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Rehabilitation Issues Problems and Prospects in Boot Camp

Rehabilitation Issues  Problems  and Prospects in Boot Camp Author Brent Benda
ISBN-10 9781136436475
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 232
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Boot camps—what are their effects on criminal behavior? Public and political support for boot camps as alternative correctional facilities has rarely faltered since their inception decades ago, though their efficacy remains uncertain. Rehabilitation Issues, Problems, and Prospects in Boot Camp explores all facets of the controversial issue, from the attitudes and perceptions of the public, to the political motivations in maintaining them, on to the latest research on the camps and their graduates. Respected authorities discuss boot camps’ effectiveness on diverse groups according to age, gender, race, and correctional facility. Cost factors between boot camps and other correctional institutions are compared, along with the latest criminal recidivism data. Boot camps provide inmates with an uncomfortable, paramilitary-style environment with an eye toward shorter incarceration time, lower costs, and more positive effects on criminal behavior. Does this correctional model work as anticipated? Rehabilitation Issues, Problems, and Prospects in Boot Camp gives you the facts, revealing the public and political arguments for and against boot camps as well as the research on the theoretical predictors of criminal recidivism and the differing attitudes of attendees toward the facilities according to gender and race. Critical policy issues are identified and discussed in-depth, with particular emphasis given to the positive and negative aspects of rehabilitation possibilities of boot camps. Helpful tables clearly illustrate statistics while extensive references provide opportunities for further insight. Rehabilitation Issues, Problems, and Prospects in Boot Camp explores questions such as: criminal recidivism—what are the theoretical predictors? what effect does gender have on criminal recidivism? what is the effect of this hypermasculine paramilitary prison environment have on males— and females? what are the differences between Native American and non-Native American perceptions of boot camp? is the perceived severity of boot camp different for gender? what is the process for policymaking in creating and maintaining boot camps? what role does politics play in the continuation of boot camps? what corrections to boot camp facilities should be made based upon evidence and research? Rehabilitation Issues, Problems, and Prospects in Boot Camp is a thorough examination of the social and political issues about boot camps that makes essential reading for educators, students, sociologists, criminologists, psychologists, counselors, and criminal justice professionals.

Battleground Criminal Justice 2 volumes

Battleground  Criminal Justice  2 volumes Author Gregg Barak
ISBN-10 9780313088032
Release 2007-10-30
Pages 872
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There are many controversial aspects of our criminal justice system, and this encyclopedia examines the most significant controversies throughout American history with emphasis on current debates, trends, and issues. Arranged alphabetically, approximately 100 entries cover background, explanations, notable cases and events, various sides of an issue, and what to expect in the future. Entries are objective and factual, allowing readers to formulate their own conclusions. Sidebars and case examples help to illustrate each entry, and sources for further reading point readers to other important materials. Given the prevalance of controversial criminal justice topics in the news, this timely reference is an important resource for anyone interested in crime and justice. Entries include: Boot Camps, Corporal Punishment, DNA Evidence, Domestic Violence, Expert Testimony, Eye Witness Identifications, Gun Control, Homeland Security, International Criminal Court, Legalization of Marijuana, Mental Health and Insanity, Police Brutality, Prison Violence, Racial Profiling, School Violence, Sex Offender Laws, Stalking Laws, Supermax Prisons, Three Strikes, Treating Juveniles as Adults, War on Drugs, and more.

Routledge Handbook of Corrections in the United States

Routledge Handbook of Corrections in the United States Author O. Hayden Griffin III
ISBN-10 9781317291213
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 516
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The Routledge Handbook of Corrections in the United States brings together original contributions from leading scholars in criminology and criminal justice that provide an in-depth, state-of-the-art look at the most important topics in corrections. The book discusses the foundations of corrections in the United States, philosophical issues that have guided historical movements in corrections, different types of punishment and supervision, trends in incarceration, issues affecting race, ethnicity, and special populations in corrections, and a variety of other emerging issues. This book scrutinizes innovative community programs as well as more traditional sanctions, and exposes the key issues and debates surrounding the correctional process in the United States. Among other important topics, selections address the inherent discrimination within the system, special issues surrounding certain populations, and the utilization of the death penalty as the ultimate punishment. This book serves as an essential reference for academicians and practitioners working in corrections and related agencies, as well as for students taking courses in criminal justice, criminology, and related subjects.

Rutter s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Rutter s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Author Sir Michael J. Rutter
ISBN-10 9781444358711
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 1248
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Rutter’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has become an established and accepted textbook of child psychiatry. Now completely revised and updated, the fifth edition provides a coherent appraisal of the current state of the field to help trainee and practising clinicians in their daily work. It is distinctive in being both interdisciplinary and international, in its integration of science and clinical practice, and in its practical discussion of how researchers and practitioners need to think about conflicting or uncertain findings. This new edition now offers an entirely new section on conceptual approaches, and several new chapters, including: neurochemistry and basic pharmacology brain imaging health economics psychopathology in refugees and asylum seekers bipolar disorder attachment disorders statistical methods for clinicians This leading textbook provides an accurate and comprehensive account of current knowledge, through the integration of empirical findings with clinical experience and practice, and is essential reading for professionals working in the field of child and adolescent mental health, and clinicians working in general practice and community pediatric settings.

Corrections A Text Reader

Corrections  A Text Reader Author Mary Stohr
ISBN-10 9781452289922
Release 2012-03-20
Pages 728
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Corrections: A Text/Reader, Second Edition is designed for undergraduate and/or graduate corrections courses. Organized like a traditional corrections text, it offers brief authored introductions in a mini-chapter format for each key Section, followed by carefully selected and edited original articles by leading scholars. This hybrid format – ensuring coverage of important material while emphasizing the significance of contemporary research - offers an excellent alternative which recognizes the impact and importance of new directions and policy in this field, and how these advances are determined by research.

The Neuropsychology of Psychopathology

The Neuropsychology of Psychopathology Author Chad A. Noggle, PhD, ABN
ISBN-10 9780826107015
Release 2012-11-26
Pages 536
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This clinical reference book presents state-of-the-science knowledge about the neurobiology and genetics of the major mental disorders and how this corresponds with their psychiatric features and neuropsychological traits. The text demonstrates how the application of neuropsychology to these disorders provides a more comprehensive foundation for greater accuracy in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. The book focuses on the neuropathological and pathophysiological basis of the various symptoms, emphasizing the biological basis of each disorder. This approach stresses the importance of looking at the other functional impacts of these manifestations (for example, cognitive deficits secondary to depression). The text compares adult versus child presentation of psychiatric disorders and covers the major forms of psychopathology including ADHD; Learning Disabilities; Pervasive Developmental Disorders; Mood, Anxiety, Personality, and Schizophrenic Disorders; Cortical and Subcortical Dementias; and Delirium. The book is written for clinical professionals to increase diagnostic accuracy and intervention success and to provide a way to approach psychopathologies as disorders of the neurological system. Key Features: Provides state-of-the-science knowledge about the application of neuropsychological practice to the major forms of psychopathology Examines neurological and neuropsychological features of the major forms of psychopathology Demonstrates how the application of neurobiology and genetics to psychiatric disorders can increase accuracy of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment Considers adult versus child presentation of psychiatric disorders

Correctional Boot Camps

Correctional Boot Camps Author Doris L. MacKenzie
ISBN-10 9781452245201
Release 2004-02-20
Pages 344
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Correctional Boot Camps: Military Basic Training or a Model for Corrections? provides the most up-to-date assessment of the major perspectives and issues related to the current state of boot camps. The book goes beyond cursory examinations of the effectiveness of boot camps, presenting an in-depth view of a greater variety of issues. Correctional Boot Camps examines empirical evidence on boot camps drawn from diverse sources including male, female, juvenile, and adult programs from across the nation.

Rehabilitation Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

Rehabilitation  Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide Author Oxford University Press
ISBN-10 0199803560
Release 2010-05-01
Pages 20
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This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of criminology find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format they appear from books, chapters, and journal articles to online archives, electronic data sets, and blogs. Written by a leading international authority on the subject, the ebook provides bibliographic information supported by direct recommendations about which sources to consult and editorial commentary to make it clear how the cited sources are interrelated related. A reader will discover, for instance, the most reliable introductions and overviews to the topic, and the most important publications on various areas of scholarly interest within this topic. In criminology, as in other disciplines, researchers at all levels are drowning in potentially useful scholarly information, and this guide has been created as a tool for cutting through that material to find the exact source you need. This ebook is a static version of an article from Oxford Bibliographies Online: Criminology, a dynamic, continuously updated, online resource designed to provide authoritative guidance through scholarship and other materials relevant to the study and practice of criminology. Oxford Bibliographies Online covers most subject disciplines within the social science and humanities, for more information visit

Punishment in America

Punishment in America Author Cyndi Banks
ISBN-10 9781851096763
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 319
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From the Salem witch trials to death row, this work is a gripping analysis of the evolution of punishment practices, policies, and problems in America.

Alternatives to Prison

Alternatives to Prison Author Craig Russell
ISBN-10 9781681461052
Release 2015-02-03
Pages 111
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In 2003, there were almost seven million criminals in the United States. But only about two million of them were behind bars. In Alternatives to Prison, you'll learn why those other five million people are out on parole or probation. You'll also learn about: rehabilitation, community service, boot camps, day reporting, house arrest, and what the future may hold for other alternatives to prison.

Sports Medicine An Issue of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America

Sports Medicine  An Issue of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America Author Brian Krabak
ISBN-10 9780323323864
Release 2014-11-12
Pages 257
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This issue is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary state-of-the-art review focusing on the athlete as a whole. The articles explore the impact of excessive activity, new therapies and performance enhancement interventions on the musculoskeletal, neurological and psychological aspects of the athlete.

Carry the One

Carry the One Author Carol Anshaw
ISBN-10 9781451636888
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 253
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When a car of inebriated guests from Carmen's wedding hits and kills a girl on a country road, Carmen and the people involved in the accident connect, disconnect and reconnect throughout 25 subsequent years of marriage, parenthood, holidays and tragedies. By the award-winning author of Aquamarine. 50,000 first printing.

The anti vice movement in California

The anti vice movement in California Author Franklin Hichborn
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105010245434
Release 1920
Pages 164
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The anti vice movement in California has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The anti vice movement in California also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The anti vice movement in California book for free.

Crisis and Reform

Crisis and Reform Author Alexis M. Durham
ISBN-10 0316197106
Release 1994
Pages 377
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After 300 years of the American struggle with crime and punishment-related issues, The nation seems less able to deal with them now than at any other time in history. Why have we failed? is the worst yet to come? in Crisis and Reform, criminology expert Alexis M. Durham III explores the most serious problems currently plaguing America's correctional system, their historical background, and possible solutions. Topics covered include: Prison Crowding AIDS in Prison Difficulties Associated with Older Inmates Women in Prison Changing the Offender Alternatives to Incarceration, including Electronic Monitoring, Intensive Supervision, House Arrest, Community Services, and Day-Reporting Centers Boot Camps Prison Privatization the Death Penalty

His Eyes Were Dark He Licked His Lips

His Eyes Were Dark  He Licked His Lips Author Jaosn Fury
ISBN-10 9781469705385
Release 2000-09-24
Pages 528
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In His Eyes Were Dark, He Licked His Lips, a gay murder on Fifth Avenue helps topple President Richard Nixon from the White House. What is the mystery of Kurt James? Wherever he goes, scandal and tragedy follows him. Set against the lush ambiance of the Deep South and the glittering backdrop of Fifth Avenue, Kurt flees North Carolina in 1958 after witnessing the vicious murder of his boyfriend by lawmen. In Manhattan, he nearly drowns in a drug and booze drenched lifestyle as the city's most dazzling callboy. Desperate for stability, he lands a job as tutor/secretary in New York City's most fabulous mansion: Darling Place. He falls in love with both father and son, the ravishing David Darling, powerful Wall Street and confidante to President Richard Nixon, and the swarthy, betroubled Claude. Kurt also battles the psychopathic Mrs. Darling, a would-be feminist whose jealousy borders on insanity. Her violent attempts to physically abuse her adorable little son, Tuffy, are thwarted when Kurt becomes his protector. David is forced to stay in Washington to comfort the President who is embroiled in the Watergate Scandal. Suddenly, the nation is shocked by a grotesque murder in Darling Place and the sensational trial and scandal that follows. It is this astounding scandalof perverted love gone awrywhich helps topple President Nixon from the White Houseand brings tragedy to those left in Darling Place.

Correctional Boot Camps

Correctional Boot Camps Author Doris L. MacKenzie
ISBN-10 0788135112
Release 1996-11-01
Pages 307
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Includes: historical perspective; an overview of boot camp goals, components, and results; state correctional programs in N.Y. State, Illinois, and Georgia; the Federal system; boot camps in county jails (Santa Clara County, CA); juvenile boot camps (California and Florida); different program models (discipline in Georgia; substance abuse programming in adult correctional boot camps; boot camps as an alternative for women); program design and planning (multisite studies; boot camps and prison crowding); and the future of boot camps. Charts, tables and photos.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Author Chad A. Noggle, PhD, ABN
ISBN-10 9780826107152
Release 2013-04-26
Pages 376
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"Neuropsychological Rehabilitation provides useful introductory material and backgroundinformation on various disorders, assessments, and rehabilitative interventions for adult andgeriatric populations...This book is essential for psychologists or clinical neuropsychologists who have a stronginterest in understanding the current medical aspects of neuropsychological rehabilitation."--PsycCRITIQUES This volume disseminates knowledge about the most advanced practices and techniques in the rehabilitation of neuropsychological deficits, covering both specific neuropsychological domains and approaches in neurorehabilitation. It adheres to the philosophy that it is not enough to identify a deficit or diagnose a disease unless doing so helps to direct rehabilitation efforts to improve function. Intended to advance clinical skills, the book goes beyond surface diagnostic practice to foster rehabilitative efforts in response to residual deficits and disease. The volume begins by addressing the foundations of neuropsychology in rehabilitation and discussing, in depth, domain-specific rehabilitation practices, with a focus on functioning. This is followed by a discussion of supplemental applications and practices that go beyond function-specific methodology including neuroimaging and pharmacological agents. Also covered is the role of system/environmental manipulation and transitioning strategies. The final section attends to those presentations/groupings most commonly seen in rehabilitation practice for which there is no prototypical form. Key Features: Presents in depth the most advanced clinical applications for neuropsychological rehabilitation Covers neuropsychological rehabilitation in terms of specific cognitive domains (attention, language, memory) and approaches to and practices in neurorehabilitation (neuroimaging, vocational rehabilitation, pharmacological rehabilitation) Written by the foremost scholars in the field