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Shooting from the Hip

Shooting from the Hip Author Scott Strazzante
ISBN-10 0996058788
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 144
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Award-winning photojournalist Scott Strazzante uses an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app to capture the whimsy and irony, struggle and strength of everyday America. Influenced by the work of Garry Winogrand and Robert Frank, Strazzante's modern twist on classic street photography fuses his shooting from the hip style with the serendipity of life, for a revealing vision of today's world.

Shooting from the Hip

Shooting from the Hip Author Patricia Vettel-Becker
ISBN-10 0816643016
Release 2005
Pages 199
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Visually traces the construction of American masculinity following World War II.

Shooting from the Hip

Shooting from the Hip Author J. Don Cook
ISBN-10 9780806185446
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 144
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In this heartfelt tribute to the spirit and people of Oklahoma, one of the state's most distinguished photojournalists shows that he is equally talented as a photographer and writer. Showcasing black-and-white photographs and fifty short essays, Shooting from the Hip portrays Oklahoma's people, animals, lifestyles, landscapes, and weather in all their diversity. Cowboys, kids, tornados, trucks, rattlesnakes, fiddlers—J. Don Cook has seen them all, and through his poignant essays, he allows us not only to see them but to understand them as he does. After a hardscrabble boyhood, Cook became a photographer at the age of twenty when he took a job with the Ada Evening News in southern Oklahoma. His first assignment was to photograph six abandoned puppies at the city dump—an apt foreshadowing of his career, for he has always been drawn to the poor, the disenfranchised, and the downtrodden. In addition to the brief essays that accompany his photographs, Cook shares some of his own life experiences in a moving introduction and epilogue. His unsparing account of some of the worst moments of his difficult youth and his meditations on how he used these hardships to become an artist can only be called inspirational. "At seven I didn't know any better," he writes, "and believed I had few choices. But I quickly learned to cope—to feint, to dodge, to hide, to read, to run, to survive, to make art—and I did it all, shooting from the hip." J. Don Cook, a resident of Oklahoma City, is an award-winning photojournalist, artist, poet, and business entrepreneur. Nominated three times for a Pulitzer Prize and named News Photographer of the Year seven times by the Oklahoma Press Association, his photographs have appeared in such magazines as National Geographic and Time. James Garner, the acclaimed film and television actor, is best known for his leading roles in the television series Maverick and the The Rockford Files. He is a native of Norman, Oklahoma.

Shooting from the hip

Shooting from the hip Author John Fordham
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105016577376
Release 1996
Pages 352
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Shooting from the hip has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Shooting from the hip also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Shooting from the hip book for free.

Shooting from the Hip

Shooting from the Hip Author Shobha Dé
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034395460
Release 1994
Pages 318
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Shooting from the Hip has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Shooting from the Hip also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Shooting from the Hip book for free.

Quentin Tarantino The Man The Myths and the Movies

Quentin Tarantino   The Man  The Myths and the Movies Author Wensley Clarkson
ISBN-10 9781784184636
Release 2007-04-30
Pages 300
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Quentin Tarantino is the most exciting and fascinating film director of recent years. Since he exploded onto the scene with the release of "Reservoir Dogs", he is one of the few movie makers to combine critical success with box office clout. With more than a hundred interviews with colleagues, close friends and family, author Wensley Clarkson explores the enigmatic cinematic legend in depth.Born in 1963, Tarantino was a film buff from an early age and, determined to join the industry, he studied, wrote scripts and polished his already geekily vast knowledge of all things cinematic by working in a video store. True Romance's screenplay was sold early on, but it was the dazzling "Reservoir Dogs" that was to be his debut and a movie which stunned the world. The hits kept on coming with "Pulp Fiction", "Jackie Brown" and "Kill Bill".The whole of Tarantino's dazzling career, his motor mouth reputation and his latest chiller, Grind House, are revealed in a book which draws on sources close to the director, including Connie, Tarantino's mother. Bold, pioneering and always unpredictable, Quentin Tarantino is the ultimate movie director with a fascinating story. Discover it all with this gripping account of his life and times.

Shooting the Rapids

Shooting the Rapids Author Paul Kropp
ISBN-10 1897039204
Release 2006
Pages 63
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9-12 yrs.

Shooting from the Hip

Shooting from the Hip Author Orlando Luminere
ISBN-10 0994418922
Release 2017-04-29
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An unexpected journey into the history of photography and what makes photographs work, through the lens of Orlando Luminere's iPhone. Photographed exclusively using the Hipstamatic App.


Shoot Author Julie Golob
ISBN-10 9781626366077
Release 2012-01-05
Pages 272
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Whether you’re a firearms enthusiast, an experienced shooter, or someone who has never even held a gun, Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition will help you explore different types of firearms, understand crucial safety rules, and learn fundamental shooting skills. This book provides an introduction to a wide variety of shooting sports through detailed descriptions that relate each type of competition to everyday activities and interests. High-quality photography from actual competitions and step-bystep instructional images augment the clearly written descriptions of both basic and advanced shooting skills. Throughout the book, Julie shares beneficial tips, explains sportspecific lingo, and stresses vital safety concerns. Going beyond just a skill-building manual for those new to firearms and shooting, Shoot addresses competition stress, goal setting, logging, and beneficial practice techniques to help all shooters, from novices to champions, excel and take their skills to the next level.

Shooting the Moon

Shooting the Moon Author Frances O'Roark Dowell
ISBN-10 9781416998600
Release 2009-10-27
Pages 176
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JAMIE THINKS HER FATHER CAN DO ANYTHING.... UNTIL THE ONE TIME HE CAN DO NOTHING. When twelve-year-old Jamie Dexter's brother joins the Army and is sent to Vietnam, Jamie is plum thrilled. She can't wait to get letters from the front lines describing the excitement of real-life combat: the sound of helicopters, the smell of gunpowder, the exhilaration of being right in the thick of it. After all, they've both dreamed of following in the footsteps of their father, the Colonel. But TJ's first letter isn't a letter at all. It's a roll of undeveloped film, the first of many. What Jamie sees when she develops TJ's photographs reveals a whole new side of the war. Slowly the shine begins to fade off of Army life - and the Colonel. How can someone she's worshipped her entire life be just as helpless to save her brother as she is? From the author of the Edgar Award-winning Dovey Coe comes a novel, both timely and timeless, about the sacrifices we make for what we believe and the people we love.

The November Criminals

The November Criminals Author Sam Munson
ISBN-10 9781481462877
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 240
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Addison Schact and his best friend Digger become obsessed with investigating the murder of a classmate as they travel through Washington DC’s underworld in this “thoughtful coming-of-age story and engaging teenage noir” (The New York Times). High school senior Addison Schacht is taking the prompt for his college entry essay to the University of Chicago to heart: What are your best and worst qualities? He begins to look back on his life so far and considers what getting into college, selling some pot to his classmates, his relationship with his best friend—not girlfriend—Digger, Virgil’s Aeneid, and his growing obsession with the murder of a classmate, Kevin Broadus, all mean. The more he digs into his own past, the farther he stumbles into the middle of the murder investigation. Filled with classic adolescent reflection and an intriguing mystery, The November Criminals is “one of the funniest, most heartfelt novels in recent memory—a book every bit as worthy of Mark Twain and J.D. Salinger” (The Chicago Tribune).

Dictators at War and Peace

Dictators at War and Peace Author Jessica L. P. Weeks
ISBN-10 9780801455230
Release 2014-09-04
Pages 264
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Why do some autocratic leaders pursue aggressive or expansionist foreign policies, while others are much more cautious in their use of military force? The first book to focus systematically on the foreign policy of different types of authoritarian regimes, Dictators at War and Peace breaks new ground in our understanding of the international behavior of dictators. Jessica L. P. Weeks explains why certain kinds of regimes are less likely to resort to war than others, why some are more likely to win the wars they start, and why some authoritarian leaders face domestic punishment for foreign policy failures whereas others can weather all but the most serious military defeat. Using novel cross-national data, Weeks looks at various nondemocratic regimes, including those of Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin; the Argentine junta at the time of the Falklands War, the military government in Japan before and during World War II, and the North Vietnamese communist regime. She finds that the differences in the conflict behavior of distinct kinds of autocracies are as great as those between democracies and dictatorships. Indeed, some types of autocracies are no more belligerent or reckless than democracies, casting doubt on the common view that democracies are more selective about war than autocracies.

I Dreamed of Africa

I Dreamed of Africa Author Kuki Gallmann
ISBN-10 9780141966403
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 368
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‘Often, at the hour of day when the savannah grass is streaked with silver, and pale gold rims the silhouettes of the hills, I drive with my dogs up to the Mukutan, to watch the sun setting behind the lake, and the evening shadows settle over the valleys and plains of the Laikipia plateau.’ Kuki Gallmann’s haunting memoir of bringing up a family in Kenya in the 1970s first with her husband Paulo, and then alone, is part elegaic celebration, part tragedy, and part love letter to the magical spirit of Africa.

Baby Photography Now

Baby Photography Now Author David Jonathan Nightingale
ISBN-10 1600592112
Release 2007
Pages 128
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This first book in an exciting new series offers a lively and contemporary re-examination of a classic subject. It’s geared to young photographers who are having fun with their first digital SLR cameras, and want results that look like the stylish photos in hip magazines and ads. Filled with practical photographic advice and attractive, inspiring images, Baby Photography NOW! helps parents master the skills they need to get the most natural-looking shots of their baby. Learn about the essential equipment, lighting techniques, poses that work especially well, and the best ways to capture precious moments during naptime, bathtime, playtime, and special occasions. There are plenty of expert tips on post-production, polishing the image with Photoshop, designing an album, and creating gift mementoes, too!

The Perils of Being Moderately Famous

The Perils of Being Moderately Famous Author Soha Ali Khan
ISBN-10 9789387326477
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 256
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What is it like to be known as Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi's daughter? Or to have a mother as famous as Sharmila Tagore? Or to be recognized as Saif Ali Khan's sister? Or as Kareena Kapoor's sister-in-law? And where do I stand among them? Actor Soha Ali Khan's debut book is at heart a brilliant collection of personal essays where she recounts with self-deprecating humour what it was like growing up in one of the most illustrious families of the country. With never before published photos from her family's archives, The Perils of Being Moderately Famous takes us through some of the most poignant moments of Soha's life-from growing up as a modern-day princess and her days at Balliol College to life as a celebrity in the times of social media culture and finding love in the most unlikely of places-all with refreshing candour and wit.

What Would Beyonc Do

What Would Beyonc   Do  Author Luisa Omielan
ISBN-10 9781473535138
Release 2016-07-14
Pages 368
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You know when you find yourself approaching thirty and your dreams are broken? You've got a temping career going nowhere, a student debt that’s mounting and you've just had to move back into your mum’s house. Then to top it all off, you get absolutely annihilated with heartbreak because of an ex, who is just ‘not ready’ but then manages to be ready, a week later, with someone else. And it is here, at your lowest point, that one of your best friends decides to remind you that you are the same age as Beyoncé. FML. Luisa Omielan is a stand-up comedian who turned her life around after she answered the mantra every person needs in their life: What Would Beyoncé Do?! Hilariously funny, wonderfully uplifting and brutally honest, Luisa's memoir shows us all that there is no situation in which Bey can’t save the day.

Shooting To Live

Shooting To Live Author Capt. W.E. Fairbairn
ISBN-10 1581606788
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 122
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One of the most influential combat shooting books ever published, Shooting to Live is the product of Capt. W.E. Fairbairn's and Capt. E.A. Sykes' practical experience with the handgun from their many close-quarters gunfights while working for the Shanghai Municipal Police in the 1930s. This expanded edition contains a new foreword by British World War II combatives expert Phil Mathews, which sheds new light on the career of E.A. Sykes - the "forgotten hero" of the Fairbairn-Sykes duo - as well as previously unpublished photos. Hundreds of actual incidents provided the basis for this first true instruction manual on life-or-death shootouts with the pistol. In clear, concise terms, the book teaches the concepts, considerations and applications of combat pistolcraft. A foreword by Col. Rex Applegate explains how Fairbairn and Sykes introduced their groundbreaking methods into American military training circles at the height of World War II.