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Running a Public Company

Running a Public Company Author Steven M. Bragg
ISBN-10 9780470527283
Release 2009-09-08
Pages 304
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Praise for Running a Public Company: From IPO to SEC Reporting "Steve Bragg's book is an essential read for anyone contemplating a public offering or taking on leadership responsibility in a public company. Not only does he explain the complicated aspects of registration and reporting, he provides practical examples of policies, procedures, and controls to keep a public company on the right track. This book is easy to follow and will continue to be a resource for the reader."—Tom Wilkinson , PMB Helin Donovan, LLP "I will recommend Running a Public Company: From IPO to SEC Reporting to my clients and consulting colleagues as an excellent resource. The book provides helpful guidance about the decision to go public, and about managing the requirements once a company is public. Steve Bragg's extensive knowledge stems from actual business experience, and his writing style makes a complex topic easier to follow and understand."—Valerie G. Walling, CPA, CMC, Management and Internal Controls Consultant "I highly recommend Steve's new book, Running a Public Company: From IPO to SEC Reporting, because it's a reference manual and insider's guide that contains a treasure trove of valuable insights certain to help managers, accountants, and attorneys navigate through the countless challenges that arise when taking (and keeping) a company public."—Matthew Posta, Esq., CPA, Vice President of Finance, Key Air, LLC "Mr. Bragg has done an excellent job of demystifying what is required to run your company and sell your stock in the public markets. I consider this a must-read for anyone considering a public offering or working with a public company."—Wray Rives, CPA "Running a Public Company: From IPO to SEC Reporting is an incredibly exhaustive guide to going public, spanning the process from first deciding to take the leap to filing with the SEC and everything in between—so comprehensive that it even includes the SEC's account number for paying filing fees! This is yet another Steven Bragg title for professionals that takes a complicated and oftentimes confusing process and breaks it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps. Should our company ever decide to make that jump, it is reassuring to know that Running a Public Company has laid out the path before us in perfect detail. Whether used as a reference or a guide, Mr. Bragg makes the process simple, clear, and amazingly straightforward."—Adrienne Gonzalez, Project Coordinator, Roger CPA Review, Chief Information Officer, "The first A to Z guide that I have seen. An excellent reference for management and investors alike."—Brian A. Lebrecht, Esq., President, The Lebrecht Group, APLC

Going Public

Going Public Author James B. Arkebauer
ISBN-10 0793128358
Release 1998
Pages 359
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Explains initial public offerings and describes how they can help small companies.

The Ernst Young Guide to the IPO Value Journey

The Ernst   Young Guide to the IPO Value Journey Author Ernst & Young
ISBN-10 0471352330
Release 1999-10-22
Pages 304
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A practical guide to taking your company public--successfully This updated version of the Ernst & Young Guide to Taking Your Company Public looks at the IPO as a milestone in a larger process called The Value Journey?sm, the basis for the work of the Ernst & Young Center for Strategic Transactions??, a business advisory resource for CEOs. This practical book is designed to help you determine whether an IPO is the right move for your company and addresses the major leadership challenges that CEOs face. It describes how to plan your IPO journey and chart your business strategy, focusing on the steps you must take to succeed during and after the IPO event and fulfill the critical need to continuously innovate and renew your company.

Initial Public Offerings

Initial Public Offerings Author Roger G. Ibbotson
ISBN-10 IND:30000042814008
Release 1993
Pages 18
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Initial Public Offerings has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Initial Public Offerings also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Initial Public Offerings book for free.

The Ernst Young Guide to Taking Your Company Public

The Ernst   Young Guide to Taking Your Company Public Author Ernst & Young LLP
ISBN-10 0471114731
Release 1995-03-02
Pages 256
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Ernst & Young experts provide essential information on how the going public procedure works including what it means to become a public company, who should be involved in the process, underwriting your offering, the registration procedure and alternative sources of financing. Explains, in plain English, all SEC rules and regulations for taking an enterprise public.

The IPO Decision

The IPO Decision Author Jason Draho
ISBN-10 1781008787
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 385
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Annotation Initial public offerings (IPOs) garnered unprecedented positive attention in the 1990s for their spectacular returns and central role in entrepreneurial activity. Subsequent revelations of unscrupulous IPO allocation and promotion practices cast a less fa.

Reverse Mergers

Reverse Mergers Author David N. Feldman
ISBN-10 0470883480
Release 2010-05-20
Pages 272
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In good markets or bad, reverse mergers play a key role for companies that want to avoid the IPO route for going public. Since the successful first edition of Reverse Mergers was published in 2006, the economic and regulatory landscape has changed. Executives, owners, lawyers, accountants, professional investors, regulators, and others need to know what those changes mean for reverse mergers. Reverse-merger expert David Feldman gives an overview of the most important changes since the previous edition was published: new SEC regulations, the changing nature of SPACs (Special-Purpose Acquisition Company), and the emergence of new instruments called WRASPs (WestPark Alternative Senior Exchange Process). The book includes a new chapter on China, and the “Experts Speak” chapter features all new interviewees. David Feldman is one of the country’s leading experts on reverse mergers, self-filings, and other alternatives to IPOs. His firm has guided hundreds of companies on going public, advising them on structure and mechanics, financing, due diligence, regulatory issues, and more.

Public Company Accounting and Finance

Public Company Accounting and Finance Author Steven M. Bragg
ISBN-10 1938910389
Release 2014-08-04
Pages 228
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In a public company, accountants are buried with additional reporting requirements, though there is a clear opportunity to raise money through the public markets. In Public Company Accounting and Finance, we explore both of these aspects of a public company. The accountant must learn about earnings per share, segment reporting, and Staff Accounting Bulletins, as well as quarterly and annual reporting to the SEC. Meanwhile, the treasurer can engage in an initial public offering, file registration statements, or sell shares under various SEC exemptions. This book covers all of these topics and more.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Corporate Governance and Ethics Author Zabihollah Rezaee
ISBN-10 9780471738008
Release 2009
Pages 448
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This book is the first to present a comprehensive framework of the theory and practice of corporate governance and business ethics by focusing on the four cornerstones promoted by the AACSB. Readers will quickly gain an understanding of the main themes, perspectives, frameworks, concepts, and issues pertaining to corporate governance and business ethics from historical, global, institutional, commercial, best practices, and regulatory perspectives. Additionally, there is also complete coverage of all oversight functions of corporate governance.

Taking Your Company Public

Taking Your Company Public Author James Scott
ISBN-10 0989146707
Release 2013-04-06
Pages 124
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This book deals with the process of taking a company public, from forming the initial public offering to beginning operations. Entrepreneurs who are pressed for time often find this process difficult due to its many steps. Most books on this subject fail to offer first-hand, practical advice on taking a company public, whereas this book is intended to provide definitive guidance. Taking a company public is every entrepreneur's dream, and it alsooffers major financial rewards, prestige and glamour. It is also acomplex process that often intimidates entrepreneurs, and requires specialists in many disciplines such as accountants, attorneys, consultants and public relations executives. These professionals may possess a thorough knowledge of their area of expertise, but they rarely have a total grasp of the entire process of taking a company public. This book fulfills the need of the Chief Executive Officer and the IPO team to obtaina more complete understanding of this complex subject.

An Introduction to Corporate Governance and the SEC

An Introduction to Corporate Governance and the SEC Author K. Fred Skousen
ISBN-10 0324226985
Release 2005
Pages 198
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Recent traumatic events in the financial markets, such as the fall of Enron, World Com, and Arthur Andersen, have led to an increased emphasis on corporate governance and on the regulatory bodies overseeing the capital markets and the financial professions. However, educational materials that appropriately highlight the importance of the SEC, as well as the new laws that apply to corporate reporting, ethics, and guidelines for corporate governance, are scarce. Few titles exist that can serve as either a supplement or as a primary text that focus on the SEC as the body for overseeing financial reporting and corporate responsibilities. An Introduction to Corporate Governance and the SEC by Skousen, Glover, and Prawitt fills that role. Use this book as either a supplement or as a primary text to help your students understand the fundamentals of corporate governance and the critical role the SEC plays in the corporate governance process, overseeing the financial reporting of public companies.

International and US IPO Planning

International and US IPO Planning Author Frederick D. Lipman
ISBN-10 0470478675
Release 2008-12-22
Pages 288
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Praise for International and U.S. IPO Planning "Perhaps the greatest value of Frederick Lipman's new book on initial public offerings derives—as its title indicates—from the emphasis that it places on planning. Lipman makes abundantly clear that an IPO is not something to be rushed into by every fledgling firm, as was typical during the boom of the late 1990s. Indeed, his extensive treatment of the many aspects of preparing a company for an IPO, particularly the non financial aspects, helps the reader to focus on the most important question of all: Is an IPO appropriate for a given company? Somewhat uniquely, Lipman then asks the further question of whether an international IPO might be appropriate for that company even if a domestic one were not. By doing so, he has made a real contribution to this literature." —Kenneth C. Froewiss, Clinical Professor of Finance, NYU Stern School of Business "We are operating in a global environment in nearly every aspect of business, and structuring/planning for an IPO is no different. The recent changes in regulations for U.S.- listed companies have raised the cost of access of U.S.-listed IPO capital, making foreign exchanges much more attractive. Fred Lipman has created a wonderful guide for managers to seriously access this option for their business. I also hope his book is a wake-up call to U.S. regulators on their impact on the competitiveness of U.S. securities markets." —Bob Hellman, Managing Partner & CEO, American Infrastructure MLP Funds "This book will be of immense value to the companies planning an IPO. I am particularly struck by the research done by the author, which, in my opinion, makes it an authentic guide for private companies not only in the U.S. but also in Asia, particularly India and China, where a huge opportunity awaits companies to mature into sustainable enterprises by involving a large section of society in their IPO." —M.K. Chouhan, Chairman, Mahendra & Young Knowledge Foundation, and Vice Chairman of Global Advisory Board, Asian Centre for Corporate Governance "This book contains valuable suggestions for advanced planning for both U.S. and international IPOs and belongs in the library of every entrepreneur and business executive." —William C. Tyson, Associate Professor, Legal Studies, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 8 crucial steps to planning a successful IPO International and U.S. IPO Planning outlines the eight step-by-step techniques all private companies must follow to prepare for a successful IPO, either in the U.S. or internationally. From advance planning techniques for both an international and U.S. IPO, to growing a business through acquisitions and "roll-ups" prior to an IPO, to deterring unwanted suitors by inserting carefully placed provisions into the charter, and so much more, International and U.S. IPO Planning provides a wealth of practical and insightful guidance to help the private company go public, regardless of its size or location.

Initial Public Offerings

Initial Public Offerings Author David Westenberg
ISBN-10 1402418957
Release 2013-01-16
Pages 1500
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The new second edition of Initial Public Offerings: A Practical Guide to Going Public provides battle-tested, real-world advice on how to create a winning IPO. Packed with best practices, planning tips, checklists and sample documents to help implement its guidance, Initial Public Offerings gives you the actionable insight you need to Understand market requirements and lay the groundwork for an IPO Weigh an IPO s advantages, drawbacks, demands and alternatives Prepare for the rigors of due diligence Master accounting matters vital to the IPO process Take advantage of pre-IPO tax and financial planning opportunities Put together a powerful IPO team Consider a dual track strategy Numerous developments originating from the SEC, Congress, and the private sector continue to change the IPO landscape. Completely revised and substantially expanded, the second edition addresses key changes in legal requirements and market practices of critical interest to IPO companies, lawyers, and market professionals alike. Among other new and updated topics, the book covers the impact of the JOBS Act on private company fundraising, pre-IPO activities, Form S-1 disclosure requirements, and the IPO process; ongoing changes in corporate governance requirements and practices; and important developments in accounting preparation, SEC review, and underwriting practices. The new edition also includes updated market data, IPO forms, and planning tips to help ensure a smooth IPO in the post-Dodd-Frank, post-JOBS Act world."

Planet Google

Planet Google Author Randall Stross
ISBN-10 9781416546962
Release 2009-09-22
Pages 288
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Draws on interviews with Google's CEO and the heads of its newest businesses to trace the story of the company's ambitions and influence, covering such topics as its acquisition of YouTube and its role in reshaping business and culture.

Accounting Best Practices

Accounting Best Practices Author Steven M. Bragg
ISBN-10 9781118417805
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 496
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Praise for previous editions of Accounting Best Practices "For a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read guide to fixing those all-too-common shortcomings in your accounting department, look no further than this excellent book. Steve Bragg provides hundreds of fixes, many of them requiring surprisingly little time or cost while providing a handy guide to common implementation pitfalls. . . . I would recommend this invaluable book to anyone who is looking to enhance their existing processes, whether due to growth in their business, compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, or just as part of their ongoing improvement process." —Martyn Webster, CPA, Director of Finance, XenoPort, Inc. "This book is critical to running an efficient and accurate accounting department. The use of RFID technology to track documents is one of many valuable tools in this latest edition. A required read for the demanding accounting manager's role." —Jason Charet, CPA "I've used Steve Bragg's Accounting Best Practices books for years as a source of ideas for improvement. Like previous editions, this edition has a number of new, actionable best practices as well as refinements of those ideas reported in previous editions. The books are broad enough in their perspective so that nearly any organization could find ideas that could pay back the cost of the book many times over." —John Temmerman, Controller, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America "What a great resource! I have been in the accounting field for over twenty years, and I was still able to gain insight into improving processes within my office. Thanks for putting it all in one book!" —Tina M. Thomas, CPA, CTP, Controller, Goodman & Company, LLP

Management Is This Any Way to Run a Company

Management   Is This Any Way to Run a Company Author H. Lee Rust
ISBN-10 9780615205847
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Management Is This Any Way to Run a Company has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Management Is This Any Way to Run a Company also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Management Is This Any Way to Run a Company book for free.

Reading Financial Reports For Dummies

Reading Financial Reports For Dummies Author Lita Epstein
ISBN-10 9781118775028
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 384
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Discover how to decipher financial reports Especially relevant in today's world of corporate scandals and new accounting laws, the numbers in a financial report contain vitally important information about where a company has been and where it is going. Packed with new and updated information, Reading Financial Reports For Dummies, 3rd Edition gives you a quick but clear introduction to financial reports–and how to decipher the information in them. New information on the separate accounting and financial reporting standards for private/small businesses versus public/large businesses New content to match SEC and other governmental regulatory changes New information about how the analyst-corporate connection has actually changed the playing field The impact of corporate communications and new technologies New examples that reflect current trends Updated websites and resources Reading Financial Reports For Dummies is for investors, traders, brokers, managers, and anyone else who is looking for a reliable, up-to-date guide to reading financial reports effectively.