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Sefer Ha Zohar

Sefer Ha Zohar Author Shimon bar Yochai
ISBN-10 1988631696
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 468
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Il Libro dello Splendore E l'opera piU importante della tradizione cabalistica ebraica, scritta in un aramaico letterario. In esso si ritrova la teoria delle dieci Sefirot, o Emanazioni, quella dei quattro Mondi, e la funzione preponderante della figura umana all'interno del creato.

Zohar the Book of Enlightenment

Zohar  the Book of Enlightenment Author Daniel Chanan Matt
ISBN-10 0809123878
Release 1983
Pages 320
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This is the first translation with commentary of selections from The Zohar, the major text of the Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition. This work was written in 13th-century Spain by Moses de Leon, a Spanish scholar.

Mistica ebraica

Mistica ebraica Author Giulio Busi
ISBN-10 UCBK:C074853187
Release 1995
Pages 723
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Il volume costituisce un antologia di testi della tradizione mistica ebraica, meglio nota come Qabbalah, che copre un periodo storico culturale di oltre mille anni - dall'antichità al Cinquecento - e contiene per lo più testi inediti o comunque mai tradotti in italiano. Le opere qui presentate non hanno solo valore di sapienza mistica, di ricerca nelle profondità del mondo - si pensi ai volumi dello Zohar, simbolo di esoterismo, di conoscenza interiore e segreta, di tradizioni più o meno occulte -; esse sono anche testi letterari di grande bellezza, di autentica poesia. Vi troverà quindi ragione di interesse non solo il lettore curioso di cultura alternativa, di tradizioni fino ad ora praticamente sconosciute, ma anche colui che sa apprezzare il racconto, le molteplici descrizioni, le tante suggestioni poetiche di questi antichi materiali. Questa antologia resta a tutt'oggi un'opera unica nel panorama italiano, che mancava di basi adeguate alla conoscenza delle tradizioni ebraiche e mistiche, per altro non estranee alla cultura del nostro paese. Fra Medioevo e Rinascimento, infatti, gli umanisti italiani, da Pico della Mirandola in poi, dimostrarono grande interesse per il mondo ebraico in generale, e in particolare per la Qabbalah.

The Shapes of Knowledge from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

The Shapes of Knowledge from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment Author D.R. Kelley
ISBN-10 9789401132381
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 237
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The original idea for a conference on the "shapes of knowledge" dates back over ten years to conversations with the late Charles Schmitt of the Warburg Institute. What happened to the classifications of the sciences between the time of the medieval Studium and that of the French Encyclopedie is a complex and highly abstract question; but posing it is an effective way of mapping and evaluating long term intellectual changes, especially those arising from the impact of humanist scholarship, the new science of the seventeenth century, and attempts to evaluate, to apply, to reconcile, and to institutionalize these rival and interacting traditions. Yet such patterns and transformations cannot be well understood from the heights of the general history of ideas. Within the ~eneral framework of the organization of knowledge the map must be filled in by particular explorations and soundings, and our project called for a conference that would combine some encyclopedic (as well as interdisciplinary and inter national) breadth with scholarly and technical depth.

Through a Speculum that Shines

Through a Speculum that Shines Author Elliot R. Wolfson
ISBN-10 0691017220
Release 1997
Pages 452
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A comprehensive treatment of visionary experience in some of the main texts of Jewish mysticism, this book reveals the overwhelmingly visual nature of religious experience in Jewish spirituality from antiquity through the late Middle Ages. Using phenomenological and critical historical tools, Wolfson examines Jewish mystical texts from late antiquity, pre-kabbalistic sources from the tenth to the twelfth centuries, and twelfth- and thirteenth-century kabbalistic literature. His work demonstrates that the sense of sight assumes an epistemic priority in these writings, reflecting and building upon those scriptural passages that affirm the visual nature of revelatory experience. Moreover, the author reveals an androcentric eroticism in the scopic mentality of Jewish mystics, which placed the externalized and representable form, the phallus, at the center of the visual encounter. In the visionary experience, as Wolfson describes it, imagination serves a primary function, transmuting sensory data and rational concepts into symbols of those things beyond sense and reason. In this view, the experience of a vision is inseparable from the process of interpretation. Fundamentally challenging the conventional distinction between experience and exegesis, revelation and interpretation, Wolfson argues that for the mystics themselves, the study of texts occasioned a visual experience of the divine located in the imagination of the mystical interpreter. Thus he shows how Jewish mystics preserved the invisible transcendence of God without doing away with the visual dimension of belief.

The Unique Cherub Circle

The  Unique Cherub  Circle Author Joseph Dan
ISBN-10 3161467981
Release 1999-01
Pages 296
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The main point delivered by this book is that Jews living in Germany during the Middle Ages developped a dynamic and variegated culture which should be recognized as a constituent of European and German medieval religiosity. The esoterics, mystics and pietists who produced works like those analyzed in this volume derived their inspiration from the traditional Jewish texts, but were also part of the world they lived in, despite the seclusions enforced by the religious prejudices of the time. The esoterical-mystical phenomena described were to a very large extent an original development in central-European Jewry, and constitute one of their most important contributions to Jewish culture as a whole. In some cases, a spiritual atmosphere reminiscent of early Protestant sects, which were to appear in the same regions three centuries later, can be discerned. Some of these texts influenced the Christian kabbalists of the sixteenth century, like Johannes Reuchlin and others. This is a major spiritual phenomenon which has been completely neglected until now, and it is hoped that this volume will contribute to a new appreciation of this aspect of European creativity in the Middle Ages.

Blood Passover

Blood Passover Author Ariel Toaff
ISBN-10 1291916067
Release 2014-06-15
Pages 374
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This translation was performed free of charge to protest an injustice - the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff's ""Blood Passover"" on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv. Dr. Toaff is uniquely qualified to write this book, being thoroughly familiar with the derivative literature in English, French, German and Italian, as well as the original documentary sources in Latin, Medieval Italian, Hebrew and Yiddish. This is not something he worked on in secret. If it had been published in Israel, in Hebrew, no one would have cared. There are large bodies of literature in Hebrew that Jews do not wish Gentiles to know about. But Dr. Toaff's announcement of its publication in Italy, in Italian, raised a worldwide firestorm of fury. Under unbearable pressure, the book was withdrawn.

Gershom Scholem

Gershom Scholem Author David Biale
ISBN-10 0674363329
Release 1982-01
Pages 205
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Through a lifetime of passionate scholarship, Gershom Scholem (1897-1982) uncovered the "domains of tradition hidden under the debris of centuries" and made the history of Jewish mysticism and messianism comprehensible and relevant to current Jewish thought. In this paperback edition of his definitive book on Scholem's work, David Biale has shortened and rearranged his study for the benefit of the general reader and the student. A new introduction and new passages in the main text highlight the pluralistic character of Jewish theology as seen by Scholem, the place of the Kabbalah in debates over Zionism versus assimilation, and the interpretation of Kafka as a Jewish writer.

The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy

The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy Author David Werner Amram
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044022643134
Release 1909
Pages 417
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The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy book for free.

Understanding Our Mind

Understanding Our Mind Author Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN-10 9781458711359
Release 2008-11-01
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Understanding Our Mind is an accessible guide for anyone who is curious about the inner workings of the mind. Originally released as Transformation at the Base, a finalist for the 2001 Nautilus Award, this seminal work on Buddhist applied psychology features a new introduction by Dharma teacher Reb Anderson. Understanding Our Mind is based on fifty verses on the nature of consciousness taken from the great fifth-century Buddhist master Vasubandhu. With compassion and insight, Nhat Hanh reveals how these ancient teachings can be applied to the modern world. Nhat Hanh focuses on the direct experience of recognizing and embracing the nature of our feelings and perceptions. The quality of our lives, he says, depends on the quality of the seeds in our minds. Buddhism teaches us how to nourish the seeds of joy and transform the seeds of suffering so that our understanding, love, and compassion can flower.

Tikunei Zohar Rectifications of splendor Ediz inglese e aramaica

Tikunei Zohar  Rectifications of splendor  Ediz  inglese e aramaica Author Simon bar Yohai
ISBN-10 8894956954
Release 2018
Pages 288
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Tikunei Zohar, also known as the Tikunim, is a main text of Kabbalah and a separate appendix to the Zohar consisting of seventy commentaries on the opening word of the Torah, 'In the beginning (Bereshit)'. It contains deep secret mystical teachings, such as the account of Creation through the Hebrew letters, permutations, stirring dialogues, fervent prayers, and the explanation of the Hawayah (Tetragrammaton). The Tikunim, literally Rectifications, are meant to repair and support the Shekinah (Divine Presence), so that we can restore Man from the fallen to the perfect state again. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was involved with the Tikunim more than with any other book, and he stated that it is of such different holiness and wisdom that it is beyond compare to the rest of the holy Zohar (Chayey Moharan). He also said that 'Concerning the book Tikunei Zohar, one thousand books would not suffice to explain the secrets that are to be found there' (Sichot Haran)

Tikunei Zohar Rectifications of Splendor Tome 1 of 5

Tikunei Zohar   Rectifications of Splendor   Tome 1 of 5 Author Shimon bar Yochai
ISBN-10 1988631432
Release 2016-10-01
Pages 264
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Tikunei Zohar, also known as the Tikunim, is a main text of Kabbalah and a separate appendix to the Zohar consisting of seventy commentaries on the opening word of the Torah. It contains deep mystical teachings, such as the account of Creation through the Hebrew letters, permutations, fervent prayers, and the explanation of the Tetragrammaton.

Astrology in the Renaissance

Astrology in the Renaissance Author Eugenio Garin
ISBN-10 014019259X
Release 1990
Pages 144
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Astrology in the Renaissance has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Astrology in the Renaissance also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Astrology in the Renaissance book for free.

Sceptics Millenarians and Jews

Sceptics  Millenarians  and Jews Author David S. Katz
ISBN-10 9004091602
Release 1990
Pages 293
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One of the main consequences of recent work in early modern intellectual and religious history has been a discrediting of the notion of a sudden and dramatic transition to the spiritual world of the Enlightenment. Scholars are increasingly examining the underlying spiritual trends and tendencies which confirm the variety and complexity of the slow movement from Renaissance to Enlightenment, and the profound impact of many of the manifestations of intellectual and religious tension during the early modern period. The essays in this volume are a contribution to this process of reappraisal, focusing specifically on the phenomena of scepticism and millenarianism, especially as part of the more pronounced role of the Jews and their culture.

Atalanta Fugiens

Atalanta Fugiens Author Michael Maiers
ISBN-10 1781071853
Release 2015-11-25
Pages 234
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One of the finest alchemical emblem books and unique in its own right. Michael Maier's work is richly illustrated with original prints by M. Merian; each of the 50 emblems presented consists of a motto, print, epigram, and a three-part musical setting of the epigram, followed by an exposition of its meaning.

The Beginning of the World in Renaissance Jewish Thought

The Beginning of the World in Renaissance Jewish Thought Author Brian Ogren
ISBN-10 9789004330634
Release 2016-09-08
Pages 212
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In The Beginning of the World in Renaissance Jewish Thought, Brian Ogren deeply analyzes late fifteenth century Italian Jewish thought concerning the creation of the world and the beginning of time. Ogren examines uses of philosophy and Kabbalah in the thought of four important fifteenth century thinkers.

The Muse

The Muse Author Anne Calhoun
ISBN-10 9780698175747
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 320
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The author of The List continues her sinfully addictive Irresistible series with a provocative new novel about a woman inspired by her most forbidden desires… Arden MacCarren can’t afford to lose control. Her family’s investment house has failed, their professional reputation is all but destroyed, and it’s up to Arden to hold the line. The only distraction she allows herself is a weekly drawing class where she can forget everything. Then she meets Seth Malone. When he poses in her class, strong, mysterious, and unbearably sexy, she can’t resist him. The only thing she can do is keep it purely physical—no emotions, no strings, and definitely no telling. Seth understands responsibilities, both Arden’s and his own. During his last tour as a Marine he lost his best friends to an IED. He has a duty to look after his buddies’ survivors. All he allows himself is the stolen moments with Arden. But as he’s drawn into Arden’s battle with her demons, he comes face-to-face with his own. Seth will have to choose between a duty he can’t ignore and the longing to inspire Arden’s every desire—mind, soul, and body… From the Trade Paperback edition.