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Reading Palestine

Reading Palestine Author Ami Ayalon
ISBN-10 9780292782815
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 221
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Prior to the twentieth century, Arab society in Palestine was predominantly illiterate, with most social and political activities conducted through oral communication. There were no printing presses, no book or periodical production, and no written signs in public places. But a groundswell of change rapidly raised the region's literacy rates, a fascinating transformation explored for the first time in Reading Palestine. Addressing an exciting aspect of Middle Eastern history as well as the power of the printed word itself, Reading Palestine describes how this hurried process intensified the role of literacy in every sphere of community life. Ami Ayalon examines Palestine's development of a modern educational system in conjunction with the emergence of a print industry, libraries and reading clubs, and the impact of print media on urban and rural populations. Drawn from extensive archival sources, official reports, autobiographies, and a rich trove of early Palestinian journalism, Reading Palestine provides crucial insight into the dynamic rise of literacy that revolutionized the way Palestinians navigated turbulent political waters.

Printing Class

Printing Class Author R. Michael Bracy
ISBN-10 9780761853770
Release 2010-12-16
Pages 172
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This book explores the manners and challenges in which alternating constructions of national identity were articulated in the writings of 'Isa al-'Isa and his newspaper Filastin. The time period under consideration will be limited to 'Isa's work between 1911 and 1931.

The Arabic Print Revolution

The Arabic Print Revolution Author Ami Ayalon
ISBN-10 9781107149441
Release 2016-09-30
Pages 256
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Ayalon explores the birth of Arab printing, publishing, dissemination methods, and mass readership during the formative phase from 1800 to 1914.

Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East

Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East Author Benjamin Thomas White
ISBN-10 9780748688937
Release 2012-09-11
Pages 256
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This book uses a study of Syria under the French mandate to show what historical developments led people to start describing themselves and others as 'minorities'.

Palestine in transformation 1856 1882

Palestine in transformation  1856 1882 Author Alexander Schölch
ISBN-10 UOM:39015029957290
Release 1993
Pages 351
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Palestine in transformation 1856 1882 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Palestine in transformation 1856 1882 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Palestine in transformation 1856 1882 book for free.

Photographing Jerusalem

Photographing Jerusalem Author Issam Nassar
ISBN-10 UOM:39015041733588
Release 1997
Pages 112
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This text explores the different ways in which Jews, Christians and Muslims have imagined Jerusalem in the past and considers the meanings of 19th-century photographic representations of the city. It illustrates the way in which the city looked through the lens of a camera in the 1800s and investigates the uses of photographic representation while taking a tour of 19th-century Jerusalem sites in more than 100 photographs.

This Is Jerusalem Calling

 This Is Jerusalem Calling Author Andrea L. Stanton
ISBN-10 9780292747494
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 258
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Modeled after the BBC, the Palestine Broadcasting Service was launched in 1936 to serve as the national radio station of Mandate Palestine, playing a pivotal role in shaping the culture of the emerging middle class in the region. Despite its significance, the PBS has become nearly forgotten by scholars of twentieth-century Middle Eastern studies. Drawn extensively from British and Israeli archival sources, “This Is Jerusalem Calling” traces the compelling history of the PBS’s twelve years of operation, illuminating crucial aspects of a period when Jewish and Arab national movements simultaneously took form. Andrea L. Stanton describes the ways in which the mandate government used broadcasting to cater to varied audiences, including rural Arab listeners, in an attempt to promote a “modern” vision of Arab Palestine as an urbane, politically sophisticated region. In addition to programming designed for the education of the peasantry, religious broadcasting was created to appeal to all three main faith communities in Palestine, which ultimately may have had a disintegrating, separatist effect. Stanton’s research brings to light the manifestation of Britain’s attempts to prepare its mandate state for self-governance while supporting the aims of Zionists. While the PBS did not create the conflict between Arab Palestinians and Zionists, the service reflected, articulated, and magnified such tensions during an era when radio broadcasting was becoming a key communication tool for emerging national identities around the globe.

Children of Bethany

Children of Bethany Author Saïd K. Aburish
ISBN-10 1850431094
Release 1988
Pages 243
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This is the remarkable story of the Palestinians written with insight from the personal experiences of a Palestinian Arab. In the 1920s and 1930s, life in the peaceful village of Bethany, outside Jerusalem, was dominated by its flamboyant headman, Khalil Aburish, guardian of the tomb of Lazarus. Said Aburish, grandson of the headman, relates the vivid history of his family which, like so many others, has been torn apart by events in Palestine in the course of the century. In 1948, with Palestine in flames, the Aburish family scattered. Some remained in Bethany. Others began a new life across the world, establishing themselves as journalists, advertising executives, professors, bankers-even revolutionaries. The Aburishes who stayed in Bethany watched as their peaceful way of life was destroyed by events in the outside world-culminating in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank which threatens their very existence.

From Empire to Empire

From Empire to Empire Author Abigail Jacobson
ISBN-10 9780815651598
Release 2011-08-04
Pages 262
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The history of Jerusalem as traditionally depicted is the quintessential history of conflict and strife, of ethnic tension, and of incompatible national narratives and visions. It is also a history of dramatic changes and moments, one of the most radical ones being the replacement of the Ottoman regime with British rule in December 1917. From Empire to Empire challenges these two major dichotomies, ethnic and temporal, which shaped the history of Jerusalem and its inhabitants. It links the experiences of two ethnic communities living in Palestine, Jews and Arabs, as well as bridging two historical periods, the Ottoman and British administrations. Drawing upon a variety of sources, Jacobson demonstrates how political and social alliances are dynamic, context-dependent, and purpose-driven. She also highlights the critical role of foreign intervention, governmental and nongovernmental, in forming local political alliances and in shaping the political reality of Palestine during the crisis of World War I and the transition between regimes.

Army of Shadows

Army of Shadows Author Hillel Cohen
ISBN-10 0520252217
Release 2008-01-03
Pages 344
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Tells the story of Arabs who, from the very beginning of the Arab-Israeli encounter, sided with the Zionists and aided them politically, economically, and in security matters. This book features Bedouins who hosted Jewish neighbors, weapons dealers, and pro-Zionist propagandists.

Ett land tv folk

Ett land tv   folk Author Sören Wibeck
ISBN-10 9789187031694
Release 2015-02-02
Pages 384
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»Wibecks informativa översiktsverk kan vara utmärkt läsning för den som vill börja orientera sig i Mellanösternkonflikten och dess bakgrund.« Svenska Dagbladet »En balanserad och överskådlig bild av konfliktens historia och nutid.« Upsala Nya Tidning »Utmärkt läsning för den som vill börja orientera sig i Mellanösternkonflikten och dess bakgrund.« Carl-Johan Gardell,Svenska Dagbladet »Klassisk folkbildande journalistik när den är som bäst.« Helsingborgs Dagblad »I bokens sista kapitel, Färdvägar för fred, presenterar författaren ett lösningsförslag som faktiskt känns både konstruktivt och nytt.« Dagens Nyheter Israel-Palestinakonflikten har pågått i över hundra år. För de flesta är den ett mysterium som aldrig tycks ta slut – varför blir det aldrig fred? En del kallar konflikten världens mest överbevakade. Varje förändring, varje bomb, varje intermezzo, varje uttalande bevakas. Men trots detta har konflikten inte blivit begripligare eftersom rapporteringen är fragmenterad. I Ett land två folk ger Sören Wibeck den historiska bakgrunden till konflikten mellan judarna (israelerna) och palestinierna (och mellan palestinierna själva). Sören Wibeck skildrar hela konfliktens historia. Han berättar också om sionismens och den palestinska nationalismens rötter. Judar och araber lever med olika historiska berättelser, som skapar identitet och politiska ideologier. Perspektiven möts inte, det finns alltid minst två versioner. Den enes martyr är den andres terrorist. Konflikten är minerad mark, också i Sverige. Få konflikter kan som denna få känslorna att svalla. Efter 1948 har FN och elva amerikanska presidenter, från Harry S. Truman till George W. Bush, försökt lösa den. Alla har misslyckats. Vad Barack Obama kan åstadkomma är än för tidigt att säga. Finns det en väg till fred? Misstag begås och har begåtts av både israeler och palestinier. Därför krävs mod och kompromissvilja av dagens ledare. Priset kan bli högt. Alla vet vad som hände premiärminister Yitzhak Rabin på ett torg i Tel Aviv: en israelisk extremist mördade honom med ett skott i ryggen efter en fredsdemonstration.

Men of Capital

Men of Capital Author Sherene Seikaly
ISBN-10 9780804796613
Release 2015-11-18
Pages 272
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"Men of Capital" reveals how Palestinian businessmen and British colonial officials used economy to shape territory, the nation, the home, and the body.

The Iron Cage

The Iron Cage Author Rashid Khalidi
ISBN-10 9780807003152
Release 2006-09-01
Pages 288
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At a time when a lasting peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis seems virtually unattainable, understanding the roots of their conflict is an essential step in restoring hope to the region. In The Iron Cage, Rashid Khalidi, one of the most respected historians and political observers of the Middle East, homes in on Palestinian politics and history. By drawing on a wealth of experience and scholarship, Khalidi provides a lucid context for the realities on the ground today, a context that has been, until now, notably lacking in our discourse. The story of the Palestinian search to establish a state begins in the mandate period immediately following the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, the era of British control, when fledgling Arab states were established by the colonial powers with assurances of eventual independence. Mandatory Palestine was a place of real promise, with unusually high literacy rates and a relatively advanced economy. But the British had already begun to construct an iron cage to hem in the Palestinians, and the Palestinian leadership made a series of errors that would eventually prove crippling to their dream of independence. The Palestinians' struggle intensified in the stretch before and after World War II, when colonial control of the region became increasingly unpopular, population shifts began with heavy Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe, and power began to devolve to the United States. In this crucial period, Palestinian leaders continued to run up against the walls of the ever-constricting iron cage. They proved unable to achieve their long-cherished goal of establishing an independent state—a critical failure that set a course for the decades that followed, right through the eras of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas. Rashid Khalidi's engrossing narrative of this torturous history offers much-needed perspective for anyone concerned about peace in the Middle East.

Confronting the Occupation

Confronting the Occupation Author Maya Rosenfeld
ISBN-10 0804749876
Release 2004
Pages 376
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Confronting the Occupation is a study of work, education, political-national resistance, family, and community relations in a Palestinian refugee camp under conditions of Israeli military occupation. It is based on extended field research carried out by an Israeli sociologist-anthropologist in Dheisheh camp, south of Bethlehem, between 1992 and 1996. Emphasis is placed on how men and women, families, and the local refugee community confront the occupation regime as they seek livelihoods, invest in the education of younger generations, and mount a political and often militant struggle. In the process, men lose their jobs in the Israeli labor market, women, old and young, enter the workforce, university graduates are compelled to migrate to the Gulf, and political cadres challenge harsh prison circumstances by establishing their own comprehensive counterorder. While directed against the occupation, patterns of coping and resistance adopted by Dheishehians introduced tensions and conflicts into family life, furthering the transformation of gender and generational relationships.

Preparing the Mothers of Tomorrow

Preparing the Mothers of Tomorrow Author Ela Greenberg
ISBN-10 9780292749986
Release 2012-11-30
Pages 293
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From the late nineteenth century onward, men and women throughout the Middle East discussed, debated, and negotiated the roles of young girls and women in producing modern nations. In Palestine, girls' education was pivotal to discussions about motherhood. Their education was seen as having the potential to transform the family so that it could meet both modern and nationalist expectations. Ela Greenberg offers the first study to examine the education of Muslim girls in Palestine from the end of the Ottoman administration through the British colonial rule. Relying upon extensive archival sources, official reports, the Palestinian Arabic press, and interviews, she describes the changes that took place in girls' education during this time. Greenberg describes how local Muslims, often portrayed as indifferent to girls' education, actually responded to the inadequacies of existing government education by sending their daughters to missionary schools despite religious tensions, or by creating their own private nationalist institutions. Greenberg shows that members of all socioeconomic classes understood the triad of girls' education, modernity, and the nationalist struggle, as educated girls would become the "mothers of tomorrow" who would raise nationalist and modern children. While this was the aim of the various schools in Palestine, not all educated Muslim girls followed this path, as some used their education, even if it was elementary at best, to become teachers, nurses, and activists in women's organizations.


Unprotected Author Oroub El-Abed
ISBN-10 9780887283130
Release 2009
Pages 253
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Unprotected has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Unprotected also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Unprotected book for free.

The Palestinian People

The Palestinian People Author Muṣṭafá Kabahā
ISBN-10 1588268829
Release 2013
Pages 399
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Mustafa Kabha plumbs the complex story of the Palestinian people, from the revolts of 1936-1939 to the present, focusing on their efforts to establish a viable independent state¿and the internal factors that have thwarted them. With unparalleled access to primary sources, as well as secondary material in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, Kabha provides an abundance of new information in a sweeping historical context. Uniquely combining his overarching narrative with the narratives of the multiple Palestinian communities throughout the Middle East, he makes is a groundbreaking contribution to our understanding of the political, social, and cultural dimensions of Palestinian history.