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Handbook of Social Behavior and Skills in Children

Handbook of Social Behavior and Skills in Children Author Johnny L. Matson
ISBN-10 9783319645926
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 390
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This handbook addresses a broad range of topics relating to children’s social behaviors and skills. It examines numerous disorders and problems that are directly affected by excesses and deficits of social skills. The book begins by providing an overview of the history and definition of social skills, citing it as a critical aspect of children’s development. Chapters discuss developmental issues, provide theories of social competence, and assemble proven strategies for promoting the growth of social skills and for treating their deficits. The handbook also reviews a variety of methods for assessing various social competencies, including direct and naturalistic observation, skills checklists, self-reports, and functional behavior analysis. In addition, it provides a comprehensive overview of various training methods, including social learning, parent and peer treatments, self-control methods, social skill group programs, and curricula. Topics featured in the Handbook include: Current research and practical strategies for promoting children’s social and emotional competence in schools. Social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder. Intellectual disabilities and their effect on social skills. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and its effect on the development of social skills in children. Evidence-based methods of dealing with social difficulties in conduct disorder. The Handbook of Social Behavior and Skills in Children is a must-have resource for researchers, graduate students, clinicians, and related therapists and professionals in clinical child and school psychology, pediatrics, social work, developmental psychology, behavioral therapy/rehabilitation, child and adolescent psychiatry, and special education.

Social Behavior and Skills in Children

Social Behavior and Skills in Children Author Johnny L. Matson
ISBN-10 1441902341
Release 2009-09-18
Pages 334
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That children are capable of pathology—not only such conditions as ADHD and learning disabilities, but also such "adult" disorders as anxiety and depression—stands as a defining moment in psychology’s recent history. Within this recognition is the understanding that the social skills deficits that accompany these disorders must be targeted for assessment and treatment to ensure optimal functioning in school, with peers, and in later transitions to puberty and adulthood. Social Behavior and Skills in Children cuts across disciplinary lines to clarify the scope of assessment options and interventions for a wide range of disorders. A panel of leading scholars reviews current research, discusses social deficits unique to specific disorders, and identifies evidence-based best practices in one authoritative, approachable reference. This volume: Discusses theoretical models of social skills as they relate to assessment and treatment. Analyzes the etiology of social behavior problems in children and the relation between these problems and psychopathology. Reviews 48 norm-referenced measures of social skills in children. Examines the range of evidence-based social skills interventions. Addresses challenging behaviors, such as aggression and self-injury. Focuses on specific conditions, including developmental disabilities, conduct disorders, ADHD, chronic medical illness, depression, anxiety, and severe psychopathology. Social Behavior and Skills in Children is an essential reference for university libraries as well as a must-have volume for researchers, graduate students, and clinicians in child, and school psychology, special education, and other related fields.

Skills Training for Struggling Kids

Skills Training for Struggling Kids Author Michael L. Bloomquist
ISBN-10 9781609181703
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 275
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Challenging kids don't behave badly on purpose, they are simply struggling with the demands on their psychological development. This clear compassionate guide gives ways to help kids follow rules get along better with family members and peers express their feelings productively and succeed in the classroom.

Video Modelling and Behaviour Analysis

Video Modelling and Behaviour Analysis Author Mickey Keenan
ISBN-10 1846425212
Release 2006-06-15
Pages 208
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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a successful educational method for developing social and communication skills in children with autism. The use of video modelling in ABA programmes has demonstrated great effectiveness in teaching behavioural skills to autistic children, and this book explains how and why. Video modelling is an easy-to-use behaviour modification technique that uses videotaped rather than 'live' scenarios for the child to observe, concentrating the focus of attention for the child with autism and creating a highly effective stimulus for learning. Video Modelling and Behaviour Analysis provides a practical introduction to the technique, its objectives, strategies for use and evidence of its success. Illustrative case examples are supported by detailed diagrams and photographs, with clear, accessible explanations. Video Modelling and Behaviour Analysis will be a welcome addition to the practical literature on autism interventions for parents of autistic children and the professionals working with them.

Play and Social Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Play and Social Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Author Marjorie H. Charlop
ISBN-10 9783319725000
Release 2018-03-06
Pages 166
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This book discusses the deficits in the development and presentation of play behavior and social skills that are considered central characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The book explains why play provides an important context for social interactions and how its absence can further exacerbate social deficits over time. It highlights the critical roles of social skills in development, and the social, cognitive, communication, and motor components of play. Chapters offer conceptually and empirically sound play and social skills interventions for children with ASD. Play activities using diverse materials and including interactions with peers and parents are designed to promote positive, effective social behaviors and encourage continued development. The book provides unique strategies that can be tailored to fit individual children’s strengths and deficits. Topics featured in this book include: Naturalistic Teaching Strategies (NaTS) for developing play and social skills. Teaching play and social skills with video modeling. Peer-mediated intervention (PMI) strategies that promote positive social interactions between children with ASD and their peers. Visual Activity Schedules and Scripts. Parent-implemented play and social skills intervention. Play and Social Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a must-have resource for researchers, clinicians, and graduate students in clinical child and school psychology, behavioral therapy/rehabilitation, social work, public health, and related psychology, education, and behavioral health fields.

Teaching social skills to children and youth

Teaching social skills to children and youth Author Gwendolyn Cartledge
ISBN-10 0205160735
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 396
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In this guide are the tools needed to develop appropriate social skills interventions for young children through adolescents and crossing a broad spectrum of backgrounds and abilities. This work is unique in its emphasis on building ne w adaptive, prosocial behaviors. The editors have combined an overview of the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of social skills instruction with a broad range of practical applications, examples, strategies, and suggestions for intervention. Includes extensive, up to date coverage of early childhood, aggressive, severely disabled, adolescent, and culturally diverse populations. Explains how social skills instruction can be used to prevent problems as well as help children overcome existing ones. Shows how to assess the characteristics of learners and their environment in order to tailor instruction to their needs. Provides a wide range of strategies, examples, and practical suggestions -- including behavioral, cogni tive, and affective approaches. School Psychologists, Special Education Teachers, and Clinical Psychologists. A Longwood Professional Book Also available in casebound: ISBN: 0-205-16073-5 Title Code: H60734. The previous edition ISBN is: 0-205-14299-0.

Socially ADDept

Socially ADDept Author Janet Z. Giler
ISBN-10 0470925949
Release 2010-12-20
Pages 228
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Decodes the often confusing rules of social behavior for all children Socially ADDept helps educators and parents teach the hidden rules of social behavior to children with limited social skills, notably those with special needs like ADHD, learning disabilities, Asperger's and high-functioning autism, Tourette Syndrome, and nonverbal learning disabilities. The author provides all the information parents and professionals need to know to help kids learn social skills in simple, concise explanations. The book is divided into eight sections that educators can use as teaching units or parents can work through one week (or month) at a time. Includes a way for children to see themselves and how their behavior looks to others Deciphers the complex rules of nonverbal language into friendly, bite-sized morsels that kids can understand Offers a field-tested collection of suggestions and strategies for parents and professionals who want to enhance a child's social competence Socially ADDept is presented in a hands-on workbook format, complete with reproducible student worksheets that are also available for free download from the publisher web site.

Social Skills Activities for Special Children

Social Skills Activities for Special Children Author Darlene Mannix
ISBN-10 9781118963463
Release 2014-04-14
Pages 464
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A flexible, ready-to-use program to help special students in grades K-5 learn appropriate ways to behave among others The revised and updated second edition of this bestselling resource book provides ready-to-use lessons--complete with reproducible worksheets--to help children become aware of acceptable social behavior and develop proficiency in acquiring basic social skills. The book is organized around three core areas crucial to social development in the primary grades: Accepting Rules and Authority at School, Relating to Peers, and Developing Positive Social Skills. Each lesson places a specific skill within the context of real-life situations, giving teachers a means to guide students to think about why the social skill is important. The hands-on activity that accompanies each lesson helps students to work through, think about, discuss, and practice the skill in or outside of the classroom.

Basic Social Skills for Youth

Basic Social Skills for Youth Author Boys Town Press
ISBN-10 0938510398
Release 1992
Pages 38
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This guidebook provides a handy reference for youth to the eight most important social skills and their behavioural steps. Each step includes a rationale for why it is important and hints on how it can best be applied. Eight social skills are included: following instructions, disagreeing appropriately, accepting criticism or a consequence, talking with others, showing respect, accepting "no" for an answer, introducing yourself, and showing sensitivity to others. The behavioural steps to each skill are presented, each with a rationale that youth will respond to and helpful hints on how they can accomplish the behaviour.

Improving Social Behaviors in the Classroom

Improving Social Behaviors in the Classroom Author Stephanny Freeman
ISBN-10 0975585983
Release 2011-06
Pages 254
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When it comes to teaching social skills to young learners, instructors are always looking for a defined curriculum that presents the precise skills to address and how to teach them. A group of highly skilled professionals at the UCLA Early Childhood Partial Hospitalization Program has created a curriculum that provides detailed day-by-day lessons to be incorporated into the regular school day. The intent is to provide teachers with a developmentally appropriate sequence of basic social skills by breaking each skill into its component parts. Each skill is introduced and then built upon throughout the weeks. This is a highly structured, sequenced curriculum that enhances specific social goals that are the stepping stones of building appropriate social behaviors. There are four categories: Possessive Understanding/Acknowledgement of Others; Basic Initiation Skills; Turn Taking and Simple Social Play; and Cooperation. There are daily lessons that span 25 weeks, making implementation of the curriculum a breeze. Each week contains a listing of the behavioral objective, how to identify the skill components and a list of lessons and materials for the week. Each skill is targeted to be learned in a week of themed activities that can be taught in short segments and then revisited and generalized in the classroom. There is even a Dear Parents letter to be photocopied and sent home at the beginning of the week so that families can reinforce and generalize the skills being taught that week. The curriculum is designed for preschool or early elementary special education teachers of students with autism spectrum disorders but can also be used with any students who have developmental or emotional difficulties. The curriculum is highly structured to encourage peer interaction within small groups in the classroom setting.

The Autism Social Skills Picture Book

The Autism Social Skills Picture Book Author Jed Baker
ISBN-10 9781885477910
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 197
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Colorful pictures demonstrating nearly thirty social skills, including conversation, play, emotion management, and empathy, help engage and motivate students who need extra help learning appropriate social skills.

Super Skills

Super Skills Author Judith Coucouvanis
ISBN-10 9781931282673
Release 2005
Pages 351
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The title says it all! Super Skills: A Social Skills Group Program for Children with Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism and Related Challenges is SUPER at many levels. Based on a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of individuals with ASD, Judy Coucouvanis presents 30 lessons grouped under four types of skills necessary for social success: fundamental skills, social initiation skills, getting along with others, and social response skills. Each lesson is highly structured and organized, making it easy for even inexperienced teachers and other group leaders to follow and implement successfully. A series of practical checklists and other instruments provide a solid foundation for assessing students? social skills levels and subsequent planning.

Children s Social Behavior

Children s Social Behavior Author Phillip S. Strain
ISBN-10 9781483264455
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 473
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Children's Social Behavior: Development, Assessment, and Modification presents the principal aspects of social developmental study of children; assessment methodology and techniques; and changes in the behavioral targets of intervention and in the nature of interventions. The articles in the book deal with various subjects related to the study of children's social behavior. Topics discussed include the interdependence and interplay between biological and social forces on the child's developing social repertoire; causative factors that influence peer interaction deficits; sociometric procedures and direct observation assessment methods; and issues associated with target behavior selection and the selection of intervention tactics. Psychologists, educators, ethologists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, and sociologists will find the book invaluable.

Social Skills Assessment and Training with Children

Social Skills Assessment and Training with Children Author Larry Michelson
ISBN-10 9781489903488
Release 2013-11-21
Pages 268
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The purpose of this book is to provide readers with sufficient knowledge regard ing social skills assessment and training with children so that they can imple ment and evaluate social skills programs on their own. Increased interest in promoting children's social skills has stemmed in part from advances in research that have shown the importance of childhood social competency for adjustment in both childhood and adulthood. There is a growing need for assessment and training methods that can be utilized by diverse groups of professionals and paraprofessionals. This book is intended for mental health workers, teachers, educators, clinicians, and child-care personnel. The book thoroughly reviews the literature to acquaint readers with relevant findings on social skills and to pro vide discussion regarding contemporary issues and assessment techniques. Sub sequently, comprehensive procedures in the training of children's social skills are presented. Readers are also provided with 16 detailed training modules, each of which comprises a rationale, instructions, Scripts, and homework assign ments. These modules are designed to permit effective implementation of social skills training programs. Moreover, they provide a structured and program matically designed format that builds in clinical flexibility for their use with individual children or groups of children. These modules are followed by a clinical-issues section designed to address potential obstacles to effective training. Following these major sections, two appendixes have been included in the book. The first appendix is a step-by-step description of how to conduct an assessment.

Social Skills and Adaptive Behavior in Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social Skills and Adaptive Behavior in Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Peter F. Gerhardt
ISBN-10 1598570609
Release 2012-09-14
Pages 308
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Coordinated by the highly respected Organization for Autism Research, this accessible text from 20+ top experts lays out current research and best-practice recommendations for promoting social skills and adaptive behavior in students with autism.

Social Skills Training for Children and Youth

Social Skills Training for Children and Youth Author Craig Lecroy
ISBN-10 9781135848545
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 160
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One of the most complete sources of information on the development of social skills training with youth, this useful volume integrates current research and practice. Practitioners interested in establishing or revising current social service delivery programs for children and adolescents will discover valuable conceptual and programmatic ideas.

Building Social Relationships

Building Social Relationships Author Scott Bellini
ISBN-10 1934575054
Release 2007-09-01
Pages 330
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Building Social Relationships addresses the need for social skills programming for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and other social difficulties by providing a comprehensive model that incorporates the following five steps: assess social functioning, distinguish between skill acquisition and performance deficits, select intervention strategies, implement intervention, and evaluate and monitor progress. The model describes how to organize and make sense of the myriad social skills strategies and resources available to parents and professionals. It is not meant to replace other resources or strategies, but to synthesize them into one comprehensive program.