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Richard E Flathman

Richard E  Flathman Author P.E. Digeser
ISBN-10 9781317527442
Release 2016-08-25
Pages 250
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Richard E. Flathman is a ground-breaking theorist of key political concepts, a fierce defender of individuality, a close and original reader of Hobbes and an advocate of a willful conception of liberalism. In this volume P E Digeser draws together some of his key works. The collection is framed by an introduction and an interview with Flathman, where he reflects on his contributions. By thinking through and with Wittgenstein’s later philosophy of language, his work clarifies and refines terms that are central to politics and to the tradition of political thought. His work also seeks to cure certain persistent muddles and confusions in our political concepts as well as create and defend a space for the opaque and opalescent features of ourselves. Flathman advances a liberalism that is more open to and celebratory of the idiosyncratic as well as to voices not ordinarily associated with the liberal tradition. The editor has focused on her work in three key areas: The first part focuses on Flathman as a theorist of meaning and presents excepts from his analyses of quality, authority, and rights; The second part focuses on his contributions to understanding the meaning and value of freedom; The final part presents selections that illustrate his conception of liberalism and individuality. Helping to highlight how the innovations in Flathman's thought have shaped the field of political theory, this collection will be of interest to students and scholars.

John G Gunnell

John G  Gunnell Author Christopher C. Robinson
ISBN-10 9781317435808
Release 2016-10-14
Pages 270
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John Gunnell has compelled political theorists to rethink their relation to political science, the history of political thought, the philosophy of social science and political reality. His thinking has been shaped by encounters with Heidegger and Plato, Wittgenstein and Austin, the Berkeley School and émigrés such as Strauss and Arendt. His writings have challenged the idealist assumptions behind the idea of a Great Tradition of Political Thought and the philosophical claims about mind and language. Gunnell has engaged and challenged colleagues in political theory, political science and the philosophy of social science on a range of issues from political action, time, pluralism, ideology, concepts, conventions, "the political" and democracy to the roles of philosophy, science, literary theory, cognitive science, mind, and history on the enterprise of theorizing today. The book focuses on his work in three key areas: Political Theory and Political Science Gunnell’s work has often focused on the historical emergence of the study of political theory as a subdiscipline of political science, and its critical relation to and alienation from political science from the postwar era. His argument has been consistent: political theory self-identified as an interpretative social science and mode of historical reflection is an invention of political science. Political theory divorced from political science weakens both activities in their ties to, concerns with and relevance to political society and the contemporary university. Interpretation and Action Gunnell has been particularly interested in the nature of concepts and how they change. These investigations begin with analysis of theory and theorizing as they are constituted and practiced in historiography, the philosophy of social sciences, the philosophy of science, political science and metatheory. He engages with thinkers whose positions inform and oppose his own and explores concepts such as: democracy, justice, time, pluralism, science, liberalism, and action. Theorists, Philosophers, and Political Life Gunnell’s work has developed through a series of encounters with theorists and philosophers. He has rejected attempts to present politics as a stable and essential set of phenomena. There are common themes that guide conversations with the German émigrés, ordinary language philosophers, and theorists from the history of political thought. This book includes works that focus on Max Weber, Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin, Gilbert Ryle, J.L. Austin and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Fred Dallmayr

Fred Dallmayr Author Farah Godrej
ISBN-10 9781317353751
Release 2017-06-26
Pages 268
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Fred Dallmayr’s work is innovative in its rethinking of some of the central concepts of modern political philosophy, challenging the hegemony of a modern “subjectivity” at the heart of Western liberalism, individualism and rationalism, and articulating alternative voices, claims and ideas. His writings productively confound the logocentrism of Western modernity, while providing alternative conceptions of political community that are post-individualist, post-anthropocentric and relational. The editor has focused on work in three key areas: Critical phenomenology and the study of politics The first selections focus on the philosophical roots of Dallmayr’s work in two of the most innovative intellectual trends of the twentieth century: phenomenology and critical theory. These chapters outline some of the main arguments advanced by practitioners of phenomenology, particularly “existential phenomenology,” as well the guiding ideas of critical theory and critical Marxism, while tracing Dallmayr’s debt to thinkers such as Heidegger, Gadamer, Habermas, Adorno and Merleau-Ponty. Cross-cultural theory These readings illustrate Dallmayr’s explorations beyond the confines of Western culture, as this phase of his thinking turns toward what is now called cross-cultural or “comparative” political theory. In an approach that maintains its linkage with critical phenomenology, Dallmayr asserts that Western (or European-American) political theory can no longer claim undisputed hegemony; rather it must allow itself to be contested, amplified and corrected through a comparison with non-Western theoretical traditions and initiatives. Cosmopolitanism These selections explore the final phase of Dallmayr’s work, in which he applies his insights on cross-cultural studies to the context of global politics, rebutting Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations” thesis, and instead arguing for a cosmopolitanism that takes a middle path between both global universalism and restrictive particularism, advocating sustained dialogue and respectful mutual learning between countries and civilizations.

George Kateb

George Kateb Author John Seery
ISBN-10 9781317600305
Release 2014-10-24
Pages 232
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George Kateb’s writings have been innovatory in exploring the fundamental quandary of how modern democracy—sovereignty vested in the many—might nevertheless protect, respect, promote, even celebrate the singular, albeit ordinary individual. His essays, often leading to unexpected results, have focused on many inter-related topics: rights, representation, constitutionalism, war, evil, extinction, punishment, privacy, patriotism, and more. This book focuses in particular on his thought in three key areas: Dignity These essays exhibit the breadth and complexity of Kateb’s notion of dignity and outline some implications for political theory. Rather than a solely moral approach to the theory of human rights, he elaborates a human-dignity rationale for the very worth of the human species Morality Here Kateb challenges the position that moral considerations are often too demanding to have a place in the rough-and-tumble of modern politics and political analysis. Rejecting common justifications for the propriety of punishment, he insists that state-based punishment is a perplexing moral problem that cannot be allayed by repairing to theories of state legitimacy. Individuality These essays gather some of Kateb’s rejoinders and correctives to common conceptions and customary critiques of the theory of democratic individuality. He explains that Locke’s hesitations and religious backtracking are instructive, perhaps as precursors for the ways in which vestigial beliefs can still cloud moral reasoning.

Red Norfolk

Red Norfolk Author Allan Kashmer
ISBN-10 0994408439
Release 2016-02
Pages 180
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Communist Party Manifesto in 1848 is more relevant today than at that time. The number of communist countries has fallen from 15 in 1989 to only 4 today. However, communist parties are today part of a government in 12 countries; and communist parties exist in virtually every country in the world. In the novel RED NORFOLK, a small group of communists seek to overthrow the democratically-elected government by a carefully-planned coup against the government. The group is aware of historical precedents, most notably the Russian revolution of 1917 which, far from being a mass uprising against the government, was actually a coup led by dedicated militants. The novel proposes that the Australian government decides to abolish cash. This assists the revolutionaries in achieving their goals. Nilson publisher David Robertson has already concluded that "the technology now exists for a paperless (without cash) society." Whilst not wishing to alarm the reader of the prospect of militants taking over Australia, the author seeks to alert the reader to the possibility of such an event unless measures are taken by the authorities to prevent such a possibility.

William E Connolly

William E  Connolly Author Associate Professor of Political Science Samuel A Chambers
ISBN-10 9781134084326
Release 2007-12-05
Pages 344
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William E. Connolly’s writings have pushed the leading edge of political theory, first in North America and then in Europe as well, for more than two decades now. This book draws on his numerous influential books and articles to provide a coherent and comprehensive overview of his significant contribution to the field of political theory. The book focuses in particular on three key areas of his thinking: Democracy: his work in democratic theory – through his critical challenges to the traditions of Rawlsian theories of justice and Habermasian theories of deliberative democracy – has spurred the creation of a fertile and powerful new literature Pluralism: Connolly's work utterly transformed the terrain of the field by helping to resignify pluralism: from a conservative theory of order based on the status quo into a radical theory of democratic contestation based on a progressive political vision The Terms of Political Theory: Connolly has changed the language in which Anglo-American political theory is spoken, and entirely shuffled the pack with which political theorists work.

Carole Pateman

Carole Pateman Author Terrell Carver
ISBN-10 9781136683213
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 256
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Carole Pateman’s writings have been innovatory precisely for their qualities of engagement, pursued at the height of intellectual rigour. This book draws from her vast output of articles, chapters, books and speeches to provide a thematic yet integrated account of her innovations in political theory and contributions to the politics of policy-making.

Hanna Fenichel Pitkin

Hanna Fenichel Pitkin Author Dean Mathiowetz
ISBN-10 9781317801917
Release 2016-05-26
Pages 308
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Hanna Fenichel Pitkin has made key contributions to the field of political philosophy, pushing forward and clarifying the ways that political theorists think about action as the exercise of political freedom. In so doing, she has offered insightful studies of the problems of modern politics that theorists are called to address, and has addressed them herself in a range of theoretical genres.. This collection of her works approaches each of these dimensions of Pitkin’s contributions in turn: The Modern Condition and the Impetus to Theorize: Pitkin has offered sustained reflection on what aspects of modern political life prompt the impulse to theorize politics. Highlighting the pitfalls that modern life and philosophy also present for that enterprise, she suggests an agenda for political theorizing that engages the dilemmas of modernity in ways that grasp the importance of paradox as a portal of insight into the modern condition, and eschews attempts at easy resolution. Moral Philosophy, Judgment, Justice: Pitkin has turned at several points in her career to the concept of justice as one that particularly brings together questions of agency and responsibility, the insights of moral philosophy, and judgment. Drawing upon a variety of methodological resources and theoretical inspirations, her work engages ordinary language philosophy, pedagogical practice, and textual study, to yield a complex and subtle set of observations, all of which open moral philosophy and matters of judgment to questions of action and responsibility in the exercise of political freedom. Action: Political agency and its obstacles are a key theme in Pitkin’s work and a main area of her theoretical innovation. She has examined the appeal of autonomy as a picture of political agency, explored the ways that the institutional arrangements of modern liberal societies attempt to link of individual and political agency and offered a picture of political freedom as maintaining the tension between individual "parts" and collective "wholes," Finally, Pitkin has meditated on the political and social conditions that most impede our ability to grasp agency as a practice of political freedom, and gestured to paths that may lead forward.

Michael J Shapiro

Michael J  Shapiro Author Michael J. Shapiro
ISBN-10 9780415783477
Release 2012
Pages 217
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This collection contains Shapiro's seminal writings on discourse, culture and violence.

Chantal Mouffe

Chantal Mouffe Author James Martin
ISBN-10 9781135041168
Release 2013-07-18
Pages 256
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Chantal Mouffe’s writings have been innovatory with respect to democratic theory, Marxism and feminism. Her work derives from, and has always been engaged with, contemporary political events and intellectual debates. This sense of conflict informs both the methodological and substantive propositions she offers. Determinisms, scientific or otherwise, and ideologies, Marxist or feminist, have failed to survive her excoriating critiques. In a sense she is the original post-Marxist, rejecting economisms and class-centric analyses, and also the original post-feminist, more concerned with the varieties of ‘identity politics’ than with any singularities of ‘women’s issues’. While Mouffe’s concerns with power and discourse derive from her studies of Gramsci’s theorisations of hegemony and the post-structuralisms of Derrida and Foucault, her reversal of the very terms through which political theory proceeds is very much her own. She centres conflict, not consensus, and disagreement, not finality. Whether philosophically perfectionist, or liberally reasonable, political theorists have been challenged by Mouffe to think again, and to engage with a new concept of ‘the political’ and a revived and refreshed notion of ‘radical democracy’. The editor has focused on her work in three key areas: Hegemony: From Gramsci to ‘Post-Marxism’ Radical Democracy: Pluralism, Citizenship and Identity The Political: A Politics Beyond Consensus The volume concludes with a new interview with Chantal Mouffe.

Victorian Kitchens and Baths

Victorian Kitchens and Baths Author
ISBN-10 9781586853020
Release 2005
Pages 176
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An in-depth look at a popular and beautiful style of decorating guides homeowners through what many consider the most difficult phase of historic decorating, with a focus on both historical and contemporary elements and tips on what makes a room Victorian.

Selected Poems

Selected Poems Author John Montague
ISBN-10 0920428428
Release 1982
Pages 189
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Selected Poems has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Selected Poems also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Selected Poems book for free.

Practical Solutions for Healthcare Management and Policy Collection

Practical Solutions for Healthcare Management and Policy  Collection Author Brett E. Trusko
ISBN-10 9780133115109
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 1121
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A brand new collection of state-of-the-art insights into transforming healthcare, from world-renowned experts and practitioners… now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! Making American healthcare work: 3 new eBooks get past ideology to deliver real solutions! Even after Obamacare, America’s healthcare system is unsustainable and headed towards disaster. These three eBooks offer real solutions, not sterile ideology. In Overhauling America's Healthcare Machine: Stop the Bleeding and Save Trillions, leading healthcare expert and entrepreneur Douglas A. Perednia identifies the breathtaking complexity and specific inefficiencies that are driving the healthcare system towards collapse, and presents a new solution that protects patient and physician freedom, covers everyone, and won’t bankrupt America. Perednia shows how to design a far simpler system: one that delivers care to everyone by drawing on the best of both market efficiency and public "universality" — and is backed with detailed logic and objective calculations. Next, in Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost with Six Sigma, four leading experts introduce Six Sigma from the standpoint of the healthcare professional, showing exactly how to implement it successfully in real-world environments. The first 100% hands-on, start-to-finish blueprint for succeeding with Six Sigma in healthcare, this book covers every facet of Six Sigma in healthcare, demonstrating its use through examples and case studies from every area of the hospital: clinical, radiology, surgery, ICU, cardiovascular, laboratories, emergency, trauma, administrative services, staffing, billing, cafeteria, even central supply. Finally, in Reengineering Healthcare: A Manifesto for Radically Rethinking Healthcare Delivery JimChampy (“Reengineering the Corporation”) and Dr. Harry Greenspun show how reengineering methodologies can deliver breakthrough performance and efficiency improvements both within individual healthcare organizations and throughout the entire system, eliminating much of the 40%+ of U.S. healthcare costs now dedicated to administration. They demonstrate how reengineering can refocus investments on aligning quality and providing accessible care for millions more people. From world-renowned healthcare management experts Dr. Doug Perednia, Praveen Gupta, Brett E. Trusko, Carolyn Pexton, H. James Harrington, Jim Champy, and Harry Greenspun, M.D.

Camouflage Uniforms of the Soviet Union and Russia

Camouflage Uniforms of the Soviet Union and Russia Author Dennis Desmond
ISBN-10 0764304623
Release 1998
Pages 159
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Camouflage Uniforms of the Soviet Union and Russia is a comprehensive guide to the history, design and use of camouflage field uniforms of the Soviet Union and Russia. This excellent reference contains factual and interesting material covering the earliest days of uniform development to the most recent issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, former KGB and Spetsnaz forces. Packed with detailed color photographs, this book fills an important void in the collector reference library that has been vacant far too long. Designed with both the militaria collector and Russophile in mind, this book is an easy to use picture guide to the most sought after collectible in the Soviet and Russian militaria field, and is a must for any serious collector or intelligence analyst interested in the former Soviet Union or Russia.

The Venetian Glass Bead

The Venetian Glass Bead Author Kathy Fox
ISBN-10 9780871167743
Release 2012-08-29
Pages 112
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Millefiori, foil, Klimt, Miro – these are just a few of the colorful Venetian glass bead styles taking center stage in Kathy Fox’s illuminating book. Fully detailed and beautifully photographed, the step-by-step instructions for 24 modern jewelry projects using wire wrapping, bead crochet, knotting, stringing, and simple stitching will entice any reader into becoming a Venetian glass bead artist. She also shares the rich history and tradition behind this old-world art form, and provides useful tips for identifying authentic Venetian and Murano beads, guiding readers to informed buying decisions.

Year of the Dunk

Year of the Dunk Author Asher Price
ISBN-10 9780804138048
Release 2015-05-12
Pages 288
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By embarking on a quest to dunk a basketball at the age of 34, journalist Asher Price investigates the limits of human potential—starting with his own. We all like to think that (with a little practice) we could run faster, learn another language, or whip up a perfect soufflé. But few of us ever put those hopes to the test. In Year of the Dunk, Asher Price does, and he seizes on basketball’s slam dunk--a feat richly freighted with distinctly American themes of culture, race, and upward mobility--as a gauge to determine his own hidden potential. The showmanship of the dunk mesmerized Asher as a child, but even with his height (six foot plus) and impressive wingspan, he never pushed himself to try it. Now, approaching middle age, Asher decides to spend a year remaking his body and testing his mind as he wonders, like most adults, what untapped talent he still possesses. In this humorous and often poignant journey into the pleasures and perils of exertion, Asher introduces us to a memorable cast of characters who help him understand the complexity of the human body and the individual drama at the heart of sports. Along the way he dives into the history and science of one of sports' most exuberant acts, examining everything from our genetic predisposition towards jumping to the cultural role of the slam dunk. The year-long effort forces him to ask some fundamental questions about human ability and the degree to which we can actually improve ourselves, even with great determination. From the Hardcover edition.

Horace Bushnell s theory of language

Horace Bushnell s theory of language Author Donald A. Crosby
ISBN-10 UOM:39015008257746
Release 1975
Pages 300
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Horace Bushnell s theory of language has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Horace Bushnell s theory of language also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Horace Bushnell s theory of language book for free.