmerayer the Stationmaster" and "The Bust of the Emperor" are Roth's most acclaimed works of shorter fiction.

Right and Left and The Legend of the Holy Drinker

Right and Left and The Legend of the Holy Drinker Author Joseph Roth
ISBN-10 9781590209721
Release 1993-06-01
Pages 304
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Joseph Roth has been described as "one of the greatest writers in German of this century" (The Times). With tragic foresight, Right and Left, first published in 1929, evokes the nightlife, corruption, political unrest, and economic tyranny of Berlin in the twenties, the same territory covered trenchantly in Roth’s reportage, recently published as What I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-33. After serving in World War I, Paul Bernheim returns to Berlin to find himself heir to his recently deceased father’s banking empire. Increasingly beset by skyrocketing inflation, and dismayed by his brother’s infatuation with the brownshirts; Bernheim turns to an outsider for help—a profiteering Russian émigré whose advice proves alternately advantageous and disastrous. Too late to change his fate, he realizes he has been deceived by a master in the craft of manipulation.

Berlin Mosaic

Berlin Mosaic Author Eva Tucker
ISBN-10 0936315229
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 154
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A WORLD OF GRAND APARTMENTS, coffee mornings, concerts and theatre and religious debate; of artistic insurgency, bohemian love and political ferment; above all of home life, Sunday lunches and holiday celebrations, carries on while in the background an inexorable fate grows almost unnoticed. Dramatic irony stalks the varied, often charming members of a large bourgeois family, until events of the first half of the 20th century break in, splintering it into its communist, fascist, Jewish, Christian and other fragments. Yet this is a fate which, in the end, turns out to be less than total, as the kaleidoscope turns and a new cycle begins, promising at least partial return to old unities and modes of existence.

The Sleepwalkers

The Sleepwalkers Author Hermann Broch
ISBN-10 0307789160
Release 2011-07-20
Pages 656
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With his epic trilogy, The Sleepwalkers, Hermann Broch established himself as one of the great innovators of modern literature, a visionary writer-philosopher the equal of James Joyce, Thomas Mann, or Robert Musil. Even as he grounded his narratives in the intimate daily life of Germany, Broch was identifying the oceanic changes that would shortly sweep that life into the abyss. Whether he is writing about a neurotic army officer (The Romantic), a disgruntled bookkeeper and would-be assassin (The Anarchist), or an opportunistic war-deserter (The Relaist), Broch immerses himself in the twists of his characters' psyches, and at the same time soars above them, to produce a prophetic portrait of a world tormented by its loss of faith, morals, and reason.

The Tin Drum

The Tin Drum Author Günter Grass
ISBN-10 9780547417738
Release 2009-10-08
Pages 592
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The Tin Drum, one of the great novels of the twentieth century, was published in Ralph Manheim's outstanding translation in 1959. It became a runaway bestseller and catapulted its young author to the forefront of world literature. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the original publication, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, along with Grass’s publishers all over the world, is bringing out a new translation of this classic novel. Breon Mitchell, acclaimed translator and scholar, has drawn from many sources: from a wealth of detailed scholarship; from a wide range of newly-available reference works; and from the author himself. The result is a translation that is more faithful to Grass’s style and rhythm, restores omissions, and reflects more fully the complexity of the original work. After fifty years, THE TIN DRUM has, if anything, gained in power and relevance. All of Grass’s amazing evocations are still there, and still amazing: Oskar Matzerath, the indomitable drummer; his grandmother, Anna Koljaiczek; his mother, Agnes; Alfred Matzerath and Jan Bronski, his presumptive fathers; Oskar’s midget friends—Bebra, the great circus master and Roswitha Raguna, the famous somnambulist; Sister Scholastica and Sister Agatha, the Right Reverend Father Wiehnke; the Greffs, the Schefflers, Herr Fajngold, all Kashubians, Poles, Germans, and Jews—waiting to be discovered and re-discovered.

The Collected Stories of Joseph Roth

The Collected Stories of Joseph Roth Author Joseph Roth
ISBN-10 039332379X
Release 2003
Pages 281
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Appearing for the first time in English, an anthology of short stories and novellas spans the author's entire writing career and includes many recently discovered works, including "Strawberries," as well as such novellas as Stationmaster Fallmerayer and The Bust of the Emperor. Reprint.

What I Saw Reports from Berlin 1920 1933

What I Saw  Reports from Berlin 1920 1933 Author Joseph Roth
ISBN-10 0393325822
Release 2004-08-17
Pages 227
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Gathers thirty-four impressionistic and political essays by journalist and novelist Joseph Roth based on his observations of the war-shattered city of Berlin upon his arrival in 1920 and through the early 1930s. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

Joseph Roths Radetzkymarsch

Joseph Roths Radetzkymarsch Author Maud Curling
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3526015
Release 1981
Pages 193
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Joseph Roths Radetzkymarsch has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Joseph Roths Radetzkymarsch also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Joseph Roths Radetzkymarsch book for free.