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Servicing Satellite TV Equipment

Servicing Satellite TV Equipment Author Nick Beer
ISBN-10 9780080517025
Release 1998-04-09
Pages 176
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This is the definitive practical guide to fault-finding, troubleshooting and servicing satellite television equipment, both indoors and outdoors. It will take you through all areas of satellite television system servicing from the simplest fixed dish to fully motorised systems. From PAL to Mac to MPEG all contemporary systems are covered. Satellite TV systems have been installed in a wide variety of locations, using a bewildering range of equipment. That equipment is beginning to need maintenance and repair. To cope with the volume and variety of work, Nick Beer has written the first guide to satellite TV which concentrates on what to look for and what to do when it goes wrong. This book is up to date and crammed with real-life experience, not theoretical data or manufacturer's ideal specs. Nick Beer has already written the best-selling Servicing Audio and Hi-fi Equipment and is a technical correspondent for many UK and international journals such as Television. He also works as an engineer and teaches satellite servicing to technicians. A practical guide to a new and important area for service engineers Covers indoor and outdoor equipment Written by an experienced author, teacher and engineer

Newnes Guide to Satellite TV

Newnes Guide to Satellite TV Author D. J. Stephenson
ISBN-10 9781483164038
Release 2016-06-06
Pages 296
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Newnes Guide to Satellite TV

Build Your Own Free to Air FTA Satellite TV System

Build Your Own Free to Air  FTA  Satellite TV System Author Dennis C. Brewer
ISBN-10 9780071775168
Release 2011-12-06
Pages 256
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LEGALLY TAP INTO ABSOLUTELY FREE SATELLITE TV! Replace or expand your paid TV services with Free-to-Air television programming with ease. Build Your Own Free-to-Air (FTA) Satellite TV System shows how to affordably put together your own subscription-free home entertainment center from start to finish. Find out how to choose the right components, set up a satellite dish and receiver, fine-tune reception, add local over-the-air stations, and go mobile with your FTA TV system. You'll get full details on recording to the latest digital devices, installing a TV card in your PC, viewing video over the Internet, and integrating theater-quality audio. Photos and diagrams illustrate each step along the way. Comprehensive lists of technical terms and definitions, available channels and satellites, and dish-aiming steps are also included in this practical guide. COVERAGE INCLUDES: Equipment, component, and tool selection Satellite dish and FTA receiver installation Stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 sound Dish alignment and synchronization Local over-the-air channel reception Video over the Internet and movies on demand DVD players, DVRs, PCs, and VCRs Mobile, RV, and remote Free-to-Air TV

Servicing TV Satellite and Video Equipment

Servicing TV  Satellite and Video Equipment Author Eugene Trundle
ISBN-10 0750655070
Release 2001-11-22
Pages 336
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A genuinely practical hands-on guide for service engineers -- including a new section on the latest digital equipment. Previous editions of this unique `hands-on' fault-finding book became the guide and mentor for thousands of service technicians and engineers in many countries and was widely adopted as a college text. Based on many years of practical bench and field experience, the book wastes little space on theoretical principles and circuit description where it is well covered elsewhere: here the emphasis is on the practical business of fault diagnosis and repair. Twenty chapters focus on specific aspects of the equipment, dwelling longest on the most troublesome: TV power supplies, line timebases and video deck machines. Other chapters examine test-gear, intermittent faults diagnosis in digital TV and video equipment, satellite-receiver repair techniques, interfacing/hookups and workshop practice. A symptom index is included for easy reference. Written for PAL, the differences for those working with NISC and other standards are also covered. Eugene Trundle is the UK's leading author on Servicing and Video Technology, and a full time TV and video service engineer. His articles appear regularly in Television and several other magazines. He is the author of the best-selling Newnes TV and Video Engineer's Pocket Book and Newnes Guide to TV and Video Technology. - The definitive guide for service engineers, installation technicians and servicing students- Written by a practising service engineer- Includes a symptom index for easy reference and new material on the latest Digital TV and Video equipment

Digital Satellite Service

Digital Satellite Service Author Robert L. Goodman
ISBN-10 0070242046
Release 1996
Pages 283
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The most complete guide to installing and servicing digital Satellite Systems-- the fastest-growing home entertainment technology since tv itself Packed with easy-to-master tips and techniques on: Setting up DSS equipment; Siting and positioning the dish; Mounting the dish on any surface; Installing and grounding coax cable; Prewiring new homes for satellites and multiple TVs; Advising your customers on the powerful advantages of DSS service; And much, much more!

Electronic Servicing and Repairs

Electronic Servicing and Repairs Author Trevor Linsley
ISBN-10 9781136078132
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 256
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This new title is based upon Trevor Linsley's successful Electronics for Electricians and Service Engineers and completely updates the previous text by taking into account the recent changes in the City and Guilds courses including 2240, 2360 and 2351. The new edition also incorporates hardware topics from the popular course, C&G 7261 Information Technology making this an indispensable reference for all those taking C&G courses. Trevor Linsley appproaches the subject in a practical, non-mathematical way, enabling both trainee and practising electricains and service engineers to relate electronics to their own experience. 'Electronic Servicing and Repairs' includes an expanded chapter on testing and fault diagnosis, incorporates PLCs and CAD software and introduces automatic text equipment (ATE). Communication and security systems are completely updated - the section on TV receivers, satellite TV, VCRs, CD players and cable TV has been expanded and a new chapter has been devoted to alarm systems.

Newnes Guide to Satellite TV

Newnes Guide to Satellite TV Author D. J. Stephenson
ISBN-10 9781483164038
Release 2016-06-06
Pages 296
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Newnes Guide to Satellite TV

Satellite Communications Payload and System

Satellite Communications Payload and System Author Teresa M. Braun
ISBN-10 9781118345207
Release 2012-08-06
Pages 400
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This is the first book primarily about the satellite payload of satellite communications systems. It represents a unique combination of practical systems engineering and communications theory. It tells about the satellites in geostationary and low-earth orbits today, both the so-called bent-pipe payloads and the processing payloads. The on-orbit environment, mitigated by the spacecraft bus, is described. The payload units (e.g. antennas and amplifiers), as well as payload-integration elements (e.g. waveguide and switches) are discussed in regard to how they work, what they do to the signal, their technology, environment sensitivity, and specifications. At a higher level are discussions on the payload as an entity: architecture including redundancy; specifications--what they mean, how they relate to unit specifications, and how to verify; and specification-compliance analysis (“budgets”) with uncertainty. Aspects of probability theory handy for calculating and using uncertainty and variation are presented. The highest-level discussions, on the end-to-end communications system, start with a practical introduction to physical-layer communications theory. Atmospheric effects and interference on the communications link are described. A chapter gives an example of optimizing a multibeam payload via probabilistic analysis. Finally, practical tips on system simulation and emulation are provided. The carrier frequencies treated are 1 GHz and above. Familiarity with Fourier analysis will enhance understanding of some topics. References are provided throughout the book for readers who want to dig deeper. Payload systems engineers, payload proposal writers, satellite-communications systems designers and analysts, and satellite customers will find that the book cuts their learning time. Spacecraft-bus systems engineers, payload unit engineers, and spacecraft operators will gain insight into the overall system. Students in systems engineering, microwave engineering, communications theory, probability theory, and communications simulation and modelling will find examples to supplement theoretical texts.

Direct Broadcast Satellite Communications

Direct Broadcast Satellite Communications Author Donald C. Mead
ISBN-10 9780132441247
Release 1999-09-20
Pages 320
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With its higher power and superior video and audio quality, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) communications is proliferating worldwide. Many new DBS systems are evolving and with the introduction of HDTV, DBS technology is predicted to become even more prevalent. Written by a leading DBS authority, this book is required reading for anyone involved in this burgeoning field. This comprehensive reference describes the history and structure of DBS systems, the regulatory environment, the subsystems that support it, and the underlying compression technology that makes it commercially feasible. Direct Broadcast Satellite Communications can be read as a broad overview of DBS systems or can serve as a detailed technical description. In particular, the author thoroughly explains how MPEG compression standards are used to implement modern satellite broadcast systems. You will find complete information on key topics such as: International and FCC regulations Radio frequency components of DBS systems, including the shaped reflector antenna Forward error correction, looking at block codes, interleaving, and Viterbi decoding The use of cryptography for conditional access to subscription services MPEG system and transport layer MPEG-2 video and audio compression Connecting terrestrial systems and DBS uplinks The Integrated Receiver Decoder In addition, the book explores future developments, including the Spaceway and the Global Broadcast Service, as well as the MPEG-4 compression standards. Numerous case studies involving DIRECTV(TM) and the European DVB standard appear throughout the book. For other books in this series, see

The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook

The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook Author Bruce R. Elbert
ISBN-10 1580538088
Release 2004
Pages 551
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Since the publication of the best-selling first edition of The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook, the satellite communications industry has experienced explosive growth. Satellite radio, direct-to-home satellite television, satellite telephones, and satellite guidance for automobiles are now common and popular consumer products. Similarly, business, government, and defense organizations now rely on satellite communications for day-to-day operations. This second edition covers all the latest advances in satellite technology and applications including direct-to-home broadcasting, digital audio and video, and VSAT networks. Engineers get the latest technical insights into operations, architectures, and systems components.

Satellite Encryption

Satellite Encryption Author John R. Vacca
ISBN-10 UOM:39015047744456
Release 1999
Pages 980
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More than 2000 satellites will be in orbit by the year 2003. The implications of the coming boom in satellites are revolutionary for those who did not have access to secure data in remote locations around the world. This book will discuss how the new satellites (SubLEOs, LEOs, MEOs and GEOs) will carry encrypted high-speed voice calls from hand-held phones; and, depending on the system, low and high-speed digital data. In addition to satellite encryption use by commercial organizations and governments, this book is a step above any other satellite communication books through its presentation of a secure encrypted wireless environment encompassing direct satellite communications and land-based communications links. This book will leave little doubt that a new world infrastructure in the area of satellite communications and encryption is about to be constructed. The text will benefit organizations and governments, as well as their advanced citizens. For the disadvantaged regions of the world, however, the coming satellite communications revolution could be one of those rare technological events that enable traditional societies to leap ahead and long-dormant economies to flourish in security. The first part of this book identifies the role of satellite encryption technology trends with regards to the pace that national cryptography policy must keep up with, the political environment; and the significant changes in the post-Cold War environment that call attention to the need for and the impact a cryptography policy would have domestically and internationally. The second part of the book describes the instruments and goals of the current U.S. satellite encryption policy and some of the issues raised by current policy. The third part of the book covers development, implementation and management of advanced satellite encryption options and strategies that will forever change how organizations do business now and in the foreseeable future. The fourth part of the book discusses the misuse of satellite encryption technology by the government, the international community, international and domestic terrorist organizations, and domestic and international criminal organizations. The fifth part the book evaluates enlarging the space of possible satellite encryption policy options, and offers findings and recommendations. It also evaluates the results of implementing advanced satellite encryption technology strategies presented in previous chapters. In addition, it also covers satellite encryption security threats and solutions on how to prevent them in the future. Key Features * Shows governments and organizations around the world how satellite encryption helps to preserve vital national secrets, limit attacks on a nation's information infrastructure, and eliminate security and authentication obstacles to electronic commerce * Discusses how, in the wrong hands, satellite encryption can be used to plan or cover up domestic and international crimes or overseas military operations * Provides a thorough discussion of how the F.B.I. and National Security Agency seek to preserve their ability to intercept and decode domestic and international communications, and thus would like to inhibit the use of PKE (Public Key Exchange) in satellite communications to generate unbreakable codes * Continues the discussion of how stopping PKE altogether may be technically impossible, and raises constitutional issues * Practical tips on how satellite encryption will make PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) based computers, modems, web browsers and set-top-boxes safer for intellectual property distribution and electronic commerce through the hardware implementation of PCI compatible real-time data encryption/decryption chip solutions

Guide to Satellite TV

Guide to Satellite TV Author D. J. Stephenson
ISBN-10 0750634758
Release 1997
Pages 383
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Newnes Guide to Satellite TV is a practical guide, to the installation and servicing of satellite TV receiving equipment. Derek Stephenson provides all the essential background information without weighing it down with excessive theory or mathematics, and covers the practice of installation and servicing with clear step-by-step guidance. Essential data tables and numerous diagrams are included throughout. This book meets the practical need between theoretical textbook and simple installation guide. The work includes topics such as digital TV, including MPEG-2, reception requirements, LNB requirements, digital link budget extensions, and a new section on squinting antennas. The Guide has always been known for the practical nature of the information it contains, such as the control of problems involving 'sparklies', trees, rain and vandals (solved by the now famous 'two drunks high' dish mounting rule). The result is a text which provides the necessary information to specify, install and maintain both fixed and polar mount antenna systems along with small IF distribution systems for small blocks of flats and hotels. Derek Stephenson is a practising video/satellite TV repair engineer and the author of Satmaster Pro, a leading Windows-based software package for satellite TV. Practical guide without excessive maths or theory Written by a practicing video/satellite TV repair engineer Provides all the necessary info to install and maintain Satellite TV systems

Communications satellite handbook

Communications satellite handbook Author Walter L. Morgan
ISBN-10 WISC:89013053046
Release 1989-01-03
Pages 900
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Business Earth Stations for Telecommunications Walter L. Morgan and Denis Rouffet This practical guide provides telecommunications managers with the basic information and procedures needed to configure a telecommunications network to meet the communications needs of their organization. It offers invaluable insights into the planning needs of managers, manufacturers, sellers, and installers of microterminals. The authors give you a complete overview of microterminal technology for the next decade, including: their history and nature, why they are used, who uses them and how service is provided, potential applications, an overview of the U.S. microterminal market, a look at network operators, and the economics of microterminal versus terrestrial services. 1988 (0 471-63556-1) 234 pp. A Basic Atlas of Radio-Wave Propagation Shigekazu Shibuya Now, in one source, planners and designers of telecommunications operating organizations can get direct guidelines for radio system planning and design. Carefully organized to present basic concepts of radio-wave propagation and system design, this indispensable work fully details even the most difficult mathematical theories and equations with graphic presentations that beginners and non-specialists will find particularly helpful. It presents all of the essential design elements required for VHF, UHF, and SHF radio in easy-to-follow chart form. In addition, every problem in this book can be explored using a computer. 1987 (0 471-88183-X) 778 pp. Radio System Design for Telecommunications (1-100 GHz) Roger L. Freeman Here's how to plan, engineer, and design analog and digital radiolinks in the point-to-point telecommunications service. Telecommunications expert Roger Freeman covers every aspect of radio system design used in telecommunications, including siting criteria, hardware layout, performance predictions, links and system analysis, facility planning, and frequency assignment information. The book also describes how radiolinks operate and how to select the necessary performance parameters and equipment specifications to meet the needs of various customers. 1987 (0 471-81236-6) 560 pp.

Plunkett s Wireless Wi Fi RFID Cellular Industry Almanac

Plunkett s Wireless  Wi Fi  RFID   Cellular Industry Almanac Author Jack W. Plunkett
ISBN-10 9781593921170
Release 2008-07-01
Pages 445
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Market research guide to the wireless access and cellular telecommunications industry ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? a tool for strategic planning, competitive intelligence, employment searches or financial research. Contains trends, statistical tables, and an industry glossary. Also provides profiles of 350 leading wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID and cellular industry firms - includes addresses, phone numbers, executive names.

New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2014 Comprehensive

New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2014  Comprehensive Author June Jamrich Parsons
ISBN-10 9781285764634
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 872
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Take your students beyond the basics with the award-winning NEW PERSPECTIVES ON COMPUTER CONCEPTS. Designed to get all students up-to-speed on essential computer literacy skills, this market leading text goes deeper, providing students with the technical and practical information they need for academic and career success. NEW PERSPECTIVES ON COMPUTER CONCEPTS 2014 incorporates significant technology trends that affect computing and everyday life; such as concerns for data security, personal privacy, online safety, controversy over digital rights management, interest in open source software and portable applications, and more. In addition, coverage of Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 2013 will introduce your students to the exciting new features of Microsoft's next generation of software. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

TV Video Engineer s Reference Book

TV   Video Engineer s Reference Book Author K G Jackson
ISBN-10 9781483193755
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 946
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TV & Video Engineer’s Reference Book presents an extensive examination of the basic television standards and broadcasting spectrum. It discusses the fundamental concepts in analogue and digital circuit theory. It addresses studies in the engineering mathematics, formulas, and calculations. Some of the topics covered in the book are the conductors and insulators, passive components, alternating current circuits; broadcast transmission; radio frequency propagation; electron optics in cathode ray tube; color encoding and decoding systems; television transmitters; and remote supervision of unattended transmitters. The definition and description of diagnostics in computer controlled equipment are fully covered. In-depth accounts of the microwave radio relay systems are provided. The general characteristics of studio lighting and control are completely presented. A chapter is devoted to video tape recording. Another section focuses on the mixers and special effects generators. The book can provide useful information to technicians, engineers, students, and researchers.

Electronics World Incorporating Wireless World

Electronics World Incorporating Wireless World Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048302957
Release 1999
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Electronics World Incorporating Wireless World has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Electronics World Incorporating Wireless World also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Electronics World Incorporating Wireless World book for free.