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Sexual Subjects Lesbians Gender and Psychoanalysis

Sexual Subjects  Lesbians Gender and Psychoanalysis Author Adria E. Schwartz
ISBN-10 9781135219642
Release 2013-08-21
Pages 200
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Sexual Subjects, a psychoanalytic book informed by gender theory, queer theory and feminism, addresses the tensions inherent in writing about lesbians and sexuality in the postmodern age. Adria Schwartz masterfully intertwines clinical anecdotes with engaging theoretical questions that examine the construction of important categories of identity--woman, feminist, mother, lesbian, and homo/hetero/bisexual. Schwartz also addresses specific issues which are problematic but nonetheless meaningful to self-identified lesbians such as roles in gender play, lesbian "bed death," and raising non-traditional families. Written from a psychoanalytic and postmodern perspective, this book is a significant contribution to the work done on the conceptualization of lesbian sexuality and identity.

Lesbians and Psychoanalysis

Lesbians and Psychoanalysis Author Judith M. Glassgold
ISBN-10 9780743213127
Release 2000-10-06
Pages 416
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Encouragement and direction for a brand-new road in life. Embrace God s powerful promises for you as you leave one road and set your course on another . . . exciting, new, and rich with opportunity. "God s Promises(r) for Graduates 2013 "on topics such as confidence, discipline, faith, and wisdom direct your steps and light your path in God s Holy Word. This little book will help steer graduates in God s will as they embark on their new journey in life.

Gay and Lesbian Parenting

Gay and Lesbian Parenting Author Jack Drescher
ISBN-10 0789013509
Release 2001-08-29
Pages 150
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Find sources of support for raising a nontraditional family in a straight world! The experience of parenting is commonly overlooked in psychological theory, and lesbians and gay men are not typically considered as parents or parents to be. Gay and Lesbian Parenting examines the psychological issues related to developing family and becoming parents for gay men and lesbians. Instead of pathologizing gay and lesbian families, it explores the emotional growth and development issues inherent in child-rearing. Traditionally, coming out as gay or lesbian meant abandoning any hope of becoming a parent or keeping your children if you already had them. But with the “gayby boom” in full swing, more and more gay and lesbian couples are having new babies, adopting children, and continuing to raise the offspring of previous heterosexual relationships. Although gay and lesbian parents still face unique challenges in building and rearing a family, as well as the usual problems heterosexual couples encounter, Gay and Lesbian Parenting unflinchingly examines these concerns and offers positive suggestions and ideas for dealing with the difficulties. This life-affirming book takes a look at the practical and emotional realities of raising children in nontraditional family structures, including: issues of kinship, shared motherhood, and possessiveness in lesbian couples legal issues entailed by the lack of marriage and legal kinship parenthood as a powerful force for personal growth and development fatherhood as a process of creating connectedness in the family, community, and place of worship original empirical research on the mental health of lesbians’children the history of the gay and lesbian movement as it relates to child-rearing Gay and Lesbian Parenting affirms the power of gay and lesbian couples to raise healthy, happy children and to change and grow through their experience of parenting. This book is also essential for mental health professionals from psychiatric nurses to psychiatrists who are working with the gay and lesbian community.

The Practice of Love

The Practice of Love Author Teresa De Lauretis
ISBN-10 0253316812
Release 1994
Pages 331
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"... a work that builds a substantial bridge between Freudian psychoanalysis and radical feminist thought, particularly on the subject of lesbianism.... Presenting a complex argument about an issue vital to the psychoanalytic endeavor as well as to feminist theory, ÂThe Practice of Love should stimulate a reconsideration of 'perversion' and the construction of sexual fantasy. The illumination of the fantasies that make lesbian desire distinctive will necessarily open up our understanding of all sexuality." —Jessica Benjamin, New York Times Book Review "Teresa de Lauretis has entwined three books into one: a critical history of psychoanalytic theories of female homosexuality; a bold study of how lesbians keep disappearing from popular culture, especially film; and an original speculation on the dynamics of lesbian desire." —Elisabeth Young-Bruehl "An important and original contribution not only to lesbian and gay studies, but also to psychoanalytic theory and film criticism. De Lauretis brings a unique and valuable perspective to issues of great importance today in all these areas." —Leo Bersani "De Lauretis's influential theory gets top marks from sapphic scholars who know best." —Out In an eccentric reading of Freud through Laplanche and the Lacanian and feminist revisions, Teresa de Lauretis delineates a model of "perverse" desire and a theory of lesbian sexuality. ÂThe Practice of Love discusses classic psychoanalytic narratives of female homosexuality, contemporary feminist writings on female sexuality, and the evolution of the original fantasies into cultural myths or public fantasies.

Disorienting Sexuality

Disorienting Sexuality Author Thomas Domenici
ISBN-10 9781317721994
Release 2016-03-23
Pages 313
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Disorienting Sexuality exposes the biases against gay men and lesbians in psychoanalytic theory and practice. In the introduction, Domenici and Lesser draw a brief history of anti-homosexual sentiment in psychoanalysis. The book then moves into essays written by lesbian and gay psychoanalysts seeking to have a voice in the reshaping of psychoanalytic theories of sexuality. The second section is devoted to presenting different theoretical perspectives for understanding both homosexuality and heterosexuality. Disorienting Sexuality concludes with the personal narratives of gay and lesbian psychoanalysts.

Wild Desires and Mistaken Identities

Wild Desires and Mistaken Identities Author Noreen O'Connor
ISBN-10 1855753308
Release 2003
Pages 315
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This book, based on the authors' clinical experience as psychoanalytic psychotherapists, provides a challenging exploration of a wide range of psychoanalytic ideas about lesbians and lesbianism from Freud, Deutsch, Jung and Lacan to contemporary object-relations theorists, such as Klein and McDougall. Questions of sexual identity, sexual desire and gender identity, of transference and countertransference, and also of institutional practices in relation to training, are all critically addressed.

Sexualities Lost and Found

Sexualities Lost and Found Author Edith Gould
ISBN-10 0823660621
Release 2001
Pages 307
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Description of Content: A feminist revolution has taken place in psychotherapy. Today the majority of clinicians and patients are women. But when it comes to women and same-sex desire, there continues to be an appalling blind-spot in the literature. This book illuminates controversy, contexts, and theories that often do violence to lesbian experience as it is actually lived, and fills a significant gap in the literature on the lesbian patient in the clinical situation. The contributors delineate major shifts in psychoanalytic understanding of the body, relatedness, subjectivity, desire, and the role of culture, and apply these to the question of same-sex desire in women.

Sex Changes

Sex Changes Author Mark J. Blechner
ISBN-10 9781135847654
Release 2010-08-27
Pages 192
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The last half-century has seen enormous changes in society’s attitude toward sexuality. In the 1950s, homosexuals in the United States were routinely arrested; today, homosexual activity between consenting adults is legal in every state, with same-sex marriage legal in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the 1950s, ambitious women were often seen as psychopathological and were told by psychoanalysts that they had penis envy that needed treatment; today, a woman has campaigned for President of the United States. Mark Blechner has lived and worked through these startling changes in society, and Sex Changes collects papers he has written over the last 45 years on sex, gender, and sexuality. Interspersed with these papers are reflections on the changes that have occurred during that time period, both within the scope of society at large as well as in his personal experiences inside and outside of the therapeutic setting. He shows how changes in society, changes in his life, and changes in his writing on sexuality - as well as changes within psychoanalysis itself - have affected one another. One hundred years ago, psychoanalysis was at the cutting edge of new ideas about sex and gender, but in the latter half of the 20th Century, psychoanalysts were often seen as reactionary upholders of society’s prejudices. Sex Changes seeks to restore the place of psychoanalysis as the "once and future queer science," and aims for a radical shift in psychoanalytic thinking about sexuality, gender, normalcy, prejudice, and the relationship of therapeutic aims and values.

Queer 1950s

Queer 1950s Author H. Bauer
ISBN-10 9781137264718
Release 2012-10-15
Pages 209
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Leading sexuality scholars explore queer lives and cultures in the first full post-war decade through an array of sources and a range of perspectives. Drawing out the particularities of queer cultures from the Finland and New Zealand to the UK and the USA, this collection rethinks preconceptions of the 1950s and pinpoints some of its legacies.

Multiple Minority Identities

Multiple Minority Identities Author Reginald Nettles, PhD
ISBN-10 9780826107039
Release 2011-09-16
Pages 304
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"[V]ery few texts cover such a broad range of diversity and intersecting identities."--PsycCRITIQUES This important volume chronicles a shift from the old multicultural paradigm that depicts members of a minority group as being limited to racial and ethnic categories, to a modern definition of minorities. Moreover, many of these stigmatized individuals belong to more than one minority group, resulting in stigmatization not only outside of their identified primary group, but also within it. Seeking to address the complex problems of individuals who claim more than one minority identification, the volume culls the accumulated wisdom of leaders in the field of minority research and practice and integrates the three major areas of multicultural and diversity studies in a single volume. It addresses social identity, power and privilege, AIDS, multiculturalism as it relates to gender, as well as ethnicity. It also discusses therapeutic approaches, supervisory issues, and interpersonal issues for practitioners. It provides self-administered inventories, to help clinicians assess their need for additional supervision or training. Key Features: Integrates ethnic and racial minority issues, gender and sexual orientation studies, and disability studies, all in one volume Addresses diversity within and between cultural and minority groups Presents the latest findings from experts in minority research and practice Establishes a new paradigm for understanding the impact of membership in a minority group Offers practical advice bolstered by case studies

Lesbians Feminism and Psychoanalysis

Lesbians  Feminism  and Psychoanalysis Author Judith Glassgold
ISBN-10 9781317766247
Release 2014-01-09
Pages 226
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Get a feminist perspective on important changes in psychoanalysis! Lesbians, Feminism, and Psychoanalysis: The Second Wave examines recent changes in psychoanalysis that have opened the door for new perspectives on same-sex desire. Authors from a variety of disciplines and theoretical orientations combine feminism with psychoanalytic and postmodern theories to celebrate diversity in gender and sexual experience. This collection of lesbian-affirmative writings addresses transference and countertransference, gender subjectivities, privilege and racism, therapist homophobia, and violence in lesbian relationships. In the past decade, psychoanalysis has undergone changes in clinical theory that have led to views on human sexuality that are less focused on what is “normal” and therapy practices that resist attempts to fit individuals into prescribed developmental models. Lesbians, Feminism, and Psychoanalysis presents a variety of backgrounds (psychiatry, psychology, and social work), analytic training (formal institute training, study groups, supervision), and theoretical perspectives (self-psychology, object relations, relational psychoanalysis, feminist theory, queer theory, postmodernism, Lacanian theory) unified by the healing power of psychoanalytically informed theory and practice. The book is divided into three sections—“Community: Personal and Political,” “Ongoing Clinical Issues,” and “New Thinking on Sexuality and Gender,” addressing lesbian tomboy development, the queering of relational psychoanalysis, how attachment theory and intersubjectivity can contribute to newer gender theory, and including: interviews with lesbian psychoanalytic foremothers Joanne Spina, Lee Crespi, and Judy Levitz Dr. Darla Bjork’s account of her journey to becoming an openly lesbian therapist contrasting views on transference and countertransference from gay and lesbian therapists and much more! Lesbians, Feminism, and Psychoanalysis: The Second Wave is an essential practical resource for clinicians and a vital classroom tool for academics working in psychology, social work, psychoanalysis, gender and women’s studies, queer studies, and lesbian and gay studies.

Fixing Gender

Fixing Gender Author Natasha Distiller
ISBN-10 9781611470314
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 160
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Fixing Gender uses psychoanalysis to explore the theoretical implications for the gendering of the human subject that arise from the situation of lesbians raising children from birth. The book engages with feminist psychoanalytic debates about gender development and the role played by the Oedipus complex in the formation of gender identity. Through an examination of literature on homosexuality and pyschoanalysis, it offers a new intervention into the conceptualization and work of gender while using lesbian motherhood as a focal point for the discussion.

Lesbian Lives

Lesbian Lives Author Maggie Magee
ISBN-10 9781134898732
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 448
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In this groundbreaking re-visioning of lesbianism, Magee and Miller transcend a literature that, for decades, has focused on the timeworn and misconceived task of formulating a lesbian-specific psychology. Rather, they focus on a set of interrelated issues of far greater salience in our time: the developmental and psychological consequences of identifying as homosexual and of having lesbian relationships. Their consideration of these issues leads to a rigorous review of major psychoanalytic and biological theories about female homosexuality and a probing examination of current notions of gender identity. These tasks set the stage for Magee and Miller's own model of psychologically mature sexuality between members of the same sex. The developmental and clinical issues taken up in specific chapters of Lesbian Lives include the challenges facing lesbian adolescents; the psychological and social significance of "coming out"; the various meanings and contexts of coming out as a gay or lesbian analyst; the interaction of individual psyche and social context in clinical work with lesbian patients; and the history of homosexual therapists and psychoanalytic training. The chapter on "Bryher," the lesbian-identified life partner of the poet Hilda Doolittle (Freud's patient "H.D."), relying on unpublished documents, is not only a wonderful exemplification of themes developed throughout the work, but an invaluable contribution to psychoanalytic history. Lesbian Lives is a heartening sign of the generous scholarship and humane impulse that are transforming psychoanalysis in our time. In writing infused with an experiential immediacy born of personal participation in the stories they tell, Magee and Miller weave a multiplicity of narratives into a fabric of explanation far richer, far more colorful --far truer to lived experience--than anything psychoanalysis has heretofore offered on the subject.

Other Women

Other Women Author Beverly Burch
ISBN-10 0231106033
Release 1997-01
Pages 190
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-- Dr. April Martin, author of The Lesbian and Gay Parenting Handbook

A Lure of Knowledge

A Lure of Knowledge Author Judith Roof
ISBN-10 0231074875
Release 1993-03-01
Pages 285
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All original to this volume, these evocative essays by such scholars as Robyn Wiegman, Elizabeth Grosz, and Judith Roof examine a realm as yet untouched in literary and cultural criticism and gender theory, a specifically lesbian postmodern. The essays trace, on the one hand, how some lesbian cultural theory and production foreground a politics of difference and marginality and thereby critique patriarchal and heterosexual hegemony. On the other hand, some essays note how a postmodern aesthetic, with its valorization of difference, sexual plurality, and gender blurring, assists lesbian cultural production. Among the topics discussed are the shifting definitions of lesbian and postmodern; the potential and danger of this new conceptual territory in theory, literary and visual representation, and popular culture; the lesbian in Hollywood film; actors Jodie Foster and Sandra Bernhard; and works by Jeanette Winterson, Michelle Cliff, and Gloria Anzaldua. Throughout, contributors address the interrelated questions and issues of class, race, ethnicity, postcolonialism, and commodification. -- Elizabeth Meese, University of Alabama

Sexual Orientation and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Sexual Orientation and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Author Richard C. Friedman
ISBN-10 9780231120579
Release 2008-02-01
Pages 352
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This book bridges psychoanalytic thought and sexual science. It brings sexuality back to the center of psychoanalysis and shows how important it is for students of human sexuality to understand motives that are often irrational and unconscious. The authors present a new perspective about male and female development, emphasizing the ways in which sexual orientation and homophobia appear early in life. The clinical section of the book focuses on the psychodynamics and treatment of homophobia and internalized homophobia.

Sexual Politics

Sexual Politics Author Kate Millett
ISBN-10 9780231541725
Release 2016-02-16
Pages 416
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A sensation upon its publication in 1970, Sexual Politics documents the subjugation of women in great literature and art. Kate Millett's analysis targets four revered authors—D. H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Norman Mailer, and Jean Genet—and builds a damning profile of literature's patriarchal myths and their extension into psychology, philosophy, and politics. Her eloquence and popular examples taught a generation to recognize inequities masquerading as nature and proved the value of feminist critique in all facets of life. This new edition features the scholar Catharine A. MacKinnon and the New Yorker correspondent Rebecca Mead on the importance of Millett's work to challenging the complacency that sidelines feminism.