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Rivals for Power

Rivals for Power Author James A. Thurber
ISBN-10 9781538100998
Release 2017-07-25
Pages 264
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Despite the fact that Republicans control two of the three branches of government following the election of Donald Trump, the relationship between the president and Capitol Hill continues to be strained. Underscoring the book’s theme that the executive and legislature regularly compete and clash—even when controlled by the same party—already tensions are emerging between President Trump and the Republican congressional majority around the Affordable Care Act, infrastructure spending, trade agreements, relations with Russia, and immigration and refugee policy. Now in its sixth edition, Rivals for Power: Presidential-Congressional Relations brings together the knowledge of leading scholars and scholar-practitioners alike to explain the complex political dynamic between the president and Congress in new chapters. Contributors analyze the structural, political, and behavioral factors that shape this relationship, while showing how and why rivalry has tended to intensify when different parties control the two branches. Intended for students, scholars, public officials, and the general public, Rivals for Power offers an accessible and engaging analysis of executive and legislative rivalry across a span of eras, with particular attention to developments under recent presidents, including Trump and Obama. Contributors include Gary Andres, Ross K. Baker, Sarah Binder, Patrick Griffin, David R. Jones, Douglas L. Kriner, John Anthony Maltese, James P. Pfiffner, Jordan Tama, Claudia H. Thurber, and James A. Thurber.

Presidential Congressional Relations

Presidential Congressional Relations Author Steven A. Shull
ISBN-10 0472087045
Release 2000
Pages 192
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Examines how presidents and Congress work together

Congress and the Internet

Congress and the Internet Author James A. Thurber
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105111780503
Release 2003
Pages 198
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The first book of its kind, Congress and the Internet provides a comprehensive study on this important aspect of American politics. Its original research examines the profound impact of the Internet?both positive and negative?on the working of Congress from a variety of perspectives using leading scholars and practitioners with extensive experience?and a hand in implementing use of the Internet?on the Hill. Chapter topics address the procedural and cultural effect of the Internet on the legislative process; how the use of the Internet impacts the conduct of communication and business on Capital Hill; the advantages and disadvantages of computer-based communication and interaction between lawmakers and their constituents; how the internet is used to shape Congress's political agenda; the result of Internet lobbying on Congress; how the Internet is used as a campaign tool; and how the Internet influences civic engagement with Congress. For the Washington political community focused on Congress and computers.

Managing the President s Program

Managing the President s Program Author Andrew Rudalevige
ISBN-10 9780691190266
Release 2018-06-26
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The belief that U.S. presidents' legislative policy formation has centralized over time, shifting inexorably out of the executive departments and into the White House, is shared by many who have studied the American presidency. Andrew Rudalevige argues that such a linear trend is neither at all certain nor necessary for policy promotion. In Managing the President's Program, he presents a far more complex and interesting picture of the use of presidential staff. Drawing on transaction cost theory, Rudalevige constructs a framework of "contingent centralization" to predict when presidents will use White House and/or departmental staff resources for policy formulation. He backs his assertions through an unprecedented quantitative analysis of a new data set of policy proposals covering almost fifty years of the postwar era from Truman to Clinton. Rudalevige finds that presidents are not bound by a relentless compulsion to centralize but follow a more subtle strategy of staff allocation that makes efficient use of limited bargaining resources. New items and, for example, those spanning agency jurisdictions, are most likely to be centralized; complex items follow a mixed process. The availability of expertise outside the White House diminishes centralization. However, while centralization is a management strategy appropriate for engaging the wider executive branch, it can imperil an item's fate in Congress. Thus, as this well-written book makes plain, presidential leadership hinges on hard choices as presidents seek to simultaneously manage the executive branch and attain legislative success.

Campaigns and Elections American Style

Campaigns and Elections American Style Author James A Thurber
ISBN-10 9780813348360
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 352
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With new and revised essays throughout, Campaigns and Elections American Style provides a real education in practical campaign politics. In the fourth edition, academics and campaign professionals explain how campaign themes and strategies are developed and communicated, the changes in campaign tactics as a result of changing technology, new techniques to target and mobilize voters, the evolving landscape of campaign finance and election laws, and the increasing diversity of the role of media in elections. Offering a unique and careful mix of Democrat and Republican, academic and practitioner, and male and female campaign perspectives, this volume scrutinizes national and local-level campaigns with special focus on the 2012 presidential and congressional elections. Students, citizens, candidates, and campaign managers will learn not only how to win elections but also why it is imperative to do so in an ethical way. Perfect for a variety of courses in American government, this book is essential reading for political junkies of any stripe and serious students of campaigns and elections.

Getting to 67

Getting to 67 Author Patrick Homan
ISBN-10 9781317337553
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 156
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All four post-Cold War presidents have attempted to negotiate and ratify at least one major arms control agreement. However, their experiences with arms control treaty ratification have differed greatly from those of their Cold War predecessors. The main theme of this book is that domestic politics have significantly impacted attempts to ratify arms control treaties in the polarized post-Cold War political environment. Each president and each treaty faced varying amounts of support and opposition from the numerous institutions and agents within American foreign policy-making. This book uses an eight-point analytical framework to examine five post-Cold War arms control treaty ratification debates in order to try and determine what political conditions or variables account for their success or failure.

Policy by Other Means

Policy by Other Means Author Steven A. Shull
ISBN-10 1585445134
Release 2006-07-11
Pages 226
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Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress bears responsibility for establishing national policy through legislation, but in recent years that power has often been eclipsed by presidents adopting public policy by other means. Steven A. Shull offers a systematic study of the relative importance of four tools presidents use to create policy without going through Congress: budgeting, executive orders, executive agreements, and commitment of troops. Using both statistical analyses of recent presidents= use of alternative policy means and case studies of each tool, Shull investigates the factors that affect whether and when the chief executive becomes, in effect, the chief policy maker, budgeter, or diplomat. He examines individual, institutional, and environmental variables, as well as several controls that may influence the choice of unilateral or alternative policy actions. Shull’s quantitative analyses help to illustrate not only the trends over time in the independent actions of presidents but also the complexity of the factors that influence those trends. His data and statistical techniques point toward confirmation of some hypotheses that have been held about the exercise of presidential powers and the disproof of others. Shull demonstrates the usefulness of applying quantitative methods, informed by theory and the literature, to the study of the office. Scholars of the presidency, of executive-legislative relations, and of public policy will gain important insight into previously under-studied aspects of presidential power from Shull=s careful analysis of unilateral and other alternative policy adoption.

Governing for the Future

Governing for the Future Author Jonathan Boston
ISBN-10 9781786350558
Release 2016-11-09
Pages 576
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The book focuses on how to enhance the political incentives on democratically-elected governments to protect the interests of future generations.

The Evolution of Presidential Polling

The Evolution of Presidential Polling Author Robert M. Eisinger
ISBN-10 0521017009
Release 2003-01-20
Pages 218
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Explains how presidential polling evolved.

Committees in Congress

Committees in Congress Author Christopher J. Deering
ISBN-10 9781483304502
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 236
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Providing a comprehensive examination of the origins, development, and status of committees and committee systems in both the House and Senate, this edition carries on the book's tradition of comprehensive coverage, empirical richness, and theoretical relevance in its discussion of these essential and distinguishing features of our national legislature. While the second edition focused on the "post-reform" committee systems, addressed the shifts in the internal distribution of power, and hinted at the forces that had already begun to undermine the power of committees, this edition updates that analysis and looks at the reforms that evolvied under the Republicans. It offers complete coverage of the rules and structural changes to the House and Senate committee systems. It extends its discussion of committee power and influence in the context of the "Contract with America," Republican reforms, and the inter-party warfare on Capitol Hill.

Obama in Office

Obama in Office Author James A. Thurber
ISBN-10 1594519935
Release 2011
Pages 318
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Barack Obama entered office on a wave of popular expectation; will he exit at the hands of a Tea Party inspired populist tsunami or return for four more years? Obama in Office brings together well-established political scientists and journalists to offer the first detailed assessment of President Obama and his first two years in office.This book covers the range of policy tests which the administration has faced during this period, including the recession and its jobless recovery, health care reform, financial regulation, the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.Looking beyond the midterms, Obama in Office considers the results of 2010, the impact of the Tea Party, and the prospects for 2012.

Political science quarterly

Political science quarterly Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B324391
Release 1997
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Political science quarterly has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Political science quarterly also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Political science quarterly book for free.

Congress and Diaspora Politics

Congress and Diaspora Politics Author James A. Thurber
ISBN-10 1438470878
Release 2018
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Congress and Diaspora Politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Congress and Diaspora Politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Congress and Diaspora Politics book for free.

The presidency Congress and divided government

The presidency  Congress  and divided government Author Richard Steven Conley
ISBN-10 UOM:39015055920683
Release 2003
Pages 279
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Can presidents hope to be effective in policy making when Congress is ruled by the other party? Political scientist Richard S. Conley brings to this crucial discussion a fresh perspective. He argues persuasively that the conditions of "divided government" have changed in recent years, and he applies a rigorous methodology that allows the testing of a number of important assumptions about party control of the legislative process and the role of the president. Conley demonstrates that recent administrations have faced a very different playing field than those in the earlier postwar years because of such critical developments in electoral politics as decreasing presidential coattails and the lack of presidential popularity in opposition members' districts. Moreover, he identifies several changes in the institutional setting in Congress that have affected both the legislative success rates of presidents' programs and the strategies presidents pursue. These institutional factors include more assertive legislative majorities, changes in leadership structure, and increased party cohesion in voting. Conley uses both case studies and sophisticated time-series regression analyses to examine the floor success of presidential initiatives, the strategies presidents use in working with the legislature, and the use of veto power to achieve presidential aims. Scholars of the presidency and those interested in the larger American political process will find in this book both food for thought and a model of analytic sophistication.

The President and Congress

The President and Congress Author Lance T. LeLoup
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047096220
Release 1999
Pages 278
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Analyzing Congress and the president, this work offers an understanding of the policy-making process. The policy focus looks not only on politics and institutions but at actual decisions and policies determined by Congress and the president. The book includes a look at Clinton's election.

Congressional Quarterly s Guide to the Congress of the United States

Congressional Quarterly s Guide to the Congress of the United States Author Congressional Quarterly, inc
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106020226814
Release 1971
Pages 983
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Congressional Quarterly s Guide to the Congress of the United States has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Congressional Quarterly s Guide to the Congress of the United States also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Congressional Quarterly s Guide to the Congress of the United States book for free.

Trading blows

Trading blows Author James Shoch
ISBN-10 0807826464
Release 2001
Pages 388
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For the past two decades, trade policy has been high on the American political agenda, thanks to the growing integration of the United States into the global economy and the wealth of debate this development has sparked. Although scholars have explored many aspects of U.S. trade policy, there has been little study of the role played by party politics. With Trading Blows, James Shoch fills that gap. Shoch offers detailed case studies of almost all of the major trade issues of the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton eras, including administrative and legislative efforts to curb auto, steel, and other imports and to open up markets in Japan and elsewhere, as well as free-trade initiatives such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) treaty that concluded the Uruguay Round of international trade talks, the extension of presidential fast-track trade negotiating authority, and the approval of permanent normal trade relations with China. In so doing, he explains the complex patterns of party competition over U.S. trade policy since 1980 and demonstrates the significant impact that party politics has had on the nation's recent trade policy decisions.