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Sharpe s Battle

Sharpe s Battle Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 0061826758
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 368
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As Napoleon threatens to crush Britain on the battlefield, Lt. Col. Richard Sharpe leads a ragtag army to exact personal revenge against a French general known for his acts of terror. Sharpe's Battle takes Richard Sharpe and his company back to the spring of 1811 and one of the most bitter battles of the Peninsular War, a battle on which all British hopes of victory in Spain will depend. Sharpe is given responsibility to lead an Irish battalion of the king of Spain's household guard, ceremonial troops untrained and unequipped for battle. While quartered in the crumbling fort of San Isidro, they are attacked by murderous Brigadier General Guy Luop's elite French brigade. Sharpe has witnessed General Loup's despicable was crimes before; to put an end to them, and to settle another more personal score, Sharpe must lead his company into the blood-gutted streets of Fuentes de Oñoro, where thousands of French troops have amassed, in a battle to the death.

Sharpe s Battle

Sharpe s Battle Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 9780006473244
Release 1996
Pages 366
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It is 1811 and the intrepid Richard Sharpe and his riflemen find themselves in one of the bitterest battles of the Peninsular War.

Sharpe s Company

Sharpe s Company Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 1101210176
Release 2004-08-03
Pages 288
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To stem the Napoleonic tide, Sharpe must capture a fortress—where his wife and infant daughter are trapped—while protecting himself from a fellow officer determined to destroy him.

Sharpe s Fury

Sharpe s Fury Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 000712015X
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 337
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It is 1811 and the war seems lost. All Spain has fallen to the French, except for Cadiz which is now the Spanish capital and is under siege. Wellington and his British Army are in Portugal, waiting for the war to begin again. Sharpe and his company are part of a small expeditionary force sent to break a bridge across the River Guadiana.

Sharpe 3 Book Collection 4 Sharpe s Escape Sharpe s Fury Sharpe s Battle

Sharpe 3 Book Collection 4  Sharpe   s Escape  Sharpe   s Fury  Sharpe   s Battle Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 9780007454693
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 1232
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Three classic Richard Sharpe adventures

Sharpe s Gold

Sharpe s Gold Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 0451213416
Release 2004
Pages 256
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In order to finance the Duke of Wellington's next campaign against Napoleon and his forces, Richard Sharpe undertakes to steal a fortune in gold and must outwit both Spanish guerrillas and the French in the treacherous terrain of the Portuguese hills. Reprint.

Sharpe s Escape

Sharpe s Escape Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 0007149875
Release 2004
Pages 350
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The twentieth instalment in the bestselling Sharpe series. Sharpe's Escape takes place in the summer of 1810, once again in the Peninsular War. The French are mounting their third and most dangerous invasion of Portugal. Captain Richard Sharpe with his company of redcoats and riflemen meets the invaders on the gaunt ridge of Bussaco. But there, despite a stunning British victory, the French are not stopped and the army have to fall back. Sharpe has made enemies among the Portuguese and during the retreat through Coimbra, he and Sergeant Harper are lured into a trap designed to kill them. With the help of an Englishwoman, Sharpe survives, but is cut off from the army. He has to rejoin his regiment if the command is not to fall to the ambitious Lieutenant Slinbsby. At the Lines of Torres Vedras, the vast defences built to stop the French before Lisbon, Sharpe confronts his enemies in a climactic battle.

Wargaming Scenarios The Peninsular War 1808 1814

Wargaming Scenarios  The Peninsular War 1808 1814 Author Jon Sutherland
ISBN-10 9781473839502
Release 2014-08-27
Pages 192
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The enjoyment of wargaming is greatly enhanced if the battles (games) are played within well thought-out scenarios. Instead of simply lining up evenly-matched armies and fighting to the death, the players can have realistic objectives (such as the capture of a vital piece of terrain or delaying a superior enemy to cover a retreat) and be confronted with more challenging tactical decisions. Devising such scenarios can take a lot of effort, and more critically, time, which is always in short supply. This book is designed to take the time and effort out of organising fascinating and challenging wargames set in the Peninsular War. rnrnIn addition to 20 carefully devised scenarios of varying size and complexity, this book contains a concise introduction to the theatre of operations and an integrated chronology of battles and campaigns, showing where the scenarios fit into the wider events. The scenarios and orders of battle are intended for use with Pen & Sword's own Napolenic wargame rules, Grand Battery, but they are easily adaptable for use with other leading systems.rnrn« Briefing notes on the context of the battle and the dilemmas and objectives facing each commander.rn« Orders of battle for each side and any other information required to set up. rnContents :rnrn« Concise introduction to the Peninsular War with chronology to place the scenarios in context.rn« 20 carefully devised scenarios of varying size and complexity.rn« a wargamer-friendly map, showing players where to place terrain, buildings and other features that had an impact on the battlefield. It will also show initial dispositions (historical) and mark the point of entrance (or exit) of units during the battle. rn« Clear win/lose/draw conditions.

Sharpe s Havoc

Sharpe s Havoc Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 9780061751721
Release 2009-03-17
Pages 320
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Lieutenant Richard Sharpe finds himself fighting the ruthless armies of Napoleon Bonaparte as they try to bring the whole of the Iberian Peninsula under their control. Napoleon is advancing fast through northern Portugal, and no one knows whether the small contingent of British troops stationed in Lisbon will stay to fight or sail back to England. Sharpe, however, does not have a choice: He and his squad of riflemen are on the lookout for the missing daughter of an English wine shipper when the French onslaught begins and the city of Oporto becomes a setting for carnage and disaster. Stranded behind enemy lines, Sharpe returns to his mission to find Kate Savage. Sharpe's position on enemy grounds is precarious, and his search is further complicated by a mysterious and threatening Englishman, Colonel Christopher, who has his own ideas on how the French can be driven from Portugal.


Sequels Author Janet Husband
ISBN-10 9780838909676
Release 2009
Pages 782
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A guide to series fiction lists popular series, identifies novels by character, and offers guidance on the order in which to read unnumbered series.

A History of the Peninsular War

A History of the Peninsular War Author Charles Oman
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044004437505
Release 1902
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A History of the Peninsular War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A History of the Peninsular War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A History of the Peninsular War book for free.

Sharpe s Waterloo

Sharpe s Waterloo Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 0007298544
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 437
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Bold, ruthless, professional, hero and man of actionIt is 1815. Sharpe is serving on the personal staff of the inexperienced and incompetent Young Frog, William, Prince of Orange, who has been given command of a large proportion of the Allied force. More concerned with cutting a dash at a grand society ball in Brussels, the Young Frog refuses to listen to Sharpe's scouting reports of an enormous army marching towards them with the lately returned Napoleon at its head.When the Battle of Waterloo commences, Sharpe has to stand by and watch military folly on a grand scale. But at the height of the conflict, just as victory seems impossible, he makes a momentous decision. With his usual skill, courage and determination he takes command and the most hard-fought and bloody battle of his career becomes Sharpe's own magnificent triumph.

Sharpe s Devil

Sharpe s Devil Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 0007452918
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 332
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Sharpe and Patrick Harper set sail for Chile in order to track down a friend gone missing. As a favor to Napoleon, they carry a seemingly harmless gift with them--one that embroils them in a web of conspiracy and danger.

Fuentes de O oro 1811

Fuentes de O  oro 1811 Author René Chartrand
ISBN-10 9781472803139
Release 2013-03-20
Pages 96
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In October 1810 the Allied position in Portugal appeared precarious. Despite defeating Marshal Masséna's French army at Bussaco, Wellington had been forced to retreat to within a few miles of Lisbon. Here the French encountered a massive line of fortifications stretching from the River Tagus to the sea. Built amid great secrecy and on Wellington's specific orders, these Lines of Torres Vedras were the French high-water mark. In February, with his army on the point of starvation, Masséna was forced to retreat and the scene was set for the climactic action of Fuentes de Oñoro.

Sharpe s Skirmish

Sharpe s Skirmish Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 0972222006
Release 2002
Pages 64
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"It is the summer of 1812 and Richard Sharpe, newly recovered from the wound he received in the fighting at Salamanca, is given an easy duty; to guard a Commissary Officer posted to an obscure Spanish fort where there are some captured French muskets to repair. But unknown to the British, the French are planning a lightning raid across the River Tormes, and they reckon the obscure Spanish fort, which guards an ancient bridge across the river, will be lightly guarded. Sharpe is in for a fight."--Cover page 4.

Sharpe s Tiger

Sharpe s Tiger Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 9780061012693
Release 1997-08-22
Pages 416
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"It was a bloody awful shot," Sharpe said. "My mother could lay a gun better than that." "I didn't think you had a mother," Private Garrard said. "Everyone's got a mother, Tom." "Not Sergeant Hakeswill," Garrard said, then spat a mix of dust and spittle. . . . "Hakeswill was spawned of the devil." Richard Sharpe—Soldier, hero, rogue—the man you always want on your side. Born in poverty, he joined the army to escape jail and climbed the ranks by sheer brutal courage. He knows no other family than the regiment of the 95th Rifles, whose green jacket he proudly wears.

Sharpe s Eagle The Talavera Campaign July 1809 The Sharpe Series Book 8

Sharpe   s Eagle  The Talavera Campaign  July 1809  The Sharpe Series  Book 8 Author Bernard Cornwell
ISBN-10 9780007338641
Release 2009-07-24
Pages 304
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The newly promoted Captain Richard Sharpe clashes with an incompetent colonel, leads his men in the battle of Talavera and earns himself a dangerous enemy.