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Wynonna Author Em Petrova
ISBN-10 1547083387
Release 2017-05
Pages 310
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What if the man you're in love with isn't the one you plan to marry?Wynonna Calhoun is a barrel racing champion and reality TV star. She's sick of both of those roles and is ready to settle down like her brothers and work more with her horses. She's also newly engaged, but everyone's saying her fianc� isn't right for her. Even the ranch foreman, Maverick, has put in his two cents on the topic, and he has no right when he avoids her like she's just rolled in manure.No freakin' way is Mav letting Wynonna marry an asshole like that. Her daddy would rise from his grave if he knew, and Mav won't let the Calhoun princess make the mistake of walking down the aisle with a man who's soft. Especially since Mav knows all too well that she likes 'em rough. Mav struggles to keep his hands off the brazen redheaded mistress of sass, but he's no good for anyone, not with his history. Besides, he's too old for her.Wynonna wishes Mav would own up to his feelings about her. She can't help but think his troubles are rooted back in Oregon at his family's feet, and she's due for a vacation anyhow. But when she winds up deliriously ill, she only calls out for one man, and it isn't the one she'd planned on marrying. Now she needs a plan to make him realize he's perfect for her.

Dalton Boys Complete Collection

Dalton Boys Complete Collection Author Em Petrova
ISBN-10 1530558972
Release 2016-03-19
Pages 620
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All 5 books of the best selling Dalton Boys series in one complete collection. The Dalton brothers must marry to get a piece of the land they love. Cowboy Crazy Cowboy Bargain Cowboy Crushin' Cowboy Secret Cowboy Rish

Frayed Rope

Frayed Rope Author Harlow Stone
ISBN-10 0994037600
Release 2015-01-07
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Complete Trilogy Available Now "You are completely thrown, slammed and brutalized by Harlow" - Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets A changed name, a different country, a new life. Carte blanche, right? Perhaps, and I might have enjoyed it under different circumstances. But the bottom line is- he won't stop until I'm dead. I've done my best to stay in the shadows. Laying low and only speaking when I absolutely need to. It worked well for me until Ryder walked into my life. Or more accurately, jogged. The dark and broody owner of Callaghan Securities invaded my reclusive bubble when I least expected it. Knowing that my time spent avoiding people could be coming to an end, I have an important decision to make. Am I able to open up about my past? Let him in, let him help? Or will I embrace the cold hearted bitch I have become and leave him behind like everything else in my shit life. I was once a nice woman named Jayne O'Connor. I'm not sure I know who that is anymore. "Harlow Stone is a bit of an emotional terrorist with her writing. She lures you in, lays the foundation of where you just know things will go and then BANG! Never saw it coming!" Amazon Review Reading Order: The Ugly Roses#1- Frayed Rope The Ugly Roses#2- Concealed Affliction The Ugly Roses#3- Blinded By Fate Recommended +18 Due to mature content, foul language, nudity, sex, and all other things steamy. If you have triggers in regards to being attacked, this book is not for you. 75,000 word novel told from Jayne's POV

Sky Rider

Sky Rider Author Nancy Springer
ISBN-10 9781497688889
Release 2014-12-30
Pages 117
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Everything changes when a handsome stranger rides off into the night on Dusty’s horse There’s no way around it: Dusty’s horse Tazz needs to be put down. Once a champion jumper, Tazz can barely walk now due to hoof pain. And that’s not the only thing that’s wrong in Dusty’s life. Since her mother’s death, Dusty’s dad hasn’t stopped drinking—even after his drunk driving put Dusty in the hospital with a now-chronic back injury. Why don’t they just put me down too? she wonders. While Dusty is giving Tazz one last grooming, his ears suddenly prick up as a stranger approaches: a young boy with an otherworldly beauty. He offers to take Tazz with him, and the two race off into the distance as though Tazz were in perfect health, with the boy perched on his back. Who could this person be? And what is he doing here? It’s only when Dusty returns to school the next day that she hears about the boy who was killed. When she sees his photo in the newspaper, she knows that he’s the mysterious guy who rode off on Tazz. What she doesn’t know is that he will soon return.

The First Major

The First Major Author John Feinstein
ISBN-10 9780385541107
Release 2017-10-24
Pages 320
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Good Walk Spoiled, a dramatic chronicle of the bitterly-fought 2016 Ryder Cup pitting a U.S. team out for revenge against the Europeans determined to keep the Cup out of American hands. Coming into 2016, the Americans had lost an astounding six out of the last seven Ryder Cup matches, and tensions were running high for the showdown that took place in October, 2016 in Hazeltine, Minnesota, just days after American legend Arnold Palmer had died. What resulted was one of the most raucous and heated three days in the Cup's long history. Award-winning author John Feinstein takes readers behind the scenes, providing an inside view of the dramatic stories as they unfolded: veteran Phil Mickelson's two-year roller-coaster as he upended the American preparation process and helped assemble a superb team; superstar Rory McIlroy becoming the clear-cut emotional leader of the European team, and his reasons for wanting to beat the US team so badly this time around; the raucous matches between McIlroy and American Patrick Reed - resulting in both incredible golf, and several moments that threatened to come to blows; the return of Tiger Woods not as a player but an assistant captain, and his obsession with helping the US win - which was never the case when he was playing. John Feinstein's classic bestseller, A Good Walk Spoiled, set the bar for golf books. Now Feinstein provides his unique take on the Ryder Cup, which has clearly become golf's most intense and emotional's 'first Major.'

Taming Ryder

Taming Ryder Author Nicola Haken
ISBN-10 1500873330
Release 2014-09-15
Pages 284
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You met Ryder Richardson in Being Sawyer Knight. Now, this is his story. I've done it. I've stuck a whopping two fingers up at my parents, I've made a name for myself as one of the world's biggest porn stars and I've finally found a family I belong in. Life is amazing. I get paid to do all my favourite things. Fuck. Party. Travel the world. What's not to love? And then he comes along. Mason George - Back Door Studio's newest exclusive model and the guy who has the potential to either fuck it all up, or take me on the best ride of my life. Ryder I'm desperate. I've got nothing and nobody left. Entering the daunting world of adult entertainment is less of a dream and more of a necessity. Signing as Back Door Studio's latest model has the ability to either ruin or make me, but I made a vow at my first audition never to let myself regret it. I continue to question myself each day, but no amount of whats, whys or what ifs will change where I am or where I'm heading. Am I strong enough to do this? To embrace it? To enjoy it? I have no idea. The only thing I'm certain of, is that if anyone can teach me who I'm supposed to be, it's Ryder Richardson. Mason "Because the most exciting things in life always happen via the back door" *Not suitable for persons under 18 years of age due to language, sexual content and scenes of self-harm (possible trigger warning)*

All Music Guide

All Music Guide Author Vladimir Bogdanov
ISBN-10 0879306270
Release 2001
Pages 1491
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Arranged in sixteen musical categories, provides entries for twenty thousand releases from four thousand artists, and includes a history of each musical genre.

Barely Undercover

Barely Undercover Author Sarah Castille
ISBN-10 9780993816871
Release 2017-08-31
Pages 298
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Barely Undercover has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Barely Undercover also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Barely Undercover book for free.

The Rider

The Rider Author Tim Krabbé
ISBN-10 9781582342900
Release 2003-06-12
Pages 160
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The classic bicycle road racing book first published in 1978 chronicles a 150-kilometer European road race and its competitors in vivid, realistic detail. Reprint.

Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Alexander and the Terrible  Horrible  No Good  Very Bad Day Author Judith Viorst
ISBN-10 9781442463165
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 32
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He could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. He went to sleep with gum in his mouth and woke up with gum in his hair. When he got out of bed, he tripped over his skateboard and by mistake dropped his sweater in the sink while the water was running. He could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Nothing at all was right. Everything went wrong, right down to lima beans for supper and kissing on TV. What do you do on a day like that? Well, you may think about going to Australia. You may also be glad to find that some days are like that for other people too.

Hard Ridin

Hard Ridin Author Em Petrova
ISBN-10 1619216760
Release 2014
Pages 226
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One man by day, the other by night. With cowboys this hot, who needs sleep? Country Fever, Book 1 Eight months after her lover, Holden, went off to join the Alaskan fishing fleet, Laurel gave up on him and soothed her broken heart by focusing on her dream of owning a small organic farm. Now her crop is growing—and so are her feelings for Jens, the hunky rancher who owns the land she’s tending. Behind her affection for Jens, though she hides a secret: she still aches for Holden. If Jens knew she once loved his best friend, she fears he’ll walk out on her, too. When Holden returns to find his girl in Jens’s arms, he’s nearly crippled with jealous rage. And with fear that she’ll run away from them both unless they figure out a solution—fast. It’s Jens who comes up with the crazy-hot idea to share her. As their three-way dance of seduction heats up, the sexual and emotional barriers fall like dominos. But now it’s Jens who’s holding onto a secret. One that could not only destroy their tenuous bond, but leave them all without a home. Warning: Contains two sexy cowboys who want the same woman; and, in winning her heart, they discover a steaming hot attraction for each other.

Slaying the Tiger

Slaying the Tiger Author Shane Ryan
ISBN-10 9780553390681
Release 2016
Pages 448
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Taking readers through the 2014 season, it reports on the new talents arriving on the green to dethrone golf's recognized kings and reshape the traditionally old-fashioned sport for a new generation

Dirty Rocker Boys

Dirty Rocker Boys Author Bobbie Brown
ISBN-10 9781476734736
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 272
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An uncensored Hollywood tell-all filled with explicit tales of love, sex, and revenge from the video vixen made famous by Warrant’s rock anthem “Cherry Pie.” Who could forget the sexy “Cherry Pie” girl from hair metal band Warrant’s infamous music video? Bobbie Brown became a bona fide vixen for her playful role as the object of lead singer Jani Lane’s desires. But the wide-eyed Louisiana beauty queen’s own dreams of making it big in Los Angeles were about to be derailed by her rock-and-roll lifestyle. After her tumultuous marriage to Jani imploded, and her engagement to fast-living Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee ended in a drug haze—followed by his marriage later to Pamela Anderson—Bobbie decided it was time Hollywood’s hottest bachelors got a taste of their own medicine. Step one: get high. Step two: get even. In a captivating, completely uncensored confessional, Bobbie explicitly recounts a life among some of the most famous men in Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Costner, Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, Sebastian Bach, Ashley Hamilton, Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Orgy’s Jay Gordon, and many more. No man was off limits as the fun-loving bombshell spiraled into excess, anger, and addiction. Bobbie survived the party—barely—and her riveting, cautionary comeback tale is filled with the wildest stories of sex, drugs, and rock and roll ever told.

Concealed Affliction

Concealed Affliction Author Harlow Stone
ISBN-10 0994037627
Release 2015-06-20
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"Harlow's characters will grab you and make you their own" -Book Fairy Reviews Ryder has done his best to break my armor. It's been a slow process but he has reminded me what it's like to feel again. I could never thank him enough for the toe curling and life altering experiences. He's been my light in a hurricane, but even I know the sun can't shine all the time. I have a big decision to make and it's not as simple as just going left or right, forward or backward. I've heard people say that when we hit a crossroad in life, the only difference is that one way is longer than the other (believe me when I say that these people are full of shit, don't listen to them). I've hit every fucking intersection from Canada to the USofA, and no matter what direction I take, the distance is always the same. The reason for this is because it's not about the distance, it's about the outcome of the journey. This journey of mine only leaves me two choices and neither satisfy me. Do I continue on my path towards retribution for my family? Or do I focus on the first man to crack my ice-cold heart? He's the only man who has ever made me feel safe at night; the first to truly accept all of me- scars included. I'm at a crossroad, and no matter which way I turn, I'm fucked. Ryder or retribution? This life of mine isn't a fairytale, I know I can't have both. Reading Order: Thr Ugly Roses #1- Frayed Rope The Ugly Roses #2- Concealed Affliction The Ugly Roses #3- Blinded By Fate Recommended 18+ due to mature content, foul language, nudity, sex, and all other things steamy. If being attacked is a trigger then this book is not for you. +75,000 words Dual POV

Blinded by Fate

Blinded by Fate Author Harlow Stone
ISBN-10 0994037651
Release 2015-09-06
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"Nothing is at it seems. What you believe you know is all a lie" - Obsessed By Books How did I get here? Of course I know the answer, but if those bastards Fate and Karma truly hold the cards then I wish I knew where the hell I went wrong. There are no crossroads for me anymore. I'm kneeling on the floor at the hands of a monster. My choices along with my dignity are about to be taken and there's little I can do for myself. Trapped in a cage, the harsh bite of concrete under my knees is a cruel reminder of my past, a past that follows me wherever I go despite my best efforts to remain in the shadows. One thing for certain is that no matter what happens, no matter where this takes me or if I get out alive-Ryder will always fight for me. I'm not on my own anymore. I have a strong man who loves me and Callaghan Security behind me. Surrendering is not an option, and retribution may not be my answer. This is a reckoning. I will find the answers and survive long enough to reclaim what I lost. My intent is pure and if I'm worthy enough fate will grant me the one thing I may not deserve. Redemption. Reading Order: First book: Frayed Rope Second book: Concealed Affliction Final book: Blinded by Fate Recommended +18 Due to mature content, foul language, nudity, sex, and all other things steamy! If being attacked is a trigger then this book is not for you. Full length novel told from dual POV. "Absolutely nail biting, jaw dropping book!" Goodreads review

The Devil Wears Spurs

The Devil Wears Spurs Author Soraya Lane
ISBN-10 9781466865303
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 336
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Introducing the King brothers-three red-hot Texas billionaire cowboys who are wildly devoted to their family ranch...and the women who can tame them. SHE KNOWS WHEN TO HOLD'EM. As a newcomer to the great Lone State, Chloe thinks she's immune to the charms of cowboys-until Ryder King comes along. A gorgeous rodeo star with a gambling problem should spell trouble for Chloe, who's as quick-witted as she is stunning. But there's something gentle in Ryder's otherwise wild nature that gives her pause. And she can only fight her attraction for so long... IS HE READY TO SHOW HIS HAND? Texas born, bred, and proud, Ryder has always had a way with the ladies-though not so much with poker. He's just bet, and lost, a third of his family's ranch in a game. Can Chloe, the daughter of a card sharp who knows how to play to win, team up with Ryder in Vegas to help him win it back? The closer Ryder comes to getting back the ranch, the greater he risks losing his heart to Chloe. Is he ready to lay it all on the line for her? And can she trust that Ryder is for real-or is one of Texas's most notorious playboys too good to be true?

Raine on Me

Raine on Me Author Laurann Dohner
ISBN-10 1944526072
Release 2016-03-07
Pages 266
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Brit wants to get on with her life and leave her rough past far behind. Most of the cowboys who end up in her care are cranky old ex-rodeo stars. But not the new guy. He's a tall, mouthwatering hunk with the hottest body she's ever seen. And she can see it all, since not one inch of that incredible flesh is hidden from her gaze. The blunt, crude man shocks Brit a bit when he flat-out tries to get her into his bed...immediately.Brit is the sexiest woman River has ever come across. Every time he thinks he's starting to tame her, she tries to bolt from his life. He's a man who always gets what he wants and the more time he spends with the mouthy, stubborn woman, the more convinced he becomes that he can never give her up. Good thing for him he's not above chaining a woman to his bed if that's what it takes to keep her right where he wants her--under him.