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She Gotta Be the Dopest to Ride with the Coldest 2

She Gotta Be the Dopest to Ride with the Coldest 2 Author Kellz Kimberly
ISBN-10 1537480871
Release 2016-09-04
Pages 274
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The gang that stole your heart is back with more love, drama & heartbreak. With a growing rift in their relationship Gotti & Azuri are trying to get that old thing back. Both of these love birds have things they need to work on individually before they can become one again but when a new situation occurs the love they think they lost is put to the test. Naomi is back recking havoc on the lives of the people who did her wrong. However when a love she thought was real turns sour, her back ends up against the wall leaving her with two options; kill or be killed. After losing the one she gave her heart to Megan doesn't know if she's coming or going. With a baby on the way she has no other choice but to weather the storm. Unbeknownst to her the storm doesn't last forever when an unlikely person offers her a shoulder to lean on. Tamir is still out & about lurkin' in the shadows, doing everything in his power to take down Kashmir Gotti Banks. With revenge & larceny in his heart who would've thought love would be the one thing to make his crazy seem normal. New players enter the game as more secrets come to the light in this gritty love story. Just remember when you think you have it figured out, things are really never as they seem

Upright Beasts

Upright Beasts Author Lincoln Michel
ISBN-10 9781566894197
Release 2015-10-05
Pages 216
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Twenty-one genre-bending stories of bestial transformation, accidental murder, erotically-challenged dictatorship, and other tales of darkness, absurdity, and confusion.

Book of Rhymes

Book of Rhymes Author Adam Bradley
ISBN-10 9780465094417
Release 2017-06-27
Pages 288
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If asked to list the greatest innovators of modern American poetry, few of us would think to include Jay-Z or Eminem in their number. And yet hip hop is the source of some of the most exciting developments in verse today. The media uproar in response to its controversial lyrical content has obscured hip hop's revolution of poetic craft and experience: Only in rap music can the beat of a song render poetic meter audible, allowing an MC's wordplay to move a club-full of eager listeners.Examining rap history's most memorable lyricists and their inimitable techniques, literary scholar Adam Bradley argues that we must understand rap as poetry or miss the vanguard of poetry today. Book of Rhymes explores America's least understood poets, unpacking their surprisingly complex craft, and according rap poetry the respect it deserves.

Urban Gardening For Dummies

Urban Gardening For Dummies Author The National Gardening Association
ISBN-10 9781118502440
Release 2013-01-24
Pages 360
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The easy way to succeed at urban gardening A townhouse yard, a balcony, a fire escape, a south-facing window—even a basement apartment can all be suitable locations to grow enough food to save a considerable amount of money and enjoy the freshest, healthiest produce possible. Urban Gardening For Dummies helps you make the most of limited space through the use of proven small-space gardening techniques that allow gardeners to maximize yield while minimizing space. Covers square-foot gardening and vertical and layered gardening Includes guidance on working with container gardening, succession gardening, and companion gardening Offers guidance on pest management, irrigation and rain barrels, and small-space composting If you're interested in starting an urban garden that makes maximum use of minimal space, Urban Gardening For Dummies has you covered.


Decoded Author Jay-Z
ISBN-10 9781588369598
Release 2010-12-07
Pages 336
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Decoded is a book like no other: a collection of lyrics and their meanings that together tell the story of a culture, an art form, a moment in history, and one of the most provocative and successful artists of our time. Praise for Decoded “Compelling . . . provocative, evocative . . . Part autobiography, part lavishly illustrated commentary on the author’s own work, Decoded gives the reader a harrowing portrait of the rough worlds Jay-Z navigated in his youth, while at the same time deconstructing his lyrics.”—Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times “One of a handful of books that just about any hip hop fan should own.”—The New Yorker “Elegantly designed, incisively written . . . an impressive leap by a man who has never been known for small steps.”—Los Angeles Times “A riveting exploration of Jay-Z’s journey . . . So thoroughly engrossing, it reads like a good piece of cultural journalism.”—The Boston Globe “Shawn Carter’s most honest airing of the experiences he drew on to create the mythic figure of Jay-Z . . . The scenes he recounts along the way are fascinating.”—Entertainment Weekly “Hip-hop’s renaissance man drops a classic. . . . Heartfelt, passionate and slick.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Hip Hop Revolution in the Flesh

Hip Hop Revolution in the Flesh Author G. Thomas
ISBN-10 9780230619111
Release 2009-02-16
Pages 231
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An extended study of the writings of Lil' Kim, the multi-platinum selling Hip Hop artist. Examines Lil' Kim's anti-sexist, gender-defiant and ultra-erotic verse alongside issues of race and the politics of imprisonment. This is the first study to apply the tools of literary criticism to Hip Hop's lyrical writings.

The Ways of the Hobo

The Ways of the Hobo Author A-No. 1
ISBN-10 9781891053931
Release 2012-06-07
Pages 131
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Composed at the turn of the century by A No. 1, the famous tramp, The Ways of the Hobo presents a United States where losing oneself in the landscape of America was truly possible. This is a world where identities are re-imagined in seconds and travel is as thrilling as it is dangerous. Follow A No. 1 as he travels amid the foothills of the Alleghenies, Lake Erie, Kansas City, San Diego, Oceanside and all points in between. The Ways of the Hobo is part of a large series authored and self-published by A No. 1. The series is a primer on subculture, counterculture, and anti-authoritarianism -- a must for any train fanatic or anyone intrigued by the lives of hoboes and tramps.

Everything Is Going to Kill Everybody

Everything Is Going to Kill Everybody Author Robert Brockway
ISBN-10 9780307464354
Release 2010-04-06
Pages 288
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Just when you thought you’d accepted your own mortality . . . Everything Is Going to Kill Everybody is bringing panic back. Twenty illustrated, hilariously fear-inducing essays reveal the chilling and very real experiments, dangerous emerging technologies, and terrifying natural disasters that soon could—or very nearly already did—bring about the end of humanity. In short, everything in here will kill you and everyone you love. At any moment. And nobody’s told you about it—until now: • Experiments in green energy like the HiPER, which uses massive lasers to create a tiny “contained” sun; it’s an idea that could save the world if it doesn’t consume us all in a fiery fusion reaction first. • Global disasters like the hypercane—a hurricane so large it could cover all of North America and shoot trailer parks into space! • Terrifying new developments in robotics like the EATR, which powers itself on meat—an invention in the running for “Worst Decision Made by Anybody.” From the Trade Paperback edition.


Momofuku Author David Chang
ISBN-10 9780307885678
Release 2010-10-26
Pages 304
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With 200,000+ copies in print, this New York Times bestseller shares the story and the recipes behind the chef and cuisine that changed the modern-day culinary landscape. Never before has there been a phenomenon like Momofuku. A once-unrecognizable word, it's now synonymous with the award-winning restaurants of the same name in New York City (Momofuku Noodle Bar, Ssäm Bar, Ko, Má Pêche, Fuku, Nishi, and Milk Bar), Toronto, and Sydney. Chef David Chang single-handedly revolutionized cooking in America and beyond with his use of bold Asian flavors and impeccable ingredients, his mastery of the humble ramen noodle, and his thorough devotion to pork. Chang relays with candor the tale of his unwitting rise to superstardom, which, though wracked with mishaps, happened at light speed. And the dishes shared in this book are coveted by all who've dined—or yearned to—at any Momofuku location (yes, the pork buns are here). This is a must-read for anyone who truly enjoys food.

Icons of hip hop

Icons of hip hop Author Mickey Hess
ISBN-10 9780313339028
Release 2007
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Icons of hip hop has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Icons of hip hop also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Icons of hip hop book for free.

Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is Hood

Every Love Story Is Beautiful  But Ours Is Hood Author Jessica N. Watkins
ISBN-10 1543278892
Release 2017-02-21
Pages 388
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From birth, the Savage brothers were taught by their father, Deuce, that life is like a sandwich; any way you flip it, the bread comes first. They were taught to get money, not fall in love, so they left a wreckage of broken hearts on their road to getting money. Yet, now, as mature men, they realize that you're not rich until you have something that money can't buy. And money certainly cannot buy the women that have stolen these brothers' hard and stubborn hearts.Taye "City" Savage and Akira White's love story started in the projects. Ten years ago, they met when Akira was only a young girl and City was a grown man getting his hustle started. City and Akira's bond was strong, and their fate was inevitable, so they thought. However, before their bound could be sealed, life happened. They were torn apart by unimaginable circumstances, and they never saw one another again until a decade later. Yet, by that time, both City and Akira were involved, but they weren't so loyal to Nova and Davion that they could ignore the passion in their hearts that they still harbored for one another.The only thing that ever mattered to Keandre "Money" Savage was the hustle. He had never fallen in love, not even with his girlfriend of five years, Zoe Moore. Money and Zoe had the typical hood love that involved lots of fussing, fighting, and other women. Yet, Zoe was the only one in the relationship that was in love. Money only kept her by his side because she was the last woman standing. Along the way, he had ruined Zoe with every woman that he cheated on her with, and every lie he told. Now, Money is finally ready to shed his immature ways and settle down. Yet, Zoe finds herself in a desperate state of mind when she realizes that she is not the woman that Money has chosen to settle down with.Shamar Savages' only love has been his love for art. When his brothers financed his baby, Savage Ink, his only focus was his tattoo shop. Yet, he soon realizes that despite not even wanting it, he was falling for his friend and frequent dip, Taraji Green. However, Taraji had the same mindset as Shamar. Her only focus was becoming the baddest hair stylist in Chicago; not love. The last thing she wanted was a committed relationship with anyone, not even one of the infamous Savage brothers.Sometimes, the last thing a person wants to do is fall in love, but love sucks them in any way. That is exactly what happens with these Savage brothers and the women that adore them. As life always has it, love ain't that easy to obtain, especially when loving a man that was raised by the streets and whose first love is the hustle. In yet another urban tale by Jessica N. Watkins, death, sex, and chaos leads to unforeseen tragedy and unexpected love.

She was a Friend of Mine 4

She was a Friend of Mine 4 Author Jasheem Wilson
ISBN-10 9781310183706
Release 2016-04-13
Pages 250
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In part four In Part 4 of She Was a Friend of Mine, after surviving the bullet her ex-best friend Vicky put in her head, Shi returns from a near psychotic break with the help of Dr. Richards. An unwanted trip to Jamaica opens Shi’s eyes to a lot of things, one of them being a mysterious and wealthy young man named Josh. Shi is soon seduced into the bed of L.A.’s top drug dealer. Realizing she too deserves happiness Shi dreams of the perfect life with Josh. But something is stopping her; the lies she told in Jamaica. Meanwhile a new Queen starts to rises in the streets. And she’s coming for Shiesty Shi. Can she leave it all behind? Will Shi get the normal life she wants? Has she found true happiness with Josh? Will she tell him about her past before her past finds them? Or will the lies she’s told catch up with her first?


Marvel Author
ISBN-10 1302902334
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 152
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Watch creative worlds collide like never before in the ultimate fusion of hip-hop and the House of Ideas! With an introduction by award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates - a National Book Award winner, a recent MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and the writer of Marvel's BLACK PANTHER - this stunning volume showcases 70 comic-book covers inspired by some of the most iconic albums in music history. Experience page after page of incredible artwork featuring the heroes of the All-New, All-Diff erent Marvel Universe - from A-Force to the X-Men - by an unbelievable roster of talent including Adam Hughes, Brian Stelfreeze, Jim Cheung, Mike Del Mundo, Sanford Greene, Jenny Frison, Phil Noto, Mahmud Asrar, Damion Scott, Tim Bradstreet, Keron Grant, Ed Piskor and more! Their finished covers sit side-by-side with behind-the-scenes sketches, showing the process of rendering some of the most famous images in hip-hop, Marvel style. Straight outta comics - and onto your bookshelf!

Nathan Outlaw s Fish Kitchen

Nathan Outlaw s Fish Kitchen Author Nathan Outlaw
ISBN-10 1849493723
Release 2014
Pages 224
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Here he shares his latest innovations in an exciting collection of over 70 recipes, every one of them photographed by David Loftus. The theme is simplicity: easy-to-prepare recipes based on sustainable species and easy-to-obtain ingredients. The book is divided into chapters by cooking technique: raw, cured, pickled and soused, smoked, steamed, poached, boiled and braised, grilled, barbecued, baked, pan-fried and deep-fried. Nathan begins each with an explanation of the particular technique, revealing the secrets of his simple approach to it, and detailing the varieties he considers best suited to the technique. The recipes that follow are mouthwatering: Whisky-cured salmon with kohlrabi and horseradish yoghurt; Scallops with hazelnut butter and watercress; and Seafood burger with celeriac and apple salad, to name a few. And for those who are buying whole fish - or catching their own - there is a step-by-step illustrated guide to their preparation. Essentially, this is an elegant easy-to-use cookbook for all fish lovers looking for fresh inspiration in the kitchen.

The History of Cartography

The History of Cartography Author John Brian Harley
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106014126897
Release 1987
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The History of Cartography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The History of Cartography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The History of Cartography book for free.

Falling for a Real Nigga

Falling for a Real Nigga Author Kellz Kimberly
ISBN-10 1537484044
Release 2016-09-04
Pages 198
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Zahara and her cousin Kori just graduated high school and the only thing on their minds is making this summer one for the books. Kori is a free spirit and believes in living life to the fullest. Due to a heartbreak she no longer believe's in love. She would rather flirt with different guys and keep her options open. All of that changes when she meets Yazmeir. She ends up falling for him, but not everyone is happy for the new couple. Zahara isn't looking for love, but ends up finding it when she meets Kayson, better known as Danger. Kayson is everything that Zahara never wanted in a dude. However, she can't resist his cocky ways and his thuggish charm. Kayson and Yazmeir are all about their money and their hustle. They stop at nothing to get what they want and that proves to be true when they set their sights on Zahara and Kori. With love in the air, secrets and heartache are soon to follow. The question is are these couples strong enough to weather the storm, or will their new hot & steamy love affairs go up in flames?

He Got Me in My Feelings

He Got Me in My Feelings Author Kellz Kimberly
ISBN-10 1535347740
Release 2016-07-24
Pages 214
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From foster homes to park benches, Karma has always had a tough life. Growing up without a father was nothing new but growing up without a mother turned Karma cold. Money over everything was the mentality of this cold-hearted thug. Love was a foreign language and nonexistent until he runs across the infamous Butta. Royce is newly single after leaving her no good, cheating boyfriend Addison. She makes a promise to herself to take some time to find herself again. Instead of finding herself, she finds a new love that has her head gone. The beautiful songstress falls heart first for Karma without giving it a second thought. Royce and Karma both have things to work on as individuals, but when they come together magic happens, at least for them anyway. It seems like when these two find love the rest of the people in their life find, greed, jealousy and disappointment. Jump into this fairy-tale love story that will leave you teary eyed & surprised as you learn a whole new meaning to being in your feelings.