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Reality Beyond Belief

Reality Beyond Belief Author Kun-Gay Yap
ISBN-10 1452505756
Release 2012-07-11
Pages 492
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Belief creates our reality which creates more belief Our strongest beliefs can be wrong Our inability to question beliefs is ‘hard-wired’ in the brain Reality is also made from what we do not believe Should the author be believed? The advice is not to believe Read, apply, and experience Discover why you believe what you believe Realise the illusory nature of reality Understand the strange truths of perception Find the moving arbitrary line between knowledge and belief Question the dependence on beliefs Decide if the beliefs are necessary Are there better mental positions to adopt? Change Your Beliefs Live a Life of Uncommon Reality Kun-Gay Yap

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief Author Robert N. Bellah
ISBN-10 0520911121
Release 1991-06-11
Pages 320
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Beyond Belief collects fifteen celebrated, broadly ranging essays in which Robert Bellah interprets the interplay of religion and society in concrete contexts from Japan to the Middle East to the United States. First published in 1970, Beyond Belief is a classic in the field of sociology of religion.

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief Author Timothy Gooding
ISBN-10 9781462087679
Release 2003-12-09
Pages 82
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In our world, colliding beliefs create devastating struggles. The battle to be right fills the world with a raucous noise, not only obscuring what we seek, but sometimes threatening our very existence. Would you be willing to sheath the sword of Being Right and travel where few have dared? Even if you have never carried this sword, you may be surprised by what you find. First we explore how we are wired in feelings and thoughts to filter out much of reality. Then we loosen the filters. We escape the belief box. Then we begin to tackle the greatest filter of all?the human group subconscious. Our journey will take us to a place with enormous possibilities. If we are lucky, we may even start an evolution. The magical part of this journey is you can keep your beliefs, whatever they may be. Let's go on a quest together, through the mountains of "facts", beyond the valley of "have-to-be", through the deep waters of our group subconscious to see if we can find something precious, delicate, and powerful, in reality, right now. Are you ready?

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief Author Samuel M. Stein
ISBN-10 9781780497846
Release 1999-12-31
Pages 230
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The burden once put upon natural scientists is here shouldered by psychotherapists. This book asks whether psychotherapy can go beyond belief and gives various answers from a wide variety of people and their differing perspectives.'Whilst making a circuitous and muddled way through the dilemmas inherent in both the overlap and conflict between psychotherapy and religion, I read in one of Charles Rycroft's works of a book called The God I Want (1967) by James Mitchell. It comprised a series of short essays of the same title by analysts, authors, theologians and others describing their approach to religion and their own personal theology. It was thought provoking to read of the religious dilemmas faced by other people, as well as of how they had resolved them. However, whilst Rycroft's own contribution (as an analyst) to the book was very helpful, others drawn from fields outside psychoanalysis were less so. An additional problem was that Mitchell's publication was over thirty years old, no longer in print and rarely available.'Stimulated by my own personal experiences, I developed the idea to collate a series of similar and up-to-date essays written by psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists on the interaction between psychotherapy and religion. Perhaps in doing this I would come to understand how others with an overlapping interest in both psychotherapy and religion had come to decide on a way forward that was personally acceptable and satisfying.'- Samuel Stein, From the Introduction

Wisdom s Hiding Place

Wisdom s Hiding Place Author Paul Gibson
ISBN-10 9781105854811
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 128
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We live in a world dominated by belief. We hear, are taught, convinced and converted. We affirm, worship, praise and preach. We argue, persecute and kill for belief. And all of this can happen without a hint of faith in sight. Our failure to understand the difference between faith and belief has always been with us. Problems with belief are not limited to religion; belief affects everything from politics to personal relationships. Here we consider a philosophy of realism. Within realism, we find that not only is faith opposed to belief, faith is a tool of reason whether we are religious or not. Remarkably, the evidence suggests that many popular religious ideas and "myths" began as psychological lessons in realism. Because what we view is so dependent upon how we view, we learn how realism can influence our psychology, inform our values, and reveal a path forward that avoids the pitfalls of belief.

Perceptions of Reality

Perceptions of Reality Author Gregory Calise
ISBN-10 9781553956617
Release 2003
Pages 111
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Although we are all living in the same world, we are simultaneously each living in our own seperate universe, where each person observes himself as the center of that universe. Each person has a unique conditioning and belief structure that create his perspective in which he views reality. The world than interfaces witheach person to create a reality that conforms to his beliefs. A person's conditioning and beliefs affect his attitudes and emotions, which then magnetize certain energies that resonate to his state of being. In this way each individual is creating a seperate reality according to his perceptions of truth. What we percieve as reality is only the surface of a much deeper and greater truth. Beyond the apparent world lies the essence of life and a vast kingdom of hidden knowledge. Our conditioning and beliefs bind us to a certain perspective in which we view our reality. Perceptions of Reality show us how we can break free of the bondage of our conditioning that holds us in a life of mediocrity. When we become free from this bondage, we can change our perspective, which in turn, changes our perceptions. From a highter perspective we can see the larger picture of our lives and the world. We will see the circumstances that have created our present reality, and the relationships of events and experiences that were previously beyond our horizons of perception. From this higher perspective we will perceive the world in a new light. It will change brfore our eyes and interface with us in a new and more positive way. We will be able to take control of our lives, change our destiny and shape a new future. From this higher state of awareness, we will discover the portal to access the abstract mind, which is the mental function of genius and the doorway to revelation. From the perspective of revelation, we will open the doors into the absolute realms, beyond material time and space, and describes the perceptions of God, the soul, the world, and the paths to higher consciousness. Perceptions of Reality will show us how to access the abstract mind and open the doorways into revelation, creating a new reality, full of abundance, harmony and joy.

The Spiritual Journey of the Warrior

The Spiritual Journey of the Warrior Author Brendan Michaels
ISBN-10 9781888473032
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 172
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The Spiritual Journey of the Warrior has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Spiritual Journey of the Warrior also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Spiritual Journey of the Warrior book for free.

The Pilgrim Or Monthly Visitor

The Pilgrim  Or  Monthly Visitor Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951002792703M
Release 1822
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The Pilgrim Or Monthly Visitor has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Pilgrim Or Monthly Visitor also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Pilgrim Or Monthly Visitor book for free.

Reality Unveiled

Reality Unveiled Author Bernardo Sotomayor Valdivia
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 57
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The idea that the universe is not made up of solid matter and that all that we perceive as objects —from atoms to stars— are really waves, has been around for a long time, going back to ancient Greece. As you can see, the existence of matter-waves is not a new concept. Ever since the physicist Prince Louis de Broglie formally suggested them in 1924, the modern scientific world has accepted the concept as a possibility but has not been able to rationally accept it for various reasons. Einstein hinted to the existence of matter-waves —while perhaps unaware of it— with his formulation of Special Relativity, which implied mass-energy equivalence. How can an object contract into an infinitesimal length as it approaches the speed of light and then go back to normal when it slows down without catastrophic structural damage? Spacetime may contract, but how is the structure of matter linked to spacetime so that it also contracts without damage? Einstein states that mass somehow transitions to energy and vice versa, not explaining the details of how and ignoring that energy and mass are such very different observables. The standard reasoning is that they are different manifestations of the same thing. But what is this “thing”, this substance that remains so infinitely malleable under special relativity and such a chameleon under mass-energy equivalence? Waves come to mind, but although they may be very malleable, can they be infinitely malleable and yet also have the property of forming rigid structures in order to pose as matter? What if matter and spacetime are both the same, synthesized by waves, and the substance that is waving is not a substance; does all of the above then become possible and rationally acceptable? Reality Unveiled explores, explains and justifies that possibility.

Living Beyond Belief

Living Beyond Belief Author Jaia Lee
ISBN-10 9781933538594
Release 2007-11-25
Pages 265
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Living Beyond Belief reveals one woman's discovery of life she had never before imagined. A world she came to discover seemingly by accident, understanding perfectly well that there are no accidents. Through personal experiences, insights, and poetry, she shares her discovery of a new way of living and insights into what makes this alternative way of living possible for everyone.

The Pilgram Or Monthly Visiter

The Pilgram  Or Monthly Visiter Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3363698
Release 1822
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The Pilgram Or Monthly Visiter has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Pilgram Or Monthly Visiter also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Pilgram Or Monthly Visiter book for free.

A Believer s Journey

A Believer s Journey Author Anita M. Tucker
ISBN-10 9781469118956
Release 2011-04-11
Pages 273
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Speak life! What we think determines what we say and this refl ects who we really are for we are exposed by the fruit of our mouths. We must be able to see Gods kingdom and this is a spiritual endeavor. The kingdom begins in the spirit and is then made manifest in the natural realm. We lost sight when Adam abdicated the throne to Satan. A fundamental disconnect occurred when we exited the Garden of Eden. Revelation provides the inner sight that Jesus came to restore for he opened blinded eyes.

Create Your Own Fate

Create Your Own Fate Author Elaine Northrop
ISBN-10 9781452091853
Release 2011-01
Pages 212
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Nothing is "Beyond Belief" Imagination is the key to creating a new reality! Whatever you can imagine, you can implement. Whatever you believe to be actually creates the world you see. Life doesn't just happen to you. It "responds" to you and the thoughts that you are creating on a continuing basis. Although thoughts are not tangible, they are programmable and powerful. Thoughts can transform the abstract into the absolute. This book is about creative visualization or "wishcraft" which is a way of thinking that can change your life. The principles proposed in this book can propel you from poverty to prosperity and jumpstart your JOY as you learn how to transform your thoughts into reality. The process starts with a dream, a desire, or even just a wish. Wishes come in all sizes. One can wish small or one can wish "big or tall." One can even choose not to wish at all, but wishing is really the key to creating a new reality. Everything that you can conceive of already exists or you couldn't even conceive of it. Creative visualization simply makes the invisible visible! Your beliefs are the key to making the invisible materialize. Predicting the future actually becomes possible once you realize that you can create your own future by propelling your dreams into reality. The world can be yours to have and to hold once you take control of your own destiny. That doesn't mean that you can control the events that will happen in your life, but you can control how you envision those events. Those visualizations can either empower you to excel or cripple you in crisis. If you want your life to change, try doing something strange. If you want your life to be different, do different, think different. Sometimes all that you need to change is your mind and your beliefs! Stop setting limits on your life! Become part of the cycle of life which is to Dream, desire, create and inspire.........

Manifesting 101 Beyond

Manifesting 101   Beyond Author Susan James
ISBN-10 9781462051205
Release 2000-10-30
Pages 189
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Manifesting 101 & Beyond is a collection of 91 essays and tools for designing life on purpose. Susan James interpretation of User Friendly Physics explains How to Get What You Want, Without Goofing it Up First. Dreams can be achieved the easy way or the hard way. Manifesting 101 & Beyond is the easy way. These original essays are from the popular electronic newsletter series by Susan James and contributors who specialize in the application of the mechanics of energy/spirit to our lives. As James says, "We've been taught to do everything backward and there's a much easier way!" Manifesting 101 & Beyond helps the reader understand the mechanics of how life really works, instead of how he or she is taught that it works. James assists the reader in the understanding of pure attention versus focus and just do it. Included in the writings are ideas and evidence of how to do it, without so much doing. The application of these energy tools provides shortcuts to better lives, lifestyles and businesses. Manifesting 101 & Beyond is a collection of uplifting short essays that are as easy, fun, and entertaining to read as they are informative.Cynthia S. Larson (An Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)

Beyond Mere Christianity

Beyond Mere Christianity Author Brandon Toropov
Release 2005
Pages 133
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The book is called Beyond Mere Christianity for two reasons. First, in response to C.S. Lewis' influential 1952 work, Mere Christianity, which stands as a masterpiece of Christian apologetics. The second reason, perhaps less obvious, is that a case can be made, based on current, responsible Gospel scholarship, that Jesus was calling his people to the Salvation that lies beyond the worship of the merely created, the Salvation that relies instead on the direct worship of the Creator. I believe emphatically that the authentic words of Jesus invite us to move beyond what is conventionally understood as Christianity for this Salvation. Looking at the popularity of the book and importance of the subject, Darussalam Publishers has digitized the book. Download and read on your e-readers.

Seeking Inner Peace

Seeking Inner Peace Author Dr. Alfred Nkut
ISBN-10 9781456740764
Release 2011-04-28
Pages 124
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Personal Fulfillment Inner peace is happiness of the spirit that results from an absence of anxiety within, it comes from an internal and natural source – the soul. Learn how to program your mind for joy in order to live a richer and more complete life of personal fulfillment. Dr. Nkut’s experience and research working with people to cope with life challenges has become a blueprint for spiritual growth. Yet, like all things, one has to be motivated to move forward towards this goal. Having interviewed hundreds of people on strategies for dealing with difficulties in their lives, Nkut teaches the strategies you need to become a master artist for cultivating inner peace: generating positive emotions becoming mentally tough unleashing your brainpower developing a sense of purpose being free from toxic emotions filling yourself with passion developing a forgiving spirit cultivating a joyous feeling Dr. Nkut is a well-respected entrepreneur, philanthropist, and family physician in Ontario, Canada, and has inspired people to take control of their health so that they lead better lives. His organization, Equity Trust Finance, provides financial assistance and inspiration to people in Cameroon, West Africa.

We Want to Believe

We Want to Believe Author Amy M. Donaldson
ISBN-10 9781621892090
Release 2011-04-14
Pages 256
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From the First Episode to the Latest Feature Film, two main symbols provide the driving force for the iconic television series The X-Files: Fox Mulder's ôI Want to Believeö poster and Dana Scully's cross necklace. Mulder's poster may feature a flying saucer, but the phrase ôI want to believeö refers to more than simply the quest for the truth about aliens. The search for extraterrestrial life, the truth that is out there, is a metaphor for the search for God. The desire to believe in something greater than ourselves is part of human nature: we want to believe. Scully's cross represents this desire to believe, as well as the internal struggle between faith and what we can see and prove. The X-Files depicts this struggle by posing questions and exploring possible answers, both natural and supernatural. Why would God let the innocent suffer? Can God forgive even the most heinous criminal? What if God is giving us signs to point the way to the truth, but we're not paying attention? These are some of the questions raised by The X-Files. In the spirit of the show, this book uses the symbols and images presented throughout the series the pose such questions and explore some of the answers, particularly in the Christian tradition. With a focus on key themes of the series-faith, hope, love, and truth-along the way, this book journeys from the desire to believe to the message of the cross. Book jacket.