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Raymond Depardon Bolivia

Raymond Depardon  Bolivia Author Raymond Depardon
ISBN-10 2869251300
Release 2018-04-10
Pages 144
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A stark portrait of Bolivia as seen through the lens of Magnum photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon, published in association with the Fondation Cartier


Liverpool Author Peter Marlow
ISBN-10 0224037285
Release 1993
Pages 109
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Liverpool has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Liverpool also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Liverpool book for free.

Raised by wolves

Raised by wolves Author Jim Goldberg
ISBN-10 UVA:X002681884
Release 1995-09
Pages 315
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Raised by wolves has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Raised by wolves also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Raised by wolves book for free.

Adieu Saigon

Adieu Saigon Author Raymond Depardon
ISBN-10 3869309229
Release 2015-04
Pages 224
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X93;At the age of 22 I was sent to Saigon to cover the war as a photojournalist. I was too late for Indochina, and too early for Vietnam. Muggers robbed me on my arrival, and I lived in a small hotel by the river. I drove towards the front in an old Citroën. I think I was happy. I returned some years later. It was for another war, and the famous reporters had left. The streets were full of GIs and their girlfriends, of blind bomb victims and so many children returning to school. It was the end of an epoch, people would hand flowers to the soldiers. Everybody wanted to leave, and it was cheap to stay at luxury hotels. To forget my heartache, I got drunk and walked the streets all day. The city was very generous and welcomed me with open arms, so I lost sense of time. I stayed for months in this city that no longer exists. The last time I went there I was at peace with things, and at the War Remnants Museum I visited my friends who had died on the battlefield. Today, the city has another name and has fully entered globalization.” Raymond Depardon.

Magnum Revolution

Magnum Revolution Author Jon Lee Anderson
ISBN-10 379134644X
Release 2012
Pages 255
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Photographs from uprisings in Prague, Nicaragua, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Tunesia, Egypt, Libya, and other locations featuring the images of Magnum photographers

Regarding the real

Regarding the real Author Des O'Rawe
ISBN-10 9781784996079
Release 2016-01-01
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Regarding the real develops an original approach to documentary film, focusing on its aesthetic relations to visual arts such as animation, assemblage, photography, painting and architecture. Throughout, the book considers the work of figures whose preferred film language is associative and fragmentary, and for whom the documentary is an endlessly open form; an unstable expressive phenomenon that cannot help but interrogate its own narratives and intentions. Combining close analysis with cultural history, the book re-assesses the influence of the modern arts in subverting structures of realism typically associated with the documentary. In the course of its discussion, it charts a fascinating path that leads from Len Lye to Hiroshi Teshigahara, and includes along the way figures such as Joseph Cornell, Johan van der Keuken, William Klein, Jean-Luc Godard, Jonas Mekas and Raymond Depardon.

Asylum of the Birds

Asylum of the Birds Author Roger Ballen
ISBN-10 0500544298
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 144
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Asylum of the Birds is a new body of work by Roger Ballen, one of the most original image-makers of our times. Ballen has always sought to push the boundaries of photographic practice and has created an aesthetic and artistic vision unlike any other contemporary photographer. The images in Asylum of the Birds have been photographed entirely within the confines of a house in a Johannesburg suburb, the location of which remains a tightly guarded secret. The inhabitants of the house, both people and animals, and most notably the ever-present birds, are the cast who perform within a sculptural and decorated theatrical interior that Ballen creates and orchestrates. The resulting images are painterly, complex and surreal. They are richly layered with graffiti, drawings, animals and found objects. In a world where photographers seek to avoid definition, and whose work is often banal, Ballen is a true original who not only defies genres, but has defined his own artistic space as well.

Henri Cartier Bresson Walker Evans

Henri Cartier Bresson  Walker Evans Author Henri Cartier-Bresson
ISBN-10 UOM:39015080900866
Release 2009-06-23
Pages 181
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Compares the work of two forefront twentieth-century photographers, discussing their shared 1935 exhibit at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York, their parallel achievements in America between 1929 and 1947, and their use of photography as a form of social criticism.


Mathematics Author Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
ISBN-10 2869250959
Release 2011
Pages 219
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The Fondation Cartier pour lart contemporain, in conjunction with the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS) and in partnership with UNESCO, is holding the exhibition Mathematical, Even Fire Is Governed By Numbers with one purpose in mind: to let mathematics and mathematicians speak out by giving them the opportunity to brainstorm with major artists from the world of contemporary art. By taking it out of the environment in which it is usually articulated and taught, the exhibition seeks to combine the aesthetic, scientific and educational aspects of mathematics into one unique experience. Six mathematicians have engaged in mutual exchanges with the guest artists: Sir Michael Atiyah (Fields Medal, 1966, and Abel Prize, 2004), Alain Connes (Fields Medal, 1982), Nicole El Karoui, Mikhail Gromov (Abel Prize, 2009), Cédric Villani (Fields Medal, 2010) and Don Zagier (Cole Prize, 1987). Accompanying these mathematicians are four artists: Raymond Depardon, Cai Guo-Qiang, David Lynch and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Together, they collaborate on a series of projects: movies, sound pieces and in situ installations. A combination of written texts, questionnaires and portraits, the catalogue also illustrates the diversity of mathematical thought as expressed by the scientists as well as the artists and emphasizes the importance of creativity in this field. A large part of the book is also devoted to the visual interpretations of mathematics as conveyed through the works of the artists participating in the exhibition.

Sergio Larrain

Sergio Larrain Author Agnès Sire
ISBN-10 050054428X
Release 2013
Pages 400
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Sergio Larrain (19312012) crossed the photographic universe like a meteorite. After much travelling, his concern for purity and his attraction to meditation led him to withdraw to the Chilean countryside and live self- sufficiently. From there he began to write concerned as he was about the need to encourage the world to wake up to its possible fate while continuing in his deep love of photography. His work became limited to instants of enlightenment, pure moments of amazement. Sergio Larrain only published four books of his work during his lifetime, and a complete monograph of his work has never been put together. It was his choice, but this book fills that gap. Created with the full agreement of his family, it is edited by Agnès Sire, who after keeping up a long correspondence with the photographer, has worked with Magnum on preserving his estate. The selection of over 200 photographs is made up of two main axes, Latin America and Europe: Macchu Pichu, Bolivia, Chile and Valparaiso; and London, Paris and Italy. A true reflection of Larrains extraordinary personality, the book also features a selection of essential letters, drawings, workbooks and handwritten texts about meditation.

Raghubir Singh

Raghubir Singh Author Mia Fineman
ISBN-10 9781588396358
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 176
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In the New York Times, critic Teju Cole offered this appreciation of the work of Indian–born photographer Raghubir Singh (1942—1999): "Singh gives us photographs charged with life: not only beautiful experiences or painful scenes but also those in–between moments of drift that make up most of our days." This richly illustrated volume, the first in–depth study of Singh's work, situates it at the intersection of Western modernism and traditional South Asian modes of picturing the world. A major practitioner of color street photography, Singh captured images that demonstrate the diverse culture of India. Raghubir Singh features over 100 of his photographs—in counterpoint with the work of such influences as Henri Cartier–Bresson and Lee Friedlander and with images of traditional South Asian artworks that inspired his practice—providing an extensive overview of the artist's career. With its vibrant plates and insightful essays, this publication brilliantly illustrates Cole's assessment that Singh's work draws "breathtaking coherence out of the chaos of the everyday."

Invasion 68 Prague

Invasion 68  Prague Author Josef Koudelka
ISBN-10 159711068X
Release 2008
Pages 295
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"DECREAZIONE" is a book collecting Joseph Koudelka's images exhibited at the fifty-firth Venice Biennale, at the Vatican Pavilion. With his suggestive black-and-white images and his moving, desolated landscapes, Koudelka tells stories of destruction, declined in three different forms: time, violence, and contrast between nature and uncontrolled industrial development. Josef Koudelka was born in Moravia in 1938. He published numerous photographic books on the relationship between man and landscape, about gypsy life, and on the invasion of Prague in 1968. Significant exhibitions of his works have been held at international museums and galleries and he received numerous major awards.

Walking and Mapping

Walking and Mapping Author Karen O'Rourke
ISBN-10 9780262018500
Release 2013
Pages 328
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In 'Walking and Mapping', Karen O'Rourke explores a series of walking/mapping projects by contemporary artists. Some chart "emotional GPS"; some use GPS for creating "datascapes" while others use their legs to do "speculative mapping." Many work with scientists, designers, and engineers. O'Rourke offers close readings of these works and situates them in relation to landmark works from the past half-century. She shows that the infinitesimal details of each of these projects take on more significance in conjunction with others. Together, they form a new entity, a dynamic whole greater than the sum of its parts. By alternating close study of selected projects with a broader view of their place in a bigger picture, Walking and Mapping itself maps a complex phenomena.

Malick Sidib Mali Twist

Malick Sidib   Mali Twist Author Malick Sidibé
ISBN-10 2365111521
Release 2017-10
Pages 296
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"Malick Sidibé, Mali Twist is the most complete monograph ever dedicated to Malick Sidibé (1935-2016). It is a wonderful tribute to one of the most important contemporary photographers [and] brings together for the first time his most exceptional and iconic photographs; period images he printed himself between 1960 and 1980; a selection of "folders" containing his evening shots; and a series of new portraits of timeless beauty"--

Karkas Tim Dirven

Karkas   Tim Dirven Author Bouli Lanners
ISBN-10 9401443890
Release 2017-09-27
Pages 208
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Tim Dirven won a World Press Photo Award with his picture of an Afghan woman, taken shortly after 9/11. Another photo of dancing flight attendants on a KLM airplane became famous after being bought by people around the world. Tim Dirven has been capturing iconic images for over 20 years. He defines his collected works as Karkas (carcass), because it centralises the architecture of man and animal, defining the essence of bodily existence. When everything has been eaten, the carcass is all that is left behind: the last witness. Similarly, this book is a search for the essence of existence. Dirven portrays no-nonsense people hardened by life, who are trying to find balance in an often insecure religious, cultural, political and ecological context.

Nobuyoshi Araki Hi nikki

Nobuyoshi Araki  Hi nikki Author Nobuyoshi Araki
ISBN-10 2869251254
Release 2016-11-24
Pages 500
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A never-before-published collection of beautiful, arresting photographs from Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki

Think of Scotland

Think of Scotland Author Martin Parr
ISBN-10 8862085494
Release 2017-09-13
Pages 144
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For over 25 years Martin Parr has been taking photographs in Scotland. From the streets of Glasgow, to an island agricultural show on the Orkneys, Parr has built huge archive of photographs. Now for the first time these images are to be published in this upcoming book to co-incide with his Think of Scotland exhibition at the newly opened Aberdeen Art Gallery. This body of work is Parr's largest archive that has remained unpublished and weaves together some of the expected visual iconography of Scotland such as highland games and stunning landscapes, but all given the Parr twist that makes the expected look so unfamiliar.