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Service learning

Service learning Author Bruce W. Speck
ISBN-10 0897898524
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 209
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Explores the controversies surrounding service-learning practice.

Service learning in higher education

Service learning in higher education Author Barbara Jacoby
ISBN-10 UOM:39015038114065
Release 1996
Pages 380
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There is a growing expectation, on campus and in communities, that higher education will not only sharpen its focus on student learning and development but also expand its commitment to resolve social problems and address human needs. Increasingly, colleges and universities are meeting this challenge by developing service-learning programs. This intentional linking of community service with specific learning and development outcomes is valuable to students, colleges and universities, and communities.Combining the most current theory and practice in the field of service-learning with many examples from actual campuses, Service-Learning in Higher Education is a comprehensive guide to developing high-quality service-learning experiences both in the curriculum and through student affairs programs. The book contains such useful information as? Basic principles that define a solid, viable service-learning program? Guidelines for designing programs to encourage desired outcomes? Methods to maximize the potential for service and learning in one-time or short-term experiences? Ways in which faculty can integrate service-learning into courses? A review of intensive service-learning experiences, including alternative breaks, summer experiences, and national and international service? Issues faculty need to consider in deciding how to achieve course objectives through service-learning? Assisting students to make career and lifestyle choices based on the values they acquire through service-learning.? The steps to take when starting a service-learning program? Institutionalizing service-learning to ensure it is sustainable over timeAs an added value, the book describes and provides contact information for national organizations that support service-learning and resources that are useful in helping students make postcollege service and career choices.Service-Learning in Higher Education is an invaluable resource for all campus professionals?inclu

Service learning

Service learning Author Timothy Stanton
ISBN-10 0787943177
Release 1999-01-15
Pages 272
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"A frank, thorough history and review of service-learning.... Service-Learning is a critical piece of the large service-learning movement. It is an ideal guide for new service-learning professionals, faculty members, academic or service administrators, and hopefully, public policymakers." --Pade Informer In this fascinating collection of stories, leaders in service-learning describe their early efforts to combine education with social action. Their reflections help construct a pedagogy of service-learning that will inspire newcomers and guide program development. The authors assess pioneering experiences and recommAnd steps for future policy and practice, emphasizing the critical need to preserve an activist commitment as programs become increasingly institutionalized. This highly readable book will assist academic leaders, faculty members, student services professionals, educational researchers, adult educators, and public policymakers who seek a common understanding of the origins, purposes, and objectives of this vital learning initiative.

Transforming Teacher Education through ServiceLearning

Transforming Teacher Education through ServiceLearning Author Virginia M. Jagla
ISBN-10 9781623964207
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 287
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Transforming Teacher Education through ServiceLearning provides a fresh look at educational reform through the lens of teacher preparation. It poses the question “Why servicelearning now?” as it discusses the meaningful ways servicelearning pedagogy can transform the approaches used to prepare teachers to educate tomorrow’s children. The pedagogy of servicelearning has significant implications for teacher education. Its transformative aspects have far reaching potential to address teacher candidate dispositions and provide deeper understanding of diversity. Knowledge of the pedagogy and how to implement it in candidates’ future classrooms could alter education to a more powerful experience of democracy in action and enhance the civic mission of schools. The current and ongoing research found within this volume is meant to continue support of the notion of educational reform. Because the vision we hold becomes the reality we experience, it is imperative to consider the question—Why servicelearning now?—as we adjust teacher preparation programs to promote engaging opportunities for today’s youth.

Service Learning in Physical Education and Other Related Professions A Global Perspective

Service Learning in Physical Education and Other Related Professions  A Global Perspective Author Marybeth P. Miller
ISBN-10 9781449610906
Release 2010-10-27
Pages 368
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The study and application of service learning as a pedagogy has become widespread. Service-Learning in Physical Education and Other Related Professions: A Global Perspective demonstrates how faculty in physical education and other related professions have designed, implemented, assessed, and conducted action research involving service-learning as a teaching and learning method, both locally and globally, as a means of both serving the community and enriching the lives of their students. This text is broken down into three parts: Part I provides a definition of service learning, examines the parameters that have been explored in physical education and higher education in general, and the integration of standards to ensure high-quality service-learning. Part II focuses on the pedagogical frameworks in which service-learning thrives and explores how the model specifically meets national standards and best practices. It also explores the emerging role of research as a measurement tool of the effectiveness of service learning. Part III explores a variety of programs from around the globe that utilize service-learning in their pedagogical framework, and provides the nuts and bolts of what they have done and their accomplishments."

Research on Service Learning

Research on Service Learning Author Robert G. Bringle
ISBN-10 9781579228392
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 350
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The purpose of this work is to improve service learning research and practice through strengthening its theoretical base. Contributing authors include both well-known and emerging service learning and community engagement scholars, as well as scholars from other fields. The authors bring theoretical perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines to bear as they critically review past research, describe assessment methods and instruments, develop future research agendas, and consider implications of theory-based research for enhanced practice. This volume, 2A, opens with chapters focused on defining the criteria for quality research. It then moves on to research related to students, comprising chapters that focus on cognitive processes, academic learning, civic learning, personal development, and intercultural competence. The concluding faculty section presents chapters on faculty development, faculty motivation, and faculty learning. Constituting a rich resource that suggests new approaches to conceptualizing, understanding, implementing, assessing, and studying service learning. Each chapter offers recommendations for future research. Research on Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Assessment will be of interest to both new and veteran service learning instructors seeking to enhance their practice by integrating what has been learned in terms of teaching, assessment, and research. Staff and faculty who are responsible for promoting and supporting service learning at higher education institutions, evaluating community service programs, and working with faculty to develop research on service learning, will also find this volume helpful. For scholars and graduate students reviewing and conducting research related to service learning, this book is a comprehensive resource, and a knowledge base about the processes and outcomes of innovative pedagogies, such as service learning, that will enable them to locate their own work in an expanding and deepening arena of inquiry. Volume 2B, sold separately, also opens with chapters focused on defining the criteria for quality research. It looks at community development, and the role of nonprofit organizations in service learning. It then focusses on institutions, examining the institutionalization of service learning, engaged departments, and institutional leadership. The final section on partnerships in service learning includes chapters on conceptualizing and measuring the quality of partnerships, inter-organizational partnerships, and student partnerships.

Multicultural Service Learning

Multicultural Service Learning Author Marilynne Boyle-Baise
ISBN-10 0807742333
Release 2002
Pages 152
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Stresses the relationship between service learning and multicultural education in the classroom, emphasizing the need for teachers to perform community service to gain new insight into teaching about diversity.

Successful Service Learning Programs

Successful Service Learning Programs Author Edward Zlotkowski
ISBN-10 1882982169
Release 1998-03-15
Pages 231
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Successful service-learning programs offer college students valuable hands-on learning experiences as they partner with their communities in cooperative service efforts. In this inspiring collection of essays written by prominent leaders of service-learning programs, each chapter provides concrete examples of how successful service-learning programs can foster lifelong student commitments to community service and learning. By profiling ten successful service-learning programs—including those based at the University of Pennsylvania, Portland State University, Santa Clara University, and Bentley College—the contributors illustrate the power of service-learning to enrich campuses and renew communities. The profiles collectively form a picture of the common and pressing issues affecting service-learning programs across the United States. Each profile contains A detailed history of the program's development An overview of the basic internal operations of the program A review of important community collaborations An analysis of the defining dimension of the program's identity Concluding insights on challenges faced by the program and remarks on its future Successful Service-Learning Programs presents a compelling concept of what teaching and learning look like when colleges and universities commit to intellectual, social, and moral engagement. Through the authors’ shared experiences, readers of this book will gain practical insight on ways in which to promote service-learning on their campuses.

Introduction to Community Development

Introduction to Community Development Author Jerry W. Robinson, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781412974622
Release 2011
Pages 315
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Introduction to Community Development provides students of community and economic development with a theoretical and practical introduction to the field of community development. Bringing together leading scholars in the field of community development, the book follows the curriculum needs in offering a progression from theory to practice, beginning with a theoretical overview, an historical overview, and the various approaches to community development.

Service Learning Reader

Service Learning Reader Author Gail Albert
ISBN-10 0536012423
Release 1998-06-01
Pages 375
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Service Learning Reader has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Service Learning Reader also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Service Learning Reader book for free.

The Importance of Learning Styles

The Importance of Learning Styles Author Ronald R. Sims
ISBN-10 0313292787
Release 1995
Pages 213
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Brings together key research and examples for improved learning styles.

Knowing Teaching and Learning History

Knowing  Teaching  and Learning History Author Peter N. Stearns
ISBN-10 9780814781418
Release 2000-09
Pages 482
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This four-part volume identifies the problems and issues in late 20th and early 21st-century history education, working towards an understanding of this evolving field. It aims to give both students and teachers insights into the best way of developing historical understanding in pupils.

Archaeology and Community Service Learning

Archaeology and Community Service Learning Author Michael S. Nassaney
ISBN-10 UOM:39015080862041
Release 2009
Pages 239
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"Highlights the important role of archaeology and community service learning in transforming higher education into a progressive force that challenges contemporary social inequality through empowering students to work collaboratively in uncovering the silenced histories of oppressed and exploited groups."--Howard Rosing, DePaul University "Nassaney and Levine examine how CSL can contribute to what they see as the 'necessary reform' of archaeological pedagogy in the United States."--Maureen Malloy, Society for American Archaeology In recent years, a number of archaeologists have begun making concerted attempts to reach out and engage the public in their work. This collection examines how the field can successfully incorporate community service learning (CSL) into its pedagogies to broaden and enhance learning opportunities for students, promote civic engagement, and embrace community partnerships. Editors Michael Nassaney and Mary Ann Levine have been actively integrating the techniques of CSL into their research for years, and view it as a natural outgrowth of developments in the field since the 1970s. Although archaeology has long emphasized a practical, field-based approach in training new scholars, CSL moves beyond "volunteering" and experiential learning. In discussing specific examples from work in historical archaeology, the contributors highlight the achievements and challenges faced by archaeologists and their students, in the classroom and the field, while collaborating with a variety of community partners.

Academy of Management Learning Education

Academy of Management Learning   Education Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924092674864
Release 2005
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Academy of Management Learning Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Academy of Management Learning Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Academy of Management Learning Education book for free.

International Service Learning

International Service Learning Author Robert G. Bringle
ISBN-10 1579225365
Release 2012-02-27
Pages 416
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International Service Learning (ISL) borrows from the domains of service learning, study abroad, and international education to create a new pedagogy that adds new and unique value from this combination. It is a high-impact pedagogy with the potential to improve students’ academic attainment, contribute to their personal growth, and develop global civic outcomes. The international service experience provides opportunities for additional learning goals, activities, and relationships that are not available in a domestic service learning course or in a traditional study abroad course. The service experience develops reflection while shedding light on and providing an added dimension to the curricular component of the study abroad course. The international education component further broadens students’ perspectives by providing opportunities to compare and contrast North American and international perspectives on course content. This book focuses on conducting research on ISL, which includes developing and evaluating hypotheses about ISL outcomes and measuring its impact on students, faculty, and communities. The book argues that rigorous research is essential to improving the quality of ISL’s implementation and delivery, and providing the evidence that will lead to wider support and adoption by the academy, funders, and partners. It is intended for both practitioners and scholars, providing guidance and commentary on good practice. The volume provides a pioneering analysis of and understanding of why and under what conditions ISL is an effective pedagogy. Individual chapters discuss conceptual frameworks, research design issues, and measurement strategies related to student learning outcomes; the importance of ISL course and program design; the need for faculty development activities to familiarize faculty with the component pedagogical strategies; the need for resources and collaboration across campus units to develop institutional capacity for ISL; and the role that community constituencies should assume as co-creators of the curriculum, co-educators in the delivery of the curriculum, and co-investigators in the evaluation of and study of ISL. The contributors demonstrate sensitivity to ethical implications of ISL, to issues of power and privilege, to the integrity of partnerships, to reflection, reciprocity, and community benefits

Spirituality in higher education

Spirituality in higher education Author Sherry Lee Hoppe
ISBN-10 UOM:39015063096302
Release 2005
Pages 108
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Spirituality in higher education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Spirituality in higher education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Spirituality in higher education book for free.

Journal of College Student Development

Journal of College Student Development Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066122592
Release 2006
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Journal of College Student Development has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of College Student Development also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of College Student Development book for free.