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Reinventing Electric Utilities

Reinventing Electric Utilities Author Edward Smeloff
ISBN-10 1559634553
Release 1997
Pages 239
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The electricity sector in the USA is undergoing a massive shift towards deregulation. In this work, the authors consider the likely impacts on both customers and the utilities themselves, arguing that restructuring must address cost and environmental concerns.

Power for the People Protecting States Energy Policy Interests in an Era of Deregulation

Power for the People  Protecting States  Energy Policy Interests in an Era of Deregulation Author Mary M. Timney
ISBN-10 9781317462293
Release 2015-04-29
Pages 192
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Power for the People examines the tension between the social and political interests of states and the market in the case of energy policy. The author has conducted extensive research on California's experience with electricity restructuring, and assesses how the diverging interests of the market vs. the state resulted in that notable failure of energy deregulation. She includes overviews of many other states, and offers analysis on how states can balance their own interests with the market without imposing high costs on their citizens or the environment. This is the first book to look at deregulation from the point of view of the consumer and the states. Exceptionally clear, balanced, and well-written, it is essential reading for anyone interested in public policy, energy studies, and government deregulation of services, and would also be an ideal supplement for any courses in these areas.

Bibliography of Agriculture

Bibliography of Agriculture Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32435060479839
Release 1997
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Bibliography of Agriculture has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bibliography of Agriculture also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bibliography of Agriculture book for free.

Gray World Green Heart

Gray World  Green Heart Author Robert L. Thayer
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032836200
Release 1994
Pages 352
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Going beyond the techniques and technology of sustainability, this study aims to provide a theoretical framework for sustainable design within broader cultural and artistic trends. The author examines the conflict between technology and nature in the industrialized world.

Earth The Sequel The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming

Earth  The Sequel  The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming Author Fred Krupp
ISBN-10 9780393334197
Release 2009-03-16
Pages 304
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"Krupp and Horn have delivered an important message of hope: that alternative energy is abundant, we have the genius to tap it, and there is no need to continue wrecking the world by dependence on fossil fuels."--E.O. Wilson, University Research, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University"--Page 1 before the title page.

Reaping the Wind

Reaping the Wind Author Peter Asmus
ISBN-10 1597262609
Release 2000-11-01
Pages 267
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From the solitary windmill standing sentry over a rural homestead to the sleek machinery of a modern wind farm, windmills are a powerful symbol of self-reliance and human ingenuity. Once the province of backyard tinkerers and eccentric inventors, they have over the past two decades entered the mainstream to be embraced by environmentalists, venture capitalists, and policymakers alike. But reaching that point wasn't easy.In Reaping the Wind, journalist Peter Asmus tells the fascinating and convoluted history of commercial wind power in the United States. He introduces readers to maverick scientists and technologists who labored in obscurity, to entrepreneurs and visionary capitalists who believed that a centuries-old idea could be made feasible in the modern world, and to enterprising financial advisers and investors who sought to exploit the last great tax shelter in federal history. Beginning with the early pioneers, from William Heronemus, a former U.S. Navy captain who dreamt of huge floating wind farms off the coast of New England, to the $40 million success story of Jim Dehlsen of Zond, he offers an animated narrative that profiles the colorful cast of characters involved with the development of the American wind power industry.Reaping the Wind is both engaging and instructive, with information about the technologies and policies that drive the industry and give it promise interwoven with the human story of the struggle to develop -- against great odds -- reliable, clean energy from a source as unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable as the wind. Anyone interested in renewable energy or the human and political drama behind the development of new technologies will find the book an engrossing and enlightening read.

Reinventing Fire

Reinventing Fire Author Amory Lovins
ISBN-10 9781603585385
Release 2013-10-07
Pages 334
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Oil and coal have built our civilisation, created our wealth and enriched the lives of billions. Yet their rising costs to our security, economy, health and environment are starting to outweigh their benefits. Moreover, the tipping point where alternatives work better and compete purely on cost is not decades in the future - it is here and now. And that tipping point has become the fulcrum of economic transformation. In Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute offer a new vision to revitalise business models and win the clean energy race - not forced by public policy but led by business for long-term advantage. This independent and rigorous account offers market-based solutions integrating transportation, buildings, industry and electricity. It maps pathways for running a 158%-bigger US economy in 2050 but needing no oil, no coal, no nuclear energy, one-third less natural gas and no new inventions. This transition would cost $5 trillion less than business-as-usual - without counting fossil fuels' huge hidden costs. Whether you care most about profits and jobs, or national security, or environmental stewardship, climate, and health, Reinventing Fire makes sense. It's a story of astounding opportunities for creating the new energy era. -- Publisher description.

Strategic Learning

Strategic Learning Author Willie Pietersen
ISBN-10 0470609826
Release 2010-02-19
Pages 256
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How to use Strategic Learning to rapidly respond to change and gain a sustainable advantage over your competitors What's even harder than creating a breakthrough strategy? Making it stick. As companies are fighting to survive in a tough economy, this new book by Willie Pietersen demonstrates the power of the Strategic Learning process, a four-step dynamic cycle guaranteed to create and sustain winning performance. Adopted by a wide range of corporations and not-for-profit organizations, the Strategic Learning process builds on eight years of practicing, adapting and honing the original concepts Pietersen first introduced in Reinventing Strategy to explain how organizations can generate superior insights about their customers and competitors, craft a Winning Proposition, focus on a vital few key priorities, create buy-in throughout the organization and achieve success – again and again. Teaches organizations to make smarter decisions that help them win customers and earn superior profits Explains how to instill a culture of openness, learning, and courage that can face and respond to the constantly changing business environment Is a tool that can benefit leaders at all levels, in organizations both large and small, global and domestic, for-profit and not-for-profit Author Willie Pietersen, a former president of Tropicana and Seagram USA, is a professor of management at Columbia Business School, and the author of Reinventing Strategy, from Wiley Strategic Learning shows you how your business or nonprofit organization can develop better, more effective strategies for long-term competitive advantage.

Introduction to energy in California

Introduction to energy in California Author Peter Asmus
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822037174968
Release 2009-07-06
Pages 412
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This key reference is a primer on energy in a state that continues to lead the world in finding sustainable solutions to one of the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century. While much public debate has focused on fossil fuels, this clearly written guide provides essential information on a broader range of issues--where our energy comes from, where future supplies will be found, and what new advances are being made in the area of renewable energy sources. Making the complex world of energy science and policy accessible to a wide audience, Peter Asmus examines the rich human history of California's earliest oil and hydroelectricity developments, explains the natural history underpinning the state's cornucopia of energy sources, covers such controversial sources as nuclear reactors and liquified natural gas, and more. Introduction to Energy in Californiaincludes: * Discussion of oil, nuclear power, coal, emerging alternative technologies, and renewable sources including geothermal, solar, wind, and hydropower * Analysis of the challenges and solutions facing California and the world on energy-related issues such as global climate change * Compelling case studies of corporations, governments, communities, and individuals working on today's most pressing energy questions * Color illustrations, useful maps, and clear graphics throughout

Clean Power Politics

Clean Power Politics Author Joseph P. Tomain
ISBN-10 9781107039179
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 320
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The United States has been experiencing an energy transition for over four decades, and now - thanks to the Clean Power Plan of the Obama Administration and the Paris climate agreement - a clean energy future is moving closer to reality. In Clean Power Politics, Joseph Tomain describes how clean energy policies have been developed and, more importantly, what's necessary for a successful transition to a clean energy future, including technological innovation, new business models, and regulatory reforms. The energy system of the future will minimize the environmental costs of traditional energy production and consumption, and emphasize expanded use of natural resources and energy efficiency. Because many new energy technologies can be produced and consumed at smaller scales, they will shift decision-making power away from traditional utilities and empower consumers to make energy choices about consumption and price. In this way, a clean energy future embodies a democratization of energy.

Make It In America Updated Edition

Make It In America  Updated Edition Author Andrew Liveris
ISBN-10 9781118294949
Release 2011-12-15
Pages 256
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The case for revolutionizing the U.S. economy, from a leading CEO America used to define itself by the things we built. We designed and produced the world's most important innovations, and in doing so, created a vibrant manufacturing sector that established the middle class. We manufactured our way to the top and became the undisputed economic leader of the world. But over the last several decades, and especially in the last ten years, the sector that was America's great pride has eroded, costing us millions of jobs and putting our long-term prosperity at risk. Now, as we struggle to recover from the worst recession in generations, our only chance to turn things around is to revive the American manufacturing sector—and to revolutionize it. In Make It in America: The Case for Reinventing the Economy, Andrew Liveris—Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company—offers a thoughtful and passionate argument that America's future economic growth and prosperity depends on the strength of its manufacturing sector. The book explains how a manufacturing sector creates economic value on a scale unmatched by any other, and how central the sector is to creating jobs both inside and outside the factory Explores how other nations are building their manufacturing sectors to stay competitive in the global economy, and describes how America has failed to keep up Provides an aggressive, practical, and comprehensive agenda that will put the U.S. back on track to lead the world It's time to stop accepting as inevitable the shuttering of factories and staggering job losses that have come to define manufacturing. It's time to acknowledge the cost of inaction. There is no better company to make the case for reviving U.S. manufacturing than The Dow Chemical Company, one of the world's largest manufacturers and most global corporations. And there's no better book to show why it needs to be done and how to do it than Make It in America.

Eating the Big Fish

Eating the Big Fish Author Adam Morgan
ISBN-10 0470527757
Release 2009-04-03
Pages 368
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EATING THE BIG FISH : How Challenger Brands Can Compete Against Brand Leaders, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded The second edition of the international bestseller, now revised and updated for 2009, just in time for the business challenges ahead. It contains over 25 new interviews and case histories, two completely new chapters, introduces a new typology of 12 different kinds of Challengers, has extensive updates of the main chapters, a range of new exercises, supplies weblinks to view interviews online and offers supplementary downloadable information.

The Fourth Revolution

The Fourth Revolution Author John Micklethwait
ISBN-10 9780143127604
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 320
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Presents the argument that our current crisis in government is nothing less than the fourth radical transition in the history of the nation-state. The race to get government right is not just a race of efficiency. It is a race to see which political values will triumph in the twenty-first century--the liberal values of democracy and liberty or the authoritarian values of command and control.

Brittle Power

Brittle Power Author Amory B. Lovins
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105037381840
Release 1982
Pages 486
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Points out how vulnerable America's energy system is to sabotage, technical failures, and natural disasters, and discusses the advantages of decentralization

Democracy Reinvented

Democracy Reinvented Author Hollie Russon Gilman
ISBN-10 9780815726838
Release 2016-01-05
Pages 200
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Participatory Budgeting—the experiment in democracy that could redefine how public budgets are decided in the United States. Democracy Reinvented is the first comprehensive academic treatment of participatory budgeting in the United States, situating it within a broader trend of civic technology and innovation. This global phenomenon, which has been called "revolutionary civics in action" by the New York Times, started in Brazil in 1989 but came to America only in 2009. Participatory budgeting empowers citizens to identify community needs, work with elected officials to craft budget proposals, and vote on how to spend public funds. Democracy Reinvented places participatory budgeting within the larger discussion of the health of U.S. democracy and focuses on the enabling political and institutional conditions. Author and former White House policy adviser Hollie Russon Gilman presents theoretical insights, indepth case studies, and interviews to offer a compelling alternative to the current citizen disaffection and mistrust of government. She offers policy recommendations on how to tap online tools and other technological and civic innovations to promote more inclusive governance. While most literature tends to focus on institutional changes without solutions, this book suggests practical ways to empower citizens to become change agents. Reinvesting in Democracy also includes a discussion on the challenges and opportunities that come with using digital tools to re-engage citizens in governance.

Reinventing Richard Nixon

Reinventing Richard Nixon Author Daniel E. Frick
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105131796869
Release 2008
Pages 331
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The author focuses on the process of Richard Nixon's continuous reinvention in an intriguing study that reveals a figure who continues to expose key fault lines in the nation's self-definition.

The Politics of Deregulation

The Politics of Deregulation Author Martha Derthick
ISBN-10 0815723040
Release 2001-06-07
Pages 300
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The standard wisdom among political scientists has been that "iron triangles" operated among regulatory agencies, the regulated industries, and members of Congress, all presumably with a stake in preserving regulation that protected the industries from competition. Despite almost unanimous agreement among economists that such regulation was inefficient, it seemed highly unlikely that deregulation could occur. Yet between 1975 and 1980 major deregulatory changes that strongly favored competition did take place in a wide range of industries. The results are familiar to airline passengers, users of telephone service, and trucking freight shippers, among others. Martha Derthick and Paul J. Quirk ask why this deregulation happened. How did a diffuse public interest prevail over the powerful industry and union interests that sought to preserve regulation? Why did the regulatory commissions, which were expected to be a major obstacle to deregulation, instead take the initiative on behalf of it? And why did influential members of Congress push for even greater deregulation? The authors concentrate on three cases: airlines, trucking, and telecommunications. They find important similarities among the cases and discuss the implications of these findings for two broader topics: the role that economic analysis has played in policy change, and the capacity of the American political system for transcending narrow interests.