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Sebastian Bergman

Sebastian Bergman Author Hjorth Rosenfeldt
ISBN-10 9781405517621
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 448
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The massive Swedish international bestseller and the first in the Sebastian Bergman series. Now a hit BBC4 TV drama starring Rolf Lassgård, the original WALLANDER, as Bergman. Sixteen-year-old Roger has vanished. Days pass and Västerås Police do nothing, blaming his disappearance on teenage antics. Then Roger's pale, mutilated body is found floating in a shallow marshland pool, his heart missing, and the experts descend. They need Sebastian Bergman: widower, psychologist, top criminal profiler and one of Sweden's foremost experts on serial killers. Since losing his wife and child Sebastian has become numb to the outside world and has no interest in taking on the murder case - until he is blindsided by a secret from his past. Desperate for access to confidential police files, he agrees to join the investigation and it's not long until the brittle web of lies and deception seizes his full attention... A page-turning, atmospheric thriller to rival Jo Nesbo, Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson. This book was published in the USA under the title Dark Secrets.

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets Author Michael Hjorth
ISBN-10 9781455520749
Release 2013-04-23
Pages 560
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This book was published in the United Kingdom under the title Sebastian Bergman. It all begins with a call to the police. A sixteen-year-old boy, Roger Eriksson, has gone missing in the town of Västerås. A search is organized and a group of young scouts makes an awful discovery in a marsh: Roger is dead. Meanwhile, Sebastian Bergman, psychologist, criminal profiler and one of Sweden's top experts on serial killers, is in Västerås to settle his mother's estate following her death. Sebastian has withdrawn from police work after the death of his wife and daughter in the 2004 tsunami. When the Crime Investigation Department asks Sebastian for his help in Roger's case, his arrogant manner at first alienates the rest of the team. Pushing forward, though, they begin to make disturbing discoveries about the private school Roger attended....

The Man Who Watched Women

The Man Who Watched Women Author Michael Hjorth
ISBN-10 9781473535350
Release 2015-06-18
Pages 528
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As a heatwave blazes in Stockholm, a series of women are found brutally murdered and the Criminal Investigation Department is getting nowhere. The murders bear all the hallmarks of Edward Hinde, the serial killer jailed by psychological profiler Sebastian Bergman fifteen years earlier. Sebastian desperately needs some order in his chaotic life. The revelation that he has a daughter, Vanja, could provide this longed-for stability. But should he tell her the truth and risk destroying her life and career? Forcing his way into the investigation, Sebastian soon learns that the murders are connected to him and that no one around him is safe. Including Vanja.

The Man Who Wasn t There

The Man Who Wasn t There Author Michael Hjorth
ISBN-10 9781784752415
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 448
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On the side of a mountain in Sweden, six bodies have been found. Skeletons, more precisely. These bodies were buried a long time ago. And for Sebastian Bergman that just makes the investigation into who they are, who killed them, and why, even more complex. Because Bergman has, of course, found himself on the investigating team. At first it was a chance to escape his ex-girlfriend and spend some time with his daughter, Vanja. An opportunity to try and build a relationship with her before it's too late. But soon he finds that he's more involved than he would ever want to be. And his personal life is horribly, disastrously, tangled up in it all . . .

The Silent Girl

The Silent Girl Author Michael Hjorth
ISBN-10 1780894600
Release 2017-06-29
Pages 458
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An idyllic white, two-storey, beautiful house in Sweden. Inside, a family has been brutally murdered - mother, father and two young children all shot in broad daylight. And the killer has got away. Sebastian Bergman has been brought in to solve the crime, but with no credible suspects, he is at a dead end. Until he discovers that there was a witness to the crime. A young girl who saw it all happen, and she has fled, in fear for her life. Bergman has to track the young girl down before it's too late. But the killer is chasing her too - and he is determined to finish what he started.

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets Author Michael Hjorth
ISBN-10 9781743365045
Release 2013
Pages 440
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A taut, atmospheric thriller, full of twists and turns, Dark Secrets is guaranteed to keep you turning its pages well into the night.

Victim Without a Face

Victim Without a Face Author Stefan Ahnhem
ISBN-10 9781250103192
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 592
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A KILLER WITH A MESSAGE. Two men are dead. Both had been bullies at school. A single clue has been found at the scene: a class photo, with two faces neatly crossed out. A DETECTIVE WHO CAN’T LET GO. Fabian Risk is among the faces in the photograph. He’s also the lead detective on the case. He thought he’d left his schooldays behind. Now his classmates are dying for the sins of their childhood. . . . CAN YOU EVER HIDE FROM JUSTICE? The first book in an internationally bestselling, award-winning series, Stefan Ahnhem's Victim Without a Face is a chilling novel about the ultimate revenge.

A menina silenciosa Sebastian Bergman 4

A menina silenciosa  Sebastian Bergman 4 Author Hans Rosenfeldt
ISBN-10 9789896654177
Release 2018-03-19
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A série policial nórdica de maior sucesso internacional. Mais de 2 milhões de exemplares vendidos. Finalista do prémio melhor thriller sueco do ano da Academia Sueca de Escritores de Thrillers. Suécia. Uma bonita casa branca, de dois andares. Dentro, uma família brutalmente assassinada - mãe, pai e duas crianças pequenas, mortos a tiro, em plena luz do dia. E o assassino escapou. Sebastian Bergman, com o Departamento de Investigação Criminal, tenta deslindar o crime, mas, com o principal suspeito morto, está num beco sem saída. Até que descobre que há uma testemunha do crime. Uma menina, Nicole, viu tudo e fugiu, assustada. As pegadas que deixou conduzem a equipa à grande floresta atrás da casa. Quando a encontram, descobrem que o trauma do que viu a deixou totalmente muda, comunicando-se apenas através de caneta e papel. Embora a menina se recuse a pronunciar uma única palavra, os seus desenhos revelam um facto convincente e inescapável: ela viu o assassino. Bergman fica obcecado com o desafio de romper a parede de silêncio de Nicole. Enquanto isso, o assassino, agora consciente da existência da menina, está apostado em garantir que ela fique calada. Sobre A menina silenciosa: «Um romance trepidante que não foge do pesado custo emocional da culpa e da perda.» Sunday Times (Reino Unido) «Mais uma vez, um bem merecido sucesso: fascinante, ambicioso e cheio de reviravoltas inesperadas.» Der Standard (Alemanha) «Crime escandinavo de alta qualidade, que nos faz desejar mais.» Vrij Nederland (Holanda) «Uma história perfeitamente construída por suecos talentosos. (...) há motivos para ficar impressionado com o enredo deste livro, com reviravoltas absolutamente brilhantes e surpreendentes. (...) uma linda peça de artesanato profissional de dois escritores que realmente sabem o que estão a fazer.» Verdens Gang (Noruega) «O enredo deste quarto - e, na minha opinião, o melhor - dos livros da série concentra-se no assassinato extremamente brutal de uma jovem família e em como o Departamento de Investigação Criminal tenta obter a ajuda da única testemunha, protegendo-a. Apesar do assassinato brutal, não há muita violência no livro, mas, por outro lado, é extremamente emocionante e eficaz a sua combinação de thriller psicológico e novela de detectives.» Corren (Suécia)

The Killing 1

The Killing 1 Author David Hewson
ISBN-10 9781447213574
Release 2012-05-24
Pages 720
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David Hewson's The Killing 1 is the novelization of the first series of the hit Danish crime drama, The Killing. 'Through the dark wood where the dead trees give no shelter Nanna Birk Larsen runs . . . There is a bright monocular eye that follows, like a hunter after a wounded deer. It moves in a slow approaching zigzag, marching through the Pineseskoven wasteland, through the Pentecost Forest. The chill water, the fear, his presence not so far away . . . There is one torchlight on her now, the single blazing eye. And it is here . . .' Sarah Lund is looking forward to her last day as a detective with the Copenhagen police department before moving to Sweden. But everything changes when nineteen-year-old student, Nanna Birk Larsen, is found raped and brutally murdered in the woods outside the city. Lund's plans to relocate are put on hold as she leads the investigation along with fellow detective Jan Meyer. While Nanna's family struggles to cope with their loss, local politician, Troels Hartmann, is in the middle of an election campaign to become the new mayor of Copenhagen. When links between City Hall and the murder suddenly come to light , the case takes an entirely different turn. Over the course of twenty days, suspect upon suspect emerges as violence and political intrigue cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer.

Segredos obscuros Sebastian Bergman 1

Segredos obscuros  Sebastian Bergman 1 Author Hans Rosenfeldt
ISBN-10 9789896654160
Release 2017-12-18
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A série policial nórdica de maior sucesso internacional Mais de 2 milhões de livros vendidos Sebastian Bergman é um homem à deriva. Psicólogo de formação, trabalhava como profiler para a polícia e era um dos grandes especialistas do país em serial killers. Perdeu tudo quando o tsunami no oceano Índico lhe levou a mulher e a filha. Tudo muda com uma chamada para a polícia. Um rapaz de dezasseis anos, Roger Eriksson, desapareceu na cidade de Vasteras. Organiza-se uma busca e um grupo de jovens escuteiros faz uma descoberta macabra no meio de um pântano: Roger está morto e falta-lhe o coração. É o momento de Sebastian se confrontar com um mundo que conhece demasiado bem. O Departamento de Investigação Criminal pede ajuda a Sebastian. Os seus modos bruscos e revoltados não impedem a investigação de avançar. E as descobertas sobre a escola que Roger frequentava são aterradoras. Sobre Segredos obscuros: «A melhor exportação do crime sueco.» Die Welt (Alemanha) «Um thriller extraordinariamente inteligente.» De Telegraaf (Holanda) «A melhor estreia sueca desde Larsson...» Kristianstadsbladet (Suécia) «Eficaz, bem escrito e perfeito.» Politiken (Dinamarca)

Geese Theatre Handbook

Geese Theatre Handbook Author Clarke Baim
ISBN-10 9781906534509
Release 2002-03-08
Pages 223
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Geese Theatre 1st was formed in 1987 and is renowned across the criminal justice field. This book explains the thinking behind the company's approach to applied drama with offenders and people at risk of offending, including young people. It also contains over 100 exercises with explanations, instructions and suggestions to help practitioners.

The Second Deadly Sin

The Second Deadly Sin Author Asa Larsson
ISBN-10 9781623651404
Release 2014-08-12
Pages 352
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Asa Larsson 's Rebecka Martinsson series was included on a list of Top Mysteries Every Woman Should Read by Oprah Winfrey, who called Rebecka Martinsson a "brilliant, believable" female detective. Now in The Second Deadly Sin Rebecka Martinsson's courage to the test once more in her most twisted and unpredictable case yet. After successfully tracking down and killing a rogue bear in the wilderness of northern Sweden, a group of hunters is shaken by a grisly discovery when they dress the bear carcass: human remains in the stomach. Far away in the remote village of Kurravaara, an elderly woman is found murdered with frenzied brutality, crude abuse scrawled above her bloodied bed. Her young grandson, known to live with her, is nowhere to be found. Only Kiruna prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson sees a connection between the two events, but thanks to the machinations of a jealous rival, she is dropped from the case. Continuing to pursue answers in an unofficial capacity, and with the reluctant assistance of her friend and police inspector Anna-Maria Mella, Rebecka stands alone against a ruthless killer. At the root of it all is a horrifying, century-old crime, the tendrils of which continue to hold the small community in their grip.

O homem ausente Sebastian Bergman 3

O homem ausente  Sebastian Bergman 3 Author Hans Rosenfeldt
ISBN-10 9789896654146
Release 2018-03-19
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O 3o volume da série policial nórdica de maior sucesso internacional! Mais de 2 milhões de livros vendidos. Nas montanhas de Jämtland, na Suécia, são encontrados seis corpos. Mais precisamente, seis esqueletos. Dois deles de crianças. Os corpos foram enterrados há muito tempo. E para Sebastian Bergman, que viaja para o local do crime com o resto da equipa do Departamento de Investigação Criminal, estes factos só tornam ainda mais complexa a investigação sobre quem são, quem os matou e porquê. No início, Sebastian vê o caso como uma oportunidade de escapar da ex-namorada e passar algum tempo com a filha, Vanja. Uma oportunidade para tentar construir uma relação com ela antes que seja tarde demais. Mas rapidamente descobre que está mais envolvido no caso do que gostaria de estar. Sobre O homem ausente: «Incrivelmente inteligente.» TV Movie (Alemanha) «Aqueles que leram os primeiros romances correrão para a livraria mais próxima para comprar o terceiro livro. Mais uma vez, impossível parar de ler.» NDR Kultur (Alemanha) «Um thriller excepcional e uma série excelente.» Het Parool (Holanda) «O melhor romance policial sueco do ano, lá em cima com Nesser, Kepler e Äsa Larsson.» Örnsköldsviks Allehanda (Suécia)

Die Toten die niemand vermisst

Die Toten  die niemand vermisst Author Michael Hjorth
ISBN-10 349926661X
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 624
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Die Toten die niemand vermisst has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Toten die niemand vermisst also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Toten die niemand vermisst book for free.

Mind s Eye

Mind s Eye Author Håkan Nesser
ISBN-10 9780307387226
Release 2009
Pages 277
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Available for the first time in English, this international best seller follows Chief Inspector Van Veeteren on an investigation of a husband accused of murdering his wife, who is then also killed while serving time in a mental institution. Reprint.

Das M dchen das verstummte

Das M  dchen  das verstummte Author Michael Hjorth
ISBN-10 3499266628
Release 2015-09-25
Pages 592
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Das M dchen das verstummte has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das M dchen das verstummte also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das M dchen das verstummte book for free.

Towards an Aesthetics of Production

Towards an Aesthetics of Production Author Sebastian Egenhofer
ISBN-10 3037348852
Release 2017-01-13
Pages 208
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Throughout the twentieth century, critical art history often chose to ally itself with a restrictive brand of formalism. As a result, representation- and ideology-critical analyses regularly reduced the artwork to the bare bones (Hegel) of the material signifier in its social use. By contrast, in the texts assembled here, elements of a critical materialism are combined with an effort to reevaluate the meta-physical implications of modern abstraction and art since the 1960s. Taking Gilles Deleuze s readings of Spinoza, Nietzsche, and Bergson as his starting point, the author delineates a topic in which the artwork s capacity for resistance is grounded in its relationship to an immanent infinity: the Spinozian substance, Nietzsche s Becoming, Bergson s duree. Against the backdrop of a critical rereading of Heidegger, this infinite dimension is interpreted in temporal and ontological terms as the vertical past of production, which can only be grasped in broken and technically encrypted form in the present shape and materiality of the artwork. Hence the notion of an aesthetics of production does not imply a nostalgia for the artisanal or for the artwork s singularity. The concept of production developed in this book aims at a realm that lies beyond finite representation but is still understood in materialist terms, and that threatens the circulation of positive, conceptually standardized knowledge. In case studies on Piet Mondrian, Marcel Duchamp, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Michael Asher and in framing essays on Kant and Nietzsche as well as Heidegger and Spinoza, this book articulates a concept of the artwork in the long modern era which takes account of the twentieth century s critique of metaphysics but without surrendering the truth claim of art and philosophy in favor of a culturalist and sociological relativism. "