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Desert Cantos 1979 1999

Desert Cantos  1979 1999 Author Richard Misrach
ISBN-10 OCLC:1026203615
Release 1999
Pages 167
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Desert Cantos 1979 1999 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Desert Cantos 1979 1999 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Desert Cantos 1979 1999 book for free.

Petrochemical America

Petrochemical America Author Richard Misrach
ISBN-10 1597112771
Release 2014-08-25
Pages 240
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In fall 2012, the hardcover edition of this book was released to critical acclaim and received several awards, including the 2013 American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award for its innovative collaborative approach and design. Now available in a smaller, more afford - able paperback edition, Petrochemical America features Richard Misrachs haunting photo-graphic record of Louisianas Chemical Corridor, accompanied by landscape architect Kate Orff s Ecological Atlasa series of speculative drawings developed through research and mapping of data from the region. Their joint effort depicts and unpacks the complex cultural, physical, and economic ecologies along 150 miles of the Mississippi River, from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, an area of intense chemical production that first garnered public attention as Cancer Alley when unusual occurrences of cancer were discovered in the region. This collaboration has resulted in an unprecedented, multilayered document presenting a unique narrative of visual information. Petrochemical America offers in-depth analysis of the causes of decades of environmental abuse along the largest river system in North America. Even more critically, the project offers an extensively researched guidebook to the ways in which the petrochemical industry has permeated every facet of contemporary life. What is revealed over the course of the book, however, is that Cancer Alleyalthough complicated by its own regional histories and particularitiesmay well be an apt metaphor for the global impact of petrochemicals on the human landscape as a whole.

Bravo 20

Bravo 20 Author Richard Misrach
ISBN-10 9780801840647
Release 1990
Pages 133
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Shows public lands illegally used to test bombs

Violent Legacies

Violent Legacies Author Richard Misrach
ISBN-10 0893815691
Release 1994-04-01
Pages 93
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In Violent Legacies the acclaimed photographer Richard Misrach has compiled three new "cantos" in his ongoing series of photographs exploring the desert in the American West. The desert has long been a metaphor in Misrach's art. In Violent Legacies these barren lands, so often romanticized, undergo an eerie transformation at the hands of man and become an unmistakable reflection of militarism, violence, and environmental destruction. Misrach's political commitment and activism-- filtered through an ironic counterposing of form and content, as well as his exquisite use of color and composition-- have never been as powerfully articulated as in these three new cantos. In "Project W-47 (The Secret)" Misrach reveals classically inspired vistas of the Utah deadlands, tainted forever by their past incarnation as Wendover Air Base-- the secret training and planning site for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. Aspects of what took place at Wendover still remain classified by the U.S. government. "The Pit" is a Goyaesque series that focuses on the mysterious death of livestock in very close proximity to a former nuclear test site in the Nevada desert. These photographs are a chilling reminder of U.S. and global nuclear contamination. "The Playboys" are Misrach's studies of Playboy magazines that were used for target practice by persons unknown on the fringes of the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. While cover girls appear to have been the principal targets, many aspects of American culture-- including icons like Andy Warhol, Ray Charles, and Madonna-- were inadvertently blasted. Susan Sontag uses these cantos as a springboard to an allegorical tale-- "The View from the Ark"-- a subtle, yet probing meditation on violence in contemporary society. A postscript interview with Richard Misrach provides background information about the sites comprising Violent Legacies. "The West," says Misrach, "is such a loaded concept that any representation deviating from the cowboy myth automatically becomes confrontational. Today, a more fitting myth is that of Dr. Frankenstein. Since World War II, the American landscape has been converted into a laboratory where scientists and the military experiment with the most elemental powers of the universe, inventing weapons of mass destruction, and leaving a legacy of violence in their wake." Violent Legacies sends a stark and compelling message about the land we inhabit and our embattled relationship to it. Though the sites depicted here are all in the American West, they symbolize conditions to be found across the globe and in our own backyards. Richard Misrach unveils a landscape of terrible beauty and great metaphorical power. He asks us to confront the violence in human nature, the skeletons in our closet, the radiant glow on the horizon.

On the Beach

On the Beach Author Richard Misrach
ISBN-10 1597110485
Release 2007
Pages 74
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Richard Misrach, one of photography's contemporary masters, is renowned for his beautifully rendered epic works. This massive, 20 by 16 inch monograph features the long-awaited publication of a spectacular series in which Misrach hones in on the delicate relationship between humans and the sea.Aperture

Los Angeles 1964

Los Angeles 1964 Author Bruce Davidson
ISBN-10 3869307897
Release 2015-05-26
Pages 56
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Bruce Davidson describes the genesis of this project thus: ""Esquire's" editors sent me to Los Angeles, and when I landed at LA International Airport I noticed giant palm trees growing in the parking lot. I ordered a hamburger through a microphone speaker in a drive-in called Tiny Naylor's. The freeways were blank and brilliant, chromium-plated bumpers reflected the Pacific Ocean, but the air quality was said to be bad. People looking like mannequins seemed at peace on the Sunset Strip while others were euphoric as they watered the desert. I stood there ready with my Leica, aware of my shadow on the pavement. I walked up to strangers, framed, focused and in a split second of alienations and cynicism, pressed the shutter button. Suddenly I had an awakening that led me to another level of visual understanding. But in the end, for some unknown reasons, the editors rejected the pictures, and I had to return home with a big box of prints, put them in a drawer, and forgot all about the trip."


Audiotopia Author Josh Kun
ISBN-10 9780520244245
Release 2005-11
Pages 302
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“With Audiotopia, Kun emerges as a pre-eminent analyst, interpreter, and theorist of inter-ethnic dialogue in US music, literature, and visual art. This book is a guide to how scholarship will look in the future—the first fully realized product of a new generation of scholars thrown forth by tumultuous social ferment and eager to talk about the world that they see emerging around them.”—George Lipsitz, author of Time Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular Culture "The range and depth of Audiotopia is thrilling. It's not only that Josh Kun knows so much-it's that he knows what to make of what he knows."—Greil Marcus, author of Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century "The way Josh Kun writes about what he hears, the way he unravels word, sound, and power is breathtaking, provocative, and original. A bold, expansive, and lyrical book, Audiotopia is a record of crossings, textures, tangents, and ideas you will want to play again and again."—Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation

Amelia and the Animals

Amelia and the Animals Author Robin Schwartz
ISBN-10 159711278X
Release 2014-10-06
Pages 144
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Amelia is 14 years old. In many ways, she is your average American teenager: since she was three years old, she has been her mother's muse, and the subject of her photographs. However, not every mom is a world-class photographer with a predilection for photographing animals. And it's not every teenager who has portraits of herself with elephants, llamas, ponies, tigers, kangaroos, chimpanzees and endless dogs, cats, and other animals--portraits that hang in the collections of major art museums around the world. "Amelia and the Animals" is Robin Schwartz's second monograph featuring this collaborative series dedicated to documenting her and Amelia's adventures among the animals. As Schwartz puts it, "Photography is a means for Amelia to meet animals. Until recently, she took these opportunities for granted. She didn't realize how unusual her encounters were until everyone started to tell her how lucky she was to meet so many animals." Nonetheless, these images are more than documents of Amelia and her rapport with animals; they offer a meditation on the nature of interspecies communication and serve as evidence of a shared mother-daughter journey into invented worlds. Robin Schwartz (born 1957) earned an MFA in photography from Pratt Institute, and her photographs are held in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art, in New York; Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Brooklyn Museum; Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; and Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany. She is an assistant professor of photography at William Paterson University and lives in New Jersey with her husband, Robert Forman, daughter, Amelia, and five companion animals.

Doug Dubois

Doug Dubois Author Doug DuBois
ISBN-10 1597113131
Release 2015-09-02
Pages 156
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Doug DuBois was first introduced to a group of teenagers from the Russell Heights housing estate while he was an artist-in-residence at the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, on the southwest coast of Ireland. He was fascinated by the insular neighborhood, in which "everyone seems to be someone's cousin, former girlfriend, or spouse." Little can happen there that isn't seen, discussed, distorted beyond all reason, and fiercely defended against any disapprobation from the outside. DuBois gained entry when Kevin and Eirn (two participants of a workshop he taught) took him to a local hangout spot, opening his eyes to a world of not-quite-adults struggling -- publicly and privately -- through the last days of their childhood. Over the course of five years, DuBois returned to Russell Heights. People came and left, relationships formed and dissolved, and babies were born. Combining portraits, spontaneous encounters, and collaborative performances, the images in My Last Day at Seventeen exist in a delicate balance between documentary and fiction. A powerful follow-up to DuBois' acclaimed first book, All the Days and Nights, this volume provides an incisive examination ofthe uncertainties of growing up in Ireland today, while highlighting the unique relationship sustained between artist and subject. Exhibition: Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Ireland (10.2015).

Raymond Pettibon A Pen of All Work

Raymond Pettibon  A Pen of All Work Author Massimiliano Gioni
ISBN-10 0714873691
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 408
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The most comprehensive monograph in print on this provocative artist, who has helped to redefine contemporary art This thorough, multifaceted assessment of Raymond Pettibon's entire career to date includes nearly 700 images, contributions from important figures in the art-historical and cultural fields, and a recent interview with the artist. Beginning with childhood drawings, the book moves through to his mature work, which embraces both high and low culture.

The Tide Was Always High

The Tide Was Always High Author Josh Kun
ISBN-10 9780520294400
Release 2017-09-12
Pages 316
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"A collection of essays, interviews, and scholarship exploring the often overlooked history of Latin American musicians and music in the shaping of Los Angeles. Featuring a mix of academics, musicians, and journalists, the book listens to the vibrant Latin American soundtracks of Los Angeles, from Hollywood film sets to recording studios, from vaudeville theaters to Sunset Strip nightclubs, and from Carmen Miranda to Perez Prado and Juan Garcia Esquivel."--Provided by publisher.

David T Hanson Wilderness to Wasteland

David T  Hanson  Wilderness to Wasteland Author
ISBN-10 0692493727
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 192
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For 30 years, David T. Hanson (born 1948) has made photographs that are widely celebrated for their powerful depictions of the American landscape and its dramatic transformation and despoilment by humans. His newest collection, "Wilderness to Wasteland, " presents four series of previously unpublished and unexhibited photographs from Hanson's early work, made between 1982 and 1987. "Atomic City" documents the former nuclear boomtown in Idaho, site of the world's first nuclear power plant and first reactor meltdown. "The Richest Hill on Earth" is a study of the vast copper mines, housing and surrounding wasteland of Butte, Montana. The eponymous series is a dynamic group of aerial and ground-view photographs of hazardous waste sites, while the final series, "Twilight in the Wilderness," comprises spectacular night views of industrial sites for power production. Together, these photographs constitute a haunting meditation on a ravaged landscape.


Decreation Author Anne Carson
ISBN-10 9781400078905
Release 2006
Pages 245
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A remarkable compilation of literary writings by the critically acclaimed author of Autobiography of Red features an array of original poetry, essays, a screenplay, and a libretto that explores the nature and mechanics of the human act of decreation as revealed in the lives of Sappho, Marguerite Porete, Simone Weil, Virginia Woolf, and her own relationship with her mother. Reprint.

Justine Kurland Highway Kind

Justine Kurland  Highway Kind Author Justine Kurland
ISBN-10 159711328X
Release 2016-10-31
Pages 144
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Following in the photographic lineage of Robert Frank, Stephen Shore, and Joel Sternfeld, Justine Kurland s work examines the story of America and the idea of the American dream juxtaposed against the reality. Her deep interest in the road, the western frontier, escape, and ways of living outside mainstream values pervade this stunning and important body of work. Since 2004, Kurland and her young son, Casper, have traveled in their customized van, going south in the winter and north in the summer, her life as an artist and mother finely balanced between the need for routine and the desire for freedom and surprise. Casper s interest particularly in trains, and later in cars and those he befriends along the way often determine Kurland s subject matter. He appears at different ages in the work, against open vistas and among the subcultures of train-hoppers and drifters around them. Kurland s vision is in equal parts raw and romantic, idyllic and dystopian. From highly symbolic pictures of trains moving across epic landscapes to allegorical depictions of mechanics and muscle cars, this book features the full scope of her road work from her series This Train is Bound for Glory, to her most recent, Sincere Auto Care. "

Salt Pans

Salt Pans Author Edward Burtynsky
ISBN-10 3958292402
Release 2016-09
Pages 60
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Salt Pans is Edward Burtynsky's newest book in his acclaimed ongoing series of photographs exploring different industrialized landscapes across the world. Consisting of 31 aerial photos of the salt pans in the Little Rann of Kutch, India, the project is the result of months of intricate negotiations and preparations. These striking geometric images, taken in an intense ten-day period during which Burtynsky photographed from a helicopter, present the pans, wells and vehicle tracks as abstract, painterly patterns: subtly colored rectangles crossed by grids of gestural lines. And yet the reality behind the ironic beauty of Burtynsky's pictures is a harsh one. Each year 100,000 poorly paid Agariya workers toil in the pans, extracting over a million tons of salt from the floodwaters of the nearby Arabian Sea. Furthermore, receding groundwater levels, combined with debt, diminishing market values as well as a lack of governmental support, threaten the future of this 400-year-old tradition and the lives dependent on it. "The images in this book are not about the battles being fought on the ground, Burtynsky writes. "Rather, they examine this ancient method of providing one of the most basic elements of our diet; as primitive industry and as abstract two-dimensional human marks upon the landscape."

William Eggleston Election Eve

William Eggleston  Election Eve Author
ISBN-10 3958292666
Release 2017-06-27
Pages 184
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"On the eve of the election, when nothing had yet been decided, when everything—whatever that everything was—hung in the balance, Eggleston made an elegy … a statement of perfect calm." —Lloyd Fonvielle In 1977 William Eggleston released Election Eve, his first and most elaborate artist’s book, containing 100 original prints in two leatherbound volumes, housed in a linen box. It was published by Caldecot Chubb in New York in an edition of only five, and has since become Eggleston’s rarest collectible book. This new Steidl edition recreates the full original sequence of photos in a single volume, making it available to the wider public for the first time. Election Evecontains images made in October 1976 during Eggleston’s pilgrimage from Memphis to the small town of Plains, Georgia, the home of Jimmy Carter who in November 1976 was elected 39th President of the United States. Eggleston began photographing even before he left Memphis and depicted the surrounding countryside and villages of Sumter Country, before he reached Plains. His photos of lonesome roads, train tracks, cars, gas stations and houses are mostly empty of people and form an intuitive, unsettling portrait of Plains, starkly different from the idealized image of it subsequently promoted by the media. The book includes a preface by Hollywood screenwriter (The Mummy, 1999), director (Gotham, 1988) and author Lloyd Fonvielle.

Carleton Watkins

Carleton Watkins Author Connie Wolf
ISBN-10 0804792151
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 280
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Collects the photographs of Carleton Watkins that contributed to the argument for creating the National Park Service, along with essays that explore the artist and his work providing context and depth to the images.