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Show and Tell

Show and Tell Author Jim Daniels
ISBN-10 0299185842
Release 2003-04-22
Pages 192
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"Jim Daniels is a poet of unique commitment and ability. He makes poetry an act of deep caring and recognition."—Robert Creeley

Places everyone

Places everyone Author Jim Daniels
ISBN-10 0299103544
Release 1985
Pages 80
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Jim Daniels, in his first book of poems, draws upon his experiences in living and working in his native Detroit to present a start, realistic picture of urban, blue-collar life. Daniels, his brothers, his father, and his grandfather have all worked in the auto industry, and that background seeps into nearly all these poems. The first of the book’s three sections sketches out this background, then moves into a neighborhood full of people whose lives are so linked to the ups and downs of the auto industry that they have to struggle to find their own lives; in "Still Lives in Detroit, #2," Daniels writes, "There’s a man in this picture. / No one can find him." The second section contains the "Digger" poems, a series on the lives of a Detroit auto worker and his family which tries to capture the effects of the work on life outside the factory. Here, we listen to Digger think, dream, wander on psychological journeys while he moves through his routines, shoveling the snow, mowing the lawn, and so forth. In section three, the poems move into the workplace, whether that be a liquor store, a hamburger joint, or a factory. These poems, sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, concentrate on the efforts of workers to rise above the often depressing work of blue-collar or minimum-wage jobs, to salvage some pride and dignity. The poems in this book try to give a voice to those who are often shut out of poetry. They are important. These lives are important, and the poems, more than anything, say that.

Help Is on the Way

Help Is on the Way Author John Brehm
ISBN-10 9780299286231
Release 2012-03-26
Pages 80
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Help Is On the Way takes readers from the subways of New York City to the savannas of Paleolithic Africa to the transplant ward of Kyoto University Hospital. But whatever their setting, these poems are enlivened by the subtle music, penetrating wit, and remarkable emotional honesty that won high praise for John Brehm’s earlier collection, Sea of Faith, and constitute his singularly engaging voice.

In the Black Window

In the Black Window Author Michael Van Walleghen
ISBN-10 0252071786
Release 2004
Pages 191
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Free verse poems explore both the inner and outer worlds of experience.

Hot Popsicles

Hot Popsicles Author Charles Harper Webb
ISBN-10 0299209946
Release 2005
Pages 70
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A woman falls in love—literally—with a house; Werner Heisenberg confronts his own uncertainty; a rat (the rodent kind) runs for president; Hamlet has trouble with his prostate; Superman battles senility and more in this new poetry collection from the winner of the 1999 Felix Pollak Prize for poetry.

Last Seen

Last Seen Author Jacqueline Jones LaMon
ISBN-10 9780299282936
Release 2011-03-10
Pages 67
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Inspired by actual case histories of long-term missing African American children, this provocative and heartrending collection of poems evokes the experience of what it means to be among the missing in contemporary America. This thought-provoking collection of persona poems looks at absence from the standpoint of the witnesses surrounding the void and offers an intimate depiction of those impossible moments of aftermath lived by those who remain accounted for and present. While enabling us to question our own sense of identity, this unique collection of poems reveals the blurred edges of separation between them and us and the impact that the missing have upon our present and future. Finalist, NAACP Image Awards

Selected Poems

Selected Poems Author Kenneth Patchen
ISBN-10 0811201465
Release 1957-01
Pages 145
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Verses compiled from ten previous volumes condemn the violence, hate, and injustice of the modern world and express trust in the eventual triumph of divine love and the good in human nature

Hot Popsicles

Hot Popsicles Author Charles Harper Webb
ISBN-10 0299209946
Release 2005
Pages 70
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A woman falls in love—literally—with a house; Werner Heisenberg confronts his own uncertainty; a rat (the rodent kind) runs for president; Hamlet has trouble with his prostate; Superman battles senility and more in this new poetry collection from the winner of the 1999 Felix Pollak Prize for poetry.


Reactor Author Judith Vollmer
ISBN-10 0299199444
Release 2004
Pages 71
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Reactor gives voice to beloved and ruined American landscapes through extended meditations of an urban mystical wanderer.

Late Psalm

Late Psalm Author Betsy Sholl
ISBN-10 0299198944
Release 2004-04-22
Pages 98
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Late Psalm takes themes from those ancient songs of joy and grief and transposes them into the language of contemporary life.


Centaur Author Greg Wrenn
ISBN-10 9780299294434
Release 2013-05-17
Pages 77
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Greg Wrenn's debut collection opens with a long poem in which a man undergoes surgery to become a centaur. Other poems speak in voices as varied as those of Robert Mapplethorpe, Hercules, and a Wise Man at the birth of Jesus. Centaur skitters along the blurred lines between compulsivity and following one's heart, stasis and self-realization, human and animal. Here, suffering and transcendence are restlessly conjoined.

You Beast

You  Beast Author Nick Lantz
ISBN-10 0299311740
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 106
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Examines our strange, absurd, and often brutal relationship with other animals, in poems ranging from found text to villanelles and from short plays to fables.

North Point North

North Point North Author John Koethe
ISBN-10 9780061974878
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 272
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North Point North: New and Selected Poems showcases the work of an important contemporary American poet, winner of the prestigious Kingsley-Tufts Award for Poetry. The volume opens with twenty-one new poems, some of which have appeared in The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, the New Republic, the Paris Review, and the Kenyon Review, among other periodicals, and in The Best American Poems 2001, edited by Robert Hass and David Lehman. Following are selections from Koethe's five earlier collections of poems: Blue Vents, Domes, The Late Wisconsin Spring, The Constructor, and Falling Water. Together these poems create a remarkable and powerful new volume, a milestone in this gifted poet's career.


Alive Author Elizabeth Willis
ISBN-10 9781590178652
Release 2015-04-14
Pages 208
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Finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry American poet Elizabeth Willis has written an electrifying body of work spanning more than twenty years. With a wild and inquisitive lyricism, Willis—“one of the most outstanding poets of her generation” (Susan Howe)—draws us into intricate patterns of thought and feeling. The intimate and civic address of these poems is laced with subterranean affinities among painters, botanists, politicians, witches and agitators. Coursing through this work is the clarity and resistance of a world that asks the poem to rise to this, to speak its fury.


Poetry Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015062079986
Release 2004
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Poetry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Poetry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Poetry book for free.

The Woods Are on Fire

The Woods Are on Fire Author Fleda Brown
ISBN-10 9781496200327
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 300
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The Woods Are On Fire is Fleda Brown's deeply human and intensely felt poetic explorations of her life and world. Her account includes her brain-damaged brother, a rickety family cottage, a puzzling and sometimes frightening father, a timid mother, and the adult life that follows with its loves, divorces, and serious illnesses. Visually and emotionally rich, Brown's poems call on Einstein, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Law and Order, Elvis, and Beethoven. They stand before the Venus de Milo as well as the moon, as they measure distances between what we make as art and who we are as humans. In wide-ranging forms--from the sestina to prose poems--they focus on the natural world as well as the Delaware legislature and the inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton. The Woods Are On Fire includes nearly fifty new poems, along with poems selected from seven previous books, showcasing an influential American poet's work over the last few decades.

The Legend of Light

The Legend of Light Author Bob Hicok
ISBN-10 0299149145
Release 1995
Pages 79
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Whether Hicok is considering the reflection of human faces in the Vietnam War Memorial or the elements of a "Modern Prototype" factory, he prompts an icy realization that we may have never seen the world as it truly is. But his resilient voice and consistent perspective is neither blaming nor didactic, and ultimately enlightening. From the shadowed corners into which we dare not look clearly, Hicok makes us witness and hero of The Legend of Light.