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Rock Fences of the Bluegrass

Rock Fences of the Bluegrass Author Carolyn Murray-Wooley
ISBN-10 9780813147796
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 240
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Gray rock fences built of ancient limestone are hallmarks of Kentucky's Bluegrass landscape. Why did Kentucky farmers turn to rock as fence-building material when most had earlier used hardwood rails? Who were the masons responsible for Kentucky's lovely rock fences and what are the different rock forms used in this region? In this generously illustrated book, Carolyn Murray-Wooley and Karl Raitz address those questions and explore the background of Kentucky's rock fences, the talent and skill of the fence masons, and the Irish and Scottish models they followed in their work. They also correct inaccurate popular perceptions about the fences and use census data and archival documents to identify the fence masons and where they worked. As the book reveals, the earliest settlers in Kentucky built dry-laid fences around eighteenth-century farmsteads, cemeteries, and mills. Fence building increased dramatically during the nineteenth century so that by the 1880s rock fences lined most roads, bounded pastures and farmyards throughout the Bluegrass. Farmers also built or commissioned rock fences in New England, the Nashville Basin, and the Texas hill country, but the Bluegrass may have had the most extensive collection of quarried rock fences in North America. This is the first book-length study on any American fence type. Filled with detailed fence descriptions, an extensive list of masons' names, drawings, photographs, and a helpful glossary, it will appeal to folklorists, historians, geographers, architects, landscape architects, and masons, as well as general readers intrigued by Kentucky's rock fences.

Material Culture

Material Culture Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000104993740
Release 1992
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Material Culture has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Material Culture also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Material Culture book for free.

Scottish Studies

Scottish Studies Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105020968777
Release 1993
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Scottish Studies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Scottish Studies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Scottish Studies book for free.

100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own

100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own Author Edward Komara
ISBN-10 9780810889224
Release 2014-02-07
Pages 318
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In 100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own, blues scholars Edward Komara and Greg Johnson select those histories, biographies, surveys, transcriptions and studies from the many hundreds of works that have been published about this vital American musical genre, providing short descriptions of the contents and evaluations of the achievements of the titles selected for their “Blues 100.” Entries include bibliographic data, pricing, and physical descriptions. This first-of-its-kind work also includes suggested blues recordings to accompany each recommended work, as well as a concluding section on key reference titles—or as Komara and Johnson phrase it: “The Books behind the Blues 100.”

Landscape Architectural Research

Landscape Architectural Research Author M. Elen Deming
ISBN-10 1118057090
Release 2011-03-11
Pages 272
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A practical, single-source guide tosuccessful strategies for landscape architecture research As the scope of landscape architecture expands to engage with other disciplines, and streams of information directing this field continue to grow and diversify, it becomes increasingly important for landscape architects to be able to implement a range of effective research strategies when seeking, creating, and validating knowledge. Landscape Architecture Research offers a framework for advancing better design thinking solutions by supplying readers with a system of inquiry tactics that open up a wider range of research possibilities. With a logical and innovative approach that favors legitimacy of knowledge based on collective, grounded practices, rather than strict adherence to protocols drawn only from scientific models, this comprehensive, illustrated guide produces a sound argument for establishing a new paradigm for legitimizing research quality. Landscape Architecture Research presents: Case studies that show how the range of presented research strategies have been successfully used in practice New perspective on the relationship between theory, research, practice, and critique, a relationship that is specific to landscape architecture Detailed coverage of the ways that new knowledge is produced through research activities and practical innovations in landscape architecture The first and only book on this topic of growing importance in landscape architecture, Landscape Architecture Research keeps professionals and students in step with the latest developments in landscape architecture, and delivers a dynamic and flexible game plan for verifying the integrity of their work.

Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb an American Slave

Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb  an American Slave Author Henry Bibb
ISBN-10 IND:30000005099258
Release 1850
Pages 207
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Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb an American Slave has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb an American Slave also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb an American Slave book for free.

Indianapolis Monthly

Indianapolis Monthly Author
Release 2005-10
Pages 312
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Indianapolis Monthly is the Circle City’s essential chronicle and guide, an indispensable authority on what’s new and what’s news. Through coverage of politics, crime, dining, style, business, sports, and arts and entertainment, each issue offers compelling narrative stories and lively, urbane coverage of Indy’s cultural landscape.

Common Landscape of America 1580 to 1845

Common Landscape of America  1580 to 1845 Author John R. Stilgoe
ISBN-10 0300030460
Release 1983-07-01
Pages 429
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This book explains how and why the landscape changed between the times of the early Spanish settlers and the impact of industrialization. The builders who created and maintained the American landscape until 1845 learned mostly from one another.

Kentucky Archaeology

Kentucky Archaeology Author R. Barry Lewis
ISBN-10 9780813159430
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 312
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Kentucky's rich archaeological heritage spans thousands of years, and the Commonwealth remains fertile ground for study of the people who inhabited the midcontinent before, during, and after European settlement. This long-awaited volume brings together the most recent research on Kentucky's prehistory and early history, presenting both an accurate descriptive and an authoritative interpretation of Kentucky's past. The book is arranged chronologically -- from the Ice Age to modern times, when issues of preservation and conservation have overtaken questions of identification and classification. For each time slice of Kentucky's past, the contributors describe typical communities and settlement patterns, major changes from previous cultural periods, the nature of the economy and subsistence, artifacts, the general health and characteristics of the people, and regional cultural differences. Sites discussed include the Green River shell mounds, the Central Kentucky Adena mounds and enclosures, Eastern Kentucky rockshelters, the important Wickliffe site at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, Fort Ancient culture villages, and the fortified towns of the Mississippian period in Western Kentucky. The authors draw from a wealth of unpublished material and offer the detailed insights and perspectives of specialists who have focused much of their professional careers on the scientific investigation of Kentucky's prehistory. The book's many graphic elements -- maps, artifact drawings, photographs, and village plans -- combined with a straightforward and readable text, provide a format that will appeal to the general reader as well as to students and specialists in other fields who wish to learn more about Kentucky's archaeology.

Folk Housing in Middle Virginia

Folk Housing in Middle Virginia Author Henry Glassie
ISBN-10 0870492683
Release 1976-02-01
Pages 231
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In this fascinating analysis of eighteenth-century vernacular houses of Middle Virginia, Henry Glassie presents a revolutionary and carefully constructed methodology for looking at houses and interpreting from them the people who built and used them. Glassie believes that all relevant historical evidence - unwritten as well as written - must be taken into account before historical truth can be found. He in convinced that any study of man's past must make use of nonverbal and verbal evidence, since written history - the story of man as recorded by the intellectual elite - does not tell us much about the everyday life, thoughts, and fears of the ordinary people of the past. Such people have always been in the majority, however, and a way has to be found to include them in any valid history. In Folk Housing in Middle Virginia Glassie admirably sets forth such a way. The people who lived in Middle Virginia in the eighteenth century are almost unknown to history because so little has been written about them. After Glassie selected the area - roughly Goochland and Louisa counties - for study, he selected a representative part of the countryside, recorded all the older houses there, developed a transformational grammar of traditional house designs, and examined the area's architectural stability and change. Comparing the houses with written accounts of the period, he found that the houses became more formal and lee related to their environment at the same time as the areas established political, economic, and religious institutions were disintegrating. It is as though the builders of the houses were deliberately trying to impose order on the surrounding chaotic world. Previous orthodox historical interpretations of the period have failed to note this. Glassie has provided new insights into the intellectual and social currents of the period, and at that time has rescued a heretofore little-known people from historiographical oblivion. Combining a fresh, perceptive approach with a broad interdisciplinary body of knowledge, ha has made an invaluable breakthrough in showing the way to understand the people of history who have left their material things as their only legacy. Henry Glassie is College Professor of Folklore at Indiana University. He is the author of Pattern in the Material Folk Culture of the Eastern United States, passing the Time in Ballymenone, Irish Folktales, and The Spirit of Folk Art. He has served as president of the Vernacular Architecture Forum and the American Folklore Society.

Trails for the Twenty First Century

Trails for the Twenty First Century Author Charles Flink
ISBN-10 9781597263467
Release 2001-04-01
Pages 232
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Communities across the country are working to convert unused railway and canal corridors into trails for pedestrians, cyclists, horseback riders, and others, serving the needs of both recreationists and commuters alike. These multi-use trails can play a key role in improving livability, as they offer an innovative means of addressing sprawl, revitalizing urban areas, and reusing degraded lands. Trails for the Twenty-First Century is a step-by-step guide to all aspects of the planning, design, and management of multi-use trails. Originally published in 1993, this completely revised and updated edition offers a wealth of new information including. •discussions of recent regulations and federal programs, including ADA and TEA-21 •recently revised design standards from AASHTO •current research on topics ranging from trail surfacing to conflict resolution •information about designing and building trails in brownfields and other •environmentally troubled landscapes Also included is a new introduction that describes the importance of rail-trails to the sustainable communities movement, and an expanded discussion of maintenance costs. Enhanced with a wealth of illustrations, Trails for the Twenty-First Century provides detailed guidance on topics such as: taking a physical inventory and assessment of a site; involving the public and meeting the needs of adjacent landowners; understanding and complying with existing legislation; designing, managing, and promoting a trail; and where to go for more information. It is the only comprehensive guidebook available for planners, landscape architects, local officials, and community activists interested in creating a multi-use trail.

Restoring Western Ranges and Wildlands Volume 2 Chapters 18 23 Index

Restoring Western Ranges and Wildlands  Volume 2  Chapters 18 23  Index Author Stephen B. Monsen
ISBN-10 1480200379
Release 2012-10-27
Pages 430
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“Restoring Western Ranges and Wildlands” has had a fairly long gestation period. This final product of three volumes had its beginnings in 1983. At that time research administrators of the Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (now part of the Rocky Mountain Research Station) had obtained funding from the Four Corners Regional Commission to produce a series of research summary syntheses to aid agriculture and natural resource values and management for the Four Corner States (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah), and surrounding areas. “Restoring Western Ranges and Wildlands” was intended to supplant the successful, out-of-print, “Restoring Big Game Range in Utah” with a broader geographic coverage and new knowledge gained during the intervening years. This work represents the continuing collaboration of the Rocky Mountain Research Station and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. It is believed that the materials presented here in a “how to, what with, and why” manner will be timely and relevant for land managers and student in rehabilitation and restoration of degraded Western wildlands for years into the future.

When I Was a Slave

When I Was a Slave Author Norman R. Yetman
ISBN-10 9780486111391
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 160
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DIVMore than 2,000 former slaves provide first-person accounts in blunt, simple language about their lives in bondage. Illuminating, often startling information about southern life before, during, and after the Civil War. /div

Texas Woollybacks

Texas Woollybacks Author Paul H. Carlson
ISBN-10 9781623495077
Release 2016-06-06
Pages 262
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With a new epilogue to carry the story to the present, Paul Carlson engagingly chronicles the development of the range sheep and goat industry from Spanish times to about 1930, when widespread use of mesh-wire fences brought an end to the open-range management of sheep and goat ranches in Texas. “This well-written and thoroughly researched book will invariably be appreciated by those individuals interested in southwestern and agricultural history.”—Journal of American History “This volume is impressive in the array and quality of information presented concerning the sheep and goat industry in Texas.”—Western Historical Quarterly “. . . a comprehensive, well-organized, and easily read treatment of a subject comparatively neglected by historians of the American livestock industry."—Great Plains Quarterly “. . . employs a down-to-earth yet scholarly approach to give us a highly readable, very informative book on a neglected subject . . . accuracy, insight, and readability make Texas Woollybacks an excellent book.”—Southwest Chronicle

The Matter of History

The Matter of History Author Timothy J. LeCain
ISBN-10 9781107134171
Release 2017-07-31
Pages 358
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New insights into the microbiome, epigenetics, and cognition are radically challenging our very idea of what it means to be 'human', while an explosion of neo-materialist thinking in the humanities has fostered a renewed appreciation of the formative powers of a dynamic material environment. The Matter of History brings these scientific and humanistic ideas together to develop a bold, new post-anthropocentric understanding of the past, one that reveals how powerful organisms and things help to create humans in all their dimensions, biological, social, and cultural. Timothy J. LeCain combines cutting-edge theory and detailed empirical analysis to explain the extraordinary late-nineteenth century convergence between the United States and Japan at the pivotal moment when both were emerging as global superpowers. Illustrating the power of a deeply material social and cultural history, The Matter of History argues that three powerful things - cattle, silkworms, and copper - helped to drive these previously diverse nations towards a global 'Great Convergence'.

Kentucky s Frontier Highway

Kentucky s Frontier Highway Author Karl Raitz
ISBN-10 9780813136646
Release 2012
Pages 411
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Eighteenth-century Kentucky beckoned to hunters, surveyors, and settlers from the mid-Atlantic coast colonies as a source of game, land, and new trade opportunities. Unfortunately, the Appalachian Mountains formed a daunting barrier that left only two primary roads to this fertile Eden. The steep grades and dense forests of the Cumberland Gap rendered the Wilderness Road impassable to wagons, and the northern route extending from southeastern Pennsylvania became the first main thoroughfare to the rugged West, winding along the Ohio River and linking Maysville to Lexington in the heart of the Bluegrass. Kentucky's Frontier Highway reveals the astounding history of the Maysville Road, a route that served as a theater of local settlement, an engine of economic development, a symbol of the national political process, and an essential part of the Underground Railroad. Authors Karl Raitz and Nancy O'Malley chart its transformation from an ancient footpath used by Native Americans and early settlers to a central highway, examining the effect that its development had on the evolution of transportation technology as well as the usage and abandonment of other thoroughfares, and illustrating how this historic road shaped the wider American landscape.

The reign of law

The reign of law Author James Lane Allen
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105002448400
Release 1908
Pages 385
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An historical novel which presents the economic importance of hemp as a early raw material for clothing, maritime ropes, and other cordage products. There is information about the growing and harvesting of hemp in this book.