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Reasoning in Quantum Theory

Reasoning in Quantum Theory Author Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara
ISBN-10 9789401705264
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 298
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"Is quantum logic really logic?" This book argues for a positive answer to this question once and for all. There are many quantum logics and their structures are delightfully varied. The most radical aspect of quantum reasoning is reflected in unsharp quantum logics, a special heterodox branch of fuzzy thinking. For the first time, the whole story of Quantum Logic is told; from its beginnings to the most recent logical investigations of various types of quantum phenomena, including quantum computation. Reasoning in Quantum Theory is designed for logicians, yet amenable to advanced graduate students and researchers of other disciplines.

Consistent Quantum Theory

Consistent Quantum Theory Author Robert B. Griffiths
ISBN-10 0521539293
Release 2003-11-13
Pages 408
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A clear and accessible presentation of quantum theory, suitable for researchers yet accessible to graduates.

Picturing Quantum Processes

Picturing Quantum Processes Author Bob Coecke
ISBN-10 9781108107716
Release 2017-03-16
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The unique features of the quantum world are explained in this book through the language of diagrams, setting out an innovative visual method for presenting complex theories. Requiring only basic mathematical literacy, this book employs a unique formalism that builds an intuitive understanding of quantum features while eliminating the need for complex calculations. This entirely diagrammatic presentation of quantum theory represents the culmination of ten years of research, uniting classical techniques in linear algebra and Hilbert spaces with cutting-edge developments in quantum computation and foundations. Written in an entertaining and user-friendly style and including more than one hundred exercises, this book is an ideal first course in quantum theory, foundations, and computation for students from undergraduate to PhD level, as well as an opportunity for researchers from a broad range of fields, from physics to biology, linguistics, and cognitive science, to discover a new set of tools for studying processes and interaction.

Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory Author David Bohm
ISBN-10 9780486134888
Release 2012-04-25
Pages 672
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This advanced undergraduate-level text presents the quantum theory in terms of qualitative and imaginative concepts, followed by specific applications worked out in mathematical detail.

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Author Armin Wachter
ISBN-10 9048136458
Release 2010-09-29
Pages 372
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* Which problems do arise within relativistic enhancements of the Schrödinger theory, especially if one adheres to the usual one-particle interpretation? * To what extent can these problems be overcome? * What is the physical necessity of quantum field theories? In many textbooks, only insufficient answers to these fundamental questions are provided by treating the relativistic quantum mechanical one-particle concept very superficially and instead introducing field quantization as soon as possible. By contrast, this book emphasizes particularly this point of view (relativistic quantum mechanics in the ''narrow sense''): it extensively discusses the relativistic one-particle view and reveals its problems and limitations, therefore illustrating the necessity of quantized fields in a physically comprehensible way. The first two chapters contain a detailed presentation and comparison of the Klein-Gordon and Dirac theory, always with a view to the non-relativistic theory. In the third chapter, we consider relativistic scattering processes and develop the Feynman rules from propagator techniques. This is where the indispensability of quantum field theory reasoning becomes apparent and basic quantum field theory concepts are introduced. This textbook addresses undergraduate and graduate Physics students who are interested in a clearly arranged and structured presentation of relativistic quantum mechanics in the "narrow sense" and its connection to quantum field theories. Each section contains a short summary and exercises with solutions. A mathematical appendix rounds out this excellent textbook on relativistic quantum mechanics.

Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics

Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics Author Karl Popper
ISBN-10 9781135859510
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 256
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Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics is one of the three volumes of Karl Popper’s Postscript to the Logic of scientific Discovery. The Postscript is the culmination of Popper’s work in the philosophy of physics and a new famous attack on subjectivist approaches to philosophy of science. Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics is the third volume of the Postscript. It may be read independently, but it also forms part of Popper’s interconnected argument in the Postscript. It presents Popper’s classic statement on quantum physics and offers important insights into his thinking on problems of method within science and physics as a whole.

Contextuality from Quantum Physics to Psychology

Contextuality from Quantum Physics to Psychology Author Ehtibar Dzhafarov
ISBN-10 9789814730617
Release 2015-11-30
Pages 480
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"The book explores the variety of meanings of contextuality across different disciplines, with the emphasis on quantum physics and on psychology."--

Quantum Theory Informational Foundations and Foils

Quantum Theory  Informational Foundations and Foils Author Giulio Chiribella
ISBN-10 9789401773034
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 528
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This book provides the first unified overview of the burgeoning research area at the interface between Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information. Topics include: operational alternatives to quantum theory, information-theoretic reconstructions of the quantum formalism, mathematical frameworks for operational theories, and device-independent features of the set of quantum correlations. Powered by the injection of fresh ideas from the field of Quantum Information and Computation, the foundations of Quantum Mechanics are in the midst of a renaissance. The last two decades have seen an explosion of new results and research directions, attracting broad interest in the scientific community. The variety and number of different approaches, however, makes it challenging for a newcomer to obtain a big picture of the field and of its high-level goals. Here, fourteen original contributions from leading experts in the field cover some of the most promising research directions that have emerged in the new wave of quantum foundations. The book is directed at researchers in physics, computer science, and mathematics and would be appropriate as the basis of a graduate course in Quantum Foundations.

Reasoning About Luck

Reasoning About Luck Author Vinay Ambegaokar
ISBN-10 9780486807010
Release 2017-01-18
Pages 234
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This book introduces college students and other readers to the uses of probability and statistics in the physical sciences, focusing on thermal and statistical physics and touching upon quantum physics. Widely praised as beautifully written and thoughtful, Reasoning About Luck explains concepts in a way that readers can understand and enjoy, even students who are not specializing in science and those outside the classroom — only some familiarity with basic algebra is necessary. Attentive readers will come away with a solid grasp of many of the basic concepts of physics and some excellent insights into the way physicists think and work. "If students who are not majoring in science understood no more physics than that presented by Ambegaokar, they would have a solid basis for thinking about physics and the other sciences." — Physics Today. "There is a real need for rethinking how we teach thermal physics—at all levels, but especially to undergraduates. Professor Ambegaokar has done just that, and given us an outstanding and ambitious textbook for nonscience majors. I find Professor Ambegaokar's style throughout the book to be graceful and witty, with a nice balance of both encouragement and admonishment." — American Journal of Physics.

Time Quantum and Information

Time  Quantum and Information Author Lutz Castell
ISBN-10 354044033X
Release 2003-09-29
Pages 456
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This publication centers on the extraordinary ideas in and concepts of physics of th CarI Friedrich von Weizs?cker. At the time of his 90 birthday on June 28, 2002, it seems the right moment to try such a survey. The themes of two Festschrifts for CarI th th Friedrich von Weizs?cker on the occasion of his 60 and 70 birthdays (E. Scheibe and G. Suessmann (eds. ): Einheit und Vielheit, and K. Meyer-Abich (ed. ): Physik, Philosophie und Politik) were his unique capability to encompass physics, philosophy and politics. He may be more known publicly today for his efforts for containment of the Cold War nuclear threat, for the abolition of war as an instrument of international politics, for the social responsibility of scientists, and for the Conciliar Process of the Churches for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. But physics has been his primary professional vocation and has always remained in the center of his thought and life. But even in light of the physics focus of this book, it would not do justice to CarI Friedrich von Weizs?cker to re strict his achievements in physics to efforts only accessible to professionals. The contributions in Part 1 show how his very concentration on physics has led him to take an active part in problems of politics, social change, philosophy and religion.

What Is Real

What Is Real Author Adam Becker
ISBN-10 9780465096060
Release 2018-03-20
Pages 384
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The untold story of the heretical thinkers who dared to question the nature of our quantum universe Every physicist agrees quantum mechanics is among humanity's finest scientific achievements. But ask what it means, and the result will be a brawl. For a century, most physicists have followed Niels Bohr's Copenhagen interpretation and dismissed questions about the reality underlying quantum physics as meaningless. A mishmash of solipsism and poor reasoning, Copenhagen endured, as Bohr's students vigorously protected his legacy, and the physics community favored practical experiments over philosophical arguments. As a result, questioning the status quo long meant professional ruin. And yet, from the 1920s to today, physicists like John Bell, David Bohm, and Hugh Everett persisted in seeking the true meaning of quantum mechanics. What Is Real? is the gripping story of this battle of ideas and the courageous scientists who dared to stand up for truth.

Quantum Theory and the Flight from Realism

Quantum Theory and the Flight from Realism Author Christopher Norris
ISBN-10 9781134595242
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 280
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This book is a critical introduction to the long-standing debate concerning the conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics and the problems it has posed for physicists and philosophers from Einstein to the present. Quantum theory has been a major infulence on postmodernism, and presents significant problems for realists. Keeping his own realist position in check, Christopher Norris subjects a wide range of key opponents and supporters of realism to a high and equal level of scrutiny. With a characteristic combination of rigour and intellectual generosity, he draws out the merits and weaknesses from opposing arguments. In a sequence of closely argued chapters, Norris examines the premises of orthodox quantum theory, as developed most influentially by Bohr and Heisenberg, and its impact on varous philosophical developments. These include the ideas developed by W.V Quine, Thomas Kuhn, Michael Dummett, Bas van Fraassen, and Hilary Puttnam. In each case, Norris argues, these thinkers have been influenced by the orthodox construal of quantum mechanics as requiring drastic revision of principles which had hitherto defined the very nature of scientific method, causal explanati and rational enquiry. Putting the case for a realist approach which adheres to well-tried scientific principles of causal reasoning and inference to the best explanation, Christopher Norris clarifies these debates to a non-specialist readership and scholars of philosophy, science studies and the philosophy of science alike. Quantum Theory and the Flight From Realism suggests that philosophical reflection can contribute to a better understanding of these crucial, current issues.

Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory Author D. R. Bates
ISBN-10 9781483275888
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 464
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Quantum Theory: A Treatise in Three Volumes, I: Elements focuses on the principles, methodologies, and approaches involved in quantum theory, including quantum mechanics, linear combinations, collisions, and transitions. The selection first elaborates on the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, exactly soluble bound state problems, and continuum. Discussions focus on delta function normalization, spherically symmetric potentials, rectangular potential wells, harmonic oscillators, spherically symmetrical potentials, Coulomb potential, axiomatic basis, consequences of first three postulates, and time-dependent states. The text then examines the stationary perturbation theory, variational method, and the asymptotic approximation method. Concerns cover the application of the asymptotic approximation method to potential barrier problems, method of linear combinations, lower bounds for the ground state eigenenergy, relative degeneracy, and degenerate case. The publication examines the theory of collisions and transitions, including the scattering of identical particles, Coulomb field, methods of determining scattering phases, persistent perturbations, and adiabatic approximation. The selection is a valuable source of information for researchers interested in quantum theory.

Compendium of Quantum Physics

Compendium of Quantum Physics Author Daniel Greenberger
ISBN-10 3540706267
Release 2009-07-25
Pages 901
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With contributions by leading quantum physicists, philosophers and historians, this comprehensive A-to-Z of quantum physics provides a lucid understanding of key concepts of quantum theory and experiment. It covers technical and interpretational aspects alike, and includes both traditional and new concepts, making it an indispensable resource for concise, up-to-date information about the many facets of quantum physics.

Language Quantum Music

Language  Quantum  Music Author Roberto Giuntini
ISBN-10 0792357272
Release 1999-08-31
Pages 338
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Selected Contributed Papers of the Tenth International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Florence, August 1995

Rational Reconstructions of Modern Physics

Rational Reconstructions of Modern Physics Author Peter Mittelstaedt
ISBN-10 9789400755932
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 141
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Newton’s classical physics and its underlying ontology are loaded with several metaphysical hypotheses that cannot be justified by rational reasoning nor by experimental evidence. Furthermore, it is well known that some of these hypotheses are not contained in the great theories of Modern Physics, such as the theory of Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. This book shows that, on the basis of Newton’s classical physics and by rational reconstruction, the theory of Special Relativity as well as Quantum Mechanics can be obtained by partly eliminating or attenuating the metaphysical hypotheses. Moreover, it is shown that these reconstructions do not require additional hypotheses or new experimental results. In the second edition the rational reconstructions are completed with respect to General Relativity and Cosmology. In addition, the statistics of quantum objects is elaborated in more detail with respect to the rational reconstruction of quantum mechanics. The new material completes the approach of the book as much as it is possible at the present state of knowledge. Presumably, the most important contribution that is added to the second edition refers to the problem of interpretation of the three great theories of Modern Physics. It is shown in detail that in the light of rational reconstructions even realistic interpretations of the three theories of Modern Physics are possible and can easily be achieved.

Heisenberg s Quantum Mechanics

Heisenberg s Quantum Mechanics Author Mohsen Razavy
ISBN-10 9789814304108
Release 2011
Pages 657
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This book provides a detailed account of quantum theory with a much greater emphasis on the Heisenberg equations of motion and the matrix method. No other texts have come close to discuss quantum theory in terms of depth of coverage. The book features a deeper treatment of the fundamental concepts such as the rules of constructing quantum mechanical operators and the classical-quantal correspondence; the exact and approximate methods based on the Heisenberg equations; the determinantal approach to the scattering theory and the LSZ reduction formalism where the latter method is used to obtain the transition matrix. The uncertainty relations for a number of different observables are derived and discussed. A comprehensive chapter on the quantization of systems with nonlocalized interaction is included. Exact solvable models, and approximate techniques for solution of realistic many-body problems are also considered. The book takes a unified look in the final chapter, examining the question of measurement in quantum theory, with an introduction to the Bell's inequalities.