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Recruiting and Retaining America s Finest

Recruiting and Retaining America s Finest Author Jeremy M. Wilson
ISBN-10 0833050680
Release 2010
Pages 113
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Personnel management is a critical but oft neglected function of police organizations. While much attention is given to recruiting and retention, these are only tools for accomplishing a larger goal: achieving and maintaining the profile of officers by experience and rank that satisfies agency needs and officer career aspirations. Police agencies often have little ability to assess their organization and environment, and they receive little guidance on how best to build and maintain their workforces. In this monograph, the authors seek to fill the gap of information available to police agencies through a survey on their recruitment and retention practices. The survey, sent to every U.S. police agency with at least 300 sworn officers, sought to document such characteristics as authorized and actual strength by rank, officer work and qualifications, compensation, and recruiting efforts. The authors used these data to provide an overview of current recruitment and retention practices, to describe how they affected police recruitment and personnel profiles, and to identify future research needs. Findings include that police compensation, city size, and crime rates had statistically significant effects on police recruiting. Advertising and recruiting incentives had little effect on the number of recruits. Cohort sizes and structures highlighted current and future personnel management challenges. To facilitate comparative and longitudinal analyses of police staffing, the authors recommend ongoing national data collection.

Strategies for Improving Officer Recruitment in the San Diego Police Department

Strategies for Improving Officer Recruitment in the San Diego Police Department Author
ISBN-10 0833045172
Release 2008
Pages 130
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The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) has been operating below its authorized size in recent years. To bridge its personnel gap, the department needs to maximize its recruiting while minimizing officer attrition. To accomplish this goal, the department sought assistance from RAND to improve its recruiting efforts and suggest ways to improve the diversity of its recruits. This monograph describes RAND's effort to assist SDPD's recruiting program.

I want you

I want you Author Bernard Rostker
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064714598
Release 2006
Pages 800
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Should the U.S. reinstate the draft? With this inside look at the Pentagon and the White House, the author reviews the American military's transformation over the past thirty years into the world's finest fighting force, and describes why the volunteer force is still the best strategy for our national security. A vast archive of government documents on DVD allows readers to view exchanges between government officials at the highest level-including formally classified memorandum between Presidents and Secretaries of Defense-revealing for the first time the inner story of the All-Volunteer Force.

Confronting the Enemy Within

Confronting the  Enemy Within Author Peter Chalk
ISBN-10 9780833036148
Release 2004-04-22
Pages 90
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Since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, critics have charged that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, while qualified to investigate terrorist incidents after the fact, is not well equipped enough to adequately gather and assess information to prevent attacks. More intrinsically, many believe that given a predominant and deeply rooted law enforcement and prosecutorial culture, the bureau may not be able to change operational focus toward dedicated counterterrorism intelligence gathering and analysis. To better inform debate, researchers analyzed the domestic security structures of four allied countries--the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Australia--weighing both their positive and negative aspects. (PW/PC)

Today s Police and Sheriff Recruits

Today s Police and Sheriff Recruits Author Laura Werber Castaneda
ISBN-10 0833050478
Release 2010
Pages 118
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For much of the last decade, police and sheriff1s departments faced considerable challenges in attracting and retaining recruits. This volume summarizes a 2008-2009 survey fielded to recent police officer and sheriff1s deputy recruits nationwide. The authors focus on how understanding modern recruits can help departments refine their recruitment practices and develop a workforce well suited to community-oriented policing.

High Performance Government

High Performance Government Author Robert Klitgaard
ISBN-10 9780833040671
Release 2005-03-24
Pages 496
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In 2003, the National Commission on the Public Service, chaired by Paul Volcker, issued a report detailing problems within the federal government today and recommending changes in its organization, leadership, and operations. This book suggests practical ways to implement the recommendations and defines a research agenda for the future. Thirteen essays address the primary problem areas identified by the Volcker Commission, and the commission report itself is included.

Securing Health

Securing Health Author Seth G. Jones
ISBN-10 9780833040749
Release 2006-04-03
Pages 388
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RAND researchers analyzed the health components of seven post-World War II nation-building efforts conducted after major conflicts-Germany, Japan, Somalia, Haiti, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq-and found that two factors are correlated with successful health outcomes: planning and coordination, and infrastructure and resources.

Green Warriors

Green Warriors Author David E. Mosher
ISBN-10 9780833045867
Release 2007-09-13
Pages 248
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This study assesses whether Army policy, doctrine, and guidance adequately address environmental activities in post-conflict phases of contingencies. A review of policy, doctrine, operational experience, and documentation, as well as interviews with Army personnel, indicates that environmental concerns can have significant impacts. Recommendations are made for improving the Army?s approach to environmental issues in contingency operations.

Building Partner Capabilities for Coalition Operations

Building Partner Capabilities for Coalition Operations Author Jennifer D. P. Moroney
ISBN-10 9780833044297
Release 2007-07-03
Pages 122
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Ongoing operations and emerging mission requirements place a heavy burden on Army resources, resulting in capability gaps that the Army is unable to fill by itself. One solution is to build the appropriate capabilities in allies and partner armies through focused security cooperation. To do this, Army planners need a more comprehensive understanding of the capability gaps and a process for matching those gaps with candidate partner armies.

Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and Retention Author Bernard Rostker
ISBN-10 9780833041425
Release 2007
Pages 35
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This study presents recommendations to improve recruiting and retention in the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). The recommendations, tailored to the unique circumstances of the NOPD, include using civilian employees for some jobs now performed by officers; developing a proactive recruiting program; providing housing; increasing the frequency of promotion examinations; eliminating the backlog of promotions; restructuring compensation; establishing a first-responders charter school; and rebuilding the police infrastructure.

Stabilization and Reconstruction Staffing

Stabilization and Reconstruction Staffing Author Terrence K. Kelly
ISBN-10 9780833044464
Release 2008-03-18
Pages 130
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Uses the Office of Personnel Management's Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework, which advocates strategic alignment, workforce planning and development, and leadership and knowledge management, to assess the U.S. civilian personnel and staffing requirements for stability and reconstruction operations.

Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy

Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy Author Center for Education
ISBN-10 9780309261616
Release 2012-10-31
Pages 122
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Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy encourages scientists to think differently about the use of scientific evidence in policy making. This report investigates why scientific evidence is important to policy making and argues that an extensive body of research on knowledge utilization has not led to any widely accepted explanation of what it means to use science in public policy. Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy identifies the gaps in our understanding and develops a framework for a new field of research to fill those gaps. For social scientists in a number of specialized fields, whether established scholars or Ph.D. students, Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy shows how to bring their expertise to bear on the study of using science to inform public policy. More generally, this report will be of special interest to scientists who want to see their research used in policy making, offering guidance on what is required beyond producing quality research, beyond translating results into more understandable terms, and beyond brokering the results through intermediaries, such as think tanks, lobbyists, and advocacy groups. For administrators and faculty in public policy programs and schools, Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy identifies critical elements of instruction that will better equip graduates to promote the use of science in policy making.

Unconquerable Nation

Unconquerable Nation Author Brian Michael Jenkins
ISBN-10 9780833038937
Release 2006
Pages 236
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The author presents a clear-sighted and sobering analysis of where we are today in the struggle against terrorism. Jenkins, an internationally renowned authority on terrorism, distills the jihadists' operational code and outlines a pragmatic but principled approach to defeating the terrorist enterprise. We need to build upon our traditions of determination and self-reliance, he argues, and above all, preserve our commitment to American values.

Security Force Assistance in Afghanistan

Security Force Assistance in Afghanistan Author Terrence K. Kelly
ISBN-10 9780833052223
Release 2011-08-08
Pages 160
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Security force assistance (SFA) is a central pillar of the counterinsurgency campaign being waged by U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan. This monograph analyzes SFA efforts in Afghanistan over time, documents U.S. and international approaches to building the Afghan force from 2001 to 2009, and provides observations and recommendations that emerged from extensive fieldwork in Afghanistan in 2009 and their implications for the U.S. Army.

Evaluation of the New York City Police Department Firearm Training and Firearm discharge Review Process

Evaluation of the New York City Police Department Firearm Training and Firearm discharge Review Process Author Bernard Rostker
ISBN-10 9780833044167
Release 2008
Pages 114
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In January 2007, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly asked the RAND Corporation to assess whether his department was doing everything it could to minimize the unnecessary discharge of firearms. In particular, he asked RAND to examine the quality and completeness of the New York City Police Department firearm-training program and identify potential improvements in the design and delivery of the curriculum, the technology used, the frequency and duration of training sessions, the tactics and procedures on which the training is based, and the Department's firearm-discharge-review process. This monograph reports the observations, findings, and recommendations of that study.

Leader Development in Army Units

Leader Development in Army Units Author Peter Schirmer
ISBN-10 9780833045881
Release 2008-03-05
Pages 176
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Summarizes discussions with over 450 Army officers (lieutenants through colonels) about leader development in Army units. These discussions revealed that the type and extent of leader development activities vary greatly across units, but that they are generally informal and most heavily influenced by the unit commander. The authors conclude with suggestions on how the Army school system can improve leader development.

Planning for Diversity

Planning for Diversity Author Nelson Lim
ISBN-10 9780833044716
Release 2008
Pages 110
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Discusses initial steps that the Department of Defense (DoD) should take in developing a department-wide strategic plan to achieve greater diversity within its active duty and civilian leadership. Key questions include how diversity will be defined, how progress toward diversity will be measured, and how DoD leaders will hold themselves and others accountable for such progress. Includes a summary of findings from the 2007 DoD Diversity Summit.