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Religion in the Public Square

Religion in the Public Square Author
ISBN-10 9780585080734
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 176
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This vigorous debate between two distinguished philosophers presents two views on a topic of worldwide importance: the role of religion in politics. Audi argues that citizens in a free democracy should distinguish religious and secular considerations and give them separate though related roles. Wolterstorff argues that religious elements are both appropriate in politics and indispensable to the vitality of a pluralistic democracy. Each philosopher first states his position in detail, then responds to and criticizes the opposing viewpoint. Written with engaging clarity, Religion in the Public Square will spur discussion among scholars, students, and citizens.

The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty Author Louis P. Pojman
ISBN-10 0847686337
Release 1998
Pages 175
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Presents the arguments of two social and political philosophers with opposing views on the topic

Balancing Reasonable Justice

Balancing Reasonable Justice Author Ville Päivänsalo
ISBN-10 9781409485209
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 218
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John Rawls's pioneering work of political philosophy A Theory of Justice has had far reaching influence on modern liberal political philosophy. Rawls' sprinciples of justice as fairness: the principle of liberty, the principle of fair equality of opportunity and the famous 'difference principle' have been both heavily criticized and incorporated into other political theories. In this book Päivänsalo both presents a deep analysis of the whole Rawlsian canon and builds upon and goes beyond Rawls's conception by introducing a fresh theoretical framework to clarify and modify different balances of the elements of Rawlsian justice. Justice as fairness is analyzed into its parts and elements, critically examined to find the strongest most favourable interpretations of each principle and in this light the principles are reconstructed and rebalanced in such a way as to resist the most significant criticisms of the Rawlsian project.

Critical Republicanism

Critical Republicanism Author Cécile Laborde
ISBN-10 9780199550210
Release 2008-10-09
Pages 385
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Critical Republicanism proposes an entirely new approach to the management of religious and cultural pluralism, based on the pursuit of the progressive ideal of non-domination in existing, non-ideal societies."--BOOK JACKET.

Making Men Moral

Making Men Moral Author Robert P. George
ISBN-10 9780191029608
Release 1995-04-06
Pages 258
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Contemporary liberal thinkers commonly suppose that there is something in principle unjust about the legal prohibition of putatively victimless immoralities. Against the prevailing liberal view, Robert P. George defends the proposition that `moral laws' can play a legitimate, if subsidiary, role in preserving the `moral ecology' of the cultural environment in which people make the morally significant choices by which they form their characters and influence, for good or ill, the moral lives of others. George shows that a defence of morals legislation is fully compatible with a `pluralistic perfectionist' political theory of civil liberties and public morality.

Faith Film and Philosophy

Faith  Film and Philosophy Author R. Douglas Geivett
ISBN-10 0830875182
Release 2009-09-20
Pages 311
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"Those who tell stories rule society." Plato So who today are our principal storytellers? Not philosophers, but filmmakers. For those who know both the enormous entertainment potential and the culture-shaping power of film, this book will stir mind and imagination. For great stories freight world-sized ideas, ideas worthy of contemplation and conversation. Great cinema inspires wonder. But another philosopher, Aristotle, reminds us that wonder is the true source of philosophy. So perhaps Plato or Aristotle might have a shot at ruling society, even today--if they took an interest in film. These fourteen essays consider classic and current films together with several major philosophical themes, all within the context of Christian faith: (1) the human condition, (2) the human mind and the nature of knowing, (3) the moral life, and (4) faith and religion. Citizen Kane, Big Fish and Pretty Woman contribute to an in-depth consideration of the human condition. The Truman Show, The Matrix, Being John Malkovich and It's a Wonderful Life, among others, illuminate reflection on the human mind and the nature of knowing. Looking at the moral life, contributors interact with such notable films as Pleasantville, Bowling for Columbine, Mystic River and The Silence of the Lambs. The final section pursues the theme of faith and religion traced through a number of Hong Kong martial arts films, Contact, 2001: A Space Odyssey and U2's music documentary Rattle and Hum. A veritable film festival for all those who want to nurture the wonder of philosophical inquiry and the love of Christian theology through an engagement with the big ideas on the big screen.

Politics for the Greatest Good The Case for Prudence in the Public Square Large Print 16pt

Politics for the Greatest Good  The Case for Prudence in the Public Square  Large Print 16pt Author Clarke Forsythe
ISBN-10 9781458755018
Release 2010-06
Pages 682
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With a level-headed voice, leading policy strategist Clarke Forsythe speaks clearly into the fray of political striving. Here he campaigns for a recovery of a rich understanding of the virtue of prudence, and for its application by policymakers and citizens to contemporary public policy. As Forsythe explains, prudence, in its classical sense, is the ability to apply wisdom to right action. In this book he explores the importance of applying the principles of prudence--taking account of limitations in a world of constraints and striving to achieve the greatest measure of justice under current circumstances--to the realm of politics, especially that of bioethics. In particular, Forsythe applies these concepts to the ongoing debate among pro-life advocates regarding gradual versus radical change as the most effective way to achieve political and legislative goals. Drawing on the Bible, philosophy, and the wisdom of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and William Wilberforce, he makes a strong case for a strategy of seeking to achieve the maximal change possible at a given time--or political prudence. As such, it has broad implications for political scientists and strategists both within and beyond the pro-life context.

Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith

Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith Author Nancy L. Rosenblum
ISBN-10 069100708X
Release 2000
Pages 438
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Of the many challenges facing liberal democracy, none is as powerful and pervasive today as those posed by religion. These are the challenges taken up in Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith, an exploration of the place of religion in contemporary public life. The essays in this volume suggest that two important shifts have altered the balance between the competing obligations of citizenship and faith: the growth of religious pluralism and the escalating calls of religious groups for some measure of autonomy or recognition from democratic majorities. The authors--political theorists, philosophers, legal scholars, and social scientists--collectively argue that more room should be made for religion in today's democratic societies. Though they advocate different ways of carving out and justifying the proper bounds of "church and state" in pluralist democracies, they all write from within democratic theory and share the aim of democratic accommodation of religion. Alert to national differences in political circumstances and the particularities of constitutional and legal systems, these contributors consider the question of religious accommodation from the standpoint of institutional practices and law as well as that of normative theory. Unique in its interdisciplinary approach and comparative focus, this volume makes a timely and much-needed intervention in current debates about religion and politics. The contributors are Nancy L. Rosenblum, Alan Wolfe, Ronald Thiemann, Michael McConnell, Graham Walker, Amy Gutmann, Kent Greenawalt, Aviam Soifer, Harry Hirsch, Gary Jacobsohn, Yael Tamir, Martha Nussbaum, and Carol Weisbrod.

Politics and Religion in the United States

Politics and Religion in the United States Author Michael Corbett
ISBN-10 9781136159985
Release 2014-04-11
Pages 392
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There is a complex relationship between religiosity and secularism in the American experience. America is notable both for its strict institutional separation of church and state, and for the strong role that religion has played in its major social movements and ongoing political life. This book seeks to illuminate for readers the dynamics underlying this seeming paradox, and to examine how the various religious groups in America have approached and continue to approach the tensions between sacred and secular. This much-anticipated revision brings Corbett and Corbett’s classic text fully up to date. The second edition continues with a thorough discussion of historical origins of religion in political life, constitutional matters, public opinion, and the most relevant groups, all while taking theology seriously. Revisions include fully updating all the public opinion data, fuller incorporation of voting behavior among different religious and demographic groups, enhanced discussion of minority religions such as Mormonism and Islam, and new examples throughout.

Secret Faith in the Public Square

Secret Faith in the Public Square Author Jonathan Malesic
ISBN-10 9781587432262
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 256
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Provocatively argues that concealing Christian identity in American public life is the best way to maintain faithful witness and integrity.

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association Author American Philosophical Association
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P00519904L
Release 1996
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List of members in v. 1- .

Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination

Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination Author John Corvino
ISBN-10 9780190603090
Release 2017-04-14
Pages 288
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Virtually everyone supports religious liberty, and virtually everyone opposes discrimination. But how do we handle the hard questions that arise when exercises of religious liberty seem to discriminate unjustly? How do we promote the common good while respecting conscience in a diverse society? This point-counterpoint book brings together leading voices in the culture wars to debate such questions: John Corvino, a longtime LGBT-rights advocate, opposite Ryan T. Anderson and Sherif Girgis, prominent young social conservatives. Many such questions have arisen in response to same-sex marriage: How should we treat county clerks who do not wish to authorize such marriages, for example; or bakers, florists, and photographers who do not wish to provide same-sex wedding services? But the conflicts extend well beyond the LGBT rights arena. How should we treat hospitals, schools, and adoption agencies that can't in conscience follow antidiscrimination laws, healthcare mandates, and other regulations? Should corporations ever get exemptions? Should public officials? Should we keep controversial laws like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or pass new ones like the First Amendment Defense Act? Should the law give religion and conscience special protection at all, and if so, why? What counts as discrimination, and when is it unjust? What kinds of material and dignitary harms should the law try to fight-and what is dignitary harm, anyway? Beyond the law, how should we treat religious beliefs and practices we find mistaken or even oppressive? Should we tolerate them or actively discourage them? In point-counterpoint format, Corvino, Anderson and Girgis explore these questions and more. Although their differences run deep, they tackle them with civility, clarity, and flair. Their debate is an essential contribution to contemporary discussions about why religious liberty matters and what respecting it requires.

The Culture of Disbelief

The Culture of Disbelief Author Stephen L. Carter
ISBN-10 9780385474986
Release 1994
Pages 328
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In an updated version of his successful book, the author of Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby argues that religion can play a role in the nation's politics, law and culture while maintaining its separation from state. Reprint.

Chronological and Thematic Charts of Philosophies and Philosophers

Chronological and Thematic Charts of Philosophies and Philosophers Author Milton De Verne Hunnex
ISBN-10 0310462819
Release 1986
Pages 56
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A new edition of the successful Philosophies and Philosophers, this book presents brief summaries of important philosophers and major ideas, displaying in twenty-four two-color charts how the various philosophies and philosophers are interrelated.

Ethics Medicine

Ethics   Medicine Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079592120
Release 2000
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Ethics Medicine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ethics Medicine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ethics Medicine book for free.

Heythrop journal

Heythrop journal Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3740428
Release 1998
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Heythrop journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Heythrop journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Heythrop journal book for free.

Christian Philosophy

Christian Philosophy Author Craig G. Bartholomew
ISBN-10 9781441244710
Release 2013-10-15
Pages 288
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This third book in a series of successful introductory textbooks by Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen builds on their previous projects, The Drama of Scripture and Living at the Crossroads, to offer a comprehensive narrative of philosophical thought from a distinctly Christian perspective. After exploring the interaction among Scripture, worldview, theology, and philosophy, the authors tell the story of philosophy from ancient Greece through postmodern times, positioning the philosophers in their historical contexts and providing Christian critique along the way. The authors emphasize the Reformed philosophical tradition without neglecting other historical trajectories and show how philosophical thought relates to contemporary life.