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Science and an African Logic

Science and an African Logic Author Helen Verran
ISBN-10 0226853896
Release 2001-12-15
Pages 277
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Does 2 + 2 = 4? Ask almost anyone and they will unequivocally answer yes. A basic equation such as this seems the very definition of certainty, but is it? In this captivating book, Helen Verran addresses precisely that question by looking at how science, mathematics, and logic come to life in Yoruba primary schools. Drawing on her experience as a teacher in Nigeria, Verran describes how she went from the radical conclusion that logic and math are culturally relative, to determining what Westerners find so disconcerting about Yoruba logic, to a new understanding of all generalizing logic. She reveals that in contrast to the one-to-many model found in Western number systems, Yoruba thinking operates by figuring things as wholes and their parts. Quantity is not absolute but always relational. Certainty is derived not from abstract logic, but from cultural practices and associations. A powerful story of how one woman's investigation in this everday situation led to extraordinary conclusions about the nature of numbers, generalization, and certainty, this book will be a signal contribution to philosophy, anthropology of science, and education.

Philosophical Perceptions on Logic and Order

Philosophical Perceptions on Logic and Order Author Horne, Jeremy
ISBN-10 9781522524441
Release 2017-05-19
Pages 402
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Strong reasoning skills are an important aspect to cultivate in life, as they directly impact decision making on a daily basis. By examining the different ways the world views logic and order, new methods and techniques can be employed to help expand on this skill further in the future. Philosophical Perceptions on Logic and Order is a pivotal scholarly resource that discusses the evolution of logical reasoning and future applications for these types of processes. Highlighting relevant topics including logic patterns, deductive logic, and inductive logic, this publication is an ideal reference source for academicians, students, and researchers that would like to expand their understanding of how society currently employs the use of logical reasoning techniques.


INTRODUCING AFRICAN SCIENCE Author Jonathan O. Chimakonam (Ph.D)
ISBN-10 9781477249420
Release 2012-08-20
Pages 168
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You are about to read a much-needed book that will open your eyes to the Africa that has been hidden from us. Thinking out of the box of Western thought pattern, Dr. Jonathan has been able to give to the world this revolutionary masterpiece in the intellectual history of Africa. By systematizing African science he has emphasized that more than one cock crows. We may therefore call him the Demiurge of new African renaissance. Mary Nelson Sankofa Directions Houston Texas, USA ‘ Se wo were fi na wosan kofa a, yenkyi.’ Learning from the past in building the future ----------------------------------------------------------------- With this masterpiece, Dr. Jonathan has answered all the critics of Africa’s intellectual and inventive ability. He has opened a door to Africa’s authentic renaissance. The work is a beacon in Africa’s history and the author has emerged as one of the continent’s brightest minds. Chris Iwarah The Sun Newspaper ---------------------------------------------------------------- With this towering intellectual accomplishment, Dr. Jonathan Chimakonam has not only proven that Africans are capable of revolutionary thoughts but has emerged as one of the leading original thinkers on the continent. In fact, in this piece of adorable literature, Jonathan could be said to have done for Africa what thinkers like Francis Bacon did for the West Prof. G. O. Ozumba Head, Department of Philosophy University of Calabar, Nigeria ----------------------------------------------------------------- What Jonathan has done is not different from what the builders of Western science did. In fact, he has taken his seat as the Francis Bacon of African science project and it would not be out of place if one describes him in the future as the father of African science. Okechukwukelu Okonkwo Deputy Director Programmes Anambra Broadcasting Service ----------------------------------------------------------------- This book is a great exploration into a rich repository of wisdom and knowledge which needs to be recaptured. It is African renaissance that will reposition Africa in the world of technology and development. This is both challenging and refreshing. With emerging scholars like Jonathan, there is hope for Africa! Hakuna Matata! Venerable Professor Udobata Onunwa Director, International Center for the Study of African Languages and Culture, Birmingham, UK

Rationalist Spirituality

Rationalist Spirituality Author Bernardo Kastrup
ISBN-10 9781846947353
Release 2011-03-16
Pages 125
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Why does the universe exist and what are you supposed to do in it? This question has been addressed by religions since time immemorial, but popular answers often fail to account for obvious aspects of reality. Indeed, if God knows everything, why do we need to learn through pain and suffering? If God is omnipotent, why are we needed to do good? If the universe is fundamentally good, why are wars, crime, and injustice all around us? In modern society, orthodox science takes the rational high-ground and tackles these contradictions by denying the very need for, and the existence of, meaning. Indeed, many of us implicitly accept the notion that rationality somehow contradicts spirituality. That is a modern human tragedy, not only for its insidiousness, but for the fact that it is simply not true. In this book, the author constructs a coherent and logical argument for the meaning of existence, informed by science itself. A framework is laid out wherein all aspects of human existence have a logical, coh

Objectivity and Diversity

Objectivity and Diversity Author Sandra Harding
ISBN-10 9780226241364
Release 2015-05-18
Pages 232
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Worries about scientific objectivity just won t go away, but by now, it s safe to say, no one who reflects on the appropriate role of values and interests in scientific research thinks it is or could be free of them. It now seems obvious that social, political, and economic values and interests influence research on weapons, for example, or health and the environment. Yet the dominant late twentieth-century philosophies of science have tended to conceptualize the reliability and predictive power of the results of research as damaged by such values and interests, and they continue to do so in spite of powerful analyses of how sciences operate in practice and in spite of the rise around the globe in the last four decades of various forms of participatory action research and citizen science, both of which take their research agendas from the concerns of disadvantaged groups. Why are the epistemic/scientific norm of objectivity and the social/political norm of diversity still perceived as inevitably in conflict with each other? Why aren t they perceived as in conflict only sometimes, but many times as providing valuable resources for each other? How can we promote science that is both more epistemically adequate and socially just? Sandra Harding probes these questions with clarity and concrete cases, and in doing so puts severe pressure on conventional philosophies of science and points to intellectually sounder and politically more progressive ways to think about them. She proposes a new way to relink sciences and their philosophies to democratic social relations, even while these are themselves undergoing transformations. A must read for anyone interested in how to think about the politics of science globally."

The Logic of Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Africa

The Logic of Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Africa Author John F. McCauley
ISBN-10 9781107175013
Release 2017-05-03
Pages 255
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The book is aimed at students and scholars of conflict, Africa, ethnic politics, and religion. It may also appeal to religious and political leaders. It proposes a new perspective on how ethnicity and religion shape political outcomes and violence in Africa, adding psychological elements to standard political science arguments.

Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa

Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa Author Philip Roessler
ISBN-10 9781107176072
Release 2016-12-15
Pages 420
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This book models the trade-off that rulers of weak, ethnically-divided states face between coups and civil war. Drawing evidence from extensive field research in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo combined with statistical analysis of most African countries, it develops a framework to understand the causes of state failure.

Philosophy of Logic

Philosophy of Logic Author
ISBN-10 008046663X
Release 2006-11-29
Pages 1218
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The papers presented in this volume examine topics of central interest in contemporary philosophy of logic. They include reflections on the nature of logic and its relevance for philosophy today, and explore in depth developments in informal logic and the relation of informal to symbolic logic, mathematical metatheory and the limiting metatheorems, modal logic, many-valued logic, relevance and paraconsistent logic, free logics, extensional v. intensional logics, the logic of fiction, epistemic logic, formal logical and semantic paradoxes, the concept of truth, the formal theory of entailment, objectual and substitutional interpretation of the quantifiers, infinity and domain constraints, the Löwenheim-Skolem theorem and Skolem paradox, vagueness, modal realism v. actualism, counterfactuals and the logic of causation, applications of logic and mathematics to the physical sciences, logically possible worlds and counterpart semantics, and the legacy of Hilbert’s program and logicism. The handbook is meant to be both a compendium of new work in symbolic logic and an authoritative resource for students and researchers, a book to be consulted for specific information about recent developments in logic and to be read with pleasure for its technical acumen and philosophical insights. - Written by leading logicians and philosophers - Comprehensive authoritative coverage of all major areas of contemporary research in symbolic logic - Clear, in-depth expositions of technical detail - Progressive organization from general considerations to informal to symbolic logic to nonclassical logics - Presents current work in symbolic logic within a unified framework - Accessible to students, engaging for experts and professionals - Insightful philosophical discussions of all aspects of logic - Useful bibliographies in every chapter

Proof in Alonzo Church s and Alan Turing s Mathematical Logic Undecidability of First Order Logic

Proof in Alonzo Church s and Alan Turing s Mathematical Logic  Undecidability of First Order Logic Author
ISBN-10 9781612339511
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Proof in Alonzo Church s and Alan Turing s Mathematical Logic Undecidability of First Order Logic has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Proof in Alonzo Church s and Alan Turing s Mathematical Logic Undecidability of First Order Logic also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Proof in Alonzo Church s and Alan Turing s Mathematical Logic Undecidability of First Order Logic book for free.

Listening for Africa

Listening for Africa Author David F. García
ISBN-10 9780822373117
Release 2017-07-21
Pages 376
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In Listening for Africa David F. Garcia explores how a diverse group of musicians, dancers, academics, and activists engaged with the idea of black music and dance’s African origins between the 1930s and 1950s. Garcia examines the work of figures ranging from Melville J. Herskovits, Katherine Dunham, and Asadata Dafora to Duke Ellington, Dámaso Pérez Prado, and others who believed that linking black music and dance with Africa and nature would help realize modernity’s promises of freedom in the face of fascism and racism in Europe and the Americas, colonialism in Africa, and the nuclear threat at the start of the Cold War. In analyzing their work, Garcia traces how such attempts to link black music and dance to Africa unintentionally reinforced the binary relationships between the West and Africa, white and black, the modern and the primitive, science and magic, and rural and urban. It was, Garcia demonstrates, modernity’s determinations of unraced, heteronormative, and productive bodies, and of scientific truth that helped defer the realization of individual and political freedom in the world.

Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science

Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science Author Kueker
ISBN-10 0824777468
Release 1986-12-22
Pages 408
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Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science book for free.

Hegel s Science of Logic

Hegel s Science of Logic Author Richard Dien Winfield
ISBN-10 9781442219366
Release 2012-10-27
Pages 390
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This text provides a truly comprehensive guide to one of the most important and challenging works of modern philosophy. The systematic complexity of Hegel's radical project in the Science of Logic prevents many from understanding and appreciating its value. By independently and critically working through Hegel's argument, this book offers an enlightening aid for study and anchors the Science of Logic at a central position in the philosophical canon.

Later Mohist Logic Ethics and Science

Later Mohist Logic  Ethics  and Science Author Angus Charles Graham
ISBN-10 MINN:31951001108811L
Release 1978
Pages 590
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This a general account of the school of Mo-tzu, its social basis as a movement of craftsmen, its isolated place in the Chinese tradition, and the nature of its later contributions to logic, ethics, and science. It assesses the relation of Mohist thinking to the structure of the Chinese language, and grapples with the textual dynamics of later Mohist writings, particularly in regard to grammar and style, technical terminology, the use and significance of stock examples, and overall organization. Includes edited and annotated Chinese text with an English translation and commentary, a glossary, and a photographic reproduction of the unemended text from the Taoist Patrology.

The Works in Logic by Bosniac Authors in Arabic

The Works in Logic by Bosniac Authors in Arabic Author Amir Ljubović
ISBN-10 9789004168565
Release 2008
Pages 252
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This book provides a historical and comparative study of logic in Arabic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the first texts, 16th century, to the end of the 19th century, using authentic, completely unknown and unpublished manuscripts

The Enigma of Reason

The Enigma of Reason Author Hugo Mercier
ISBN-10 9780674368309
Release 2017-04-17
Pages 408
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If reason is so useful and reliable, why didn’t it evolve in other animals and why do humans produce so much thoroughly reasoned nonsense? Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber argue that reason is not geared to solitary use. It evolved to help justify our beliefs to others, evaluate their arguments, and better exploit our uniquely rich social environment.

A Model Discipline

A Model Discipline Author Kevin A. Clarke
ISBN-10 9780195382204
Release 2012-02-16
Pages 220
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Political science is an intensely quantitative discipline, and models are central. Political scientists use models—formal and informal, statistical and qualitative—to investigate and illuminate causal mechanisms, generate comparative data, and understand the conditions under which certain outcomes are expected to occur. But how do we justify and rationalize the method? Why test predictions from a deductive, and thus truth-preserving, system? David Primo and Kevin Clarke tackle these central questions in this novel work of methodology.

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic Author Stewart Shapiro
ISBN-10 9780190287535
Release 2005-02-10
Pages 856
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Mathematics and logic have been central topics of concern since the dawn of philosophy. Since logic is the study of correct reasoning, it is a fundamental branch of epistemology and a priority in any philosophical system. Philosophers have focused on mathematics as a case study for general philosophical issues and for its role in overall knowledge- gathering. Today, philosophy of mathematics and logic remain central disciplines in contemporary philosophy, as evidenced by the regular appearance of articles on these topics in the best mainstream philosophical journals; in fact, the last decade has seen an explosion of scholarly work in these areas. This volume covers these disciplines in a comprehensive and accessible manner, giving the reader an overview of the major problems, positions, and battle lines. The 26 contributed chapters are by established experts in the field, and their articles contain both exposition and criticism as well as substantial development of their own positions. The essays, which are substantially self-contained, serve both to introduce the reader to the subject and to engage in it at its frontiers. Certain major positions are represented by two chapters--one supportive and one critical. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Math and Logic is a ground-breaking reference like no other in its field. It is a central resource to those wishing to learn about the philosophy of mathematics and the philosophy of logic, or some aspect thereof, and to those who actively engage in the discipline, from advanced undergraduates to professional philosophers, mathematicians, and historians.