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Royal Prick

Royal Prick Author J. L. Beck
ISBN-10 1533483744
Release 2016-05-23
Pages 390
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Royal is a prick. A sexy as hell prick. The I need and want to screw you right now kind of prick. The arrogant, I can do and f*ck whoever I want to type. He's so self-entitled that I want to punch him in the face, yet kiss him at the same time. I hate him but at the same time, still want him. A darkness surrounds him. He has secerts. For instance where he sneaks off to almost every night. He'll break my heart and my headboard if let him. I wanted Royal, but could I handle his darkness?

Royal Prick a British Royal Stepbrother Romance

Royal Prick  a British Royal Stepbrother Romance Author Nikki Wild
ISBN-10 1522700617
Release 2015-12-11
Pages 460
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GwendolynWhen my royal prick of a stepbrother left for Afghanistan four years ago, I was heartbroken. It wasn't just Tristan's hard muscles and cocky grin that got my pulse pounding... He was also a duke-or he would be soon enough...Now he's back and hotter than ever... And he wants something from me... Something dangerous. Something scandalous.TristanI have a secret. A shameful secret that started with my birth, one that my father was clear must never get out: I'm my father's bastard, his illegitimate child with a woman beneath his station. Father has never hesitated to treat me as such, to remind me of my "low breeding." And now that he's remarried and somehow managed to spawn a real heir, he's only too eager to be rid of me once and for all.I can't let my father win. But the only way I can claim my title and the riches that come with it, is to marry a respectable woman of high standing before my new brother is born. I'm not exactly the type to settle down, and I've got a certain... reputation working against me. There's only one woman in all the world who can help me now.Gwendolyn, my stepsister...But it's not just about the money or the power... I want her. I want her more than anything I've ever wanted before.


Filthy Author J. L. Beck
ISBN-10 1533491887
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 160
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Talon Reed was filthy. His mouth was filthy. The way he f*cked was filthy. He was a dirty boy, and I wanted him. Every. Single. Long. Inch. That was until I found out my mom was marrying his father and he would be my new stepbrother. See that was a line I didn't cross. Or so I thought. Turns out I wanted Talon just as much as he wanted me, and maybe that was the problem from the start.


Indebted Author J. L. Beck
ISBN-10 1508500339
Release 2015-01-28
Pages 180
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It was suppose to be a debt settled, just a price being repaid. Instead love was born... ...from unpaid dues it bloomed. See, that's the funny thing about love, you never expect it. After losing her mother to cancer a few months prior to graduating, Bree Forbes was finally able to take some time away and enjoy her college days. That all changed in a blink of an eye the moment Bree came home for break. She didn't expect to find her dad strapped to chair, a gun pointed at his head. Alzerro “Zerro” King wasn't a man to be messed with. Women flocked to him and men ran from him. He ruled the mafia with an iron fist and no one ever crossed him unless they wanted to pay the price. He believed the only way to pay for something, if unable to do so, was to do it in blood. Nothing got him harder than stringing someone up, and putting a bullet in their head. That is until Bree. One look is all it took for him to know she could pay for her father's debt in many other ways… Ways that could get him hard. Could a big city mafia king fall in love with the small town country girl? Would she be able to handle his dark and demanding ways? When push comes to shove, would Bree end up running only to be killed? Or would she sacrifice herself for love?

The Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels Author Honey Palomino
ISBN-10 1523321342
Release 2016-01-04
Pages 194
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THIS ISN'T YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S FAIRY TALE... JEWELS Fairy tales aren't real... The first time a Prince swept me off my feet and into his bed, I fell head over heels. He was everything I shouldn't want. A bad boy. A player. I opened my heart. And that Royal prick left me broken. I promised myself it wouldn't happen again. But temptation has a way of breaking promises. WILL She's the one that got away. The nerdy girl with the hot little body that always drove me crazy. My little soon-to-be step-princess... The one girl I could never have again... Until tonight. And that's when everything went wrong.

Royal Master

Royal Master Author Emilia Beaumont
Release 2017-09-18
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Royal Master has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Royal Master also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Royal Master book for free.

Stepbrother Daddy

Stepbrother Daddy Author Madelin Brook
Release 2018-02-12
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Meet 19-year old Miranda Sinclair, a recent college dropout, and wild child. While having to adjust to a dysfunctional home life, and recover from a harsh breakup, Miranda tries her hand at babysitting to regain independence in her life. All that Miranda wants is to live on her own, away from her quarreling parents, so babysitting is her only option to earn money. Her stepbrother, Marcus Jones, sells his online business in a lucrative deal and quickly becomes a wealthy 25-year old entrepreneur. Marcus, his girlfriend, and Miranda go out for a night of celebration. The evening spirals out of control and the events after that become filled with excess, decadence and an act that is far too taboo to overlook. What happens when Miranda takes things too far? Can she overcome adversity? Or, does she succumb to forbidden pleasures that she has never experienced? And, when Marcus disappears without a trace, how does she cope in his absence?


Release 1912
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THE REEF has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from THE REEF also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full THE REEF book for free.

The Friendship Pact

The Friendship Pact Author J.L. Beck
Release 2018-05-23
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The pact is simple: Best Friends Forever Nothing will ever come between them Reed and Fallon have been friends since childhood. But - she's always had feelings for him. As they get older, his feelings start to change too. She's beautiful and funny, everything about her turns him on. Just when he decides to confess how he feels... Tragedy strikes. Scared about what's going to happen, Reed decides he can't risk losing anyone else. The Friendship Pact is born. ***This is an 8,000 word prequel to The Baby Arrangement that gives a glimpse of Reed & Fallon's relationship***

PS I Love You

PS  I Love You Author Cecelia Ahern
ISBN-10 9781401399221
Release 2004-02-03
Pages 384
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A wonderfully warm and heartfelt debut from a stunning new talent. Everyone needs a guardian angel! Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates. But not Holly and Gerry. Childhood sweethearts, they could finish each other's sentences and even when they fought, they laughed. No one could imagine Holly and Gerry without each other. Until the unthinkable happens. Gerry's death devastates Holly. But as her 30th birthday looms, Gerry comes back to her. He's left her a bundle of notes, one for each of the months after his death, gently guiding Holly into her new life without him, each note signed 'PS, I Love You'. As the notes are gradually opened, and as the year unfolds, Holly is both cheered up and challenged. The man who knows her better than anyone sets out to teach her that life goes on. With some help from her friends, and her noisy and loving family, Holly finds herself laughing, crying, singing, dancing--and being braver than ever before. Life is for living, she realises--but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.


Invincible Author J. L. Beck
ISBN-10 1511483326
Release 2015-03-27
Pages 306
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A book where the romance is just as dangerous as the crime.... FBI Agent Devon Mitchell is trying everything he can to move on with his life. Except he can't. After losing the one person he loved more than life itself, he struggles to carry on with the guilt and burden of letting her go. When a new assignment in his old hometown lands on his desk, he can't help but feel drawn to it. Drawn to her... But this isn't a case he was assigned, but a secret undercover mission that could ruin his career if his cover is blown. Tegan Anderson wishes for a normal life. Pushing her way through college, she finds herself in dead end relationship number three-except this time, the guy is into something far more dangerous than your usual twenty-three-year-old is involved in. Drugs, dirty money, and casino debts are just a few things her ex has found himself wrapped up in. When the people he owes money come looking for him, she finds herself in a situation that could be the difference between life and death. With the odds stacked against them, and a herd of angry men after them, can Devon and Tegan survive the mayhem that is about to ensue? Can they overcome the past or will it shatter both of them? Sometimes, love isn't enough, but could theirs be truly invincible?

The Year of Second Chances

The Year of Second Chances Author Jessica Sorensen
ISBN-10 1542726018
Release 2017-01-26
Pages 210
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Isabella Anders isn't ready to accept that her mother is guilty of murder, and with the help of Kai, she might be able to find out the truth. Over the last month, Kai's feelings for Isa have grown. He knows he's in love with her and will do just about anything to protect her. But by helping Isa, he's putting his own life at risk. Kai isn't the only one in danger, though. Isa is being stalked by someone who knows what really happened the day her mother was accused of murder, and they'll do just about anything to keep her from discovering the truth. Isabella Anders isn't ready to accept that her mother is guilty of murder, and with the help of Kai, she might be able to find out the truth. Over the last month, Kai's feelings for Isa have grown. He knows he's in love with her and will do just about anything to protect her. But by helping Isa, he's putting his own life at risk. Kai isn't the only one in danger, though. Isa is being stalked by someone who knows what really happened the day her mother was accused of murder, and they'll do just about anything to keep her from discovering the truth. Alternative edition. Is NOT the final book in the series.

Asimov s Guide to Shakespeare

Asimov s Guide to Shakespeare Author Isaac Asimov
ISBN-10 0517268256
Release 1970
Pages 843
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Examines the historical, geographical, and mythological background of the plays and two narrative poems

Moving Against the Stream

Moving Against the Stream Author Sangharakshita
ISBN-10 9781909314528
Release 2014-08-22
Pages 416
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In 1964 Sangharakshita left India for a visit to the UK. After twenty years in the subcontinent - travelling and lecturing, writing, working among the most deprived, and extending and deepening his knowledge of the Dharma - he had been invited by leading British Buddhists to help resolve tensions in the British Buddhist scene. We witness the turning point at which he decided to dedicate his life to working 'for the good of Buddhism' in his native land, culminating in the birth of a new Buddhist movement.

Screw the Roses Send Me the Thorns

Screw the Roses  Send Me the Thorns Author Philip Miller
ISBN-10 0964596008
Release 1995
Pages 277
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Light-hearted and fun to read, SCREW THE ROSES, SEND IN THE THORNS tells readers everything they need (and want!) to know about sadomasochism. Deeply committed to the blend of trust, fantasy and sensuality that makes S/M an intensely erotic and deeply intimate experience, Miller and Devon here offer everyone - from the complete novice to the well-practised sub or dom - clear explanations, solid advice, safety measures and steamy suggestions. Illustrated with over 225 photos and illustrations, the book also includes a glossary and 30-page resources listing.

What Might Kill Us

What Might Kill Us Author M. N. Forgy
ISBN-10 1539735257
Release 2016-10-24
Pages 234
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Brotherhood is what Bull bleeds and all that he knows. Being the king of The Devil's Dust and surrounded by easy women was his everyday... until having his heart broke rooted him to the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Heartbroken, and drowning in lost memories he's unsure of the direction of his life, when the answer - consisting of a terrified Mexican girl- nearly knocks him off his feet. Determined to get his act together and rectify his club, he rides to Texas for answers, only to be confronted with the emotional ghosts he isn't ready to deal with. He sees Anahi, and he wants her. But she may come with more baggage than Bull is ready for. Anahi used to be prim and proper. She used to wear dresses and keep up appearances to impress people she didn't know. I guess you could say she was a fucking lady. But that was when she lived in Mexico with her parents. Before her uncle turned on her. Before, the only man she ever loved, her step-brother, betrayed her. Before she was forced to be a drug mule for the Cartel. Evening gowns a lost memory, expensive heels traded for boots, and a nine millimeter in her hand instead of a limited edition purse. Anahi sets aside everything she's ever known including the fairytale stories her mother told her about America. She's angry, determined, and looking for a way out.

Living Without

Living Without Author Lila Rose
ISBN-10 0994452586
Release 2016-11-02
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For the past four years, Nary May's heart belonged to Saxon "Vicious" Black. Despite the painful reality of unrequited love, her feelings never strayed, no matter what he did. But there comes a time when surviving means letting go. What she never expected was to find herself fighting for her life and trying to survive a new form of torment threatening to swallow her whole. Saxon was broken. Never feeling worthy, the last thing he ever wanted to do was taint the woman he loved. But it was easier to push and walk away than leave himself open for more heartache. However, when faced with the possibility of losing Nary to the monsters that invade her dreams, the time to run was over. To save her means risking it all, but to continue living without his heart was no longer an option.