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Sacred Country

Sacred Country Author Rose Tremain
ISBN-10 9780671886097
Release 1995-06
Pages 336
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Certain that she is really a male trapped in a female's body, Mary Ward pursues this elusive identity, much to the consternation of her mother, her brother, and a neighbor's son, in an acclaimed novel shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Reprint.

Sacred Country

Sacred Country Author Rose Tremain
ISBN-10 9781446450284
Release 2011-02-28
Pages 416
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From the author of The Gustav Sonata At the age of six, Mary Ward, the child of a poor farming family in Suffolk, has a revelation: she isn't Mary, she's a boy. So begins Mary's heroic struggle to change gender, while around her others also strive to find a place of safety and fulfilment in a savage and confusing world. Over a million Rose Tremain books sold ‘A writer of exceptional talent ... Tremain is a writer who understands every emotion’ Independent I ‘There are few writers out there with the dexterity or emotional intelligence to rival that of the great Rose Tremain’ Irish Times ‘Tremain has the painterly genius of an Old Master, and she uses it to stunning effect’ The Times ‘Rose Tremain is one of the very finest British novelists’ Salman Rushdie ‘Tremain is a writer of exemplary vision and particularity. The fictional world is rendered with extraordinary vividness’ Marcel Theroux, Guardian

Sacred Country

Sacred Country Author Rose Tremain
ISBN-10 9780099422037
Release 2002
Pages 365
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Winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and the Prix Femina Etranger. At the age of six, Mary Ward, the child of a poor farming family in Suffolk, has a revelation: she isn’t Mary, she’s a boy. So begins Mary’s heroic struggle to change gender, while around her the others also strive to find a place of safety and fulfillment in a savage and confusing world.

Sacred America Sacred World

Sacred America  Sacred World Author Stephen Dinan
ISBN-10 9781612833569
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 288
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Infused with visionary power, Sacred America, Sacred World is a manifesto for our country’s evolution that is both political and deeply spiritual. It offers profound hope that America can grow beyond our current challenges and manifest our noblest destiny, which the book shows is rooted in sacred principles that transcend left or right political views. Filled with practical ideas and innovative strategies honed from the author’s work with over 1000 luminaries via his company, The Shift Network, Sacred America, Sacred World rings with a can-do entrepreneurial spirit and explains how America can lead the world toward peace, sustainability, health, and prosperity. This vision of the future weaves the best of today’s emergent spirituality with seasoned political wisdom, demonstrating ways America can grow beyond its current stagnation and political gridlock to become a world leader in peace and progress. Published to coincide with the party conventions and presidential debates, this book will promote a return to the sacred principles cherished by America's forefathers in order to create a “transpartisan,” non-ideological, pragmatic approach to social reform. This uplifting discussion explores evolutions in political leadership, environmental concerns, and economic reformation. It is time to forge a bold new image of America’s future. Here is a road map for getting there.

Sacred Games

Sacred Games Author Vikram Chandra
ISBN-10 9780571267149
Release 2011-03-03
Pages 912
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An enormously satisfying, exciting and enriching book, Vikram Chandra's novel draws the reader deep into the lives of detective Sartaj Singh and Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster in India. Sartaj, the only Sikh inspector in the whole of Mumbai, is used to being identified by his turban, beard and the sharp cut of his trousers. But 'the silky Sikh' is now past forty, his marriage is over and his career prospects are on the slide. When Sartaj gets an anonymous tip off as to the secret hideout of the legendary boss of the G-company, he's determined that he'll be the one to collect the prize. This is a sprawling, epic novel of friendships and betrayals, of terrible violence, of an astonishing modern city and its underworld. Drawing on the best of Victorian fiction, mystery novels, Bollywood movies and Vikram Chandra's years of first hand research on the streets of Mumbai, this novel reads like a potboiling page-turner but resonates with the intelligence and emotional depth of the best of literature.

Asian Sacred Natural Sites

Asian Sacred Natural Sites Author Bas Verschuuren
ISBN-10 9781317384670
Release 2016-08-12
Pages 340
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Nature conservation planning tends to be driven by models based on Western norms and science, but these may not represent the cultural, philosophical and religious contexts of much of Asia. This book provides a new perspective on the topic of sacred natural sites and cultural heritage by linking Asian cultures, religions and worldviews with contemporary conservation practices and approaches. The chapters focus on the modern significance of sacred natural sites in Asian protected areas with reference, where appropriate, to an Asian philosophy of protected areas. Drawn from over 20 different countries, the book covers examples of sacred natural sites from all of IUCN’s protected area categories and governance types. The authors demonstrate the challenges faced to maintain culture and support spiritual and religious governance and management structures in the face of strong modernisation across Asia. The book shows how sacred natural sites contribute to defining new, more sustainable and more equitable forms of protected areas and conservation that reflect the worldviews and beliefs of their respective cultures and religions. The book contributes to a paradigm-shift in conservation and protected areas as it advocates for greater recognition of culture and spirituality through the adoption of biocultural conservation approaches.

The Way I Found Her

The Way I Found Her Author Rose Tremain
ISBN-10 9780671035709
Release 1999-05-01
Pages 368
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Thirteen-year-old Lewis Little, staying in Paris for the summer with his mother, becomes passionately involved with novelist Valentina Gavrilovich, and when she disappears, the secrets he uncovers in his search for her forces him to leave his childhood behind. Reprint.

Sacred Sites in North Star Country

Sacred Sites in North Star Country Author Madis Senner
ISBN-10 0990874419
Release 2016-12-12
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A listing of sacred sites in greater NYS that changed the world and how to connect with the space. Shows how Place Matters and explains its influence on the area; the birthplace of the Women's Movement and American Democracy, Burned-over Distrct, home to America's First and Second Great Awakenings.


Release 1901
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THE SACRED FOVNT has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from THE SACRED FOVNT also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full THE SACRED FOVNT book for free.

Landscapes of the Sacred

Landscapes of the Sacred Author Belden C. Lane
ISBN-10 0801868386
Release 2002
Pages 310
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This text offers three new interpretive models for understanding American sacred space. Included are essays that explore how Native American, early French and Spanish, Puritan New England, and Catholic Worker traditions expressed the connection between spirituality and place. The book also includes three chapters that address methodological issues in the study of spirituality, the symbol-making process of religious experience, and the tension between place and placelessness in Christian spirituality.

Sacred Places

Sacred Places Author Brad Olsen
ISBN-10 1888729023
Release 2000
Pages 238
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A travel guide to the world's most sacred locales offers travel tips and detailed maps to the Great Pyramid, Easter Island, the Himalayas, Ayers Rock, Chaco Canyon, Jericho, Delphi, Stonehenge, and Mayan ruins, among other sites of spiritual importance. Original.

The Sacred and Profane Love Machine

The Sacred and Profane Love Machine Author Iris Murdoch
ISBN-10 9781101494257
Release 1984-03-06
Pages 368
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Swinging between his wife and his mistress in the sacred and profane love machine and between the charms of morality and the excitements of sin, the psychotherapist, Blaise Gavender, sometimes wishes he could divide himself in two. Instead, he lets loose misery and confusion and—for the spectators at any rate—a morality play, rich in reflections upon the paradoxes of human life and the nature of the battle between sacred and profane love.

Indian country

Indian country Author Tony Hillerman
ISBN-10 0873584287
Release 1987
Pages 173
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Indian country has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Indian country also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Indian country book for free.


India Author Diana L. Eck
ISBN-10 9780385531924
Release 2013-03-26
Pages 559
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A spiritual history of India draws on more than a decade of work by a Harvard University scholar and provides coverage of its sacred places, its core tenets and the historical events of specific regions while sharing a basic introduction to Hindu religious ideas and how they have influenced modern India. Reprint.

Sacred Ecology

Sacred Ecology Author Fikret Berkes
ISBN-10 9781351628297
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 368
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Sacred Ecology examines bodies of knowledge held by indigenous and other rural peoples around the world, and asks how we can learn from this knowledge and ways of knowing. Berkes explores the importance of local and indigenous knowledge as a complement to scientific ecology, and its cultural and political significance for indigenous groups themselves. With updates of relevant links for further learning and over 180 new references, the fourth edition gives increased voice to indigenous authors, and reflects the remarkable increase in published local observations of climate change.

The Origin Myth of Acoma Pueblo

The Origin Myth of Acoma Pueblo Author Edward Proctor Hunt
ISBN-10 9780698179578
Release 2015-09-22
Pages 240
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A masterpiece of Pueblo Indian mythology, now in a restored edition Edward Proctor Hunt, a Pueblo Indian man, was born in 1861 in the mesa-top village of Acoma, New Mexico, and initiated into several secret societies, only to later break with his people’s social and reli­gious codes. In 1928, he recited his version of the origin myth of the Acoma Indians to Smithsonian Institution scholars. Hailed by many as the most accessible of all epic narratives recounting a classic Pueblo Indian story of creation, migration, and ulti­mate residence, the myth offers a unique window into Pueblo Indian cosmology and ancient history, revealing how a premodern society answered key existential questions and formed its customs. In this new edition, Peter Nabokov renders this important document into a clear sequence, adds excerpted material from the original storytelling sessions, and explores the creation and roles of such myths in Pueblo Indian cultures. The remarkable life of Edward Hunt is the subject of Peter Nabokov’s companion volume, How the World Moves, which follows Hunt and his sons on their passage from tradition to modernity as they strike out as native entrepreneurs and travelling interpreters of American Indian lore. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Subhuman Redneck Poems

Subhuman Redneck Poems Author Les Murray
ISBN-10 9781466894822
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 103
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In this collection of poems, farmers, fathers, poverty-stricken pioneers, and people blackened by the grist of the sugar mills are exposed to the blazing midday sun of Murray's linguistic powers. Richly inventive, tenderly perceptive, and fiercely honest, these poems surprise and bare the human in all of us.