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Skate With Me

Skate With Me Author Austin Bates
ISBN-10 154886708X
Release 2017-07-19
Pages 212
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Nolan worked his whole life to get there. Qualifying for the National Figure Skating Championships was the brass ring he had reached so desperately for - training incessantly, suffering agonizing injuries, heartbreaking losses, and eventually, his potentially life-altering qualification. But the night before he is set to take to the ice, his long-time lover shatters his heart - along with his concentration. The rising star suffers a wrenching defeat - only to find out soon thereafter that he's carrying the baby of his former paramour. Enter Matthew, the devastatingly attractive up-and-coming alpha figure skater. Matthew rolls into town and begins training alongside Nolan, and the two quickly begin to hunger for one another. As their romance develops, Nolan makes a decision: he's keeping his baby, and quitting skating for good. But he neglects to tell Matthew about the baby until after they've slept together. When Matthew discovers the truth, the revelation proves too distracting; he leaves town to prepare alone for his upcoming regional competition. But for Matthew, the distance doesn't help - the beautiful omega is never far from his thoughts. When heartbreak and disappointment lead to unexpected passion, two men begin to discover that sometimes one road's end can lead to the beautiful beginning of another. Unbridled passion meets dogged determination in this 50,000 word gay mpreg alpha/omega romance novel. Gliding gracefully through choreographed scenes of uninhibited lust, "Skate With Me" is exclusively intended for adult audiences.

Red Hot Romance Tips for Women

Red Hot Romance Tips for Women Author Bill Farrel
ISBN-10 9780736951500
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 112
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From Christian marriage experts and bestselling authors Bill and Pam Farrel comes a new book for women about romance, passion, and becoming the godly woman your husband needs. With an in-depth look at the qualities a man finds attractive in a woman, you’ll learn how to build and maintain a Christian marriage; romantic ideas and tips for stoking the flames of love and keeping them burning; and what the Bible says about marriage. With wisdom, humor, and devotional questions to provoke discussion, Red-Hot Romance Tips for Women will keep your marriage sizzling!

Memories of You

Memories of You Author Austin Bates
ISBN-10 1978256329
Release 2017-10-15
Pages 266
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Hunter sighed. He felt a slight flutter in his stomach as the baby began to move. He rested a hand on his belly. "Looks like someone just woke up." "Can I feel?" asked Melinda, her face brightened considerably as she leaned forward. "I've been trying to keep from asking you questions all day, but I just can't hold back anymore." Hunter's heart swelled at the sight of the pure joy on his mother's face. She was ready to be a grandma. He couldn't have possibly denied her request. Three months ago, Hunter Kilder's entire life was torn apart when a freak accident rendered him an amnesiac. With his memories showing no signs of returning, he loses his job and finds himself teetering on the edge of homelessness. That's when not one, but two sexy alpha males from his past being trying to win his heart. Vincent is determined to win Hunter's love by any means necessary. Luke is much more interested in trying to earn Hunter's affection through friendship. Vincent goes to great lengths to try and turn Hunter against his rival, telling him horror stories about the way Luke used to treat him. Hunter is taken aback - he can't remember that past, and is reluctant to cut off one of his only friends. The romantic tension among the three comes to a head, and Vincent is forced to retreat. A new problem arises, however, when Hunter and Vincent sleep together - and Hunter discovers old wedding invitations hidden in Luke's apartment. When Hunter learns he's pregnant with Luke's child - even though he can't remember getting pregnant in the first place - the bitter love triangle threatens to tear a new family apart, and shatter the hearts of all involved. In this heartrending 60,000-word mpreg tale of love and obsession, Memories of You, passion meets reality - and the result will leave you breathless. With steamy scenes of gay lovemaking and explicit moments, Memories of You is intended for adult readers only.

Our Paradise

Our Paradise Author Austin Bates
ISBN-10 1974441814
Release 2017-08-14
Pages 166
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A hot romantic interlude in an island paradise sounds like the stuff of dreams... but some dreams quickly become nightmares.Three years ago, alpha Liam Aguado made a deal with the devil to get the money he needed for his mother's cancer treatments. To this day, drug kingpin Julio Romero still holds his leash, forcing him to continue smuggling shipments to their island home. When Julio offers Liam a way out, he jumps at it-all he needs to do is deliver a package to a woman at a hotel. But with devils, things are rarely as they seem.Dragged to the island for his brother's wedding, Simon Duncan is a lonely omega who's more interested in working on his blog than interacting with his dysfunctional family. He slips away from dinner one night and finds himself confronted with a devastatingly handsome Liam.When a chance meeting in the lobby of an exotic island hotel brings Liam and Simon together, their hot one-night stand quickly blossoms into something more. But their idyllic new romance is soon interrupted...As Liam's sister goes missing and an underhanded plot strands Simon on the island, the two find themselves turning the aforementioned devil for help. Now, they must work together to find a way to free themselves from Julio's stifling grasp, but the clock starts ticking when Simon discovers he's pregnant. If Julio learns their secret, he'll surely exploit Simon to ensure Liam's continued cooperation, and the new family may find itself forever trapped under the thumb of a vicious drug lord. In this hot and explicit 50,000-word novel (intended for adult readers only), two men from radically different worlds fall hard and fast for one another. Will they be able escape Julio's insidious clutches and build a future for their budding family, or will the devil ensure he gets his due?

Daddy Daddy and Me

Daddy  Daddy  and Me Author Sean Michael
ISBN-10 9781635337945
Release 2018-02-23
Pages 162
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When Jeff agreed to donate sperm, he never expected a tragedy would leave him raising a three-year-old. Donny never expected the prejudice he'd face as a gay nanny. They need each other, but are they ready to be a family?

The Captain s Baby

The Captain s Baby Author Aiden and Austin Bates
ISBN-10 1981285156
Release 2017-12-05
Pages 208
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A reclusive captain and his fearless omega are tossed together in a deadly storm... Captain Logan Harris learned early: a happy family meant having something to lose. After years at sea avoiding all other shifters, the solitary alpha believes he's managed to escape his fate. But when Logan responds to a distress signal from a nearby research boat, the survivors include a wolf that only Logan identifies as his omega. And when Dr. William Blanchard is brought on board by the surly fishing captain, he recognizes his alpha instantly. As the two men grow close, Will realizes that Logan has a quiet, pervasive fear of commitment that could tear their budding relationship apart. Can these two polar opposites - a thrill-seeking crab fisherman and an educated, reserved environmentalist - manage to make it work as they try to build a family? Fate howls in The Captain's Baby, a 50,000-word stand-alone paranormal mpreg shifter adventure. Steamy scenes of gay romance abound in this opposites-attract story - adults only!

Seal of Love

Seal of Love Author Aiden Bates
ISBN-10 1981713611
Release 2017-12-14
Pages 278
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An embedded omega journalist. A hardened alpha SEAL. Best friends on opposite sides of a line that can't be crossed... Journalist Colin Church has been through a lot. Through it all, he's been able to rely on his best friend, Ed. Ed is the single most reliable person Colin has ever known - he's also been in love with Ed since he knew what love was. SEAL sniper Ed Adami has a great bunch of guys around him, a good Navy career, and a best friend in Colin he can always rely on - who he's been in love with that since grade school. But he knows Colin doesn't want a husband and kids, so he's kept his attraction a secret. When Colin gets assigned to Ed's unit as an embedded reporter, what could have been a dream assignment turns sour when a face from the past brings trouble. Will Ed and Colin finally air their hidden desires for one another? In this 80,000-word omegaverse/gay paranormal romance, descriptive scenes of alpha/omega passion make A SEAL of Love a story for adults only.

Sealing His Fate

Sealing His Fate Author Aiden Bates
ISBN-10 1977881769
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 370
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A Navy SEAL. A vigilante warrior. A bizarre alliance with lasting consequences. Mal has been fighting terrorism and fascism in Europe since he was a child. It's a rough life, but he believes in his cause. He saves people every day, from terror attacks and worse. When he first encounters SEAL Team Twelve, they're an inconvenience - albeit a very attractive one. The next time he encounters them, they're in the same place, looking for the same crew. When Mal and his sister intervene to save the SEALs' lives, he's thrown into a mission from which there is no turning back. Trent's an Alpha Navy man, from a long line of Navy men. Being a SEAL, though, is a new honor in the Kelly family. Trent feels the honor keenly, and he's proud to serve on the only all-alpha platoon. He's attracted to Omega Mal when they meet, but he tries to keep his passions to himself - until they just can't keep their hands off one another anymore. Mal and Trent's superiors forge an uneasy alliance, throwing them back together for better or for worse. Just when Mal turns out to be pregnant, the SEALs are yanked home by internal politics. Will Mal and Trent's attempt to start a family together be doomed before it begins, or will they find a way back to each other? And what about the terrorist conspiracy they were supposed to be fighting? Hot and heavy passion meets sizzling action in this 100,000-word gay M/M mpreg romance novel, SEALing His Fate. Extra steamy scenes make this story suitable for adults only.

An Evidence of Magic

An Evidence of Magic Author Kris Michaels
ISBN-10 1939564883
Release 2016-09-05
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An Evidence of Magic--69K M/M procedural crime romance in an alternate reality.Forty-year-old, hard bitten, foul-mouthed, homicide detective, Hiro Santos, suspects the owner of the art studio committed the gory killing. Too bad. There are other things he'd like to do to the gorgeous young man than book him for murder. Worse, his sexy suspect is certifiable. The nutcase claims he's some kind of high wizard from an alternate reality and needs Hiro's help to save their worlds.While the striking Sable Campion appears a youthful twenty-five, he's endured over two-hundred lonely years as guardian of the portal between Everlight and Elysium. None of those centuries offered him any experience finding a vicious killer. That's where Hiro Santos comes in; but convincing the virile detective to trust Sable will take all his persuasive skills...and perhaps a bit of magic. The magic they find in each other's arms will rock each of their realities.

Second Chance

Second Chance Author Aiden Bates
ISBN-10 1537102141
Release 2016-08-18
Pages 162
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Traditionally, parents of alphas and omegas try to pair their children off young. It's thought to be safest all around, and seventeen-year-old alpha Ben never questioned it. He hadn't, that was, until his parents shoved him into a room with an omega named Tyler who was clearly too young to claim. Ben did the right thing. He refused. He walked out of that room, told his family off, and accepted the consequences of that decision. After graduation, he left his family's home, never to return. Ten years later he takes a job in sunny San Diego. This might be the paradise he's been dreaming of. The job pays well, the weather is perfect, and the apartment is in an exciting part of town. His neighbor turns out to be a super-hot runner who makes people-watching from the window a true pleasure every morning. Except Running Guy isn't just a pretty face. He turns out to be Tyler, the omega Ben walked away from ten years ago, and his life hasn't been sunshine and roses since Ben left. They can't deny their attraction for one another now, and it seems like they both have a second chance at love and happiness. A wealthy omega real estate developer, however, threatens to make that second chance as disastrous as the first. Richard has his heart set on being claimed by Ben - and dead set against the social service agency where Ty works. Can Ben and Ty make their new love last?

A Cowboy for Caleb

A Cowboy for Caleb Author L.c. Davis
ISBN-10 1977751717
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 132
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Falling for his deceased twin brother's mate was never part of Dustin's plan. This midwestern Alpha might be a little rough around the edges, but he lives by a few simple principles and honor is chief among them. Nonetheless, when tragedy strikes the Meadowlands Pack, Dustin feels he has no choice but to bring his twin's mate home to take care of him. The only problem is, Caleb isn't anything like Dustin expected of the city omega who stole his brother's heart and divided their family. What starts out as trying to do the right thing soon becomes a blurry series of complicated decisions that lead Dustin further away from the path he's always followed-and further into the arms of the one omega he was never supposed to want. Caleb has been through the worst a mated omega could fear. He's lost his mate and their unborn child, and now he finds himself at the mercy of an Alpha who has every reason to hate him. Despite being twins, Dustin and Caleb's former mate, Alec, are nothing alike. Caleb wants nothing more than to please his new Alpha and secure his position in the pack, but Dustin seems to take everything he says the wrong way. As forbidden tensions mount between Alpha and omega, Caleb begins to fear that Dustin will start taking his developing interest the right way. This is a hurt/comfort MPREG romance at approximately 37k words, HEA guaranteed.

My Omega s Baby

My Omega s Baby Author S. C. Wynne
ISBN-10 1548450588
Release 2017-07-02
Pages 266
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Blade Carr and Wyatt Smith are bodyguards from rival agencies who can't stand each other. Blade is a young omega who thinks, Wyatt, a slightly older alpha, is arrogant and disrespectful. And Wyatt believes Blade is nothing but a cocky punk. When Wyatt receives a death threat, the powers that be decide the last place anyone will look for Wyatt is at Blade's house. Both men dread spending time together and are shocked when, despite their dislike of one another, they are suddenly physically attracted to each other. When they give into their lust one night, Blade just wants to pretend the perplexing night of passion never happened, but when the younger omega discovers he's pregnant, the two men are forced to form a closer bond as they try to find a way to come together for the child. This is a heartwarming, but steamy 55,000 word story featuring a non-shifter Alpha/Omega world and contains mpreg (male pregnancy). This is a standalone fated-mate story, and book one in the: Bodyguards and Babies mpreg series.

Family Affair

Family Affair Author Aiden Bates
ISBN-10 154034391X
Release 2016-11-12
Pages 252
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Matt's father has been the toast of the New York tabloids for decades. Between his shady business deals, his affairs, and his multiple marriages, Matt's father gives them plenty to talk about. Matt, however, avoids celebrity as much as he can. He just wants to be left alone to study and to teach. When Matt's older half-sister dies without a will, the state decides to award him custody of her three children. They have an uncle who loves them, and Matt didn't even know that Stephanie had kids, but the judge feels that an omega would provide a more "nurturing" environment than an unmated alpha. When Kevin's brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident, the court doubles his grief by awarding custody of his nieces and nephews to one of Stephanie's brothers. It doesn't seem to matter that Stephanie hated her family as much as Kevin does; no, this guy's an omega, so he gets the kids. Kevin is determined to hate this new uncle, especially when he realizes that this alleged omega has never cared for a child or changed a diaper in his life. It doesn't matter that Matt is hot; he's useless just like the rest of his family. Except... Matt does seem to want to put the kids' needs first. When he asks for Kevin's help in shielding the children from his father's excesses, Kevin can't very well say no. As defending the kids throws the pair into one another's orbit, they're inexorably drawn together. They soon find that their nieces and nephew aren't the only ones targeted by Matt's father's thirst for fame, fortune and notoriety. Will Matt and Kevin get swept up in an old man's machinations, or will family and love triumph?

Red Hot Daddy

Red Hot Daddy Author Austin Bates
ISBN-10 1976297486
Release 2017-09-15
Pages 332
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With shaking hands, he turned on the bathroom light and stared at himself in the mirror. He couldn't possibly be... they'd used protection every single time! He reached for the waistband of his sweats, but his hand rebelled, landing on his hip instead. What was he going to do? There was no way that Damien was going to be willing to be a part of this. Hell, he'd run all the way to California again. Tommy's lungs burned, and he forced himself to take a deep breath... You never forget your first love... Damien King has made a decent life for himself as an Alpha firefighter in his hometown. Drinking with the crew of Engine #15 and picking bar fights with men who insult omegas keeps him from thinking about his past. Back in town for a funeral, the last person Tommy Laurence expects to save him from a burning hotel room is his long-lost heartache, Damien. Seeing his old best friend awakens feelings he had sought to forget, or at least they were best friends... until Damien had confessed his love a decade ago. Damien can scarcely bear to see Tommy, but the attraction is too intense, and he can't seem to stay away. A single steamy night between the two becomes a standing appointment. Damien finds himself torn between the pain of the past and the hope for a future, and when Tommy ends up pregnant, the two can no longer pretend to ignore the deep resentments that exist between them. In this heartwarming 60,000-word gay mpreg romance, Red Hot Daddy, Tommy and Damien rekindle the embers of a forgotten passion and try to build the flames of a long lasting love - for each other and their baby. Intensely passionate, graphic scenes of alpha-omega sex make this book suitable only for adult readers.