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RAF Top Gun

RAF Top Gun Author Nick Thomas
ISBN-10 1844156850
Release 2008
Pages 256
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Edward 'Teddy' Mortlock Donaldson was one of three aviator brothers to win the DSO during World War II. He joined his brother in the RAF and was granted a sort-service commission. He quickly became both a stunt pilot and a crack-shot, winning the RAF's Gunnery Trophy One and leading the RAF's aerobatic display team. When war was declared Donaldson was commanding No 151(F) Squadron flying Hurricanes and in their first engagement destroyed six enemy aircraft, shooting down many more in the following months. for his leadership of the squadron during the battle and his personal tally of eleven, plus ten probable destructions he was awarded the DSO. He then spent three years as a gunnery instructor in the USA where he taught American Gun Instructors and helped set up new gunnery schools. On his return to England he converted onto jet aircraft and commanded a Meteor squadron. This lead to him being selected to command the Air Speed Flight, established in 1946 to break the world record. 'Teddy' eventually snatched the title, setting a new speed record and breaking the 1000 kmph barrier. He retired as an Air Commodore and became the Air Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. He died in 1992.

Men of The Battle of Britain

Men of The Battle of Britain Author Kenneth G. Wynn
ISBN-10 9781473847682
Release 2015-07-07
Pages 606
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Since it was first published in 1989, Men of the Battle of Britain has become a standard reference book for academics and researchers interested in the Battle of Britain. Copies are also owned by many with purely an armchair interest in the events of 1940. The book records the service details of the airmen who took part in the Battle of Britain in considerable detail. Where known, postings and their dates are included, as well as promotions, decorations and successes claimed flying against the enemy. There is also much personal detail, often including dates and places of birth, civilian occupations, dates of death and place of burial or, for those with no known grave, place of commemoration. There are many wartime head-and-shoulders photographs. Inevitably the high achievers who survived tend to have the longest entries, but those who were killed very quickly, sometimes even on their first sortie, are given equal status. The 2015 third edition will include new names and corrected spellings, as well as many new photographs. Plenty of the entries have been extended with freshly acquired information. The stated nationalities of some of the airmen have been re-examined and, for example, one man always considered to be Australian is now known to have been Irish.

Wing Leader

Wing Leader Author Group Capt. J. E. Johnson
ISBN-10 9781786259950
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 261
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The thrilling story of the top scoring Allied fighter pilot of World War II 'Johnnie' Johnson, who served with Fighter Command squadrons throughout the war, scoring his 38th and final victory in September 1944. From the moment the author joins his first operational Spitfire squadron in August 1940, the reader is taken on an epic journey through the great aerial fighter actions of the war including the Battle of Britain, sweeps across the Channel and over France, Dieppe and Normandy; and finally, operations across the Rhine and into Germany itself. “No one who wants to know what the air war was really like—anyway from the point of view of the fighter squadrons—can afford not to read this book by one of the most deservedly famous fighting officers in the short but glorious history of the R.A.F. “The story, of course, is magnificent—the record of the brilliantly successful fighting career, from the Battle of Britain to victory in Germany, of the man who shot down more enemy fighters than any other R.A.F. officer. Group Commander Johnson writes nearly as well as he flies and fights—which is saying a good deal....A modest, straightforward, often superbly graphic account of nearly five years of fighting in the air.”—Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John C. Slessor, FLIGHT Magazine “...will delight the professional airman and give the layman a view of combat air war that is rarely seen in a ‘popular’ account.”—Air Force Magazine “Some of the best descriptions of combat in the air during World War II. The book is filled with many episodes that move as swiftly as Spitfires and Hurricanes...enough solid action to satisfy the most ardent adventure fan. At the same time he outlines air force training, planning and combat so skillfully that his well-written book is also a valuable treatise on the subject.”—The New York Sunday Times Book Review “...absorbing and well-written personal account. A highly interesting narration of the human side of an airman’s life throughout the war.”—Herald Tribune Book Review

United States Navy Wings of Gold

United States Navy Wings of Gold Author Ron L. Willis
ISBN-10 0887407951
Release 1995
Pages 224
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This new book by Ron Willis and Tom Carmichael chronicles in full color the development of Navy wings, including variations in designation, design and makers from World War I to the present. Also included is a listing of 17,000 naval aviators by name and number up to 1942.

Hurricane Aces 1939 40

Hurricane Aces 1939   40 Author Tony Holmes
ISBN-10 1855325977
Release 1998-01-15
Pages 132
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The Hawker Hurricane was the Raf's first monoplane fighter, and it dragged the air force into a position where it could defend Britain in its 'hour of need'. Prior to the Battle of Britain, a number of squadrons equipped with the fighter had seen action firstly in the 'Phoney War', and then during the disastrous campaign in France. Pilots like 'Cobber' Kain had achieved impressive scores in the face of overwhelming LUftwaffe forces, and although the RAF lost no less than 386 Hurricanes during the Blitzkried, it gave many pilots valuable experience. Hawker fighters outnumbered Spitfires during the Battle of Britain by three to one, and downed far mor aircraft. Overseas, a handful of pilots put up stiff resistance against Germany's Italian ally in Libya and Egypt, and also over Malta.

A Summer Bright and Terrible

A Summer Bright and Terrible Author David E. Fisher
ISBN-10 1582439214
Release 2007-08-07
Pages 304
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Lord Hugh Dowding, Air Chief Marshall of the Royal Air Force, Head of Fighter Command, First Baron of Bentley Priory, lived in the grip of unseen spirits. In thrall of the supernatural, he talked to the ghosts of his dead pilots, proclaimed that Hitler was defeated only by the personal intervention of God, and believed in the existence of faeries. How could it be that such a man should be put in charge of evaluating technical developments for the British air ministry? Yet it was he who brought the modern multi-gunned fighter into existence. And he insisted that his scientists investigate the mysterious invisible rays that would prove to be the salvation of Britain: radar. Dowding, who provided the organization and training that led to victory, has been all but ignored by U. S. biographers of Churchill and historians of the Battle of Britain. Yet his story is vital to tell, for its importance to the defense of Britain and the free world, and for the intriguing character study that emerges from his ongoing conflict with Churchill and the British government during the crisis years of the empire. Part military history, part science narrative, part biography; this an incredible story.

Who s who of British Members of Parliament 1945 1979

Who s who of British Members of Parliament  1945 1979 Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000013252175
Release 1981
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Who s who of British Members of Parliament 1945 1979 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Who s who of British Members of Parliament 1945 1979 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Who s who of British Members of Parliament 1945 1979 book for free.

Visiting the Fallen Arras South

Visiting the Fallen Arras South Author Peter Hughes
ISBN-10 9781473825581
Release 2015-10-30
Pages 320
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Like Ypres, Arras was a front line town throughout the Great War. From March 1916 it became home to the British Army and it remained so until the Advance to Victory was well under way. In 1917 the Battle of Arras came and went. It occupied barely half a season, but was then largely forgotten; the periods before and after it have been virtually ignored, and yet the Arras sector was always important and holding it was never easy or without incident; death, of course, was never far away. The area around Arras is as rich in Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries as anywhere else on the Western Front, including the Somme and Ypres, and yet these quiet redoubts with their headstones proudly on parade still remain largely unvisited. This book is the story of the men who fell and who are now buried in those cemeteries; and the telling of their story is the telling of what it was like to be a soldier on the Western Front. Arras-South is the companion volume to Arras-North and is written by the same author. It contains comprehensive coverage of over 60 Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries to be found in Arras and to the south of the town. It has a wealth of gallantry awards, including their citations, and features hundreds of officers and other ranks who fell, not just at the Battle of Arras in 1917, but also many of those who died in 1916 and the final year of the war. Many small actions, raids and operations are described in a book that tells the story of warfare on the Western Front through the lives of those who fought and died on the battlefields of Arras. There are personalities, interesting characters and the well-connected, ordinary soldiers and many unsung heroes, families torn apart by war, fathers, sons and brothers, poets and padres. There is a link to Ulster and the Curragh Incident and a connection to King George V and Queen Mary, a hero of the Messina earthquake disaster in 1908, a father whose search for his son's grave reaches its sad conclusion, a mysterious death in woodland, the moving spectacle of men waiting outside makeshift confessionals in a barn lit by candlelight before going up the line into battle, and a man whose father was a close collaborator with Sir Fabian Ware during the early days of the War Graves Registration Commission; there is even a remarkable prehistoric discovery and an improbable tale regarding an African hawk eagle that would not be out of place in a Harry Potter film. This is an essential reference guide for anyone visiting Arras and its battlefields.

Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing

Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing Author Charles Jarrott
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433019103187
Release 1906
Pages 297
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Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ten Years of Motors and Motor Racing book for free.

Coyote V Acme

Coyote V  Acme Author Ian Frazier
ISBN-10 9781466828759
Release 2002-02-09
Pages 128
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Twenty-two humorous essays on topics ranging from Joseph Stalin's theories of revolutionary stand-up comedy, to a commencement address given by a Satanist college President, to the opening statement of an attorney representing Wile E. Coyote in a product liability suit against the Acme company, supplier of unpredictable rocket sleds and faulty spring-powered shoes.

Imperial Airways

Imperial Airways Author Robert Bluffield
ISBN-10 1906537070
Release 2009
Pages 224
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Imperial Airways is a name redolent of the excitement and glamour of the pioneering years of flight. Founded in the 1920s, Imperial Airways flew to destinations all over the world. This beautiful and evocative book on the 'golden age' of passenger flight is the result of years of research, and the text is complemented by a wealth of stunning photographs and ephemera. It will be the most definitive book published on the history of Imperial Airways and the formative years of British commercial aviation.

Vickers Armstrongs Wellington

Vickers Armstrongs Wellington Author Ken Delve
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105023169795
Release 1998
Pages 192
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Memoir of Captain Dalton

Memoir of Captain Dalton Author Charles Dalton
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433082439971
Release 1886
Pages 249
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Memoir of Captain Dalton has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Memoir of Captain Dalton also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Memoir of Captain Dalton book for free.

Dowding of Fighter Command

Dowding of Fighter Command Author Vincent Orange
ISBN-10 1906502145
Release 2008
Pages 320
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Making full use of archival sources, studies by other scholars, and information provided by family members, Vincent Orange has completed the first biography of Air Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding to cover his entire life.Soldier, pilot, wireless pioneer, squadron commander, spiritualist, champion skier, 'Stuffy? Dowding is perhaps best known as the creator of the first radar-based air defence system and his no less remarkable management of such throughout the Battle of Britain.Dowding served in 'delightful and dangerous Iraq?, helped to pacify unrest in the Holy Land, was involved in the R.101 airship disaster and oversaw the creation of Britain?s first eight-gun monoplanes, the Hurricane and Spitfire.Controversially dismissed from Fighter Command and refused the RAF?s highest rank, he nevertheless became the first airman elevated to the peerage since Trenchard. Westminster Abbey was packed for his memorial service in March 1970 with more that 46 air marshals in attendance; and in 1988 HM the Queen Mother unveiled a statue in his honour.With his expert eye, respected historian Orange has analysed and evaluated every episode of Dowding?s exceptional career to produce what will be seen as the definitive biography.

Theatre of War

Theatre of War Author Cecil Beaton
ISBN-10 022409629X
Release 2012
Pages 227
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At the beginning of the Second World War the Ministry of Information, through the advice of Kenneth Clark, commissioned Cecil Beaton to photograph the Home Front.Theatre of War is published in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum on the occasion of a major exhibition.

LZ Hot

LZ Hot Author Nick Lithgow
ISBN-10 1908916591
Release 2012
Pages 152
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This book captures the experience of the South African Air Force helicopter pilot as never before; from 'rookie' to seasoned combat aviator in one of history's most intense counterinsurgency conflicts - the South African Border War. Nick Lithgow's work relates the grueling endurance of SADF National Service and its grind, grind, grind ... until one day, helicopter drills with an SAAF Puma, saw him optimistically apply for pilot training. Called to Pretoria, Nick completed the mandatory tests before returning to the Border to complete his duty. At the end of his National Service, Nick was surprised to receive instructions to report to the Air Force Gymnasium in Valhalla. Here he began training began in earnest with Harvard fixed wing trainers and the Impala jet, before long Nick had progressed to rotary aircraft - training on the Alouette and graduating to the Puma under the guidance of one of the SAAF's legendary instructors, 'Monster Wilkins'. An operational tour in Rhodesia followed with deployment to the South West African/Namibian Border. Here Search and Rescue, troop carrying and close air support operations became the order of the day -an intense cycle of briefings and operations with the ever present threat of small arms fire and surface to air missiles. LZ Hot! is an unrivaled work - it relates the drama of recovering downed fighter pilots under fire, responding to the horror of mine-strikes with soldiers dreadfully injured and needing urgent evacuation, or deep penetration operations into Angola in support of South African Special Forces. It also relates the candor of mess life, the characters and incidents that amuse, delivering much needed relief from the demands of operational flying - Nick's accounts of mess dinner hijinks are especially entertaining and will be recognizable to all who have served! Flying mountain rescue missions and responding to terrifying shipwrecks, a crazed Military Policeman during a casevac, Lithgow takes all in his stride. LZ Hot! is a stunning, captivating read.

Dowding Churchill

Dowding   Churchill Author Jack Dixon
ISBN-10 1473860776
Release 2016-01-19
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Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh - later Lord - Dowding was one of the greatest Englishmen of the 20th century. He created Fighter Command with its unique early warning system (radar) from nothing in 1936 to the efficient defensive force it became in 1940. In consequence Fighter Command was the only arm that was properly prepared for battle when war was declared against Germany. Hugh Dowding led Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain, and was victorious. The campaign, although a series of defensive engagements, was one of the decisive battles of Western Civilization. The strategic importance of the Battle of Britain was recognized at the time, yet, the moment it was won Dowding was summarily relieved of his command and shuffled into retirement without recognition, reward or promotion. This book reveals that this was the result of a shabby conspiracy by fellow officers. The Air Ministry published a brief account of the Battle in March 1941 and in it there was no mention of Dowding. Churchill was furiously indignant. But in November 1940 he had acquiesced in Dowding's removal. Why? And what are the factors that led to Dowding's dismissal in the first place? In this thought-provoking and authoritative book Jack Dixon answers these questions and explains Dowding's true greatness