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Mob Boss 3 Love and Retribution

Mob Boss 3  Love and Retribution Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 0615618219
Release 2012-03-23
Pages 284
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Reno and Trina are back, but this time they bring hunky Tommy Gabrini and his tall, gorgeous, African-American ladylove along for the ride.When Reno returns to Vegas to reignite his love affair with Trina, his blissfulness is interrupted by news that his sister has gunned down the son of a prominent mob boss. After a devastating retaliation, another mob war seems inevitable unless Reno is able to outsmart his clever adversaries.He enlists the aid of ShoShawna Shanks, a beautiful lone wolf hired gun and the one woman able to keep Tommy Gabrini's attention. Tommy and Shawna seek to rekindle their tumultuous love affair, while Reno and Trina seek to hang onto theirs. But forces even they didn't see coming tries to tear them all apart, and to do so by any means necessary.

Sal and Tommy Gabrini a Brother s Love

Sal and Tommy Gabrini  a Brother s Love Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 1980284490
Release 2018-02-13
Pages 273
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Handsome but deadly mob chief Sal Gabrini, alongside his gorgeous but ruthless big brother, business titan Tommy Gabrini, are summoned to Rome by a grandfather they didn't know they had; to handle a delicate situation they didn't know existed.With their beautiful African-American wives in tow, they head to a homeland that becomes as treacherous as it is enchanting, and that forces them to confront a grandfather with more than a family reunion on his mind.In the latest installment of the Sal and Tommy interracial romance series, the two brothers must conquer old demons, uncover devastating secrets and lies, and battle a harsh reality that threatens to destroy them both.

Romancing Sal Gabrini

Romancing Sal Gabrini Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 0615860672
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 278
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Gemma Jones once thought Sal Gabrini could be a keeper. He was, in truth, the man of her dreams. But after she didn't hear from him when he had promised to stay in touch, she wasn't thinking about him either. Even when she travels to his turf, to Seattle, to attend a stuffy lawyer's convention, she's bound and determined not to give Sal a second thought. The fact that she had refused his sexual advances probably had everything to do with why he didn't follow up with her, and she understands that. But that understanding only makes her all the more determined to keep him at arm's length. She might have been known for her slamming body, but that didn't mean she wants the man of her dreams to only want her for that body.But the convention turns out to be so boring that Trina, her friend and business partner, encourages her to give the man a call. If nothing else he can show her the town and ramp down the boredom, her friend insists. So against her better judgment, Gemma phones him. When he doesn't return her voice mail message later that night, she wants to kick herself for even bothering.Hunky businessman Sal Gabrini arrives back in town after a trip to Jersey. When he sees where the gorgeously exotic Gemma Jones has left him a message, he realizes how much he actually misses her. He shows up at her hotel, catching her off guard, and that one proactive move takes the pair of would-be lovers on the most tumultuous, yet sexually and emotionally gratifying rollercoaster ride of their lives.Sal has to decide if he is willing to risk it all for the love of a good woman, and Gemma has to decide if a player like Sal Gabrini can ever truly change and become the man she will need him to be. Their tempers flare, their personalities clash, but their love for each other becomes the cornerstone that could actually make their relationship work.In the first book by bestselling author Mallory Monroe that focuses on Tommy's younger brother Sal, Romancing Sal Gabrini is an interracial romance that takes the readers on a compelling journey of love, sex, and tears.

Tommy Gabrini 2 a Place in His Heart

Tommy Gabrini 2  a Place in His Heart Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 0615898637
Release 2013-10-03
Pages 252
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Tommy Gabrini never dreamed he'd fall in love when Grace McKinsey entered his life. She wasn't sophisticated enough, his friends declared, or beautiful enough. But Tommy fell hard for the very woman they all dismissed. He even took the step of his life and asked her to be his wife. His brother Sal warned him that hell was about to go in session when Tommy's numerous "lady friends" found out about his new lady love. Tommy laughed it off at the time, insisting that his ladies were far too sophisticated to play those kinds of games. But he would soon find out that his brother wasn't far from the truth. Yet even then, Tommy could handle that truth. He loved Grace and he didn't hesitate to make that clear. But when they stopped targeting Tommy, and started setting their sights on Grace, everything changed. Grace worked hard to be her own woman, even as Tommy's generosity set her up as the CEO of her own company, and she knew not to take the bait of females who wanted Tommy for themselves. But as she battled from within to maintain control of her own company, and battled from without to maintain Tommy by her side, she soon realized that being Tommy Gabrini's fiance didn't come without a price. A price, she would soon discover, that might be too high to pay.From national bestselling author Mallory Monroe comes a gripping interracial romance where two people discover that love can take strange and unexpected turns, and if they aren't careful, other people's hate can sneak in and overrule their love.THE GABRINI MEN SERIES IN ORDER:ROMANCING TOMMY GABRINIROMANCING SAL GABRINITOMMY GABRINI 2:A PLACE IN HIS HEART

9 Inch Addiction

9 Inch Addiction Author Jamila Jasper
ISBN-10 9788828321569
Release 2018-05-09
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"I make the rules around here… And you’ll do well to listen to them.” Chuck My father’s brown-skinned CFO thinks she’s my boss. I’ll have her bent over her desk begging for more before she knows what hit her. If anyone finds out about my intentions with her, I’ll be out on street and shipped off back to London. But I can keep a secret… I bet she can too with these come-hither brown eyes that she can’t keep off me. Nobody says no to Chuck Banks. It’s only a matter of time before she’s MINE. Ida My boss thinks I have nothing better to do than look after his son. Chuck Banks is the type of guy that put me off dating forever… He’s arrogant... Demanding… Bossy… And one of the only men on the East Coat who can close a $50 million dollar deal at a 100% success rate. We need him here. I’m keeping my distance, but I have a feeling he’s trying his hardest to get closer. Too close, and the career I’ve worked so hard for will come crumbling around me. I can’t let this happen. This is a naughtier than ever alpha-male interracial romance. These pages are dripping in no-holds-barred lust to keep you reading ’til the end. This is a full-length novel with 50,000+ words of sizzling sexiness, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

Amelia Sinatra Hammer Time

Amelia Sinatra  Hammer Time Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 1549825186
Release 2017-09-25
Pages 357
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Amelia Sinatra could write a book on heartache and abusiveness, but she wasn't going out like that. She, instead, becomes as badass her badass half-brothers: the notorious mob boss Mick Sinatra and the ruthless businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra. She rises to become a respected and feared international drug kingpin, but in so doing she angers her big brothers, and gains the unwanted attention of the federal government. Her brothers want her to stop, and will make her stop if they have to. But right now, Amelia has vengeance on her mind . . . Gorgeous and powerful Hamilton "Hammer" Reese, the former CIA Director known for his vicious tactics to get the bad guys, and his bedroom skills to get the ladies, has admired the infamous Amelia from afar for many years. Until one night, when their red-hot passion gets the best of them, a child is conceived. Now the stakes are higher than ever and Hammer is discovering that there is a lot more to the elusive Amelia than mind-blowing sex. He finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life, and Amelia finds herself unable to keep her own deepening feelings for a player like Hammer at bay. But there's a problem: Reggie Dell, a young lady Hammer adores and protects as if she were his own daughter, is in love with Hammer too. And what Reggie wants,Reggie gets . . . In the first installment of the Amelia Sinatra interracial romance series, Amelia's undying need to extract revenge on those who did her wrong, and Hammer Reese's undying love for Amelia clash violently into a fiery explosion that their blossoming romance may not be able to quench.

The Naughty Sins of a Saint

The Naughty Sins of a Saint Author Tiana Laveen
ISBN-10 1475209495
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 326
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WARNING – This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.Dr. Saint Aknaten is anything but ordinary. From his unique ethnic makeup, the product of a North Korean mother and Egyptian father, to his career as a sex therapist and public speaker, his life is filled with excitement, tragedy, oddities, and lust-filled company. He hails from New York City, but his influence doesn't stop there. Saint is internationally known. Toggling between holistic ideologies and gritty X-rated teachings, he captures male audiences everywhere as he preaches his controversial, racially driven philosophy – that all non-Black men should pursue Black women. Regardless of his magnetic ability to attract droves of women wherever he steps foot, Saint is desperately on the hunt for just one whom he has pet-named his “goddess.” His search comes to an unanticipated end as he conducts an interview with the outspoken and beautiful radio personality, Xenia Donnellson, an air-waves sensation from Los Angeles. Making Xenia see things his way becomes a challenge that he is more than willing to accept. Xenia succumbs to the hypnotic charms of Saint's addictive essence, but not without invisible nemeses hanging in the wind, waiting for a chance to strike. Saint will do anything and everything to protect his “queen” including confronting his suppressed fear that he possesses unwanted psychic abilities. Can Saint overcome all and finally obtain the peace he has long sought after? Only time will tell.

Romancing the Mob Boss

Romancing the Mob Boss Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 0615533256
Release 2011-09-07
Pages 242
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Trina Hathaway is a waitress in a Las Vegas strip joint who spends a romantic evening with a good looking hunk she met at the club. Hoping to see him again, but not disappointed when she doesn't, she goes on with her life. But a week later, when she interviews for a job at the renowned PaLargio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, and discovers that the owner of the hotel is the man she had slept with, a man who very much wishes to rekindle what they had captured that passionate night, her entire life spirals into a new and dramatic world where family ties and ever-increasing violence ropes them in.Reno Gabrini is a man's man who knew, the first time he spent an evening with her, that Trina was the woman for him. But he soon discovers that capturing her heart is not going to be as easy as ordering his minions around, especially with his mob connections that keeps their romance in a constant state of uncertainty. But his love for Trina makes him bound and determined to do all he can to keep her, even if it means forsaking all others.In an interracial romance that tests the very essence of love, Reno and Trina discovers that there are no easy answers, and no perfect endings, but that their love and devotion to each other can help them find the way.

Alex Drakos His Forbidden Love

Alex Drakos  His Forbidden Love Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 1976938112
Release 2018-01-18
Pages 333
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Gorgeous billionaire venture capitalist Alexander Drakos immerses himself in the work of his vast empire after a devastating tragedy causes him to reassess his playboy lifestyle and easygoing, self-centered existence. While in Apple Valley, Florida on business, he meets a woman who manages to capture his attention, and could very well capture his heart.Karena "Kari" Grant is the young, African-American owner of a struggling cleaning service, and the single parent of a precocious fourteen-year-old son. Her world turns upside down when her ex, mob fixer Vito Visconni, returns from a long prison stint vowing to get his family back, and when her son falls prey to an unspeakable horror. Kari turns to Alex for help, and Alex discovers, for the first time in his life, what to love unselfishly looks and feels like.In the first book of the Alex Drakos interracial romance series, Alex and Kari must face down demons that threaten their budding romance, and mobsters and enemies that threaten their very lives.

Taming Val

Taming Val Author Trevion Burns
ISBN-10 1539540308
Release 2016-10-22
Pages 232
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When 27-year-old Valentin Romanovsky discovers that he will be infertile by the time he hits his 30s, he goes into an all-out panic. Young, rich, and notoriously single, Val was sure he had all the time in the world to drink, party, and enjoy the beautiful women who were constantly at his disposal. Best known as the Romanovsky brother who thrived on living in the fast lane, he always partied hard with the distant dream of having a wife and a family one day. If that dream had any chance of coming true he knew he had no choice but to settle down... and fast. But with who? Late night trysts and one night stands were his calling card. There wasn't a single woman in his life who he could picture being the mother of his child. Except the one woman he knew he could never have. Zoey Black would always have deep love in her heart for the Romanovsky family. They'd taken her in at fourteen when she'd been at the lowest point in her life, with no place else to go, and treated her as their own. Ten years later, the Romanovskys were still apart of her life--as far as Zoey was concerned, they were her family. The parents called her "daughter" and the four brothers called her "sister." Well, not all four. Val Romanovsky never called her "sister," and as secrets, lies, and betrayals are revealed, Zoey would finally understand why. Interracial erotic romance. Strong sexual content, strong language. TAMING VAL is the first novella in The Romanovsky Brothers four-part series, and is best read in order of publication. Book 1: Taming Val Book 2: Claiming Roman Book 3: Loving Leo Book 4: Finding Gary

A Heart Not Easily Broken

A Heart Not Easily Broken Author Mj Kane
ISBN-10 1939217032
Release 2012-09
Pages 382
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Ebony is a smart, sexy, career-oriented black woman who wants nothing more than a summer fling with a man who challenges her mind and body. What she doesn't expect is a blond haired, blue-eyed bass player-who won't take "no" for an answer-to accept the challenge. When Ebony's attempt at a brief fling turns into more, despite negative reactions from friends and family, she finds juggling love, family, and career are nothing compared to the ultimate betrayal she endures. Now her dreams spiral into lies and secrets that threaten her future and her best friend's trust.

Alex Drakos 2 His Scandalous Family

Alex Drakos 2  His Scandalous Family Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 1980579199
Release 2018-03-17
Pages 336
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Alex Drakos is in love with life again. Plans for his new hotel and casino on the Florida Panhandle are underway. His budding relationship with Kari Grant, his smart, African-American girlfriend, is moving along swimmingly. So swimmingly that he begins to make plans for a longer-term commitment. But when dangerous situations begin to hound him, and the new lease on life he had only just begun to enjoy is threatened, he knows he has to take action. But action, for a man with Alex Drakos's background, always involve danger. But not only for himself this time, but also for his new ladylove. And when he asks Kari to accompany him to his homeland in Greece, to meet the parents, he is gravely concerned that she may no longer want to have anything to do with him, after that meeting.In the second episode of the Alex Drakos interracial romance series, Alex and Kari find themselves in a battle of wits with not just outside forces, but Alex's own family.

The President s Girlfriend

The President s Girlfriend Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 061554293X
Release 2011-09-20
Pages 268
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When Regina Lansing, an activist attorney from Newark, New Jersey, catches the eye of the President of the United States, she assumes it's because of her outspoken stance against his tough policies. But when they meet, and sparks fly, she discovers the soul mate she never dreamed would come her way.Walter "Dutch" Harber, the gorgeous bachelor president, has his hands full with a combative Congress and an upcoming reelection bid. But when he meets Gina, this voluptuous black woman with all the right curves, he finds in her a strong, independent equal who keeps him intellectually-challenged publicly and sexually-energized privately, so much so that he becomes convinced that he has finally met the love of his life.But Washington politics won't give this interracial couple an easy ride, as they must battle forces from within and forces from without that seek to tear down everything they have fought so hard to build up. And just when they thought they had endured every knockout punch imaginable, another curve is tossed their way with the kind of implications, the kind of jarring reality, that can not only destroy a love affair, but can bring down an entire presidency.

Magnetic Pulse

Magnetic Pulse Author Lashawn Vasser
ISBN-10 0998554413
Release 2018-01-26
Pages 188
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Magnetic Pulse is an action-packed heart-pounding romantic thrill-ride. It wasn't a chance encounter or love at first sight that brought Bo Stratton and Austin McKenzie together, but fear, desperation, and need. That trio of emotions kept them close. Close enough for Bo to realize that Austin makes her heart race . . . her blood boil . . . and her body pulse. Unfortunately, she can't stand him. As a matter of fact, she would like to be as far away from him as possible. There was just one small problem . . . calamity has forced them together. Maybe there wasn't just one problem-her dislike for Austin McKenzie could only be rivaled by her attraction. Magnetic Pulse is book 1 in the Hot Voltage Series. Follow the events that lead Bo and Austin on an unbelievable journey as society begins to unravel and they fall in love.

Trevor Reese His Secret Love

Trevor Reese  His Secret Love Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 1520857411
Release 2017-03-16
Pages 386
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Bad boy businessman and government operative Trevor Reese never wanted to fall in love. But when he met Carly, and hired her to work for him, he couldn't stop the feeling. He refuses to admit it to himself, or anyone else, as their relationship remains his precious secret. But when his beloved, Carly Sinatra, finds herself in trouble, his actions speak for him.With help from her father, Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and her uncle, Mick the Tick Sinatra, as well as a heaping side dish of the Gabrinis, Trevor is willing to turn this world upside down to keep Carly safe.In the first installment of a new series, Trevor Reese learns the hard way that falling in love in his profession can be hazardous to his health.

The President s Girlfriend 2 His Women and His Wife

The President s Girlfriend 2  His Women and His Wife Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 0615572839
Release 2011-11-25
Pages 262
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Dutch and Gina are back. Dutch is now in his second term as president, and Gina is his brand new First Lady. And only one month after the inauguration, their honeymoon is over. Dutch has to deal with crisis after crisis that often questions his ability to lead, while Gina has to deal with a doubtful press that refuses to accept her as First Lady. She is criticized about everything, from her dress style to her beliefs in social justice to her devotion to her husband. She often finds herself in confrontations she never asked for, but also never backs down from. It is Dutch, however, who refuses to allow anyone to disrespect her.But when women from Dutch's past make accusations that rock his presidency to its core, creating a maelstrom of unrelenting, nasty attacks the interracial couple had never dreamed they'd encounter, they find themselves caught in a whirlwind that pushes their relationship near the breaking point. And that forces them to question if their love and devotion are enough.

Reno Gabrini for His Lover

Reno Gabrini  for His Lover Author Mallory Monroe
ISBN-10 0692686487
Release 2016-04-06
Pages 350
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Reno Gabrini, the longtime owner of the PaLargio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, faces his toughest foes yet when he has to face the ghosts of his past. Just when he thought life was sailing right along, and his family were all making their own dreams come true, the sins of his past come back with a vengeance and seek to dismantle all that he holds dear. First his son and daughter-in-law find themselves in a situation that almost destroys them both. Then his children are targets. And then his wife. But nobody should ever mistake Reno Gabrini as anything but tough on steroids, and nobody is going to harm his family and live to tell about it.Reno, and his beautiful African-American wife Trina, fight for their survival. They pull out all of the stops to defend their family, their love, and their PaLargio. In the latest installment of the Mob Boss Series, Reno and Trina put it all on the line and discover, even then, that their everlasting love may not be enough to conquer their enemies' unquenchable hate.