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Rainforests Author Norman Myers
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D01067124U
Release 1993
Pages 160
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Describes some of the numerous species of wildlife found in rainforests, looks at native tribes, and speculates on future study and development

Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Rain Forest Author Donald Silver
ISBN-10 0070580510
Release 1998-11-21
Pages 48
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Bats and big cats. Armies of ants. Squawking parrots. Strangling figs. From the ground up to the tree tops, the tropical rainforest teems with life. Stunning drawings, step-by-step experiments, fun-to-do activities, and fascinating facts abound in this magical exploration of an essential ecosystem, in danger of disappearing forever. Tropical Rain Forest is a new edition to the One Samll Square Series not previously published in hardcover.


Rainforests Author
ISBN-10 1875137254
Release 1993
Pages 160
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Rainforests has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Rainforests also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Rainforests book for free.

Encyclopedia of World Geography

Encyclopedia of World Geography Author R. W. McColl
ISBN-10 9780816072293
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 433
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Presents a comprehensive guide to the geography of the world, with world maps and articles on cartography, notable explorers, climate and more.

One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest

One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest Author Jean Craighead George
ISBN-10 9780064420167
Release 1995-09-29
Pages 80
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Today is doomsday for a young Venezuelan Indian boy's beloved rain forest and its animal life—unless he and a visiting naturalist can save it. "George makes drama large and small out of the minute-by-minute events in an ecosystem . . . gripping ecological theater." —C. "An example of nonfiction writing at its best." —SLJ. Notable 1990 Children's Trade Books in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC) Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children 1990 (NSTA/CBC)

Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest

Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest Author Madeleine Dunphy
ISBN-10 0977379507
Release 2006
Pages 32
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Cumulative text presents the animals and plants of the tropical rain forest and their relationship with one another and their environment.

If I Ran the Rain Forest

If I Ran the Rain Forest Author Bonnie Worth
ISBN-10 9780007284825
Release 2008
Pages 45
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In rhyming text, the Cat in the Hat introduces the tropical rainforest and the ways in which its plants and animals interact.

Tropical Rain Forests

Tropical Rain Forests Author Darlene R. Stille
ISBN-10 PSU:000054187252
Release 1999
Pages 47
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Differentiates a tropical rain forest from all others, and describes its typical plant and animal life.

Savior of the Rain Forest

Savior of the Rain Forest Author Bruno Gonzalez
ISBN-10 9781426931857
Release 2010-06-30
Pages 40
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"Savior of the Rain Forest" is the story of Zalvator, a black panther who leads a group of animals on a mission to prevent their land from being destroyed. One day, as Zalvator is surveying for danger from atop the great pyramid, a red parrot named Roko fl ies in with a mysterious injury, too weak to talk. Soon other birds and wild creatures of the rain forest begin arriving and are confused at the sight of the injured parrot. Finally, Roko regains some strength, and he begins to tell the animals surrounding him of the terrible tragedy that had taken place the night before. The red parrot tells the gathering animals that they may be in danger and that the same group that destroyed Roko's home is on their way. It all began when Roko and his friends noticed large machines fl ying in the air that they had never seen before. Soon they found themselves running for their lives as the rain forest they called home was being taken away from them.

Learn about Rainforests

Learn about Rainforests Author Jen Green
ISBN-10 1859677592
Release 1998
Pages 64
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Describes the world's rainforests, their canopies and forest floors, their climate, and the variety of plants and animals which they support, and suggests related projects and activities.

The Rainforest Grew All Around

The Rainforest Grew All Around Author Susan K. Mitchell
ISBN-10 0977742385
Release 2007
Pages 32
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Children will delight in discovering the many plants and animals who call the rain forest home in a clever adaptation of the song "The Green Grass Grows All Around."

Rain Forest Destruction

Rain Forest Destruction Author Ewan McLeish
ISBN-10 0836877586
Release 2007-01-12
Pages 48
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Discusses the destruction of rain forests, the reasons for their destruction, the effect that this destruction has on the world, and ways to preserve these areas.

Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky Author Nalini Nadkarni
ISBN-10 9780520261655
Release 2009-10-28
Pages 336
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In Between Earth and Sky, a rich tapestry of personal stories, information, and illustrations, world-renowned canopy biologist Nalini M. Nadkarni becomes our captivating guide to the leafy wilderness above our heads. Through her luminous narrative, we embark on a multifaceted exploration of trees that reveals the profound connections we have with them, the dazzling array of things they can provide us, and the powerful lessons they teach us.

The Lost Rainforest Mez s Magic

The Lost Rainforest  Mez s Magic Author Eliot Schrefer
ISBN-10 9780062491091
Release 2018-01-02
Pages 368
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The Lion King meets Wings of Fire in the magical rainforest kingdom of Caldera in this new middle grade animal fantasy series from New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award finalist Eliot Schrefer. Caldera has forever been divided into those animals who walk by night and those who walk by day. Nightwalker panthers, like young Mez and her beloved sister, have always feared daywalkers as creatures of myth and legend. Until the eclipse. Now Mez has discovered that she can cross the Veil and enter the daylight world. Her magical power has unknown depths, but she must rush to discover it after a mysterious stranger arrives at her family’s den, bearing warnings of a reawakened evil. Saving Caldera means Mez must leave her sister behind and unite an unlikely group of animal friends to unravel an ancient mystery and protect their rainforest home.

Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World

Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World Author Dominick A. DellaSala
ISBN-10 9781597266765
Release 2011
Pages 295
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Temperate rainforests are biogeographically unique. Compared to their tropical counterparts, temperate rainforests are rarer and are found disproportionately along coastlines. Because most temperate rainforests are marked by the intersection of marine, terrestrial, and freshwater systems, these rich ecotones are among the most productive regions on Earth. Globally, temperate rainforests store vast amounts of carbon, provide habitat for scores of rare and endemic species with ancient affinities, and sustain complex food-web dynamics. In spite of their global significance, however, protection levels for these ecosystems are far too low to sustain temperate rainforests under a rapidly changing global climate and ever expanding human footprint. Therefore, a global synthesis is needed to provide the latest ecological science and call attention to the conservation needs of temperate and boreal rainforests. A concerted effort to internationalize the plight of the world’s temperate and boreal rainforests is underway around the globe; this book offers an essential (and heretofore missing) tool for that effort. DellaSala and his contributors tell a compelling story of the importance of temperate and boreal rainforests that includes some surprises (e.g., South Africa, Iran, Turkey, Japan, Russia). This volume provides a comprehensive reference from which to build a collective vision of their future.


Rainforest Author Tony Juniper
ISBN-10 9781782832492
Release 2018-03-29
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Rainforests are the lungs of our planet - regulators of the earth's temperature and weather. They are also home to 50 per cent of the world's animals and plants - which for centuries have been the source of many of our key medicines. And yet we've all heard of their systematic destruction; the raising of trees to make way for plantations of oil palms or cattle, the disenfranchisement of indigenous peoples, and the corruption that leads to illegal logging and pollution. But this is the full story you've never heard: an in depth, wide-ranging, first-hand narrative that not only looks at the state of the world's tropical rainforests today and the implications arising from their continuing decline, but also at what is being done, and can be done in future, to protect the forests and the 1.6 billion people that depend upon them. It is inspirational, too, in its descriptions of the rainforest's remarkable birds and plants ... and its indigenous people. Rainforest is a personal story, drawing on the author's many years' experience at the frontline of the fight to save the rainforests, explaining the science and history of the campaigns, and what it has felt like to be there, amid the conflicts and dilemmas.

I Can Name 50 Trees Today

I Can Name 50 Trees Today Author Bonnie Worth
ISBN-10 9780375822773
Release 2006
Pages 45
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While stopping to admire some of the world's most amazing trees, the Cat and Co. teach beginning readers how to identify different species, many found in North America, from the shape of their crowns, leaves, lobes, seeds, bark, and fruit. Full color.