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See Red Women s Workshop

See Red Women s Workshop Author Prue Stevenson
ISBN-10 1909829072
Release 2016
Pages 167
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A feminist silkscreen poster collective founded in London in 1974 by three former art students, the See Red Women's Workshop grew out of a shared desire to combat sexist images of women and to create positive and challenging alternatives. Women from different backgrounds came together to make posters and calendars that tackled issues of sexuality, identity and oppression. With humor and bold, colorful graphics, See Red expressed the personal experiences of women as well as their role in wider struggles for change.

See Red Women s Workshop Feminist Posters 1974 1990 by Prudence Stevenson Susan Mackie Anne Robinson and Jess Baines

See Red Women s Workshop  Feminist Posters 1974   1990 by Prudence Stevenson  Susan Mackie  Anne Robinson  and Jess Baines Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:1027106646
Release 2017
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See Red Women s Workshop Feminist Posters 1974 1990 by Prudence Stevenson Susan Mackie Anne Robinson and Jess Baines has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from See Red Women s Workshop Feminist Posters 1974 1990 by Prudence Stevenson Susan Mackie Anne Robinson and Jess Baines also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full See Red Women s Workshop Feminist Posters 1974 1990 by Prudence Stevenson Susan Mackie Anne Robinson and Jess Baines book for free.

Poster Workshop 1968 1971

Poster Workshop 1968 1971 Author
ISBN-10 1909829102
Release 2018-04
Pages 128
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From 1968 to 1971, anyone could drop in to the basement in Camden Town and commission a poster from the Poster Workshop. In walked workers on strike, tenants associations, civil rights groups and liberation movements from all over the world. Inspired by the Atelier Populaire, set up in Paris in May 1968, the posters were made quickly to respond to what was needed, on a great number of themes: Vietnam, Northern Ireland, housing, workers rights, and revolution. The Poster Workshop thrived on the energy generated by the belief that huge changes were possible, through movements for equality, civil rights, freedom and revolution. It was an expression of that time - of excitement, change and hope.

Angry White People

Angry White People Author Hsiao-Hung Pai
ISBN-10 9781783606948
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 400
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'An enlightening, thoughtful and intelligent study.' The Independent There is a new anger brewing in Britain. In the pubs and estates, the cafes and football stadiums, the mood is unsettled. People kick back increasingly against whoever or whatever is presented as the latest scapegoat. Delving deep into the day-to-day of the most marginalized section of the white working class, Angry White People offers an unparalleled survey of this anxious, uncertain, febrile Britain. From far-right street fighters to UKIP activists, Hsiao-Hung Pai conducts a fantastically daring investigation. Amongst those she follows are Darren, a Lutonian who helped found the English Defence League (EDL) but is now a dedicated anti-racist Labour activist, and Tommy Robinson, infamous founder of the EDL, whom Pai observes changing from a young, foul-mouthed kid to a suited-and-booted Oxford Union guest speaker. Uncovering disturbing levels of racism in our society which must be confronted, Pai also identifies legitimate concerns arising from exclusion and inequality in a post-industrial economy. Angry White People is the essential account of social discontent in Britain today.

Man Meets Woman

Man Meets Woman Author Yang Liu
ISBN-10 3836553988
Release 2014-08-21
Pages 128
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Is this a man's world?: Bright, bold pictograms from Yang Liu revisit the roles, relationships and age-old clichés of male and female experience. Imagine a setting in which a man wearing a dress might be as habitual as a woman in trousers. Where a woman exposing herself in public wasn't sexy, but as creepy as a male flasher. Where professional status and success presented the same prospects for both sexes. In this first in a new series for TASCHEN, leading graphic designer Yang Liu tackles one of the hottest, and one of the oldest, topics of all: he and she. Drawing on the experiences, challenges and many perspectives on men and women she has encountered in her own life, Yang Liu distils the vast, swirling question of gender to bold, binary pictograms. Dealing with a whole host of situations from the bedroom to the boardroom, Yang Liu's designs are as simple and accessible in their presentation as they are infinite in the associations, evocations and responses they elicit. Combining age-old stereotypes with topical discrepancies, this fresh approach to the roles and relationships of men and women is above all an effort to synthesize a notoriously thorny issue into a fun and refreshing graphic form, and so to lighten and enlighten our mutual understanding and tolerance.

In Loving Memory of Work

In Loving Memory of Work Author Craig Oldham
ISBN-10 0957134290
Release 2016
Pages 172
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In Loving Memory of Work has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In Loving Memory of Work also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In Loving Memory of Work book for free.

Mapping Women Making Politics

Mapping Women  Making Politics Author Lynn Staeheli
ISBN-10 9781135952501
Release 2013-03-07
Pages 316
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Mapping Women, Making Politics demonstrates the multiple ways in which gender influences political processes and the politics of space. The book begins by addressing feminism's theoretical and conceptual challenges to traditional political geography and than applies these perspectives to a range of settings and topics including nationalism, migration, development, international relations, elections, social movements, governance and the environment in the Global North and South.

Eyeball Cards

Eyeball Cards Author William Hogan
ISBN-10 1909829080
Release 2018-02-27
Pages 192
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From the hiss and crackle of Britain?s CB radio heyday, only Eyeball cards remain. These are the mysterious business cards of ?breakers? exchanged when British CB enthusiasts would meet up in person after chatting on the airwaves. These alternate identities are sometimes amusing, occasionally mundane, dark or bawdy, but always personal creations ? flotsam from a more innocent analogue world. This book is the first to document this late 70s and early 80s sub culture and presents hundreds of the funniest, strangest and most intriguing Eyeball cards from across the UK

UFO Drawings from the National Archives

UFO Drawings from the National Archives Author David Clarke
ISBN-10 1909829099
Release 2018-02-27
Pages 128
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Originally set up after a request from Winston Churchill, the Ministry of Defence?s UFO Desk ran for over 60 years, collating mysterious sightings and records of strange objects in the sky from observant members of the public. As well as letters and official reports, the UFO files contain photographs, drawings and even paintings of these curious sightings. 0David Clarke has selected examples from The National Archives to present a history of British UFO art and the remarkable stories behind these images, including an alien craft on the A1, flying saucers over Hampstead, and a spaceship landing at a primary school in Macclesfield.

Women and Politics in Iran

Women and Politics in Iran Author Hamideh Sedghi
ISBN-10 9781139463720
Release 2007-07-09
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Why were urban women veiled in the early 1900s, unveiled from 1936 to 1979, and reveiled after the 1979 revolution? This question forms the basis of Hamideh Sedghi's original and unprecedented contribution to politics and Middle Eastern studies. Using primary and secondary sources, Sedghi offers new knowledge on women's agency in relation to state power. In this rigorous analysis she places contention over women at the centre of the political struggle between secular and religious forces and demonstrates that control over women's identities, sexuality, and labor has been central to the consolidation of state power. Sedghi links politics and culture with economics to present an integrated analysis of the private and public lives of different classes of women and their modes of resistance to state power.

Viking Economics

Viking Economics Author George Lakey
ISBN-10 9781612195377
Release 2016-07-12
Pages 320
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Liberals worldwide invoke Scandinavia as a promised land of equality, while most conservatives fear it as a hotbed of liberty-threatening socialism. But the left and right can usually agree on one thing: that the Nordic system is impossible to replicate elsewhere. The US and UK are too big, or too individualistic, or too . . . something. In Viking Economics—perhaps the most fun economics book you’ve ever read—George Lakey dispels these myths. He explores the inner-workings of the Nordic economies that boast the world’s happiest, most productive workers, and explains how, if we can enact some of the changes the Scandinavians fought for surprisingly recently, we, too, can embrace equality in our economic policy.

The Graphic World of Paul Peter Piech

The Graphic World of Paul Peter Piech Author Paul Peter Piech
ISBN-10 1909829013
Release 2013
Pages 192
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"The first monograph on acclaimed Brooklyn-born, UK-based designer Paul Peter Piech (1920-1996), this volume brings together 120 key works from the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the University of Reading in the UK. Having worked as a printmaker producing prints, posters and books for much of his career, Piech's own pieces often carried stylistic traces of the advertising industry, giving his works a bold, rugged style that became immediately recognizable. His graphic images - sometimes joyful, sometimes angry, but always inventive - tackled the political concerns of the late twentieth century, imbuing them with his forthright personal beliefs (Piech was an ardent pacifist). [This] collects Piech's most vibrant works, and includes a text by curator and art historian Zoe Whitley that traces the artist's biography and stylistic influences, offering the reader a contextualizing vision for this influential designer's career"--Publisher's description.

Beauty is in the Street

Beauty is in the Street Author Johan Kugelberg
ISBN-10 0956192831
Release 2011
Pages 271
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In May 1968, demonstrations against the French government spread across Parisian universities, and then to factories and other workplaces, resulting in a general strike of eleven million workers that brought the country to a virtual standstill. Among the students were a group who called themselves the Atelier Populaire, who produced hundreds of posters to encourage the protestors and to report on police brutality. Beauty Is In The Street reproduces over 200 of these posters which have become landmarks in political art and graphic design. Also included are a wealth of photographs, many published for the first time, and translations of first-hand accounts of the clashes between the students and strikers and the police.

Chaos and Caliphate

Chaos and Caliphate Author Patrick Cockburn
ISBN-10 1682190285
Release 2015-12-15
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Chaos and Caliphate has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chaos and Caliphate also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chaos and Caliphate book for free.

Pirate Nightmare Vice Explosion

Pirate Nightmare Vice Explosion Author Michael Kupperman
ISBN-10 0956192874
Release 2014-04-30
Pages 148
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"In the late 1990s, Michael Kupperman bought a stack of men's magazines from the 1950s and 1960s. On examining them, he discovered that their original owner had tampered with them, using the contents to form his own hybrid magazines. This reordering, censoring and selecting, made the sensation-crazed originals even stranger. Pirate Nightmare Vice Explosion presents highlights from that collection, and takes place in a murky, monochromatic world where mysterious, energetic sin is always happening behind closed doors. Some of it is factual; some of it smells of heady invention."--Page 4 of cover.

The Graphic Design Idea Book

The Graphic Design Idea Book Author Steven Heller
ISBN-10 1780677561
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 128
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This book serves as an introduction to the key elements of good design. Broken into sections covering the fundamental elements of design, key works by acclaimed designers serve to illustrate technical points and encourage readers to try out new ideas. Themes covered include form, narrative, color, type and image, ornament, simplicity, and wit and humour. The result is an instantly accessible and easy to understand guide to graphic design using professional techniques.

Come Alive

Come Alive Author Corita
ISBN-10 0954502523
Release 2006
Pages 127
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At 18, Corita Kent (1918-1986) entered the Roman Catholic order of Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles, where she taught art and eventually ran the art department. After more than 30 years, at the end of the 1960s, she left the order to devote herself to making her own work. Over a thirty-five-year career she made watercolors, posters, books and banners--and most of all, serigraphs--in an accessible and dynamic style that appropriated techniques from advertising, consumerism and graffiti. The earliest of it, which she began showing in 1951, borrowed phrases and depicted images from the Bible; by the 1960s, she was using song lyrics and publicity slogans as raw material. Eschewing convention, she produced cheap, readily available multiples, including a postage stamp. Her work was popular but largely neglected by the art establishment--though it was always embraced by such design luminaries as Charles and Ray Eames, Buckminster Fuller and Saul Bass. More recently, she has been increasingly recognized as one of the most innovative and unusual Pop artists of the 1960s, battling the political and religious establishments, revolutionizing graphic design and making some of the most striking--and joyful--American art of her era, all while living and practicing as a Catholic nun. This first study of her work, organized by Julie Ault on the twentieth anniversary of Kent's death, with essays by Ault and Daniel Berrigan, is the first to examine this important American outsider artist's life and career, and contains more than 90 illustrations, many of which are reproduced for the first time, in vibrant, and occasionally Day-Glo, color.