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Scientific Authorship

Scientific Authorship Author Mario Biagioli
ISBN-10 9781135380922
Release 2014-01-27
Pages 386
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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Putting Intellectual Property in Its Place

Putting Intellectual Property in Its Place Author Laura J. Murray
ISBN-10 9780199336265
Release 2014-03
Pages 209
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Putting Intellectual Property in its Place examines the relationship between creativity and intellectual property law on the premise that, despite concentrated critical attention devoted to IP law from academic, policy and activist quarters, its role as a determinant of creative activity is overstated. The effects of IP rights or law are usually more unpredictable, non-linear, or illusory than is often presumed. Through a series of case studies focusing on nineteenth century journalism, "fake" art, plant hormone research between the wars, online knitting communities, creativity in small cities, and legal practice, the authors discuss the many ways people comprehend the law through information and opinions gathered from friends, strangers, coworkers, and the media. They also show how people choose to share, create, negotiate, and dispute based on what seems fair, just, or necessary, in the context of how their community functions in that moment, while ignoring or reimagining legal mechanisms. In this book authors Murray, Piper, and Robertson define "the everyday life of IP law", constituting an experiment in non-normative legal scholarship, and in building theory from material and located practice.

The Hand of Science

The Hand of Science Author Blaise Cronin
ISBN-10 0810852829
Release 2005
Pages 214
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Cronin, a master of the subject, examines the complex relationship between authorship (individual or collective) and the reward system of science in the face of the burgeoning growth of scholarly communication. He answers the myriad questions raised from how responsibility and credit are allocated in collaborative endeavors to what the intellectual property impact could be in online and open access publishing.

Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property

Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property Author Mario Biagioli
ISBN-10 9780226907093
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 466
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Rules regulating access to knowledge are no longer the exclusive province of lawyers and policymakers and instead command the attention of anthropologists, economists, literary theorists, political scientists, artists, historians, and cultural critics. This burgeoning interdisciplinary interest in “intellectual property” has also expanded beyond the conventional categories of patent, copyright, and trademark to encompass a diverse array of topics ranging from traditional knowledge to international trade. Though recognition of the central role played by “knowledge economies” has increased, there is a special urgency associated with present-day inquiries into where rights to information come from, how they are justified, and the ways in which they are deployed. Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property, edited by Mario Biagioli, Peter Jaszi, and Martha Woodmansee, presents a range of diverse—and even conflicting—contemporary perspectives on intellectual property rights and the contested sources of authority associated with them. Examining fundamental concepts and challenging conventional narratives—including those centered around authorship, invention, and the public domain—this book provides a rich introduction to an important intersection of law, culture, and material production.

Prize Fight

Prize Fight Author Morton Meyers, M.D.
ISBN-10 9781137000569
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 272
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We often think of scientists as dispassionate and detached, nobly laboring without any expectation of reward. But scientific research is much more complicated and messy than this ideal, and scientists can be torn by jealousy, impelled by a need for recognition, and subject to human vulnerability and fallibility. In Prize Fight , Emeritus Chair at SUNY School of Medicine Morton Meyers pulls back the curtain to reveal the dark side of scientific discovery. From allegations of stolen authorship to fabricated results and elaborate hoaxes, he shows us how too often brilliant minds are reduced to petty jealousies and promising careers cut short by disputes over authorship or fudged data. Prize Fight is a dramatic look at some of the most notable discoveries in science in recent years, from the discovery of insulin, which led to decades of infighting and even violence, to why the 2003 Nobel Prize in Medicine exposed how often scientific objectivity is imperiled.

Maxwell Sutton and the Birth of Color Photography

Maxwell  Sutton  and the Birth of Color Photography Author J. Cat
ISBN-10 9781137338310
Release 2013-07-24
Pages 165
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This focused and incisive study reassesses the historic collaboration between James Clerk Maxwell and Thomas Sutton. It reveals that Maxwell and Sutton were closer to true partners than has commonly been assumed, and shows how their experiments illuminate the role of technology, representation, and participation in Maxwell's natural philosophy.

New Directions in Copyright Law

New Directions in Copyright Law Author Fiona Macmillan
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066803837
Release 2006
Pages 336
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This second volume contains further exploration of the themes considered in Volume 1, namely the theoretical framework of copyright, and the convergence, divergence and globalisation of copyright.

Who Owns This Text

Who Owns This Text Author Carol Peterson Haviland
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D02921094W
Release 2009
Pages 196
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Carol Haviland, Joan Mullin, and their collaborators report on a three-year interdisciplinary interview project on the subject of plagiarism, authorship, and “property,” and how these are conceived across different fields. The study investigated seven different academic fields to discover disciplinary conceptions of what types of scholarly production count as “owned.” Less a research report than a conversation, the book offers a wide range of ideas, and the chapters here will provoke discussion on scholarly practice relating to intellectual property, plagiarism, and authorship---and to how these matters are conveyed to students. Although these authors find a good deal of consensus in regard to the ethical issues of plagiarism, they document a surprising variety of practice on the subject of what ownership looks like from one discipline to another. And they discover that students are not often instructed in the conventions of their major field.

Marquette intellectual property law review

Marquette intellectual property law review Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B5088578
Release 2005
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Marquette intellectual property law review has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Marquette intellectual property law review also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Marquette intellectual property law review book for free.

Thinking Machines and the Philosophy of Computer Science

Thinking Machines and the Philosophy of Computer Science Author Jordi Vallverdú
ISBN-10 9781616920159
Release 2010
Pages 435
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This discipline of philosophy and computer science offers an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas that range from philosophical and mathematical logic to epistemology, engineering, ethics or neuroscience. Thinking Machines and the Philosophy of Computer Science: Concepts and Principles presents a conversation between established experts and new researchers in the field of philosophy and computer science about human and non-human relationships with the environment. This resource contains five sections including topics on philosophical analysis, the posterior ethical debate, the nature of computer simulations, and the crossroads between robotics, AI, cognitive theories and philosophy.

Commons and Borderlands

Commons and Borderlands Author Marilyn Strathern
ISBN-10 0954557220
Release 2004
Pages 102
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A leading social anthropologist examines early 21st-century interests in interdisciplinarity, with particular attention to the conjunction of science and society. (Archaeology)

E T culture

E T  culture Author Debbora Battaglia
ISBN-10 0822336324
Release 2005
Pages 281
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Cultural readings of alien encounters.

Originality Imitation and Plagiarism

Originality  Imitation  and Plagiarism Author Martha Vicinus
ISBN-10 0472024442
Release 2009-12-18
Pages 280
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"At long last, a discussion of plagiarism that doesn't stop at 'Don't do it or else,' but does full justice to the intellectual interest of the topic!" ---Gerald Graff, author of Clueless in Academe and 2008 President, Modern Language Association This collection is a timely intervention in national debates about what constitutes original or plagiarized writing in the digital age. Somewhat ironically, the Internet makes it both easier to copy and easier to detect copying. The essays in this volume explore the complex issues of originality, imitation, and plagiarism, particularly as they concern students, scholars, professional writers, and readers, while also addressing a range of related issues, including copyright conventions and the ownership of original work, the appropriate dissemination of innovative ideas, and the authority and role of the writer/author. Throughout these essays, the contributors grapple with their desire to encourage and maintain free access to copyrighted material for noncommercial purposes while also respecting the reasonable desires of authors to maintain control over their own work. Both novice and experienced teachers of writing will learn from the contributors' practical suggestions about how to fashion unique assignments, teach about proper attribution, and increase students' involvement in their own writing. This is an anthology for anyone interested in how scholars and students can navigate the sea of intellectual information that characterizes the digital/information age. "Eisner and Vicinus have put together an impressive cast of contributors who cut through the war on plagiarism to examine key specificities that often get blurred by the rhetoric of slogans. It will be required reading not only for those concerned with plagiarism, but for the many more who think about what it means to be an author, a student, a scientist, or anyone who negotiates and renegotiates the meaning of originality and imitation in collaborative and information-intensive settings." ---Mario Biagioli, Professor of the History of Science, Harvard University, and coeditor of Scientific Authorship: Credit and Intellectual Property in Science "This is an important collection that addresses issues of great significance to teachers, to students, and to scholars across several disciplines. . . . These essays tackle their topics head-on in ways that are both accessible and provocative." ---Andrea Lunsford, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor of English, Claude and Louise Rosenberg Jr. Fellow, and Director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford University and coauthor of Singular Texts/Plural Authors: Perspectives on Collaborative Writing digitalculturebooks is an imprint of the University of Michigan Press and the Scholarly Publishing Office of the University of Michigan Library dedicated to publishing innovative and accessible work exploring new media and their impact on society, culture, and scholarly communication. Visit the website at

The Responsibilities of Rhetoric

The Responsibilities of Rhetoric Author Rhetoric Society of America. Conference
ISBN-10 1577666232
Release 2010
Pages 371
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The Responsibilities of Rhetoric combines reflections on today's globalized world with responsive glances toward the rhetoric of the future. A product of the 2008 conference of the Rhetoric Society of America, thirty-one contributors ask, if rhetors are responsible and responsive to their publics, if rhetoricians instruct and empower those who learn from them, what are the responsibilities of rhetoric in our time? Their discussions implicate the promotion of public reason in society, the ability to unite publics and communities, the commitment to provide visions of the possible, and the responsibility to prepare students to think and deliberate in contemporary society.

Cambridge Anthropology

Cambridge Anthropology Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X030047187
Release 2004
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Cambridge Anthropology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cambridge Anthropology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cambridge Anthropology book for free.

Research Administration and Management

Research Administration and Management Author Elliott C. Kulakowski
ISBN-10 9781449666071
Release 2008-07-03
Pages 916
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This reference text addresses the basic knowledge of research administration and anagement, and includes everything from a review of research administration and the infrastructure that is necessary to support research, to project development and post-project plans. Examples of concepts, case studies, a glossary of terms and acronyms, and references to books, journal articles, monographs, and federal regulations are also included.

Theorien und Praktiken der Autorschaft

Theorien und Praktiken der Autorschaft Author Matthias Schaffrick
ISBN-10 9783110400526
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 672
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Since the “return of the author,” questions of literary and scientific authorship have been garnering more attention. This volume clearly presents the research literature in this field, and describes theories and practices of authorship through historical and systematic case studies from the perspectives of hermeneutics, poststructuralism, narratology, fiction theory, genre studies, and staging strategies.