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The Ambivalence of the Sacred

The Ambivalence of the Sacred Author R. Scott Appleby
ISBN-10 0847685551
Release 2000
Pages 429
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Terrorists and peacemakers may grow up in the same community and adhere to the same religious tradition. The killing carried out by one and the reconciliation fostered by the other indicate the range of dramatic and contradictory responses to human suffering by religious actors. This book explains what religious terrorists and religious peacemakers share in common, what causes them to take different paths in fighting injustice, and how a deeper understanding of religious extremism can and must be integrated more effectively into our thinking about tribal, regional, and international conflict.

Thresholds of the Sacred

Thresholds of the Sacred Author Sharon E. J. Gerstel
ISBN-10 0884023117
Release 2006
Pages 245
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From the walls and curtains of first-century Judaism to the tramezzo of Renaissance Italy, screens of various shapes and sizes have been used to separate the sacred from the secular. Drawn from papers presented at a recent Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Studies symposium, this volume provides insightful new research on the history of the iconostasis.

Recovering the Sacred

Recovering the Sacred Author Winona LaDuke
ISBN-10 9781608466627
Release 2016-04-11
Pages 294
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The indigenous imperative to honor nature is undermined by federal laws approving resource extraction through mining and drilling. Formal protections exist for Native American religious expression, but not for the places and natural resources integral to ceremonies. Under what conditions can traditional beliefs be best practiced? Recovering the Sacred features a wealth of native research and hundreds of interviews with indigenous scholars and activists. Winona LaDuke was named by Time in 1994 as one of America's fifty most promising leaders under forty. In 1996 and 2000, LaDuke served as Ralph Nader's vice presidential running mate in the Green Party.

The Sacred Book of Werewolf

The Sacred Book of Werewolf Author Viktor Pelevin
ISBN-10 0571227988
Release 2008
Pages 333
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The world's first Zen Buddhist paranormal romance?published to coincide with Halloween One of the most progressive writers at work today, Victor Pelevin's comic inventiveness has won him comparisons to Kafka, Calvino, and Gogol, and "Time" has described him as a ?psychedelic Nabokov for the cyberage.? In "The Sacred Book of the Werewolf," a smash success in Russia and Pelevin's first novel in six years, paranormal meets transcendental with a splash of satire as A Hu-Li, a two-thousand-year-old shape-shifting werefox from ancient China meets her match in Alexander, a Wagner-addicted werewolf who's the key figure in Russia's Big Oil. Both a supernatural love story and an outrageously funny send-up of modern Russia, this stunning and ingenious work of the imagination is the sharpest novel to date from Russia's most gifted literary malcontent.

Discourse on Sacred and Profane Images

Discourse on Sacred and Profane Images Author Gabriele Paleotti
ISBN-10 9781606061169
Release 2012
Pages 353
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In the wake of the Counter-Reformation, Cardinal Gabriele Paleotti, the archbishop of Bologna, wrote a remarkable treatise on art during a time when the Church feared rampant abuse in the arts. Translated into English here for the first time, Paleotti's Discourse on Sacred and Profane Images argues that art should address a broad audience and explains the painter's responsibility to his spectators. The Discourse is introduced by historian Paolo Prodi, who explains how—even if the archbishop did not succeed in reforming the arts—Paleotti's treatise constituted one last synthesis of art as a reading of creation and salvation history, and “sacred” art as a vehicle of devotion.

Nothing s Sacred

Nothing s Sacred Author Lewis Black
ISBN-10 9781416914570
Release 2005-05-20
Pages 224
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Comedian Lewis Black unleashes his trademark subversive wit while recounting his own life story in his New York Times bestselling memoir. You've seen him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart offering up his trademark angry observational humor on everything from politics to pop culture. You've seen his energetic stand-up performances on HBO, Comedy Central, and in venues across the globe. Now, for the first time, Lewis Black translates his volcanic eruptions into book form in Nothing's Sacred, a collection of rants against stupidity and authority, which oftentimes go hand in hand. With subversive wit and intellectual honesty, Lewis examines the events of his life that shaped his antiauthoritarian point of view and developed his comedic perspective. Growing up in 1950s suburbia when father knew best and there was a sitcom to prove it, he began to regard authority with a jaundiced eye at an early age. And as that sentiment grew stronger with each passing year, so did his ability to hone in on the absurd. True to form, he puts common sense above ideology and distills hilarious, biting commentary on all things politically and culturally relevant. "No one is safe from Lewis Black's comic missiles." (New York Times) You have been warned....

What Color Is the Sacred

What Color Is the Sacred Author Michael Taussig
ISBN-10 9780226790060
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 292
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Playful, enthralling, and whip-smart, Taussig's writing makes ingenious connections between ideas, thinkers, and things. An extended meditation on the mysteries of colour and the fascination they provoke, this book is the next step on his remarkable intellectual path.


Sacred Author Eliette Abécassis
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113458025
Release 2003
Pages 139
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Sacred is the heart-breaking love story of a young woman and her husband, who live in the old part of the city in Jerusalem. After 10 years of a loving relationship without children, Rachel's husband is forced by custom to reject her. Does she dare to tell the truth - or will she let her beloved husband marry another?

Sacred and Secular

Sacred and Secular Author Pippa Norris
ISBN-10 9781139499668
Release 2011-10-17
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This book develops a theory of existential security. It demonstrates that the publics of virtually all advanced industrial societies have been moving toward more secular orientations during the past half century, but also that the world as a whole now has more people with traditional religious views than ever before. This second edition expands the theory and provides new and updated evidence from a broad perspective and in a wide range of countries. This confirms that religiosity persists most strongly among vulnerable populations, especially in poorer nations and in failed states. Conversely, a systematic erosion of religious practices, values and beliefs has occurred among the more prosperous strata in rich nations.

Dimensions of the Sacred

Dimensions of the Sacred Author Ninian Smart
ISBN-10 0520219600
Release 1999-05-01
Pages 331
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"Dimensions of the Sacred is arguably one of the most comprehensive and readable accounts of religion that we have had in the past thirty years. Not only does it provide a rich analysis of religious experience, but he also includes much that has been overlooked by other interpreters of the world's religions."--Richard D. Hecht, coauthor of The Sacred Texts of the World

Technicians of the Sacred

Technicians of the Sacred Author Jerome Rothenberg
ISBN-10 0520049128
Release 1985
Pages 636
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""Technicians of the Sacred" presents 'primitive' and ancient poetries as the incantations they are, loaded with power and very full of the magic that invests all good poetry. The treatment is fascinating...the commentaries are a gold mine of responses to the material by a strong poet (the editor), and his selection of analogous writings from a broad range of contemporary poets."--David P. McAllester

Woody Allen

Woody Allen Author Richard Aloysius Blake
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034525017
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 235
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A study of the religious dimensions of Woody Allen's films.

Polluting the Sacred

Polluting the Sacred Author D. E. Thiery
ISBN-10 9789004173873
Release 2009
Pages 196
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The influence of Christianity on 'the history of violence' is often exemplified by famous instances of interfaith conflict, like 'The Crusades'. However, as religions develop, they usually marginalize violence against fellow believers long before they ever, if at all, question violence against 'others'. Through an investigation of spiritual and legal sources, this book details how Christian teachings about charity, sin and purity problematized late medieval parishioners' use of violence, and how parishioners actually tried to reconcile these teachings with cultural norms that often honored violent conduct. By illuminating the impact of lessons concerning the sinfulness of violence and piety of self-restraint, this book provides a fresh perspective on the important role of religion in the 'civilizing process' of European history.

Devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus Transl

Devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus  Transl Author Jean Croiset
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590271849
Release 1863
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Devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus Transl has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus Transl also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus Transl book for free.

Law and the Sacred

Law and the Sacred Author Austin Sarat
ISBN-10 0804755752
Release 2007
Pages 192
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"The essays in this book were originally prepared for ... during the 2001-2002 academic year."--Acknowledgments.

The Sacred in Music

The Sacred in Music Author Albert L. Blackwell
ISBN-10 0664224865
Release 1999-04-15
Pages 255
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Religion and music are complementary resources for interpreting our lives. Music serves the sacred in ways that can be specified and articulated, yet the connection between them has been sorely neglected in the scholarly study of religion. In The Sacred in Music, Albert Blackwell brings the two subjects together in a celebration of the rich Western musical tradition, both classical and Christian.

Man and the Sacred

Man and the Sacred Author Roger Caillois
ISBN-10 0252070348
Release 1959
Pages 190
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Throughout the world, people believe that much of what they do is accidental, ordinary, and inconsequential, while other acts can bring on divine retribution or earn eternal grace. In Man and the Sacred, Caillois demonstrates how humanity's ambiguous attitude toward the sacred influences behaviour and culture. Drawing on a diverse array of ethnographic contexts, including the sexual rituals of the Ba-Thong of South Africa and evidence drawn from aboriginal Australian, Eskimo, and traditional Chinese social systems, Caillois analyzes the role of the forbidden in the social cohesion of the group. He examines the character of the sacred in the light of specific instances of taboos and transgressions, exploring wide differences in attitudes toward diet and sex and extreme behaviours associated with the sacred, such as rapture and paroxysm. He also discusses the festival - an exuberant explosion following a period of strict repression - and compares its functions with those of modern war. A classic study of one of the most fundamental aspects of human social and spiritual life, Man and the Sacred - presented here in Meyer Barash's superb English translation - is a companion volume to Caillois's Man, Play and Games.