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Reforming the Constitution

Reforming the Constitution Author Peter Catterall
ISBN-10 9781135305628
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 320
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This collection takes as its subject how and why the British constitution developed during the course of the 20th century. In chapters that analyse in detail the evolution of various aspects of the constitution, this work explores debates about how the constitution ought to operate and the political goods it ought to secure among politicians, jurists and academics. In addition, it looks at the influence of political parties, nationalism, social and economic change, European integration, and the contests in over particular reforms in Parliament, courts, media and on the hustings.

Labour and the Free Churches 1918 1939

Labour and the Free Churches  1918 1939 Author Peter Catterall
ISBN-10 9781441101600
Release 2016-10-06
Pages 336
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Did the Labour Party, in Morgan Phillips' famous phrase, owe 'more to Methodism than Marx'? Were the founding fathers of the party nurtured in the chapels of Nonconformity and shaped by their emphases on liberty, conscience and the value of every human being in the eyes of God? How did the Free Churches, traditionally allied to the Liberal Party, react to the growing importance of the Labour Party between the wars? This book addresses these questions at a range of levels: including organisation; rhetoric; policies and ideals; and electoral politics. It is shown that the distinctive religious setting in which Labour emerged indeed helps to explain the differences between it and more Marxist counterparts on the Continent, and that this setting continued to influence Labour approaches towards welfare, nationalisation and industrial relations between the wars. In the process Labour also adopted some of the righteousness of tone of the Free Churches. This setting was, however, changing. Dropping their traditional suspicion of the State, Nonconformists instead increasingly invested it with religious values, helping to turn it through its growing welfare functions into the provider of practical Christianity. This nationalisation of religion continues to shape British attitudes to the welfare state as well as imposing narrowly utilitarian and material tests of relevance upon the churches and other social institutions. The elevation of the State was not, however, intended as an end in itself. What mattered were the social and individual outcomes. Socialism, for those Free Churchmen and women who helped to shape Labour in the early twentieth century, was about improving society as much as systems.

The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History 1800 2000

The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History  1800 2000 Author David Brown
ISBN-10 9780191024276
Release 2018-04-05
Pages 624
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The two centuries after 1800 witnessed a series of sweeping changes in the way in which Britain was governed, the duties of the state, and its role in the wider world. Powerful processes - from the development of democracy, the changing nature of the social contract, war, and economic dislocation - have challenged, and at times threatened to overwhelm, both governors and governed. Such shifts have also presented challenges to the historians who have researched and written about Britain's past politics. This Handbook shows the ways in which political historians have responded to these challenges, providing a snapshot of a field which has long been at the forefront of conceptual and methodological innovation within historical studies. It comprises thirty-three thematic essays by leading and emerging scholars in the field. Collectively, these essays assess and rethink the nature of modern British political history itself and suggest avenues and questions for future research. The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History thus provides a unique resource for those who wish to understand Britain's political past and a thought-provoking 'long view' for those interested in current political challenges.

Political reform in Britain 1886 1996

Political reform in Britain  1886 1996 Author Wolfram Kaiser
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105020407586
Release 1997
Pages 265
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Political reform in Britain 1886 1996 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Political reform in Britain 1886 1996 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Political reform in Britain 1886 1996 book for free.

Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics Author Jeffrey Kopstein
ISBN-10 0521633567
Release 2000-08-15
Pages 429
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Why are the countries of the world governed so differently? How did this diversity of political orders come about? Will liberal capitalism spread farther around the globe in the 21st century? These are the questions that guide this new introductory text to comparative politics. Cast through the lens of ten historically grounded country studies, it illustrates and explains how the three major concepts of comparative political analysis--interests, identities, and institutions--shape the politics of nations. This textbook provides students with the conceptual tools and historical background they need to understand the politics of today's complex world.

The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain

The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain Author David Cannadine
ISBN-10 0231096674
Release 1999
Pages 293
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Although politicians in Britain are now calling for a "classless society," can one conclude, as do many scholars, that class does not matter anymore? Cannadine uncovers the meanings of class for such disparate figures as Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Margaret Thatcher and identifies the moments when opinion shifted, such as the aftermath of the French Revolution and the rise of the Labour Party in the early twentieth century.

The New British Constitution

The New British Constitution Author Vernon Bogdanor
ISBN-10 9781847317148
Release 2009-06-03
Pages 334
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The last decade has seen radical changes in the way we are governed. Reforms such as the Human Rights Act and devolution have led to the replacement of one constitutional order by another. This book is the first to describe and analyse Britain's new constitution, asking why it was that the old system, seemingly hallowed by time, came under challenge, and why it is being replaced. The Human Rights Act and the devolution legislation have the character of fundamental law. They in practice limit the rights of Westminster as a sovereign parliament, and establish a constitution which is quasi-federal in nature. The old constitution emphasised the sovereignty of Parliament. The new constitution, by contrast, emphasises the separation of powers, both territorially and at the centre of government. The aim of constitutional reformers has been to improve the quality of government. But the main weakness of the new constitution is that it does little to secure more popular involvement in politics. We are in the process of becoming a constitutional state, but not a popular constitutional state. The next phase of constitutional reform, therefore, is likely to involve the creation of new forms of democratic engagement, so that our constitutional forms come to be more congruent with the social and political forces of the age. The end-point of this piecemeal process might well be a fully codified or written constitution which declares that power stems not from the Queen-in Parliament, but, instead, as in so many constitutions, from `We, the People'. The old British constitution was analysed by Bagehot and Dicey. In this book Vernon Bogdanor charts the significance of what is coming to replace it. The expenses scandal shows up grave defects in the British constitution. Vernon Bogdanor shows how the constitution can be reformed and the political system opened up in`The New British Constitution'.

Sexual Politics

Sexual Politics Author Stephen Brooke
ISBN-10 9780199562541
Release 2011-11-24
Pages 284
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Explores the complex relationship between sexuality and socialist politics in Britain, arguing that sexuality has been a key, though often neglected aspect of party politics in the last century and a half. It also explores the relationship between the personal and the political in a wide-ranging study of British society.

Metropolitan Identities and Twentieth Century Decolonization

Metropolitan Identities and Twentieth Century Decolonization Author Lena Tan
ISBN-10 9781137548887
Release 2015-10-14
Pages 213
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This book focuses on the role of the processes and mechanisms involved in metropolitan identity construction, maintenance, and change in twentieth century decolonization, an event integral to world politics but little studied in International Relations.

Edwardian Ladies and Imperial Power

Edwardian Ladies and Imperial Power Author Julia Bush
ISBN-10 071850061X
Release 2000
Pages 242
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Bush (arts and social sciences, Nene University College, Northampton) analyzes aristocratic and upper-middle-class women's involvement in imperialist associations, and investigates their relationship with male imperialist leaders and the male-dominated patriotic leagues during the early 20th century. She also looks at their work with female emigration, education, colonial hospitality, and imperial race- thinking. She concludes that personal motivation, organizational methods, and patriotic faith were embedded in a social and political context that empowered elite women in selective, gender-related ways.

Creating the National Health Service

Creating the National Health Service Author Marvin Rintala
ISBN-10 9781135758257
Release 2004-11-23
Pages 164
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The origins of the NHS are the subject of this study that presents evidence on the key players who participated in the founding of the system. The author also traces those who opposed the NHS.

A History of Western Thought

A History of Western Thought Author Nils Gilje
ISBN-10 9781135226046
Release 2017-12-04
Pages 432
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This is a comprehensive introduction to the history of Western Philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to Twentieth Century thought. In addition to all the key figures, the book covers figures whose contributions have so far been overlooked, such as Vico, Montesquieu, Durkheim and Weber. Along with in-depth discussion of the philosophical movements, Skirbekk and Gilje also discuss the natural sciences, the establishment of the Humanities, Socialism and Fascism, Psychoanalysis, and the rise of the social sciences. History of Western Thought is an ideal introduction to philosophy and the sociological and scientific structures that have shaped modern day philosophy.

The People and the Party System

The People and the Party System Author Vernon Bogdanor
ISBN-10 0521285259
Release 1981-09-10
Pages 285
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This book offers a comprehensive critique of the historical debate on the referendum and electoral reform in British politics from the nineteenth century to 1981. The book falls into two parts. First, the role of the referendum in political debate since the beginning of the century is discussed and a detailed analysis of the referendums of the 1970s is presented. Vernon Bogdanor then clarifies both the benefits and the difficulties involved in the wider use of the referendum. In the second part of the book, he examines proposals for electoral reform since 1830 and considers the attitudes of the parties towards it today. The different forms of proportional representation are discussed and the consequences of adopting them in Britain assessed. The People and the Party System is written in clear, non-technical language and is intended for the general reader. It makes an important contribution to a vital debate and will be of interest to all those concerned with British politics.

Augmenting Democracy

Augmenting Democracy Author Andrew Chadwick
ISBN-10 0754610306
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 285
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An interpretation of British radical, suffrage-feminist and socialist movements during the first quarter of the 20th century, based on analysis of their visions of democratic constitutional reform. The author argues that a shared discourse of radical constitutionalism allowed these groups to forge alliances based upon a common preoccupation with extending and improving constitutional democracy. The text offers a significant contribution to current methodological debates around the importance of language and discourse in history and political science. It is a detailed study which integrates material on three important constitutional campaigns of this era: the reform of the House of Lords, women's suffrage, and proportional representation. It should be of interest to students of British politics, social and political history, historical methodology and political theory.

Re reading the Constitution

Re reading the Constitution Author James Vernon
ISBN-10 052158941X
Release 1996-11-13
Pages 262
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A re-examination of the debates over the meaning of the English constitution, first published in 1996.

Democracy and the Vote in British Politics 1848 1867

Democracy and the Vote in British Politics  1848 1867 Author Robert Saunders
ISBN-10 1409417948
Release 2011
Pages 302
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The Second Reform Act, passed in 1867, created a million new voters, doubling the electorate and propelling the British state into the age of mass politics. This study provides the first analysis of the subject from the demise of Chartism to the passage of the Act.

Irish Economic and Social History

Irish Economic and Social History Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X006127912
Release 2001
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Irish Economic and Social History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Irish Economic and Social History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Irish Economic and Social History book for free.