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Rafa My Story

Rafa  My Story Author Rafael Nadal
ISBN-10 9780748129454
Release 2011-08-18
Pages 320
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The Sunday Times bestselling autobiography from the greatest tennis player of his generation No tennis player since Andre Agassi has captivated the world like Rafael Nadal. He's a rarity in today's sporting arena - a true sportsman who chooses to let his raw talent, dedication and humility define him. Rapidly closing in on his friend and rival Roger Federer's record haul of 16 grand slam victories, Nadal is an extraordinary competitor whose ferocity on court is made even more remarkable by his grace off it. This book takes us to the heart of Nadal's childhood, his growth as a player, and his incredible career. It includes memorable highs and lows, from victory in the 2008 Wimbledon final - a match that John McEnroe called the 'greatest game of tennis ever played' - to the injury problems that have frequently threatened his dominance of the sport, to becoming the youngest player of the open era to complete a career Grand Slam in 2010. It transports us from Nadal's lifelong home on the island of Majorca to the locker room of Centre Court as he describes in detail the pressures of competing in the greatest tournament in the world. It offers a glimpse behind the racquet to learn what really makes this intensely private person - who has never before talked about his home life - tick. And it provides us with a story that is personal, revealing and every bit as exciting as Nadal himself.


Rafa Author Rafael Nadal
ISBN-10 9781401303921
Release 2011-08-23
Pages 272
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What makes a champion? What does it take to be the best in the world at your sport? Rafael Nadal has the answers. In his memoir, written with award-winning journalist John Carlin, he reveals the secrets of his game and shares the inspiring personal story behind his success. It begins in Mallorca, where the tight-knit Nadal family has lived for generations. Coached by his uncle Toni from the age of four and taught humility and respect by his parents, Nadal has managed the uncommon feat of becoming an acclaimed global celebrity while remaining a gracious, hardworking role model for people in all walks of life. Now he takes us behind the scenes, from winning the Wimbledon 2008 final-described by John McEnroe as "the greatest game of tennis" he had ever seen-to the family problems that brought him low in 2009 and the numerous injuries that have threatened his career. With candor and intelligence, Nadal brings readers on his dramatic and triumphant journey, never losing sight of the prize he values above all others: the unity and love of his family. From RAFA: "During a match, you are in a permanent battle to fight back your everyday vulnerabilities, bottle up your human feelings. The more bottled up they are, the greater your chances of winning, so long as you've trained as hard as you play and the gap in talent is not too wide between you and your rival. The gap in talent with Federer existed, but it was not impossibly wide. It was narrow enough, even on his favorite surface in the tournament he played best, for me to know that if I silenced the doubts and fears, and exaggerated hopes, inside my head better than he did, I could beat him. You have to cage yourself in protective armor, turn yourself into a bloodless warrior. It's a kind of self-hypnosis, a game you play, with deadly seriousness, to disguise your own weaknesses from yourself, as well as from your rival."

Playing Tennis Like a Pro

Playing Tennis Like a Pro Author William Ralston
ISBN-10 9780719820304
Release 2016-07-31
Pages 300
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A great technique is not enough. To succeed in tennis, each day you must overcome challenges that affect where and how you play. Playing Tennis like a Pro addresses these challenges with its clear focus on empowering you to make the decisions that are right for you and your game. Drawing upon his personal experience on the tennis circuit, William Ralston analyses the key stages on the journey to becoming a more successful tennis player, combining his own knowledge with that of some of the sport’s leading players, coaches and experts. While guiding you through the trickier aspects of the sport, Playing Tennis like a Pro helps you to find answers to those all-important doubts that can so often hold you back from realizing your potential. With colour photos and explanatory illustrations, the book provides an in-depth analysis of the techniques, equipment, strategy and tactics used in the modern game. If you are a keen player at intermediate level or beyond and looking to raise your game with invaluable insights into the methods of the pros, this is the book for you.


Fedegraphica Author Mark Hodgkinson
ISBN-10 9781781318386
Release 2018-05-24
Pages 272
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Universally recognised as the greatest tennis player of all time, and maybe even the greatest athlete, Roger Federer is one of sport's most iconic and popular figures and is adored by millions around the world. In this graphic biography like no other, his genius and astonishing records — no man has won more majors, or spent more weeks as the world number one — are explored and celebrated with beautiful infographics analysing his serving patterns, the speed of his shots, the spin he generates, his movement, as well as his performance in high-pressure situations such as tiebreaks and Grand Slam finals. Drawing on interviews with Federer and those close to him, this is the story of how a young hothead from Basel transformed himself into a calm and poised athlete who came to dominate tennis. And who, while deep in his thirties, has continued to seek improvements, to challenge men many years younger than him and to contend for the sport's biggest prizes. The sheer brilliance of Roger Federer is revealed through illuminating infographics of his game alongside stunning photography, stories and analysis from those who have played, watched and admired him that will give you a new appreciation of his greatness and how his tennis has moved so many people.

Federer and Me

Federer and Me Author William Skidelsky
ISBN-10 9781501133930
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 272
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In this wildly entertaining and informative memoir reminiscent of Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch—but for the world of tennis—one man recounts his all-consuming obsession with Roger Federer and delves into the fascinating history and evolution of this beloved sport. For much of the past decade, William Skidelsky has had an all-consuming devotion to Roger Federer, whom he considers to be the greatest and most graceful tennis player of all time. In this mesmerizing memoir, Skidelsky ponders what it is about the Swiss star that transfixes him and countless others. Skidelsky dissects the wonders of Federer’s forehand, reflects on his rivalry with Nadal, revels in his victories, and relives his most crushing defeats. But in charting his obsession, Skidelsky also weaves his own past into a captivating story that explores the evolution of modern tennis, the role of beauty in sports, and the psychology of fandom. Thought-provoking and beautifully written, Federer and Me is a frank, funny, and touching account of one fan’s life.

Love Game

Love Game Author Elizabeth Wilson
ISBN-10 9781847658784
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 506
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Tennis's gladiatorial beauty, its stylish duelling and fashionable court-wear make it a romantic's dream. Ever since young men and women first came together to play on vicarage lawns, this most Victorian of games has always had a peculiarly passionate undercurrent - love even makes it into the scoring system. And passion in other forms - the rivalry of Federer and Nadal, and John McEnroe's legendary angry outbursts. Beyond the romance, tennis has always been a barometer of the times. French star Suzanne Lenglen was a celebrity trailblazer, Jimmy Connors channelled punk, and Henman Hill is unrecognisable from the days when the All England Club ostracised working-class Fred Perry - and the great English tennis champion who is now more famous as a leisure clothing brand than a sportsman. Love Game is the must-have companion for tennis fans during Wimbledon 2015. It tells the story of tennis' journey from upper-middle-class hobby to global TV spectacle, taking in the innovators and trendsetters, the great players, heroes and iconoclasts, and the politics, class wars and culture clashes of what could rightfully be called the 'beautiful game'.

RAFA Az n t rt netem

RAFA   Az   n t  rt  netem Author Rafael Nadal
ISBN-10 9789630862080
Release 2013-12-20
Pages 288
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Korunk legkiválóbb sportolójának feltáró önéletrajza. Bepillantás egy bajnok születésének lenyűgöző titkaiba. Most először nyílik meg egy karizmatikus, mégis végtelenül zárkózott ember. A könyv Nadal gyermekkorát, teniszezővé válását és elképesztő pályafutását mutatja be. A történet mindenkori otthonából, Mallorcáról a centerpálya öltözőjébe viszi az olvasót, miközben Rafa őszintén és részletesen elmeséli, mekkora nyomást jelent a világ legnagyszerűbb tenisztornáján versenyezni. Emlékezetes sikerekről és kudarcokról mesél a John McEnroe által "a történelem legnagyobb teniszmeccsének" nevezett 2008-as wimbledoni döntő győzelmétől a sportbeli dominanciáját oly gyakran fenyegető sérüléseken át egészen addig, míg 2010-ben ő lett a profi kor legfiatalabb játékosa, aki karrier Grand Slamet szerzett. A könyvből erőt és motivációt meríthet mindenki, függetlenül attól, hogy érdeklődik-e a tenisz iránt. A Nadal család és a hozzájuk tartozó barátok, valamint a csapat tagjai egytől egyig olyan mentalitással élő és dolgozó emberek, akiknek az összetartása, elkötelezettsége és egymás iránti hűsége egyedülálló. Ennek a háttérnek köszönhető, hogy kibontakozhatott a tehetség. A könyv tehát nemcsak Rafáról, hanem az ő kivételes, támogató közegének a szereplőiről is szól. Személyes és minden ízében olyan izgalmas történetet kapunk, mint amilyen ő maga. THE NEW YORK TIMES és THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

Losing my virginity

Losing my virginity Author Richard Branson
ISBN-10 9607895061
Release 1999
Pages 547
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Losing my virginity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Losing my virginity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Losing my virginity book for free.

Iron Will

Iron Will Author Brent Tate
ISBN-10 0646938355
Release 2015-07-01
Pages 316
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Autobiography of Rugby League player Brent Tate.

Steven Gerrard My Story

Steven Gerrard  My Story Author Steven Gerrard
ISBN-10 9781448157945
Release 2012-09-30
Pages 464
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Steven Gerrard is a hero to millions as the inspirational captain of Liverpool FC and a key member of the England team. His bestselling autobiography, Gerrard, published in September 2006, is an honest and fascinating account of his life-long obsession with football and the tensions and thrills of playing at the top level. Now the book is available in this abridged version that is perfect for all young football fans.

Torres El Ni o My Story

Torres  El Ni  o  My Story Author Fernando Torres
ISBN-10 9780007343553
Release 2009-09-17
Pages 288
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Fernando Torres is one of the hottest properties in world football. From local Madrid idol to Kop hero and European Championship winner, he talks here for the first time about the unique challenges faced in his two seasons in England, with candid snapshots of his early years in Spain and life in the North West on and off the field.

Rafa Was My Robot

Rafa Was My Robot Author Alexandra Dellevoet
ISBN-10 1554516781
Release 2014-08-19
Pages 32
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Jacob and his robot Rafa do everything together, but one day, Rafa begins to slow down, becoming weaker with each day, and Jacob, unable to find a cure for his friend, must come to terms with possibly losing him.

Chicano Literature

Chicano Literature Author Charles M. Tatum
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059172010202416
Release 1982
Pages 214
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Chicano Literature has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chicano Literature also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chicano Literature book for free.

A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars Author Edgar Rice Burroughs
ISBN-10 1518867693
Release 2015-11-09
Pages 278
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A Princess of Mars has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Princess of Mars also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Princess of Mars book for free.

The Persistence of Hope

The Persistence of Hope Author Albert Alcalay
ISBN-10 0874139635
Release 2007
Pages 323
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This is the story of the impact of the Nazi rise to power on the life of a Jewish youth from Belgrade who became a vibrant artist in Rome, then in Boston, where he joined the Harvard faculty. In his spare time, he revels in his favourite sit-com, 'Hogan's Heroes'.

A Story Lately Told

A Story Lately Told Author Anjelica Huston
ISBN-10 9780857207456
Release 2013-11-19
Pages 272
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Anjelica Huston's life, once she turned 15 and moved to London, is a who's who of popular culture from the Rolling Stones in late '60s London to the Chelsea Hotel in New York when she was modelling in the early '70s, to Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty in '70s and '80s Los Angeles, to Hunter Thompson in Aspen. She is a force who has won every possible acting award, working with some of the greatest directors of her time, and a friend to many of the greatest artists, writers, actors and musicians. One could say it was a charmed life, an enviable life, and she would agree. But it is a life also full of so much tragedy and sadness, and Huston writes about both triumph and hardship with extraordinary eloquence and depth. A stunning achievement, her memoir ranks among the best in the genre.

Love Child

Love Child Author Allegra Huston
ISBN-10 9781408806753
Release 2009-08-17
Pages 304
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When Allegra Huston was four years old, her mother was killed in a car crash. Soon afterwards, she was introduced to an intimidating man wreathed in cigar smoke - the legendary film director John Huston - with the words, 'This is your father'. So began an extraordinary odyssey: from the magical Huston estate in Ireland, to the Long Island suburbs, to a hidden paradise in Mexico - and, at the side of her older sister, Anjelica, into the hilltop retreats of Jack Nicholson, Ryan O'Neal, and Marlon Brando. Allegra's is the penetrating gaze of an outsider never quite sure if she belongs in this rarefied world, and of a motherless child trying to make sense of her famous, fragmented family. Then, at the age of twelve, Allegra's precarious sense of self is shattered when she is, once more, introduced to her father - her real one, this time, the British aristocrat and historian John Julius Norwich. At the heart of Love Child is Allegra's search through the unreliable certainties of memory for the widely adored mother she never knew - the ghost who shadowed her childhood and left her in a web of awkward and unwelcome truths. With clear-eyed tenderness, Allegra tells of how she forged bonds with both her famous fathers, transforming her mother's difficult legacy into a hard-won blessing. Beautifully written and forensically honest, Love Child is a seductive insight into one of Hollywood's great dynasties, and the story of how, in a family that defied convention, one woman found her balance on the shifting sands of conflicting loyalties.