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The Scared Book

The Scared Book Author Debra Tidball
ISBN-10 9780734417510
Release 2017-08-29
Pages 32
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It's story time, but this book has bad news - as soon as it realises there are monsters in it, it's too scared to tell you the rest of the story! Can you help it feel better? It needs you to rub away its goosebumps, blow away the giant butterflies in its tummy, and fan away the yucky smell the monsters have left behind. A fun and quirky interactive story, with distinctive and stylish illustrations from an innovative young illustrator and muralist.

What was I Scared Of

What was I Scared Of Author Dr. Seuss
ISBN-10 0375853421
Release 2009-08
Pages 32
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The narrator is frightened by a pair of pale green pants with no one inside that seems to be following him, until the two meet and discover that they have nothing to fear. Features illustrations that glow in the dark.


The I M NOT SCARED Book Author Todd Parr
ISBN-10 9780316226509
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 32
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Sometimes I'm scared of dogs. I'm not scared when they give me kisses. Sometimes I'm scared I will make a mistake. I'm not scared when I know I tried my best. With his signature blend of playfulness and sensitivity, Todd Parr explores the subject of all things scary and assures readers that all of us are afraid sometimes.

Scared Stiff

Scared Stiff Author Willo Davis Roberts
ISBN-10 9781481449120
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 256
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This bestselling classic mystery filled with “clever sleuthing” (Publishers Weekly) by two brothers looking for information about their missing mother from three-time Edgar Award­–winning author Willo Davis Roberts is a thrilling roller coaster ride of a read. Rick and Kenny’s Pa was right all along—troubles really do happen in threes. First Pa’s truck was robbed, then Pa ran off, leaving Rick, Kenny, and Ma to fend for themselves, and now Ma has disappeared, too! Rick knows Ma would never leave them on purpose—but then, where is she? Waiting in Uncle Henry’s trailer park doesn’t seem to be getting them any closer to figuring out what happened. Instead the brothers, along with their new friends Connie and Julie, head to the abandoned Wonderland Amusement Park next door to search for answers. But what they find inside sends them on the most terrifying roller coaster ride of their lives. Could whoever took Ma be after them as well?

Who Feels Scared

Who Feels Scared Author Sue Graves
ISBN-10 1445129892
Release 2014-04-24
Pages 29
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A series that introduces young children to different emotions and aspects of behaviour, through a fictional story appropriate for the age group. Jack is having a sleepover at his house. But the boys hear noises and they get very scared! Jack's big sister Ellie says she gets scared sometimes as well. Perhaps Dad can make them all feel better? This series introduces young children to different aspects of our emotions and behaviour. A fictional story is backed up by suggestions for activities and ideas to talk about, while a wordless storyboard encourages children to tell another story.

Running Scared

Running Scared Author Robert Leon Davis
ISBN-10 9780857211408
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 192
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Robert Leon Davis was a respected police officer in New Orleans serving for four years until 1979--when he was arrested. He had begun his career with aspirations of being a great cop. But he was exposed to a darker side of law enforcement. While partnered with a veteran Robert first witnessed an officer violate the very laws he vowed to uphold - and shared his crime. One compromise led to another, and Davis faced arrest. From studying criminal law at Loyola University and becoming an award winning officer, Davis was a fugitive, living off the land in remote forests in America and Canada to elude capture. The church upbringing, where his grandmother made sure he learned about God and Jesus, was abandoned in anger. Through a stranger's prayer the angry atheist realised he was weary of running. He yielded his life to God, and gave himself in. When the District Attorney finally dusted off his file, what would his sentence be?


Scared Author Tom Davis
ISBN-10 143470033X
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 304
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Stuart Daniels has hit bottom. Once a celebrated and award-winning photojournalist, he is reeling from debt, a broken marriage, and crippling depression. The source of Stuart's grief is his most famous photo, a snapshot of brutality in the dangerous Congo. A haunting image that indicts him as a passive witness to gross injustice. Stuart is given a one last chance to redeem his career: A make-or-break assignment covering the AIDS crisis in a small African country. It is here that Stuart meets Adanna, a young orphan fighting for survival in a community ravaged by tragedy and disease. But in the face of overwhelming odds, Adanna finds hope in a special dream, where she is visited by an illuminated man and given a precious gift. Now, in a dark place that's a world away from home, Stuart will once again confront the harsh reality of a suffering people in a forgotten land. And as a chance encounter becomes divine providence, two very different people will find their lives forever changed.

Scared Is

Scared Is    Author Cheyenne Nichols
ISBN-10 9781429670531
Release 2011
Pages 24
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"Photographs and short rhyming verses describe how it feels to be scared"--

Feeling Scared

Feeling Scared Author Helen Frost
ISBN-10 0736806717
Release 2001
Pages 24
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A description of fear using simple vocabulary.

Running Scared

Running Scared Author Edward T. Welch
ISBN-10 9781935273950
Release 2007-10-31
Pages 324
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Edward T. Welch reveals God's plan for encouraging those in the grips of fear. One of the haunting dilemmas of the human condition is that fear is "an inescapable feature of earthly life." Every person who has lived on this earth has encountered fear. Tragically, for this reason our race for the good life finds us all too often "running scared." In his new release, Running Scared, Edward T. Welch investigates the roots of fear in the human soul and the ramifications of living in the grips of anxiety, worry, and dread. Welch encourages readers to discover for themselves that the Bible is full of beautiful words of comfort for fearful people (and that every single person is afraid of something). Within the framework of thirty topical meditations, Welch offers sound biblical theology and moment-by-moment, thoughtful encouragement for life-saving rescue in the midst of the heart and mind battlefield of rampant panic-stricken responses. This comprehensive primer on the topic of fear, worry, and the rest of God will have readers retreating to scripture for invariable constancy, stalwart care, and robust comfort, instead of as Welch terms it, "hitting the default switch" by responding with characteristic human independence, control, and self-protectiveness. Running Scared affirms that, through Scripture, God speaks directly to our fears: On money and possessions On people and their judgments On death, pain, and punishment Welch's lively text provides convincing evidences that humanity's struggle against active and dormant fears are countless. The good news is that God provides both the remedy and the cure for this malady in the person of Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, and through powerful, life-altering promises in Scripture. Far more than merely another psychology "self-help" guide, Running Scared serves as a biblical roadmap to a life of serenity and security.

Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl Author Kym Rock
ISBN-10 9781617396397
Release 2011-04
Pages 195
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Have you been attacked, stalked, or abused? Are you in a relationship where you fear being yelled at or hit when things aren't perfect? Are you becoming aware of how much violence is in our world and how it can reach out and grab you and your family any second? What can you do about it? You can Fight Like A Girl! Jump in with international award-winning self-defense expert Kym Rock and learn step-by-step how not to be a victim of abuse or violence. This is a hard-hitting book that will teach you how to act differently to avoid dangerous situations and what to do to get out of one. Real situations. Real escape. Real prevention. Now is the time to be free and find out what it really means to Fight Like a Girl!

Sam is Never Scared

Sam is Never Scared Author Thierry Robberecht
ISBN-10 0618732780
Release 2006
Pages 29
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Sam feels fearless compared to Max who is afraid of climbing trees and watching scary movies, until Sam learns that everyone is afraid of something.

Too Poor to Be Scared

Too Poor to Be Scared Author G. Edward Harper
ISBN-10 9781608606641
Release 2010-01
Pages 44
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Growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, performing a tour in the army and moving back to New York was the easy part. Getting back in the groove wasn't. This is the autobiography of the twists and turns in one man's life as he sought his dream to be a recording artist. Through good times and bad, trials and tribulations, he always got back up, reached for the stars and eventually made it to the top. G. Edward Harper resides in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where he works as an actor, performing artist, photographer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

I m Scared

I m Scared Author Elizabeth Crary
ISBN-10 0943990890
Release 1993-11-01
Pages 28
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Tracy, who is afraid of dogs, must decide what to do when new neighbors move in, bringing a big dog with them

Scared to Death

Scared to Death Author Christopher Booker
ISBN-10 9781408183458
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 512
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Modern society has regularly, in recent years, been gripped by a series of headline making "scares" - from mad cow disease to SARS -- which have become one of the most conspicuous and damaging features of our modern world. This book is the first to tell the inside story of each of the major scares of the past two decades, showing how they have followed a remarkably consistent pattern. It analyzes the crucial role played in each case by scientists how have misread or manipulated the evidence; by media and lobbyists who eagerly promote the scare without regard to the facts; and finally by the politicians and officials who come up with an absurdly disproportionate response, leaving us all to pay the price, which may run into billions of dollars. Scared to Death culminates in a chillingly detailed account of the story behind what the authors believe has become the greatest scare of them all: the belief that the world faces disaster through manmade global warming. In a final chapter, the authors take on its proponents such as Al Gore in a devastating critique of the consensus on global warming and its consequences.

Scared Stiff

Scared Stiff Author Ramsey Campbell
ISBN-10 0765306050
Release 2003-08-02
Pages 240
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A collection of erotic horror works by the award-winning author graphically depicts a link between sexuality and dying, featuring in the paperback edition three new stories. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

Scared Stiff

Scared Stiff Author Annelise Ryan
ISBN-10 0758272499
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 336
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An appealing series on multiple fronts." -Booklist Shows skill at mixing humor with CSI-style crime." -Publishers Weekly When Deputy Coroner Mattie Winston and her boss/best friend, Izzy, are called to the home of waitress and part-time model Shannon Tolliver, they find the ghoulish Halloween decorations a bit too authentic. Among the fake blood and skeletons is the corpse of Shannon herself. Since the whole town knows Shannon recently had a very public spat with her estranged husband, Erik, he's suspect #1. But Mattie happens to know Erik truly loved his wife, and is simply incapable of the brutal act-even if he owns the exact same caliber handgun as the murder weapon. . . Determined to unearth the truth, Mattie puts her scalpel-sharp medical skills to work, and digs a little deeper. What she uncovers is stranger than anyone could have imagined. . . Praise for Annelise Ryan and Working Stiff "Has it all: suspense, laughter, a spicy dash of romance. . ." -Tess Gerritsen "Sassy, sexy, and suspenseful. . .wry and original." -Carolyn Hart "Make way for Mattie Winston, the funniest deputy coroner to cut up a corpse since, well, ever." -Laura Levine