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Sell Keep Or Toss

Sell  Keep  Or Toss Author Harry L. Rinker
ISBN-10 9780375722400
Release 2007
Pages 257
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Describes how to recognize valuables, preserve mementos, and find a reputable appraiser in order to help determine what to sell, keep, or throw away when moving into a smaller house or settling an estate.

How to Clean Out Your Parents Estate in 30 Days Or Less

How to Clean Out Your Parents  Estate in 30 Days Or Less Author Julie Hall
ISBN-10 9780984419159
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 88
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"How to Clean Out Your Parents' Estate in 30 Days or Less" is a take-along manual packed with meticulously compiled checklists, resources, and information. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to clean out your parents' home at the time of their infirmity or death, beginning in the attic and ending when the last item has been packed up. This indispensible resource offers you solutions and answers from an expert who has seen it all: *How to prepare when parents are still living and in their home *Transitions for parents in failing health *What to do immediately upon parents' death *Do we keep, sell, or donate? *Step-by-step clean out process *Compare options for selling the contents: Which method is best? Julie Hall, national personal property expert and author of the best-selling book, "The Boomer Burden - Dealing With Your Parents' Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff," was inspired to create this step-by-step guide as either a true companion to her book or a stand-alone resource. She wants every reader to clean out their parents' home in literally 30 days or less, so they can resume their lives instead of becoming swamped by this overwhelming task.

How to Weed Your Attic

How to Weed Your Attic Author Elizabeth H. Dow
ISBN-10 9781538115473
Release 2018-08-16
Pages 152
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How to Weed Your Attic explains why there may be value in items stored in basements, attics, and similar places and describes how to identify historically important documents and artifacts. It gives a general overview of how to take care of historically valuable materials and how to donate them to a historical repository.

The Parent Care Conversation

The Parent Care Conversation Author Taylor - Sheffield - Skipper
ISBN-10 9781504926355
Release 2015-08-29
Pages 372
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A comprehensive and empathetic program for addressing, planning, and putting into effect long-term parent care. Long-term care for aging parents is a sensitive, often difficult, but ultimately inevitable issue all of us must face. The Parent Care Conversation offers a step-by-step approach for families to follow that will enable them to develop workable plans of action. By first addressing the emotional aspects of long-term care that take into account the parents’ feelings and wishes, then integrating the practical and financial components, this book will open the door for a critical exchange of information and honest discussion among adult children and their aging parents that has long been the major roadblock to successful elder care. Filled with factual information, useful tips, real-life stories, and practical exercises, The Parent Care Conversation provides a proactive and collaborative solution to the long-term care issues that eventually everyone must face.

Fostering Family History Services A Guide for Librarians Archivists and Volunteers

Fostering Family History Services  A Guide for Librarians  Archivists  and Volunteers Author Rhonda L. Clark
ISBN-10 9781610695428
Release 2016-02-22
Pages 269
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Here is everything you need to promote your library as a center for genealogical study by leveraging your collection to help patrons conduct research on ancestors, document family stories, and archive family heirlooms. • Discusses the reference environment and offers tips for strategic planning for local studies • Includes hints of how to assess, organize, discard, or donate family heirlooms • Offers suggestions for caring for family history archives, including physical enclosures, digital copies, and the importance of data backups • Features templates for partnership agreements with other organizations

Liquidating an Estate

Liquidating an Estate Author Martin Codina
ISBN-10 1440247994
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 288
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Liquidating an Estate has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Liquidating an Estate also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Liquidating an Estate book for free.

Estate Sale Riches

Estate Sale Riches Author M. D. Baker
ISBN-10 0595393004
Release 2006-07
Pages 96
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Why would hundreds of people get up at 5 am on a Saturday morning, drive 35 miles through a blizzard and wait for hours in front of a dilapidated old house-and be excited about being there? The answer is an estate sale-it is the thrill and excitement of going to an estate sale to search an old house for valuable antiques. And some estate sales are just packed with valuable antiques waiting to be discovered-old vases, old paintings, valuable coins, the list is endless. Estate sales are always fun and exciting to attend but more important estate sales can be very profitable. This book will show you how to have fun and make thousands of dollars at estate sales!!!

The Boomer Burden

The Boomer Burden Author Julie Hall
ISBN-10 9781418566357
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 256
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A practical guide to advise Baby Boomers how to deal with the daunting task of facing a parents' eventual passing as it relates to residential contents, heirlooms, and the often difficult family interactions and feuds that accompany them. With fascinating stories and comprehensive checklists, professional estate liquidator Julie Hall walks Baby Boomers through the often painful challenge of dividing the wealth and property of their parents' lifetime accumulation of stuff. From preparation while the parent is still living through compassionately helping them empty the family home, The Estate Lady® gives invaluable tips on negotiating the inevitable disputes, avoiding exploitation from scam artists, and eventually closing the chapter of their lives in a way that preserves relationships and maximizes value of assets.

The Book on Downsizing

The Book on Downsizing Author Robert Miller
ISBN-10 0988161109
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 114
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Timely, topical and hard hitting, "The Book on Downsizing" squarely addresses the issues confronting our generation. Having lived through one of the most prosperous periods in history, Baby Boomers or "Zoomers" are challenged with simplifying and decluttering every aspect of their lives and this book provides a clear perspective on rightsizing this "Next Chapter." Dr. John Gray, PhD New York Times #1 bestselling author of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus"

Scaling Down

Scaling Down Author Judi Culbertson
ISBN-10 9781609616274
Release 2005-02-10
Pages 240
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How to make more of less--the book that shows you how to simplify your life, control clutter, and pare down your possessions for a move into smaller living quarters. There are plenty of anti-clutter experts around ready to exhort us to sort, store, and trash our belongings, but this book addresses the specific needs of people moving from a larger to a smaller space, or merging two (or more) people's possessions into a single abode. If you and your mate are about to swap your large, single-family house for a condo, or move your parents out of the family home of 40 years into an assisted-living center, where do you start? How do you decide what to take, what to leave behind, and what to do with your discards? What can you do to keep the move from seeming tinged with loss? Scaling Down not only offers terrific nuts-and-bolts strategies for paring down one's belongings to only the best and most meaningful items, but it also addresses the emotional aspects of streamlining--the complicated relationship we have with our "stuff." Countering the pervasive American prejudice that having less is a step down, the authors advance their concept of "living large wherever you are!"

Downsizing the Family Home a Workbook

Downsizing the Family Home  a Workbook Author Marni Jameson
ISBN-10 145492652X
Release 2018-01-02
Pages 160
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Part journal, part workbook, part scrapbook, this guide provides valuable advice and how-to checklists along with a place to reflect, record, and retain an important piece of family history, gently walking downsizers through the journey.

Estate Sale DIY

Estate Sale DIY Author Lisa Kroese
ISBN-10 1517088623
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 74
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No matter who we are at some point in our lives, we have to figure out what to do with a lifetime of belongings. If you are downsizing, relocating or dealing with the loss of a loved one, this book is for you. Estate Sale DIY is packed with clear steps and 27 tips for anyone who is doing the work that professional liquidators tackle every day. You will learn what to do before, during and after your sale. Different liquidation options are reviewed to make sure you have all the information you need. Make sure your sale is priced right and runs smoothly. Market and manage a sale just like a professional would. Follow easy checklists and find the resources you need for peace of mind when liquidating an estate or moving. Author, Lisa Kroese, owns Expert Estates LLC, a consulting and estate liquidation company in California. Lisa is a CAGA Certified Appraiser and a Member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators. She has appraised and sold millions of dollars worth of personal property. She runs a membership site for estate liquidators. She also does consulting for estate sale ups, momprenuers, families running their own estate sales, and those branding their own estate and antique businesses.

Rinker on collectibles

Rinker on collectibles Author Harry L. Rinker
ISBN-10 0870695266
Release 1989-04
Pages 178
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THE UNRIVALED REFERENCE BOOK FOR COLLECTORS Collecting has entered a renaissance. With the end of the century fast approaching, people are scrambling for collectibles of all kinds--and since your tastes differ from those of your grandparents, you deserve a guide designed specifically with your interests in mind. Written by a man who knows the business inside out, Harry L. Rinker The Official Price Guide to Collectibles is the only book you'll ever need when hunting for those lost treasures from childhood--the toys you played with, the objects you grew up with--plus new, cutting-edge items that won't be covered in other price guides for years! [ ] AUTHORITATIVE. Harry L. Rinker The Official Price Guide to Collectibles covers more than 425 major collecting categories, from Abingdon Pottery to Yellow Ware. Those categories appearing for the first time feature Beanie Babies, CDs, David Winter Cottages, Howard Holt, Kemple Glass, Motion Lamps, Scandinavian Glass, Tonka, and Warner Brothers--plus dozens of categories found exclusively in this sourcebook, including Hallmark ornaments, hi-fi equipment, and paint-by-numbers sets. [ ] COMPREHENSIVE. Each category includes a brief history, collecting tips, reference books, periodicals, collector clubs, and vital information on reproductions. [ ] UP-TO-DATE with all the latest collecting trends and hottest market information. [ ] FULLY ILLUSTRATED with nearly five hundred photographs--plus a beautiful eight-page color insert.

Maloney s Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory

Maloney s Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory Author David J. Maloney, Jr.
ISBN-10 1582210160
Release 1999-10-01
Pages 856
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Lists associations, dealers, museums, newsletters, experts, and repair and auction services

Moving On

Moving On Author Linda Hetzer
ISBN-10 9780991012213
Release 2013-12-15
Pages 242
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Emptying a family home of all its contents is an experience that most people want to get away from as quickly as they can. But Linda Hetzer and Janet Hulstrand, authors of Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home, decided to write a book about it instead. "We decided to write the book we wish we could have had when we were going through the process of emptying our parents' homes," says Hetzer. Moving On provides a simple but very effective overview of how to actually get the job done, and how to deal practically and sensitively with the emotional issues that can arise among family members. It offers sage advice, practical tips, and helpful resources for baby boomers who are helping their parents downsize and move into smaller quarters, or emptying a house after the death of a parent. Hetzer and Hulstrand also publish a blog called Downsizing the Home: Lessons Learned. The AARP Bulletin says Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home helps readers "think beyond who gets all the good stuff..." and a National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) newsletter says it is "written with great respect for the process and the people engaged in it." Professional organizers and senior move managers find Moving On especially helpful for their clients who have difficulty in getting rid of things. One senior move manager said, "We share this valuable book with our staff. We find it an excellent tool." According to a professional organizer, "This book is so thorough that you won't need another resource." And one reviewer even referred to Moving On as "a downsizing bible." Hetzer and Hulstrand write from personal experience. Hetzer's father had been in his home for 50 years, and Hulstrand's for 35. Both homes were full of "stuff," some of it things that needed to be donated, some of it valuable family treasures, much of it mixed together in ways that made knowing which was which difficult. "We were confronted by a variety of questions that we just didn't know how to answer," Hulstrand says. "How do you know which things are valuable? How do you preserve old 8mm films and videos? How do you get rid of cell phones and other electronics in a way that is ecologically responsible?" Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home offers answers to these questions and more, and includes topics like how to start a conversation with parents who have mixed feelings about moving, and how to deal with differences of opinion among siblings. The authors also gathered stories from people who had found ways to manage the tensions that can arise between family members–and still get rid of the stuff. "The good news is that, while this is a big job, with the right approach, enough time, and a little bit of luck, clearing out the family home can be a positive experience," Hulstrand and Hetzer write. "It can offer wonderful moments of nostalgia, new chances to heal old wounds, and great opportunities for family bonding." What is the best tip to help break through the resistance of letting go of objects that have sentimental value? Acknowledge the importance of your emotional attachment to the objects, say the authors, and find ways to save the memories, whether it's through writing about them, recording stories, or taking photographs. For many people, it's the memories that are important, not the objects.

Disrupt Aging

Disrupt Aging Author Jo Ann Jenkins
ISBN-10 9781610396769
Release 2016-04-05
Pages 272
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Disrupt Aging has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Disrupt Aging also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Disrupt Aging book for free.

The Estate Sale Business Kit

The Estate Sale Business Kit Author Lisa Kroese
ISBN-10 1512310670
Release 2015-05-20
Pages 112
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The Estate Sale Business Kit is packed with documents for anyone starting, expanding or improving an estate sale business. This is a nonsense, no fluff kit full of just the things any estate sale business owner needs to succeed and thrive. Be ready with the exact contract you need to land any type of estate liquidation project or sale. Includes consulting, consignment and clean out agreements in addition to two estate sale contracts. Learn what to ask prospects and how to present your settlement statement. Marketing materials to land referrals and clients. Protect your business with a non competition and non disclosure agreements, a sample employee handbook and employment contracts. Checklists for staff and clients, and an inventory worksheet to help you value and itemize any estate. Plus a sample business plan to help you define your goals and set up your three year projections. Everything is ready for you to customize to suit your specific needs. The estate liquidation business is booming and you can build a competitive and successful business with The Estate Sale Business Kit. Author, Lisa Kroese, owns Expert Estates LLC, a consulting and estate liquidation company. She has invested thousands of dollars in building solid contracts, plans and marketing materials. She learned countless lessons and is sharing them with others. The estate liquidation business is growing and Lisa has no reservations about helping to train others to achieve the same success she enjoys as an estate liquidator.