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Representing Sport

Representing Sport Author Rod Brookes
ISBN-10 0340740523
Release 2002-03-30
Pages 172
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Drawing on a wide range of international examples, this book shows that sport has historically played a major role in the construction of cultural and social identities and discusses the extent to which globalization has transformed this role.

Sportscasters sportscasting

Sportscasters sportscasting Author Linda K. Fuller
ISBN-10 9780789018250
Release 2008
Pages 371
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A comprehensive introduction to the workings of the business, Sportscasters/Sportscasting: Principles and Practices explains all of the information essential to anyone looking to begin a career in sports media. This unique volume explores topics in print and broadcast media, sports psychology, technology issues, politics and legalities, ethics, and even the role of sports and sportscasting in society. Other topics discussed include the historical development and economics of sports and sportscasting, sports spectators, sports controversies, sociological perspectives, and sports journalism. Sportscasters/Sportscasting: Principles and Practices is filled with knowledge essential to the craft of sportscasting, including numerous appendices containing acronyms and biographic information about over 200 sportscasters, and a complete Instructorâe(tm)s Manual with exercises to help guide students toward mastery of the topic. Please visit for more information and to download the Instructor's Manual.

History in Practice

History in Practice Author Ludmilla Jordanova
ISBN-10 9781472503558
Release 2019-03-07
Pages 240
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History in Practice explores the discipline's breadth, its complexities and the tasks it takes on. This study by one of the liveliest and most acute practitioners in the field demystifies what historians do. It looks at history as an academic discipline but also engages with the extensive and sometimes troubling uses of historical ideas in the wider world. Historical work has public consequences and draws considerable energy from contemporary preoccupations. For this new edition of her respected and widely used book, Ludmilla Jordanova has revised the text and added a new chapter that explores the role of digital technology in historical practice. She pays attention both to recent trends in the discipline and to its basic characteristics. This book is essential reading for all students seeking an understanding of history as a discipline.

Making Sense of Sports

Making Sense of Sports Author Ellis Cashmore
ISBN-10 9781135278823
Release 2010-09-13
Pages 600
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Updated, revised and enhanced with new features, the fifth edition of Making Sense of Sports is the biggest and strongest yet. Ellis Cashmore's unique multidisciplinary approach to the study of sports remains the only introduction to combine anthropology, biology, economics, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology with cultural and media studies to produce a distinct unbroken vision of the origins, development and current state of sports. New chapters on exercise culture and the moral climate of sports support a thoroughly overhauled text that includes fresh material on Islam, sports commerce and corruption. Now packed with teaching supplements, including access to a dedicated online resource headquarters with video podcasts of twenty-one chapter outlines from the author (, online quizzes, and an additional twenty-first chapter on depression and mental health in sports and exercise, the new edition contains a cornucopia of thought boxes, as well as guides to further reading, capsule explanations and model essays. In short, Making Sense of Sports is an all-purpose introduction to the study of sports.

Sport and Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Science Author Murray Griffin
ISBN-10 9781444119732
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 456
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Sport and Exercise Science is a groundbreaking new textbook for first year students.

Media Organisations in Society

Media Organisations in Society Author James Curran
ISBN-10 0340720158
Release 2000
Pages 292
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This volume argues that organisations are influenced by the wider context of society. It combines overview essays with detailed case studies, and draws attention to the way in which the economic organization of the media influences its wider cultural and social roles.

Representing Men

Representing Men Author Kenneth MacKinnon
ISBN-10 0340808322
Release 2003
Pages 134
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Arguing that several aspects of masculinity are in fact ideals rather than realities, created and reinforced by the mass media, Kenneth MacKinnon alerts readers to the processes and purposes of such media representations and blatant manipulation.

Drug induced and Iatrogenic Respiratory Disease

Drug induced and Iatrogenic Respiratory Disease Author Phillipe Camus
ISBN-10 9781444128697
Release 2010-10-29
Pages 364
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At the present time, 430 drugs are known to cause respiratory injury. This represents an increase of almost 200 in the last ten years, and the number is still increasing. This comprehensive, definitive reference work, with an outstanding range of international expert contributors and two of the world's leading editors, provides an essential reference for the practising respiratory physician. Key features: The text builds upon basics with a review of basic sciences. The book covers imaging, varied drug-induced interstitial lung disease including pulmonary edema and diffuse alveolar hemorrhage, acute respiratory failure, pleural involvement and upper to lower airway disease A wide range of diseases are detailed from chemotherapy and radiation to biologic-induced lung disease, drug misuse, and special groups such as recipients of stem cell and solid organ transplants. A range of world class contributions from key opinion leaders. This book provides essential information for recognizing and managing drug-induced respiratory disease for all pulmonologists and respiratory care physicians. It will be of great interest to: critical care medicine specialists, hematologists, oncologists, cardiologists, allergists, rheumatologists, neurologists, internists, blood-bank specialists, pathologists and primary care physicians.

Differential Diagnosis in Obstetrics Gynaecology

Differential Diagnosis in Obstetrics   Gynaecology Author Tony Hollingworth
ISBN-10 9781482215328
Release 2015-08-26
Pages 375
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One of the major challenges in obstetrics and gynaecology is the need for a broad knowledge of medicine and surgery as well as the conditions specific to reproduction. The comprehensive nature of Differential Diagnosis in Obstetrics and Gynaecology achieves this goal. The book provides clinicians with invaluable assistance in the diagnostic process to differentiate quickly and correctly among various diseases. From minor to major symptoms, the differential diagnoses are explored and offered in a way that is easy to read and leads to practical management. Arranged alphabetically, and based upon presenting symptoms, the text takes readers through a step-by-step approach to that presentation, culminating in a description of the different diagnoses that it might represent. The layout of the book is engaging as the text is interspersed with excellent illustrations and useful boxes highlighting important points. Algorithms, references, and websites have been included where appropriate and a glossary of common terms and terminology used in obstetrics and gynaecology has been provided at the end.

Physical Geography

Physical Geography Author Richard J. Huggett
ISBN-10 0340809620
Release 2004
Pages 515
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This accessible and exciting new text develops central ideas through discussions that focus on human-environment interactions. He details the connections between environmental, social, cultural, ethical, economic, and technological factors, to give a full introduction to the physical, chemical, biological, and ecological processes that underpin the behavior of the Earth's system and its components. The interactive companion website complements the learning resources in the book and enables students to develop their ideas further.

Towards MRCPCH Part II Theory Examination

Towards MRCPCH Part II  Theory  Examination Author Suraj Gupte
ISBN-10 0340905840
Release 2005-07-29
Pages 120
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Towards MRCPCH Part II (Theory) Examination is an invaluable guide to sitting and passing the written papers of the MRCPCH examination, which tests candidates on all aspects of clinical paediatrics. Divided into two papers, each of two and a half hours in length, candidates tackle a mixture of data interpretation, picture tests and grey case questions, all of which are represented here. Full explanations accompany all answers, and the book will provide helpful pointers for further study throughout training, and is essential reading for those preparing to sit the theory papers of the Part II MRCPCH examination.


Skellig Author David Almond
ISBN-10 9780385729888
Release 2001-11-13
Pages 192
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David Almond’s Printz Honor–winning novel celebrates its 10th anniversary! Ten-year-old Michael was looking forward to moving into a new house. But now his baby sister is ill, his parents are frantic, and Doctor Death has come to call. Michael feels helpless. Then he steps into the crumbling garage. . . . What is this thing beneath the spiders' webs and dead flies? A human being, or a strange kind of beast never before seen? The only person Michael can confide in is his new friend, Mina. Together, they carry the creature out into the light, and Michael's world changes forever. . . . From the Trade Paperback edition.

Making Sense of Critical Appraisal

Making Sense of Critical Appraisal Author Olajide Ajetunmobi
ISBN-10 9781444166453
Release 2012-02-24
Pages 160
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Making Sense of Critical Appraisal provides all the necessary information on how to read and understand medical research publications critically and to decide whether the contents of such publications are clinically useful in the care of patients.

Modern Medical Microbiology The Fundamentals

Modern Medical Microbiology   The Fundamentals Author Stuart Clarke
ISBN-10 0340810440
Release 2003-09-26
Pages 224
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Modern Medical Microbiology - The Fundamentals is a unique text reference that represents the culmination of more than 70 articles written over eight years and brought together in one, easy-to-read volume. It describes in a chapter-by-chapter analysis, a vast range of common diseases and the micro-organisms that cause them as well as covering issues such as health and safety, molecular biology and bio-terrorism. The book is set apart from others in the field by its easy accessibility to the core information and fills the niche left by larger texts. Key features: ·covers all major diseases - each with its own concise chapter ·up to date - articles have been rewritten or revised ·handy, non-bulky format - easy to use ·written specifically for biomedical science students This book will prove to be an essential text for students of microbiology, trainee scientists and undergraduate medical students involved in any aspect of microbiology. Its easy to follow style will also appeal to those with a general interest in microbiology and the impact it has on the modern world.

Edward Arnold

Edward Arnold Author Bryan Bennett
ISBN-10 9781483191836
Release 2014-05-19
Pages 128
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Edward Arnold: 100 Years of Publishing presents a comprehensive examination of the life of Edward Augustus Arnold. It discusses the developments that his publishing company achieved. It addresses the remarkable contributions of the person in the publishing industry. Some of the topics covered in the book are the important events that happen from the year 1890 to 1899. The events that occurred in the year 1900 to 1918 are fully covered. An in-depth account of the events that occurred in the year 1919 to 1930 is provided. The events that occurred in the year 1930 to 1945 are completely presented. A chapter is devoted to the events that occurred in the year 1945 to 1960. Another section focuses on the events that occurred in the year 1961 to 1977. The events that occurred in the year 1978 to 1987 are perfectly narrated. The book can provide useful information to historians, students, and researchers.

Using History

Using History Author Jeremy Black
ISBN-10 0340888938
Release 2005-05-27
Pages 176
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History can be very a public issue of national identity and is often distorted and manipulated by governments and interest groups. This book tackles the public, non-academic interpretation of history from a global perspective instead of the more traditional Western-dominated model.

Cultural Studies And Communication

Cultural Studies And Communication Author David Morley
ISBN-10 034061417X
Release 1996-03-15
Pages 371
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A companion volume to the best-selling Mass Media and Society. this collection provides a lively and authoritative introduction to cultural studies, written by some of the most influential scholars and researchers in the field. It offers a critical guided tour of the key debates raised by feminism, postmodernism, the politics of identity, and theories of ideology. It goes beyond a narrow definition of cultural studies in terms of the audience to consider the entire communication circuit from production to consumption within a wider theoretical framework.