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Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment

Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment Author Joel A. Nichols
ISBN-10 9780190459420
Release 2016-04-13
Pages 424
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"This new edition of a classic textbook provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary overview of the history, theology, and law of American religious liberty. The authors offer a balanced and accessible analysis of First Amendment cases and controversies, and compare them to both the original teachings of the American founders and current international norms of religious liberty"--

Religion and the American constitutional experiment

Religion and the American constitutional experiment Author John Witte
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047555423
Release 2000
Pages 379
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Calls for a return to the principled approach to religious rights, evident both in the American founding era and in the modern human rights movement.

No Establishment of Religion

No Establishment of Religion Author T. Jeremy Gunn
ISBN-10 9780199860388
Release 2012-11-05
Pages 415
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The First Amendment guarantee that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" rejected the millennium-old Western policy of supporting one form of Christianity in each nation and subjugating all other faiths. The exact meaning and application of this American innovation, however, has always proved elusive. Individual states found it difficult to remove traditional laws that controlled religious doctrine, liturgy, and church life, and that discriminated against unpopular religions. They found it even harder to decide more subtle legal questions that continue to divide Americans today: Did the constitution prohibit governmental support for religion altogether, or just preferential support for some religions over others? Did it require that government remove Sabbath, blasphemy, and oath-taking laws, or could they now be justified on other grounds? Did it mean the removal of religious texts, symbols, and ceremonies from public documents and government lands, or could a democratic government represent these in ever more inclusive ways? These twelve essays stake out strong and sometimes competing positions on what "no establishment of religion" meant to the American founders and to subsequent generations of Americans, and what it might mean today.

Religious Liberty and the American Supreme Court

Religious Liberty and the American Supreme Court Author Vincent Phillip Munoz
ISBN-10 9781442250321
Release 2015-03-27
Pages 688
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Throughout American history, legal battles concerning the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty have been among the most contentious issue of the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. This book represents the most authoritative and up-to-date overview of the landmark cases that have defined religious freedom in America.

Law and Protestantism

Law and Protestantism Author John Witte
ISBN-10 0521012996
Release 2002-05-16
Pages 337
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This book investigates the relationship between the law and religious ideology in Luther's Germany.

Religion and Politics in the United States

Religion and Politics in the United States Author Kenneth D. Wald
ISBN-10 9781538105146
Release 2018-01-23
Pages 432
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Religion and Politics in the United States has been fully updated with material from current scholarship to cover recent American politics and elections. Using an evidenced-based, social-scientific approach to religion, this text shows how religion plays a fascinating and crucial part in our nation's political process and in our culture at large.

Religion and American Politics

Religion and American Politics Author Mark A. Noll
ISBN-10 0198043163
Release 2007-09-13
Pages 520
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How do religion and politics interact in America? How has that relationship changed over time? Why have American religious and political thought sometimes developed along a parallell course while at other times they have moved in opposite directions? These are among the many important and fascinating questions addressed in this volume. Originally published in 1990 as Religion and American Politics: From The Colonial Period to the 1980s (4921 paperback copies sold), this book offers the first comprehensive survey of the relationship between religion and politics in America. It features a stellar lineup of scholars, including Richard Carwardine, Nathan Hatch, Daniel Walker Howe, George Marsden, Martin Marty, Harry Stout, John Wilson, Robert Wuthnow, and Bertram Wyatt-Brown. Since its publication, the influence of religion on American politics--and, therefore, interest in the topic--has grown exponentially. For this new edition, Mark Noll and new co-editor Luke Harlow offer a completely new introduction, and also commission several new pieces and eliminate several that are now out of date. The resulting book offers a historically-grounded approach to one of the most divisive issues of our time, and serves a wide variety of courses in religious studies, history, and politics.

Religion and the American Presidency

Religion and the American Presidency Author Mark J. Rozell
ISBN-10 9783319621753
Release 2017-09-21
Pages 312
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This book chronologically analyzes thirteen key US Presidents, from Washington to Trump, to highlight how religion has informed or influence their politics and policies. For years, leading scholars have largely neglected religion in presidential studies. Yet, religion has played a significant role in a number of critical presidencies in US history. This volume reveals the deep religious side to such presidents as Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan, among others, and the impact that faith had on their administrations. Now in its third edition, this work also provides a fresh look at the legacy of Obama’s faith-based administration, as well as a new chapter on the 2016 Trump campaign’s dependence on religious voters to provide a timely update to a key text in the study of religion and the presidency.

God s Joust God s Justice

God s Joust  God s Justice Author John Witte
ISBN-10 9780802844217
Release 2006-10-31
Pages 498
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There are three things that people will die for -- their faith, their freedom, and their family. This volume focuses on all three, including the interactions among them, in the Western tradition and today. Retrieving and reconstructing a wealth of material from the earliest Hebrew and Greek texts of the West to the latest machinations of the Supreme Court, John Witte explores the legal and theological foundations of authority and liberty, equality and dignity, rights and duties, marriage and family, crime and punishment, and similar topics. God's Joust, God's Justice is a lucid scholarly introduction to the burgeoning field of law and religion and a learned historical inquiry into the weightier matters of the law.

Religion and the Constitution

Religion and the Constitution Author Michael W. McConnell
ISBN-10 9781454876144
Release 2016-02-29
Pages 786
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Religion and the Constitution, Fourth Edition, written by a team of well-known Constitutional Law scholars, thoughtfully examines the relationship between government and religion within the framework of the U.S. Constitution. This classroom-tested casebook is suitable for courses in Religious Liberty, Religion and the Constitution, or Religious Institutions and the Law.

Exporting Freedom

Exporting Freedom Author Anna Su
ISBN-10 9780674915848
Release 2016-01-04
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Religious freedom is recognized as a basic human right, guaranteed by nearly all national constitutions. Anna Su charts the rise of religious freedom as an ideal firmly enshrined in international law and shows how America’s promotion of the cause of individuals worldwide to freely practice their faith advanced its ascent as a global power.

The Rise of Corporate Religious Liberty

The Rise of Corporate Religious Liberty Author Micah Jacob Schwartzman
ISBN-10 9780190262532
Release 2016-01-12
Pages 528
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What are the rights of religious institutions? Should those rights extend to for-profit corporations? Houses of worship have claimed they should be free from anti-discrimination laws in hiring and firing ministers and other employees. Faith-based institutions, including hospitals and universities, have sought exemptions from requirements to provide contraception. Now, in a surprising development, large for-profit corporations have succeeded in asserting rights to religious free exercise. The Rise of Corporate Religious Liberty explores this "corporate" turn in law and religion. Drawing on a broad range perspectives, this book examines the idea of "freedom of the church," the rights of for-profit corporations, and the implications of the Supreme Court's landmark decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby for debates on anti-discrimination law, same-sex marriage, health care, and religious freedom.

The Reformation of Rights

The Reformation of Rights Author John Witte
ISBN-10 9780521818421
Release 2007
Pages 388
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Calvin's teachings spread rapidly throughout Western Europe shaping the law of early modern Protestant lands.

Liberty of Conscience

Liberty of Conscience Author Martha Craven Nussbaum
ISBN-10 9780465051649
Release 2008
Pages 406
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An analysis of America's commitment to religious liberty uses political history, philosophical ideas, and key constitutional cases to discuss its basis in six principles: equality, respect for conscience, liberty, accommodation of minorities, nonestablishment, and separation of church and state.

The Sacred Rights of Conscience

The Sacred Rights of Conscience Author Daniel L. Dreisbach
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105124143251
Release 2009
Pages 672
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The Sacred Rights of Conscience provides students and scholars a rich collection of primary sources that illuminate the discussions and debates about religious liberty in the American founding era. This compilation of primary documents provides a thorough and balanced examination of the evolving relationship between public religion and American culture, from pre-colonial biblical and European sources to the early nineteenth century, to allow the reader to explore the social and political forces that defined the concept of religious liberty and shaped American church-state relations. Including material that has been previously unavailable or hard to find, The Sacred Rights of Conscience contains original documents from both public and private papers, such as constitutions, statutes, legislative resolutions, speeches, sermons, newspapers, letters, and diary entries. These documents provide a vivid reminder that religion was a dynamic factor in shaping American social, legal, and political culture and that there has been a struggle since the inception of the Republic to define the prudential and constitutional role of religion in public culture. Daniel L. Dreisbach is William E. Simon Fellow in Religion and Public Life for the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University and professor in the School of Public Affairs at American University in Washington, D.C. Mark David Hall is Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Political Science at George Fox University.

Christianity and Law

Christianity and Law Author John Witte, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780521874625
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 343
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An authoritative introduction to some of the main legal teachings of the Western Christian tradition.

Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective

Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective Author John Witte
ISBN-10 9041101799
Release 1996
Pages 597
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Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective book for free.