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School Violence in Context

School Violence in Context Author Rami Benbenishty
ISBN-10 0198035888
Release 2005-02-10
Pages 248
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Drawing on one of the most comprehensive and representative studies of school violence ever conducted, Benbenishty and Astor explore and differentiate the many manifestations of victimization in schools, providing a new model for understanding school violence in context. The authors make striking use of the geopolitical climate of the Middle East to model school violence in terms of its context within as well as outside of the school site. This pioneering new work is unique in that it uses empirical data to show which variables and factors are similar across different cultures and which variables appear unique to different cultures. This empirical contrast of universal with culturally specific patterns is sorely needed in the school violence literature. The authors' innovative research maps the contours of verbal, social, physical, and sexual victimization and weapons possession, as well as staff-initiated violence against students, presenting some startling findings along the way. When comparing schools in Israel with schools in California, the authors demonstrate for the first time that for most violent events the patterns of violent behaviors have the same relationship for different age groups, genders, and nations. Conversely, they highlight specific kinds of violence that are strongly influenced by culture. They reveal, for example, how Arab boys encounter much more boy-to-boy sexual harassment than their Jewish peers, and that teacher-initiated victimization of students constitutes a significant and often overlooked type of school violence, especially among certain cultural groups. Crucially, the authors expand the paradigm of understanding school violence to encompass the intersection of cultural, ethnic, neighborhood, and family characteristics with intra-school factors such as teacher-student dynamics, anti-violence policies, student participation, grade level, and religious and gender divisions. It is only by understanding the multiple contexts of school violence, they argue, that truly effective prevention programs, interventions, research agendas, and policies can be implemented. In an age of heightened concern over school security, this study has enormous implications for school violence theory, research, and policy throughout the world. The patterns that emerge from the authors' analysis form a blueprint for the research agenda needed to address new and exciting theoretical and practical questions regarding the intersections of context and school victimization. The unique perspective on school violence will undoubtedly strike a chord with all readers, informing scholars and students across the fields of social work, psychology, education, sociology, public health, and peace/conflict studies. Its clearly written and accessible style will appeal to teachers, principals, policy makers and parents interested in the authors' practical discussion of policy and intervention implications, making this an invaluable tool for understanding, preventing, and handling violence in schools throughout the world.

Handbook of School Violence and School Safety

Handbook of School Violence and School Safety Author Shane Jimerson
ISBN-10 9781136898273
Release 2012-03-12
Pages 672
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The Handbook of School Violence and School Safety: International Research and Practice has become the premier resource for educational and mental health professionals and policymakers seeking to implement effective prevention and intervention programs that reduce school violence and promote safe and effective schools. It covers the full range of school violence and safety topics from harassment and bullying to promoting safe, secure, and peaceful schools. It also examines existing school safety programs and includes the multi-disciplinary research and theories that guide them. Examinations of current issues and projections of future research and practice are embedded within each chapter. This volume maps the boundaries of this rapidly growing and multidisciplinary field of study. Key features include... Comprehensive Coverage – The chapters are divided into three parts: Foundations; Assessment and Measurement; Prevention and Intervention Programs. Together they provide a comprehensive review of what is known about the types, causes, and effects of school violence and the most effective intervention programs that have been developed to prevent violence and promote safe and thriving school climates. Evidence-based Practice – Avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to prevention and intervention, the focus throughout is on the application of evidence-based practice to address factors most commonly associated with school violence and safety. Implications for Practice – Each chapter bridges the research-to-practice gap, with a section delineating implications for practice of the foregoing research. Chapter Structure – To ensure continuity and coherence across the book, each chapter begins with a brief abstract and ends with a table showing the implications for practice. International Focus – Acknowledging the fact that school violence and safety is a global concern, this edition has increased its focus on insights learned from cross-national research and practice outside the USA. Expertise – The editors and authors are experienced researchers, teachers, practitioners, and leaders in the school violence field, their expertise includes their breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, bridging research, policy, and practice and representing a variety of international organizations studying school violence around the world.

School Violence A Reference Handbook 2nd Edition

School Violence  A Reference Handbook  2nd Edition Author Laura L. Finley
ISBN-10 9781610696241
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 357
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A timely investigation of the history, legislation, and perpetrators of school violence, this guide debunks the myths and misconceptions about this terrible problem of national concern. • Addresses significant milestones in legislation and policies that have been enacted to respond to and prevent school violence • Contains an informative timeline of key events in the history of school violence and prevention • Highlights key court cases as well as data related to measuring violence • Provides a compilation of best practices for the prevention of school violence • Features perspectives from diverse viewpoints, including administrators, students, and academics

Gender Socialization and the Making of Gender in the Indian Context

Gender Socialization and the Making of Gender in the Indian Context Author Sujit Kumar Chattopadhyay
ISBN-10 9789386602572
Release 2017-11-27
Pages 304
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Gender Socialization and the Making of Gender in the Indian Context discusses what gender is, its formation and effects, and how children form gender identities by conforming to social expectations and imitating gender-specific behaviour. As they grow older, they learn to assimilate this behaviour and the norms that they had earlier merely imitated. They also learn the consequences of deviating from these norms. Each culture has a set of practices for teaching gender roles. This book examines the social arrangements in India that make a child conform to normative femininity or masculinity. It studies the role of family, religion, mythology, teachers, peer group and the various media in inculcating this. Further, the book looks at the root cause of sexist injustices rampant even today in the making of gender inequality.

Burning Dislike

Burning Dislike Author Martin Sanchez-Jankowski
ISBN-10 9780520289192
Release 2016-05-17
Pages 312
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Violence in schools has more potential to involve large numbers of students, produce injuries, disrupt instructional time, and cause property damage than any other form of youth violence. Burning Dislike is the first book to use direct observation of everyday violent interactions to explore ethnic conflict in high schools. Why do young people engage in violence while in school? What is it about ethnicity that leads to fights? Through the use of two direct observational studies conducted twenty-six years apart, Martín Sánchez-Jankowski documents the process of ethnic school violence from start to finish. In addition to shedding light on what causes this type of violence and how it progresses over time, Burning Dislike provides strategic policy suggestions to address this troubling phenomenon.

Violence in Schools

Violence in Schools Author Peter K. Smith
ISBN-10 0415278236
Release 2003
Pages 365
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Violence in schools is a pervasive, highly emotive and, above all, global problem. Bullying and its negative social consequences are of perennial concern, while the media regularly highlights incidences of violent assault - and even murder - occurring within schools. This unique and fascinating text offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of how European nations are tackling this serious issue. Violence in Schools: The Response in Europe, brings together contributions from all EU member states and two associated states. Each chapter begins by clearly outlining the nature of the school violence situation in that country. It then goes on to describe those social policy initiatives and methods of intervention being used to address violence in schools and evaluates the effectiveness of these different strategies. Commentaries from Australia, Israel and the USA and an overview of the book's main themes by eminent psychologist Peter K. Smith complete a truly international and authoritative look at this important - and frequently controversial - subject. This book constitutes an invaluable resource for educational administrators, policymakers and researchers concerned with investigating, and ultimately addressing, the social and psychological causes, manifestations and effects of school violence.

From Evidence to Outcomes in Child Welfare

From Evidence to Outcomes in Child Welfare Author Aron Shlonsky
ISBN-10 9780199973743
Release 2013-11-04
Pages 352
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The information age is upon us and, with it, a new era of human services has emerged. The terms 'Evidence-Based,' 'evidence-informed,' 'best practice', and 'effective' have become ubiquitous in scholarly and professional publications, government documents, funding applications, and training institutions across the world. Yet despite this avalanche of words, there is substantial disagreement with respect to the definition of evidence and how it should be used to improve the lives of children and youth. This book builds on the burgeoning evidence-informed practice movement in social welfare that evolved from evidence-based medicine some twenty years ago. Key insights from an internationally recognized group of scholars representing several child welfare systems promotes a nuanced understanding of evidence in all its forms; makes a strong case for understanding the role of context in generating, interpreting, and employing evidence; and provides guidance for integrating evidence and context in the provision of child welfare services. The book begins with an introduction to evidence-informed practice and a broad overview of the different types of evidence that can be useful in guiding difficult decisions under uncertain conditions. This is followed by a decision-making framework that incorporates the use of evidence within the context of a complex child protection system. Next, empirically supported programs and treatments are evaluated with respect to their transportability across contexts, with sometimes surprising results. Two revolutionary approaches to the delivery of effective services, common factors and common elements, are then introduced and followed by a treatise on the importance of implementation in child welfare settings. Embracing different types of evidence used for different questions, the role of randomized controlled trials, epidemiology, administrative and survey data are then explored. Finally, the context of service provision within an agency is explored through an overview of the structure, function, and culture of human services organizations; the role of universities in training staff and conducting relevant practice and policy research; and an applied example involving a partnership between a major university and a large child welfare agency.

Encyclopedia of Social Work

Encyclopedia of Social Work Author
ISBN-10 9780195306613
Release 1996
Pages 428
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Troubled Fields

Troubled Fields Author Eric Ramírez-Ferrero
ISBN-10 9780231130257
Release 2005-01
Pages 221
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In Oklahoma in the 1980s and 1990s, suicide -- not accident as previously assumed -- was the leading cause of agricultural fatalities among farmers. Men were five times more likely to die by suicide than by accident. What was causing these men -- but not women -- to want to kill themselves? Ramírez-Ferrero suggests that the root causes lie not in purely economic or personal factors but rather in the processes of modernization. He shows how cultural and social changes have a dramatic effect on men's identities as providers, stewards, and community members. Using emotions and gender as modes of analysis, he locates these men's stories in the wider context of American history, agricultural economics and politics, capitalism, and Christianity.

Code of the Street Decency Violence and the Moral Life of the Inner City

Code of the Street  Decency  Violence  and the Moral Life of the Inner City Author Elijah Anderson
ISBN-10 0393070387
Release 2000-09-17
Pages 352
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Unsparing and important. . . . An informative, clearheaded and sobering book.—Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post (1999 Critic's Choice) Inner-city black America is often stereotyped as a place of random violence, but in fact, violence in the inner city is regulated through an informal but well-known code of the street. This unwritten set of rules—based largely on an individual's ability to command respect—is a powerful and pervasive form of etiquette, governing the way in which people learn to negotiate public spaces. Elijah Anderson's incisive book delineates the code and examines it as a response to the lack of jobs that pay a living wage, to the stigma of race, to rampant drug use, to alienation and lack of hope.

Street Gangs Migration and Ethnicity

Street Gangs  Migration and Ethnicity Author Frank van Gemert
ISBN-10 1843923963
Release 2008
Pages 286
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Most, if not all, countries have street gangs. There is considerable variety when it comes to their history, (criminal) activities and composition, but often migrant youth are among the members. These newcomers may find themselves in a marginal position, which can lead them to become gang-members. Apart from this socio-economic aspect, nowadays youth culture seems to promote a gang lifestyle and play a role in gang formation. This lifestyle is strongly influenced by stereotypical American gangs.The chapters in this book are based on research from twelve different countries. They address both situations where there have been longstanding problems with street gangs as well as areas where such issues have just started to emerge. Different research methods, both qualitative and quantitative, provide a unique insight into the influence of migration on local gang formation and development, paying particular attention to the importance of ethnicity. The chapters also explore the challenges that migration and ethnicity pose for responding effectively to the growth of such gangs, particularly in areas where public discourse on such issues is restricted. This peer-reviewed volume will be essential reading for anybody interested in the phenomenon of street gangs.This is the third book produced by the Eurogang network, consisting of researchers working together to develop a common framework for international comparative research on street gangs, based on standardised methodological instruments and a common research design. The Eurogang network started in 1998 and now has some 200 members working on various continents.

School Violence

School Violence Author Lucinda Almond
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924105551950
Release 2007-12
Pages 232
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Essays debate the issue of school violence in America, covering such topics as whether or not it is a prevalent problem, what the factors are that contribute to it, and whether stricter gun control laws can lead to its reduction.

Handbook of Violence

Handbook of Violence Author Lisa A. Rapp-Paglicci
ISBN-10 9780471214441
Release 2002-07-17
Pages 480
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A multidisciplinary team of experts examines violence from a resilience perspective Violence knows no boundaries. It attacks in schools, in families, and even in the workforce-places that should be regarded as safe havens. Encompassing the enormity of violence through a comprehensive, biopsychosocial perspective, Handbook of Violence examines community, school, family, and workplace violence, including identification, classification, prevention, and interview programs and case management. Written by the leading authorities in their fields, this groundbreaking compilation: * Reviews how children and adolescents from violent homes are detrimentally affected in multiple ways, including short- and long-term consequences that seriously impair their psychological, social, educational, and physical development * Explores issues related to the occurrence of domestic violence in African-American families, presenting an array of theoretical formulations that may prove useful to practitioners who must service both victims and perpetrators * Examines the prevalence of female juvenile delinquency and reviews the literature from a sociological and practice perspective * Focuses on the current trends and issues surrounding youth gang violence,discussing identification, classification, and prediction as they relate to gang violence as well as effective prevention and intervention * Addresses the identification, classification, and prediction of school violence among middle-school and high-school youth * Covers the broad range of cases that are classified as "workplace violence," examining the differences in definition and analyzing the bases for the growing prevalence of incidents Topics include: * Violence within families through the life span * Adolescent dating violence * Assessing violent behavior * Domestic violence in Latino cultures * Conduct disorder and substance abuse * Youth gang violence * School violence * Preventing workplace violence * Domestic violence in the workplace * And much more

St rke statt Macht

St  rke statt Macht Author Haim Omer
ISBN-10 9783647402031
Release 2016-04-18
Pages 360
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Die Erschütterung der erzieherischen Autorität gilt als eine der entscheidenden Ursachen für den dramatischen Anstieg von Gewalt und Kriminalität unter Kindern und Jugendlichen. Doch kann elterliche und pädagogische Autorität heutzutage nicht mehr auf Furcht, blinden Gehorsam und Machtausübung gründen. Es müssen die in unserer Gesellschaft vorherrschende Werte von freiem Willen, Individualität und kulturellem Pluralismus berücksichtigt werden. Die Psychologen Haim Omer und Arist von Schlippe führen den Begriff der »neuen Autorität« ein, der das Ergebnis eines langjährigen Denk- und Erfahrungsprozesses darstellt. Zu den zentralen Konzepten dieser neuen Autorität gehören Präsenz und gewaltloser Widerstand. Die Anwendung hat sich auch im Schulbereich bewährt, wo Eltern und Lehrer ein Bündnis gegenseitiger Hilfe und Unterstützung bilden, und bindet im darüber hinaus auch Gemeindemitglieder erfolgreich ein.

The British National Bibliography

The British National Bibliography Author Arthur James Wells
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066099238
Release 2006
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The British National Bibliography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The British National Bibliography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The British National Bibliography book for free.

Hey Shorty

Hey  Shorty Author Girls for Gender Equity
ISBN-10 1558616705
Release 2011-04-12
Pages 144
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At every stage of education, sexual harassment is common, and often considered a rite of passage for young people. It’s not unusual for a girl to hear “Hey, Shorty!” on a daily basis, as she walks down the hall or comes into the school yard, followed by a sexual innuendo, insult, come-on, or assault. But when teenagers are asked whether they experience this in their own lives, most of them say it’s not happening. Girls for Gender Equity, a nonprofit organization based in New York City, has developed a model for teens to teach one another about sexual harassment. How do you define it? How does it affect your self-esteem? What do you do in response? Why is it so normalized in schools, and how can we as a society begin to address these causes? Geared toward students, parents, teachers, policy makers, and activists, this book is an excellent model for building awareness and creating change in any community.

Journal of Social Work Education

Journal of Social Work Education Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556037144896
Release 2005
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