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See Inside Your Body

See Inside Your Body Author Katie Daynes
ISBN-10 0746070055
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 15
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Allows young children to discover the inner workings of the human body in a gently humorous, yet wholly accurate way. Colour illustrations and diagrams display all the major organs of the human body and are accompanied by witty, clear and informative factual text.

Look Inside Your Body

Look Inside Your Body Author Louie Stowell
ISBN-10 0794533116
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 10
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Peek under all the flaps in these colorful and engaging books--perfect for little fingers and curious minds.

Look Inside Your Body

Look Inside Your Body Author Gina Ingoglia
ISBN-10 0448418924
Release 1998
Pages 16
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Discusses interesting facts about the human body on such areas as the circulatory and digestive systems, and the five senses. On board pages.


Illumanatomy Author Kate Davies
ISBN-10 1786030519
Release 2017-10-05
Pages 64
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An anatomy lesson like no other! Look inside the human body with the magic three-colour lens and x-ray from head to toe to discover how your body works. Use the red lens to reveal the skeleton, the green to see the muscles working, and x-ray your organs with the blue lens to find out what they do day and night to keep you alive. Uncover the secrets of the human body and explore how its different systems work in this stunning follow up to the internationally best-selling Illuminature. Jam-packed with detailed illustrations and full of facts and information, this innovative encyclopedia from from Milan-based design duo Carnovsky will make you see the human body in a whole new light.

How Your Body Works

How Your Body Works Author David Evelyn Stewart
ISBN-10 0531204448
Release 2008
Pages 32
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Explains the functions of the different parts of the human body.

The Human Body

The Human Body Author Anna Claybourne
ISBN-10 0237527227
Release 2006
Pages 47
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This is a new broad based science series that gives a clear introduction to curriculum topics and is an easy reference tool for research. The clear, well-written text isg enerously illustrated with large colour photographs and diagrams. Fact and history boxes extend the information, and evidence boxes suggest practical investigations.

See Inside Your Head

See Inside Your Head Author Alex Frith
ISBN-10 0794519482
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 15
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Introduces the human brain, inviting readers to lift the flaps and explore the brain and nervous system, how the brain controls different parts of the body, and what can happen when the brain doesn't function properly. On board pages.

Inside Your Outside

Inside Your Outside Author Tish Rabe
ISBN-10 9780007284849
Release 2008
Pages 45
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This title and others form part of a series of books that takes an off-beat look at nature and natural sciences through a fun combination of Seussian rhymes and zany illustrations.

Body Kindness

Body Kindness Author Rebecca Scritchfield
ISBN-10 9780761189756
Release 2016-12-27
Pages 224
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Imagine a graph with two lines. One indicates happiness, the other tracks how you feel about your body. If you’re like millions of people, the lines do not intersect. But what if they did? This practical, inspirational, and visually lively book shows you how to create a healthier and happier life by treating yourself with compassion rather than shame. It shows the way to a sense of well-being attained by understanding how to love, connect, and care for yourself—and that includes your mind as well as your body. Body Kindness is based on four principles. WHAT YOU DO: the choices you make about food, exercise, sleep, and more HOW YOU FEEL: befriending your emotions and standing up to the unhelpful voice in your head WHO YOU ARE: goal-setting based on your personal values WHERE YOU BELONG: body-loving support from people and communities that help you create a meaningful life With mind and body exercises to keep your energy spiraling up and prompts to help you identify what YOU really want and care about, Body Kindness helps you let go of things you can't control and embrace the things you can by finding the workable, daily steps that fit you best. Think of it as the anti-diet book that leads to a more joyful and meaningful life!

The Universe Inside You

The Universe Inside You Author Brian Clegg
ISBN-10 9781848313545
Release 2012-04-05
Pages 300
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Built from the debris of exploding stars that floated through space for billions of years, home to a zoo of tiny aliens, and controlled by a brain with more possible connections than there are atoms in the universe, the human body is the most incredible thing in existence. In the sequel to his bestselling Inflight Science, Brian Clegg explores mitochondria, in-cell powerhouses which are thought to have once been separate creatures; how your eyes are quantum traps, consuming photons of light from the night sky that have travelled for millions of years; your many senses, which include the ability to detect warps in space and time, and why meeting an attractive person can turn you into a gibbering idiot. Read THE UNIVERSE INSIDE YOU and you'll never look at yourself the same way again.

See Inside How Things Work

See Inside How Things Work Author Conrad Mason
ISBN-10 0794524060
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 14
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A lift-the-flap book allows young readers to see inside how all kinds of amazing inventions work, such as what happens when a toilet flushes and what keeps planes up in the air. On board pages.

The Busy Body Book

The Busy Body Book Author Lizzy Rockwell
ISBN-10 9780307793423
Release 2012-11-28
Pages 40
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A celebration of the amazing human machine and a life on the move! Your amazing body can jump, sprint, twist, and twirl. Your body is built to move. Lizzy Rockwell explains how your bones and muscles, heart and lungs, nerves and brain all work together to keep you on the go. Kids walk and skate and tumble through these pages with such exuberance that even sprouting couch potatoes will want to get up and bounce around—and that’s the ultimate goal. Studies show that American kids are becoming more sedentary and more overweight and that they carry these tendencies with them into adolescence and adulthood. Experts agree that we need to help kids make physical activity a life-long habit. Through education, information, and encouragement, this book aims to inspire a new generation of busy bodies!

Flip Flap Body Book

Flip Flap Body Book Author Alastair Smith
ISBN-10 0794506186
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 48
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Demonstrates through pictures and fold-over pages the processes of the human body, including digestion, senses, and how babies are born.

Me and My Amazing Body

Me and My Amazing Body Author Joan Sweeney
ISBN-10 9780307793300
Release 2014-09-24
Pages 32
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Here's a lively, easy-to-read, and easy-to-use introduction to anatomy by the author and illustrator of the popular Me on the Map and Me and My Place in Space. The young narrator begins with the body parts we can see--skin, eyes, nose, etc. and then shows what amazing parts are hidden underneath the skin. How many bones hold up the skin? What makes the body move? How does the brain tell the rest of the body what to do? Part by part, fact by fact, each major part of the body is clearly and simply explained including what it does and how it works. Colorful, detailed illustrations show where each part of the body is located. And an amusing, amazing body fact section is included at the very end. Unlike most books about anatomy that are complex and geared toward older children, Me and My Amazing Body allows the youngest readers to discover just how amazing their bodies are!

Your Body Book

Your Body Book Author Doranne Long
ISBN-10 9780984707720
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 153
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Your Body Book helps you stay healthy and heal when injured or in pain. It provides information about your body, specifically the musculoskeletal system — muscles, bones, and joints. This self-help health care book includes a head-to-toe review of the body, identifies problems and solutions to decrease pain and swelling, offers health tips and illustrated exercises to restore motion, improve strength, and promote healing. The more you know, the more successfully you can manage your health and health care cost$. Not only is “The head bone connected to the neck bone . . .” but every system in the body is interconnected. Your physical body is intimately related to your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With decreased pain, fear, worry, and anxiety you can have improved health and well-being. This book is written for you by an orthopedic manual physical therapist, trained in assessing and treating musculoskeletal problems, with over 33 years of hands-on experience. She is passionate about empowering people, through education, to successfully manage their health. The material in this book is based on the author's knowledge and practice and is intended to help the general public. It provides general health information; consult health care professionals with specific medical conditions.

Inside the Body

Inside the Body Author Anita Ganeri
ISBN-10 0789409992
Release 1996
Pages 6
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In a lift-the-flap book, readers learn about digestion, the size of the brain, and how hair grows beneath the skin, in addition to how muscles, bones, and organs fit together, while clearly written text explains how each part and system works.

The Human Body

The Human Body Author Steve Parker
ISBN-10 0810912422
Release 1996
Pages 128
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An introduction to the structure and workings of the human body uses anatomical models and photographs of living people