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Secular Faith

Secular Faith Author Mark A. Smith
ISBN-10 9780226275376
Release 2015-09-11
Pages 288
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When Pope Francis recently answered “Who am I to judge?” when asked about homosexuality, he ushered in a new era for the Catholic church. A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable for a pope to express tolerance for homosexuality. Yet shifts of this kind are actually common in the history of Christian groups. Within the United States, Christian leaders have regularly revised their teachings to match the beliefs and opinions gaining support among their members and larger society. Mark A. Smith provocatively argues that religion is not nearly the unchanging conservative influence in American politics that we have come to think it is. In fact, in the long run, religion is best understood as responding to changing political and cultural values rather than shaping them. Smith makes his case by charting five contentious issues in America’s history: slavery, divorce, homosexuality, abortion, and women’s rights. For each, he shows how the political views of even the most conservative Christians evolved in the same direction as the rest of society—perhaps not as swiftly, but always on the same arc. During periods of cultural transition, Christian leaders do resist prevailing values and behaviors, but those same leaders inevitably acquiesce—often by reinterpreting the Bible—if their positions become no longer tenable. Secular ideas and influences thereby shape the ways Christians read and interpret their scriptures. So powerful are the cultural and societal norms surrounding us that Christians in America today hold more in common morally and politically with their atheist neighbors than with the Christians of earlier centuries. In fact, the strongest predictors of people’s moral beliefs are not their religious commitments or lack thereof but rather when and where they were born. A thoroughly researched and ultimately hopeful book on the prospects for political harmony, Secular Faith demonstrates how, over the long run, boundaries of secular and religious cultures converge.

A Secular Faith

A Secular Faith Author Darryl G. Hart
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064750956
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 273
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Analyzes the widening gap between religious and secular America throughout the past quarter century to present a faith-based argument for the absolute separation of church and state, explaining that Christian politics are inappropriate for a religiously diverse society and fundamentally misconstrue the meaning of the Christian religion.

Luck a Secular Faith

Luck  a Secular Faith Author Wayne Edward Oates
ISBN-10 0664255361
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 111
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In this book, Wayne Oates defines luck as a secular faith, examining the ways in which the idea of our experiences being based on luck dominates much of our thinking about how and why our lives develop as they do. According to Oates, this secular "faith in luck" is unhealthy and should be countered with faith in God.

Secular Faith

Secular Faith Author Jon Krutulis
ISBN-10 9781434395740
Release 2010-01
Pages 552
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Dr. Virgil Morrison is a simple man, living a simple life and quite content to do so. Unfortunately, as a psychologist, problems abound when he must deal with patients such as Mrs. Garrett, an elderly kleptomaniac; forge through Family Therapy with the unruly and obnoxious Hennmen family; and solve the mystery of the enigmatic suicidal, depressive Richard Lopez. If that weren't enough, his mother and sister have convinced him that he's not as happy as he thinks he is, so they set him up with blind date after disastrous blind date. There is also his secretary, his summer temp, his beautiful associate, the waitress at the coffee shop, the Psychological Association, his obsession with a past failed relationship, and the advice-dispensing, cigar-smoking ghostly figure of his long dead father that he has to sort through. Then, he meets and falls in love with Corrine. A woman that helps to simplify all the complications of life, love, and everyday interactions. But could the solution to one of the problems lead to the loss of the only true happiness the doctor has ever known? Dr. Virgil Morrison finds out that life, love, and everyday interactions are not so simple.

Secular Faith

Secular Faith Author Vincent W. Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781621890768
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 270
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Is faith a necessary virtue in the contemporary world? May it be, or must it be, detached from religious commitment? What do genealogies of the secular tell us about faith? Does religion need secular faith? Secular Faith brings together leading and emerging scholars to reflect on the apparent paradox of "secular faith." Ranging over anthropology, religious studies, political science, history, and literature, from Muslims in China to Pentecostals in South Africa to a prison chapel in Texas, this collection of essays is as engaging and accessible as it is penetrating and rigorous. Communism was once labeled "the god that failed." Like Christianity, Communism involves faith in a superhuman endeavor, conversion, myth, discipline, and salvation--and, from the perspective of secular liberalism, both are unjustified and false. In recent years, scholars have begun to investigate whether secularism is itself based on faith in a god that failed, or is failing. Nevertheless, many still embrace such a faith, finding in the spirit of democracy an ethos of eternal renewal. Secular Faith enters and broadens this conversation, interrogating secular faith in a global context, tapping new theoretical resources, and grappling provocatively with the tragedies and opportunities of today's profane pantheon of beliefs. LIST OF ESSAYS AND THEIR CONTRIBUTORS 1 Uncool Passion: Nietzsche Meets the Pentecostals--Jean Comaroff / 21 2 The Secular Bad Faith of Harry Theriault, the Bishop of Tellus--Joshua Dubler / 44 3 Darwin's Dogs: Animals, Animism, and the Problem of Religion--David Chidester / 76 4 "IHave Seen Miracles in My Life": W. E. B. Du Bois and the Religious Limits of Secularism--Edward J. Blum / 102 5 Democracy, Piety, and Faith: AReading of Dewey's Religious Naturalism--Melvin Rogers / 126 6 Faith in the Time of Postsocialism--Cindy Huang / 153 7 Literary Enchantment and Literary Opposition from Hume to Scott--Colin Jager / 168 8 Imagined Communities, Holistic Histories, and Secular Faith--Michael Saler / 197 9 Interreligious Dialogue and Cosmopolitan Faith--Adam K. Webb / 226

The Secular Faith Controversy

The Secular Faith Controversy Author Edward Ian Bailey
ISBN-10 0826449247
Release 2001
Pages 113
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When God disappears from a secular society, religious beliefs surface in other non-religious sectors of society, e.g. sport as religion. Edward Bailey argues that within and beneath everyday practices of non-religious pursuits lie hidden religious-ethical assumptions that mostly go unnoticed, that is, i.e. implicit rather than explicit. In this volume Bailey sets out what is meant by 'implicit religion, ' and proposes a methodology for studying implicit religion and how it can encourage greater understanding between secular and religious spheres.

This Life

This Life Author Martin Hagglund
ISBN-10 9781101870419
Release 2019-03-05
Pages 240
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A profound, original, and accessible book that argues that a faith not in God or eternal life, but in the finite, temporal life we lead here on earth is one that gives that life far greater depth of meaning. A manifesto for a truly secular faith that speaks eloquently to both believers and agnostics alike. The philosopher and critic Martin Hägglund believes that we need a new way of thinking about faith. In contrast to the traditional religious faith in eternity, he proposes a secular faith in the value of living in time. He argues that the concept of an eternal heaven actually renders our mortal life meaningless since it assumes that our ultimate aims should be to escape it. Engaging writers and thinkers as diverse as C. S. Lewis, Kierkegaard, St. Augustine, Nietzsche, Martin Luther, and even Karl Ove Knausgaard, Hägglund provides not only a critique of religious ideals, but also a positive, alternative understanding of the beliefs and values that can motivate us to live lives of meaning in the here and now.

After Progress

After Progress Author Norman Birnbaum
ISBN-10 9780195158595
Release 2002-07
Pages 432
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The twentieth century witnessed a profound shift in both socialism and social reform. In the early 1900s, social reform seemed to offer a veritable religion of redemption, but by the century's end, while socialism remained a vibrant force in European society, a culture of extreme individualism and consumption all but squeezed the welfare state out of existence. Documenting this historic change, After Progress: European Socialism and American Social Reform in the 20th Century is the first truly comprehensive look at the course of social reform and Western politics after Communism, brilliantly explained by a major social thinker of our time. Norman Birnbaum traces in fascinating detail the forces that have shifted social concern over the course of a century, from the devastation of two world wars, to the post-war golden age of economic growth and democracy, to the ever-increasing dominance of the market. He makes sense of the historical trends that have created a climate in which politicians proclaim the arrival of a new historical epoch but rarely offer solutions to social problems that get beyond cost-benefit analyses. Birnbaum goes one step further and proposes a strategy for bringing the market back into balance with the social needs of the people. He advocates a reconsideration of the notion of work, urges that market forces be brought under political control, and stresses the need for education that teaches the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Both a sweeping historical survey and a sharp-edged commentary on current political posturing, After Progress examines the state of social reform past, present and future.

Modes of Faith

Modes of Faith Author Theodore Ziolkowski
ISBN-10 9781459627376
Release 2011-08-22
Pages 552
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In the decades surrounding World War I, religious belief receded in the face of radical new ideas such as Marxism, modern science, Nietzschean philosophy, and critical theology. Modes of Faith addresses both this decline of religious belief and the new modes of secular faith that took religion's place in the minds of many writers and poets. Theodore Ziolkowski here examines the motives for this embrace of the secular, locating new modes of faith in art, escapist travel, socialism, politicized myth, and utopian visions. James Joyce, he reveals, turned to art as an escape while Hermann Hesse made a pilgrimage to India in search of enlightenment. Other writers, such as Roger Martin du Gard and Thomas Mann, sought temporary solace in communism or myth. And H. G. Wells, Ziolkowski argues, took refuge in utopian dreams projected in another dimension altogether. Rooted in innovative and careful comparative reading of the work of writers from France, England, Germany, Italy, and Russia, Modes of Faith is a critical masterpiece by a distinguished literary scholar that offers an abundance of insight to anyone interested in the human compulsion to believe in forces that transcend the individual.

Life After Faith

Life After Faith Author Philip Kitcher
ISBN-10 9780300210347
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 200
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Although there is no shortage of recent books arguing against religion, few offer a positive alternative—how anyone might live a fulfilling life without the support of religious beliefs. This enlightening book fills the gap. Philip Kitcher constructs an original and persuasive secular perspective, one that answers human needs, recognizes the objectivity of values, and provides for the universal desire for meaningfulness. Kitcher thoughtfully and sensitively considers how secularism can respond to the worries and challenges that all people confront, including the issue of mortality. He investigates how secular lives compare with those of people who adopt religious doctrines as literal truth, as well as those who embrace less literalistic versions of religion. Whereas religious belief has been important in past times, Kitcher concludes that evolution away from religion is now essential. He envisions the successors to religious life, when the senses of identity and community traditionally fostered by religion will instead draw on a broader range of cultural items—those provided by poets, filmmakers, musicians, artists, scientists, and others. With clarity and deep insight, Kitcher reveals the power of secular humanism to encourage fulfilling human lives built on ethical truth.

The Great Good Thing

The Great Good Thing Author Andrew Klavan
ISBN-10 9780718017361
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 304
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Edgar Award-winner and internationally bestselling novelist tells of his improbable conversion from agnostic Jewish-intellectual to baptized Christian and of the books that led him there. “Had I stumbled on the hallelujah truth, or just gone mad—or, that is, had I gone mad again?” No one was more surprised than Andrew Klavan when, at the age of fifty, he found himself about to be baptized. Best known for his hard-boiled, white-knuckle thrillers and for the movies made from them—among them True Crime (directed by Clint Eastwood) and Don’t Say a Word (starring Michael Douglas)—Klavan was born in a suburban Jewish enclave outside New York City. He left the faith of his childhood behind to live most of his life as an agnostic in the secular, sophisticated atmosphere of New York, London, and Los Angeles. But his lifelong quest for truth—in his life and in his work—was leading him to a place he never expected. In The Great Good Thing, Klavan tells how his troubled childhood caused him to live inside the stories in his head and grow up to become an alienated young writer whose disconnection and rage devolved into depression and suicidal breakdown. But he also stumbled into a genuine romance, a passionate and committed marriage whose uncommon and enduring devotion convinced him of the reality of love. In those years, Klavan fought to ignore the insistent call of God, a call glimpsed in a childhood Christmas at the home of a beloved babysitter, in a transcendent moment at his daughter’s birth, and in a snippet of a baseball game broadcast that moved him from the brink of suicide. But more than anything, the call of God existed in stories—the stories Klavan loved to read and the stories he loved to write. The Great Good Thing is the dramatic, soul-searching story of a man born into an age of disbelief who had to abandon everything he thought he knew in order to find his way to the truth.

John Crowe Ransom s Secular Faith

John Crowe Ransom s Secular Faith Author Kieran Quinlan
ISBN-10 0807124680
Release 1989-12-01
Pages 140
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Faith and Power

Faith and Power Author Lesslie Newbigin
ISBN-10 9781597522281
Release 2005-06-01
Pages 196
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"The issue . . . in the multicultural millennium is not so much the 'Islamization' of a once-Christian culture as the emergence, with state collusion, of discrete territories where vastly different norms prevail, shut off and resentful, a breeding ground for ferment and a target for hostility." In the aftermath of the London suicide bombings, this unusual book seems more prophetic than ever. Begun six years before 9/11, it examined the roots of political Islam and its offshoots in Britain. In describing the indifference of policy makers and government officials to religion, it warned of extremism taking root among disaffected young Muslims -- and offered a vision of hope tempered with realism that might have helped avert tragedy had it been more widely heeded. The book's timely republication offers another -- and a way out of it. Lamin Sanneh, himself a former Muslim, explores the history of Islam's always controversial accommodations with the West. Jenny Taylor's debut engages contribution critically at the grassroots level, looking in detail at Islam in Britain, its mission and tactics, and the State's inadequate response to them. "Neglect would appear to have been government policy." Lesslie Newbigin describes the loss of a sense of direction in the West as bankrupt secular ideologies confront fundamentalism with politically correct platitudes or coercive legislation that is destroying the West's historic freedoms. All three authors call for a radical Christian critique to replace the false and evidently failed policies of neutrality of the State.

Saving and Secular Faith

Saving and Secular Faith Author Brian Albert Gerrish
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105028564073
Release 1999
Pages 153
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What does it mean to live by faith? Answers are more elusive than ever. Beginning with a rich discussion of the Reformation legacy, historian-theologian B.A. Gerrish responds that if we release our thinking from sectarian, partisan lenses, we find that faith denotes a multitude of impulses—trust, doubt, fidelity, and confidence—and is a fundamental human posture. It undergirds not only "saving" faith but also "secular" varieties in other religious traditions—and even outside religions. We all literally live by faith in every phase of our lives. Gerrish's prolegomenon to theology goes on to ask what then is the use of belief? How, in fact, do we come to faith? And how are religious and secular faith related, especially in relation to Jesus Christ? Gerrish opens up the notion of faith to encompass the "discovery of personal meaning in one's existence" and the theological drive to articulate the deepest drives of the human self.

Believing Again

Believing Again Author Roger Lundin
ISBN-10 9780802830777
Release 2009-02-05
Pages 292
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In Believing Again Roger Lundin brilliantly explores the cultural consequences of the rather sudden nineteenth-century emergence of unbelief as a widespread social and intellectual option in the English-speaking world. / Lundin's narrative focuses on key poets and novelists from the past two centuries Dostoevsky, Dickinson, Melville, Auden, and more showing how they portray the modern mind and heart balancing between belief and unbelief. Lundin engages these literary luminaries through chapters on a series of vital subjects, from history and interpretation to beauty and memory. Such theologians as Barth and Balthasar also enter the fray, facing the challenge of modern unbelief with a creative brilliance that has gone largely unnoticed outside the world of faith. Lundin's Believing Again is a beautifully written, erudite examination of the drama and dynamics of belief in the modern world. In Believing Again Roger Lundin brilliantly explores the cultural consequences of the rather sudden nineteenth-century emergence of unbelief as a widespread social and intellectual option in the English-speaking world. Lundin s narrative focuses on key poets and novelists from the past two centuries Dostoevsky, Dickinson, Melville, Auden, and more showing how they portray the modern mind in tension between faith and doubt. Lundin engages these literary luminaries through chapters on a series of vital subjects, from history and interpretation to beauty and memory. Such theologians as Barth and Balthasar also enter the discussion, facing the challenge of modern unbelief with a creative brilliance that has gone largely unnoticed outside the world of faith. Lundin s Believing Again is a beautifully written, erudite examination of the drama and dynamics of belief in the modern world.

Faith Formation in a Secular Age

Faith Formation in a Secular Age Author Andrew Root
ISBN-10 0801098467
Release 2017-08-22
Pages 256
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The loss or disaffiliation of young adults is a much-discussed topic in churches today. Many faith-formation programs focus on keeping the young, believing the youthful spirit will save the church. But do these programs have more to do with an obsession with youthfulness than with helping young people encounter the living God? Questioning the search for new or improved faith-formation programs, leading practical theologian Andrew Root offers an alternative take on the issue of youth drifting away from the church and articulates how faith can be formed in our secular age. He offers a theology of faith constructed from a rich cultural conversation, providing a deeper understanding of the phenomena of the "nones" and "moralistic therapeutic deism." Root helps readers understand why forming faith is so hard in our context and shows that what we have lost is not the ability to keep people connected to our churches but an imagination for how and where God could be present in their lives. He considers what faith is and what steps we can take to move into it, exploring a Pauline concept of faith as encounter with divine action.

At the Limits of the Secular

At the Limits of the Secular Author William A. Barbieri
ISBN-10 9781467440288
Release 2014-07-12
Pages 384
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This volume presents an integrated collection of constructive essays by eminent Catholic scholars addressing the new challenges and opportunities facing religious believers under shifting conditions of secularity and "post-secularity." Using an innovative "keywords" approach, At the Limits of the Secular is an interdisciplinary effort to think through the implications of secular consciousness for the role of religion in public affairs. The book responds in some ways to Charles Taylor's magnum opus, A Secular Age, although it also stands on its own. It features an original essay by David Tracy -- the most prominent American Catholic theologian writing today -- and groundbreaking contributions by influential younger theologians such as Peter Casarella, William Cavanaugh, and Vincent Miller. CONTRIBUTORS William A. Barbieri Jr. Peter Casarella William T. Cavanaugh Michele Dillon Mary Doak Anthony J. Godzieba Slavica Jakelic J. Paul Martin Vincent J. Miller Philip J. Rossi Robert J. Schreiter David Tracy