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School Choice In The Real World

School Choice In The Real World Author Robert Maranto
ISBN-10 9780429977077
Release 2018-04-27
Pages 288
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This book presents the first published accounts and evaluations of the first free market in education in the U.S., Arizona charter schools.. The charter school is fast becoming one of the most significant attempts at public education reform in this country. Over 1100 charter schools operate in twenty-seven states, with several hundred more to be added in the next two years. School Choice in the Real World looks at the charter school movement through a highly focused lens: it examines charter schools in Arizona, which currently account for nearly one-quarter of all charter schools. Using this state as a case study, the editors examine the experiences of actual charter school operators, social scientific analysis, policy discussions, and criticism and forecasting for the future. School choice is the most talked about reform of American public education, yet writings about choice remain highly speculative because no state has adopted a free market approach to education--until now. The charter school is fast becoming one of the most significant attempts at public education reform in this country. Over 1100 charter schools operate in twenty-seven states, with several hundred more to be added in the next two years. School Choice in the Real World looks at the charter school movement through a highly focused lens: it examines charter schools in Arizona, which currently account for nearly one-quarter of all charter schools.Since 1994, Arizona has implemented a charter school law with the lowest barriers to entry in the nation. As a result, Arizona has more than 200 charter school campuses. Some districts have even lost more than 10% of their students to charter schools. Using the state of Arizona as a case study, the editors examine the experiences of actual charter school operators, social scientific analysis, policy discussions, and criticism and forecasting for the future. The editors bring together academics, policy-makers, and practicioners, and they explain and evaluate how school choice works in the real world.

Exploring the School Choice Universe

Exploring the School Choice Universe Author Kevin G. Welner
ISBN-10 9781623960452
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 367
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Exploring the School Choice Universe: Evidence and Recommendations gives readers a comprehensive, complete picture of choice policies and issues. In doing so, it offers crosscutting insights that are obscured when one looks only at single issue or a single approach to choice. The book examines choice in its various forms: charter schools, home schooling, online schooling, voucher plans that allow students to use taxpayer funds to attend private schools, tuition tax credit plans that provide a public subsidy for private school tuition, and magnet schools and other forms of public school intra and interdistrict choice. It brings together some of the top researchers in the field, presenting a comprehensive overview of the best current knowledge of these important policies. The questions addressed in Exploring the School Choice Universe are of most importance to researchers and policy makers. What do choice programs actually do? What forms do they take? Who participates, and why? What are the funding implications? What are the results of different forms of school choice on outcomes that matter, like student performance, segregation, and competition effects? Do they affect teachers’ working conditions? Do they drive innovation? The contents of this book offer reason to believe that choice policies can further some educational goals. But they also suggest many reasons for caution. If choice policies are to be evidencebased, a reexamination is in order. The information, insights and recommendations facilitate a more nuanced understanding of school choice and provide the basis for designing sensible school choice reforms that can pursue a range of desirable outcomes.

Urban Policy Reconsidered

Urban Policy Reconsidered Author Charles Euchner
ISBN-10 9781136744525
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 336
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In the past decade, America has experienced an urban renaissance. Cities as varied as New York, Chicago and Boston are no longer seen as ungovernable and doomed to crime and blight. However, they still face formidable problems. Urban Policy Reconsidered is a comprehensive overview of the issues and problems facing our cities today and cover every important issue in urban affairs. What is poverty? What is economic development? What is education? What is crime? As well as covering all of these fundamental topics in-depth, the author propose a communitarian approach to addressing the many problems of our cities. This book will be the manual for anyone interested in understanding urban policy.

Beyond a Government of Strangers

Beyond a Government of Strangers Author Robert Maranto
ISBN-10 073911090X
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 149
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With rare exceptions, few large institutions change bosses every two or three years. Yet the U.S. Government has temps on top. American government has 3,000 presidential political appointees and thousands more state and local political appointees, who refer to their in-and-out bosses as 'Christmas help.' Beyond a Government of Strangers is the first book to focus on the men and women who stick around, on the career executives and their own roles in the executive branch. Robert Maranto provides pithy, sage advice on how career bureaucrats can improve tenuous relationships and overcome conflicts with political appointees, especially during presidential transitions, for more effective government from the top down.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools Author Thomas Zacharaiah Murphy
ISBN-10 UOM:39015054294288
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 129
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Education is a perennially vexing issue in American life. What, exactly, is the best system for teaching? Proponents of charter schools believe that competition is the key; public schools will improve if they have to compete for students. Charters themselves are public schools, but ones run by any group accepting the challenge of improving student performance in return for fewer regulations and tight budget restrictions. In short, charter schools have defined focus and clear accountability. Those opposing the charter movement though, claim that charter schools are divisive and distract attention from public school needs. Some politicians have shown approval of charter schools, as evidenced by President George W Bush's bill for funding charter programs. This book aims to clear up some of the questions around charter schools and can help answer the questions surrounding the future of the American education system.

President Obama and Education Reform

President Obama and Education Reform Author R. Maranto
ISBN-10 9781137030931
Release 2012-08-16
Pages 186
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This book offers a comprehensive analysis of President Obama's education agenda. Obama's reforms have drawn skepticism from supporters of traditional public schools. Robert Maranto and Michael McShane believe that the Obama-era reforms have led to successful innovation in both the private and public sector.

The Virgin of El Barrio

The Virgin of El Barrio Author Kristy Nabhan-Warren
ISBN-10 081475824X
Release 2005-05-01
Pages 291
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A thorough ethnography that sweeps the reader into the world of Marian visionary Estela Ruiz, her family and followers, and the evangelizing ministries they have created in South Phoenix.

The Second Term of George W Bush

The Second Term of George W  Bush Author R. Maranto
ISBN-10 9781403984418
Release 2006-06-10
Pages 263
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Second term presidencies are distinctive, not least as the president no longer has to run for re-election. Placing the second term of George W. Bush in comparative perspective, this fascinating book explores the political, institutional and policy implications of a second term. Combining topicality with analytical richness, this is an important resource for scholars and students.

A guide to charter schools

A guide to charter schools Author Myron S. Kayes
ISBN-10 1578864046
Release 2006-05-31
Pages 228
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Here is a short edited volume that brings together in one place, the best scholarly articles in charter schooling by national experts and leaders, written in a user-friendly fashion. It is the ideal introduction for those interested in the charter school movement with numerous insights for and by charter operators, administrators, and teachers as well as the academic community. The volume starts with essays explaining the history of education reforms past, in particular why their failures make charters a necessity. Additional essays examine such research questions as whether class size matters, how to end the teacher shortage, routes to alternative certification, why urban school reform fails, and how to make merit pay work. The second section includes essays outlining the key research on charter schools. Chapters examine such questions as how charter schools compare to district schools, how non-profit charters compare to for-profit charters, what determines teacher quality, and how the small size of charters makes for complex questions of accountability. The final section includes personal reflections, tips and horror stories from charter operators. In particular, essays examine why most charters have a tough first year, the difficulties of converting a private school to a charter, how to manage facilities, how to obtain grant money, and how to do good charter marketing.

Philosophic Conflicts in American Education 1893 2000

Philosophic Conflicts in American Education  1893 2000 Author Joseph Watras
ISBN-10 UOM:39015059324270
Release 2004
Pages 274
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Philosophic Conflicts in American Education, 1893-2000 offers a description of the ideas that educational reformers shared during the Twentieth Century. Although many commentators portray the debates about educational reform as a struggle for the American curriculum, this text stresses the fact that the competing groups of educators had a great deal in common. Most importantly, the text shows how philosophical perspectives influenced practical school programs, and it tests those ideas by describing the ways that they affected various social groups living in the United States. The theme of this book is unique, and it challenges many conventional ideas found in previously published foundations texts. The book is divided into six sections (each with two chapters) marked by dates. In each section, the text illustrates how the social conditions influenced the philosophical ideas about education and how different groups approached similar situations. Each section has a short overview that explains the relationships between the two chapters in the section preparing the reader for what follows in each section and each chapter. reinforce the transitions in the prose providing an outline of the chapter. A list of all the abbreviations used in the text is located in the appendix. Related titles: Foundations of Educational Curriculum and Diversity, 1565 to the Present, Teaching and Schooling in America: Pre- and Post-September 11, Ethics and the Foundations of Education: Teaching Convictions in a Postmodern World, Teaching, Learning, and Schooling: A 21st Century Perspective.


Choice Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079402635
Release 2000
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Choice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Choice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Choice book for free.

Resources in Education

Resources in Education Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079893163
Release 2000
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Resources in Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Resources in Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Resources in Education book for free.

Have a Little Faith

Have a Little Faith Author Benjamin Justice
ISBN-10 9780226400594
Release 2016-11-09
Pages 192
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It isn’t just in recent arguments over the teaching of intelligent design or reciting the pledge of allegiance that religion and education have butted heads: since their beginnings nearly two centuries ago, public schools have been embroiled in heated controversies over religion’s place in the education system of a pluralistic nation. In this book, Benjamin Justice and Colin Macleod take up this rich and significant history of conflict with renewed clarity and astonishing breadth. Moving from the American Revolution to the present—from the common schools of the nineteenth century to the charter schools of the twenty-first—they offer one of the most comprehensive assessments of religion and education in America that has ever been published. From Bible readings and school prayer to teaching evolution and cultivating religious tolerance, Justice and Macleod consider the key issues and colorful characters that have shaped the way American schools have attempted to negotiate religious pluralism in a politically legitimate fashion. While schools and educational policies have not always advanced tolerance and understanding, Justice and Macleod point to the many efforts Americans have made to find a place for religion in public schools that both acknowledges the importance of faith to so many citizens and respects democratic ideals that insist upon a reasonable separation of church and state. Finally, they apply the lessons of history and political philosophy to an analysis of three critical areas of religious controversy in public education today: student-led religious observances in extracurricular activities, the tensions between freedom of expression and the need for inclusive environments, and the shift from democratic control of schools to loosely regulated charter and voucher programs. Altogether Justice and Macleod show how the interpretation of educational history through the lens of contemporary democratic theory offers both a richer understanding of past disputes and new ways of addressing contemporary challenges.

The Great School Debate

The Great School Debate Author Thomas L. Good
ISBN-10 9781135654726
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 296
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This book examines reform in American education over the past fifty years and against this backdrop presents a compelling analysis of why contemporary voucher plans and charter schools have yet to fulfill the expectations of their advocates. It is the only book to date to attempt a comprehensive synthesis and analysis of the emerging research base on vouchers and charter schools. Suitable for courses in school policy, school reform, school leadership, or educational issues, it will also be of interest to anyone (parents, teachers, policymakers) directly involved with the charter school movement. Key features of this timely new book include the following: * A Historical Perspective--The early chapters look at American educational reform over the past fifty years and analyze why these efforts have fallen short of their goals. * Student Achievement--Chapter 3 provides an insightful assessment of American students' school achievement from 1970 to the present and, in the process, counters the widely held myth that, overall, student achievement has deteriorated. * Voucher Plans and Charter Schools--Chapter 4 looks specifically at choice and vouchers in American education while chapters 5-7 provide a comprehensive and balanced examination of the charter school movement. * Policy Recommendations--The book concludes with explicit policy suggestions that attempt to balance the educational needs of children and youth against the rights of schools to experiment. Suggestions for developing broader coalitions to support public education, particularly in the inner cities, are also offered.

The Economics of School Choice

The Economics of School Choice Author Caroline M. Hoxby
ISBN-10 0226355349
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 368
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Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has declared school voucher programs constitutional, the many unanswered questions concerning the potential effects of school choice will become especially pressing. Contributors to this volume draw on state-of-the-art economic methods to answer some of these questions, investigating the ways in which school choice affects a wide range of issues. Combining the results of empirical research with analyses of the basic economic forces underlying local education markets, The Economics of School Choice presents evidence concerning the impact of school choice on student achievement, school productivity, teachers, and special education. It also tackles difficult questions such as whether school choice affects where people decide to live and how choice can be integrated into a system of school financing that gives children from different backgrounds equal access to resources. Contributors discuss the latest findings on Florida's school choice program as well as voucher programs and charter schools in several other states. The resulting volume not only reveals the promise of school choice, but examines its pitfalls as well, showing how programs can be designed that exploit the idea's potential but avoid its worst effects. With school choice programs gradually becoming both more possible and more popular, this book stands out as an essential exploration of the effects such programs will have, and a necessary resource for anyone interested in the idea of school choice.

Judging Bush

Judging Bush Author Robert Maranto
ISBN-10 9780804760881
Release 2009-09-02
Pages 332
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Judging Bush incorporates the diverse voices of presidential scholars, policy experts, and members of past administrations to present a balanced and systematic initial evaluation of the two terms of George W. Bush.

Keeping the Promise

Keeping the Promise Author Bob Peterson
ISBN-10 9780942961386
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 122
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Keeping the Promise? Examines one fo the most complex reforms in education: charter schools. This wide-ranging and though-provoking collection of essays examines the charter school movement's founding visions, on-the-ground realities, and untapped potential--within the context of an unswerving commitment ot democratic, equitable public schools. Essays include overviews from nationally known educators Ted Sizer and Linda Darling-Hammond, interviews with leaders of community-based charter schools, and analyses of how charters have developoed in cities such as New Orleans and Washington, D.C.