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Social Problems

Social Problems Author Joel Best
ISBN-10 0393283410
Release 2016-09-15
Pages 350
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A complete set of tools for analyzing any social problem.

Social Problems Mysoclab Standalone Access Card

Social Problems Mysoclab Standalone Access Card Author John J. Macionis
ISBN-10 0205882552
Release 2012-12-12
Pages 552
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How Can We Solve Our Social Problems

How Can We Solve Our Social Problems Author James A. Crone
ISBN-10 9781412993586
Release 2010-05-13
Pages 304
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Updated with recent issues such as the national debate on health care reform, this Second Edition of How Can We Solve Our Social Problems? gives students a sense of hope by demonstrating specific, realistic steps we can take to solve some of the most pervasive social problems in America today. Author James Crone maintains a sense of sociological objectivity throughout and helps students realize that we can take steps to solve such key social problems as poverty, racial and ethnic inequality, unequal education, and environmental issues. The book's first two chapters define "social problem,," provide a theoretical background, discuss the daunting barriers we face in attempting to solve social problems, and demonstrate how sociology can help.

Social Issues in Sport 3rd Edition

Social Issues in Sport 3rd Edition Author Woods, Ron
ISBN-10 9781450495202
Release 2015-09-24
Pages 536
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Social Issues in Sport, Third Edition, explores common questions and issues about sport and its relation to society through various sociological and cultural lenses. The text is grounded in practical application and provides social theories through which students may examine real-world issues.

Social Problems

Social Problems Author Lorne Tepperman
ISBN-10 0195432398
Release 2011
Pages 512
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Current and Canadian, this new third edition explores the dynamics and consequences of social problems - such as poverty, unemployment, crime, drug abuse, health, war, and terrorism - that impact Canada and the rest of the world. Each problem is examined through a variety of theoreticalparadigms before its impact both on individuals and society as a whole is explored. Building on the success of the two previous editions, the third edition expands its discussions on technology and Aboriginal issues and features two new chapters on education and the environment. Compelling andcomprehensive, Social Problems: A Canadian Perspective is essential reading for students wishing to understand crucial issues impacting society.

Economics of Social Problems

Economics of Social Problems Author Julian Le Grand
ISBN-10 9781349156320
Release 2016-01-13
Pages 245
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Economics of Social Problems has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Economics of Social Problems also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Economics of Social Problems book for free.

Understanding Social Problems

Understanding Social Problems Author Linda A. Mooney
ISBN-10 9781305856578
Release 2016-01-19
Pages 608
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This thoroughly revised edition of Mooney, Knox, and Schacht's text uses a theoretically balanced, student-centered approach to provide a comprehensive exploration of social problems. UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL PROBLEMS, Tenth Edition, progresses from a micro to macro level of analysis, focusing first on problems related to health care, drugs and alcohols, families, and crime, and then broadening to the larger issues of poverty and inequality, population growth, aging, environmental problems, and conflict around the world. The social problem in each chapter is framed in a global as well as a U.S. context. In addition, the three major theoretical perspectives are applied to the problem under discussion, and its consequences -- as well as alternative solutions -- are explored. Pedagogical features such as The Human Side and Self and Society enable students to grasp how social problems affect the lives of individuals and apply their understanding of social problems to their own lives. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Social Lens

The Social Lens Author Kenneth Allan
ISBN-10 9781483315836
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 632
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This fully updated Third Edition of Kenneth Allan’s acclaimed The Social Lens emphasizes the diversity of classical and contemporary theory, critical thinking, and the importance of historical context. Chosen for the diversity of their perspectives and their suitability for introducing students to contemporary social thought, a wide variety of theorists appear in the text with their individual voices vividly intact. The author engages students in the historic and contemporary changes that have spawned diverse social theories and invites them to see theory as an element within a broader range of critical thinking skills that can be applied to current social problems.

Social Problems

Social Problems Author John J. Macionis
ISBN-10 0558468926
Release 2008
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Social Problems has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Social Problems also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Social Problems book for free.

Social Problems

Social Problems Author Robert Heiner
ISBN-10 0195380231
Release 2010
Pages 246
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Now in a new edition, Social Problems: An Introduction to Critical Constructionism synthesizes conflict theory and social constructionism to help students think critically about social problem construction. A concise, student-friendly alternative to all-encompassing standard textbooks, this book examines a single theoretical paradigm in depth, demonstrating how theory can be used to understand a breadth of real world structures. Adopting a critical constructionist perspective, RobertHeiner focuses on the four problems most often encountered in social problems courses: inequality, family, crime and deviance, and overpopulation and the environment. Heiner's critical approach helps students conceive of societal problems not merely as things that are "out there," but as socially constructed phenomena whose importance varies according to media attention and the agendas of particular interest groups. Furthermore, his critical point of view leads students to reevaluate their ownpreconceived notions and beliefs, in turn generating lively classroom discussions. Revised and updated in this third edition, Social Problems: An Introduction to Critical Constructionism now includes a glossary of key terms and reinforcing end-of-chapter questions, as well as new discussions of such issues as immigration. Additional graphics help visually illustrate key concepts and ideas. Providing students with a solid theoretical background, Social Problems: An Introduction to Critical Constructionism, Third Edition, is ideal for social problems courses. Given its readability and consistent application of theory, this book could also be used in introductory sociology courses and social theory courses.

Investigating Social Problems

Investigating Social Problems Author A. Javier Trevino
ISBN-10 9781483322285
Release 2014-07-24
Pages 576
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“Given the complexity of the issues, the study of social problems requires, indeed demands, specialized focus by experts.” -A. Javier Treviño Welcome to a new way of Investigating Social Problems. In this groundbreaking new text, general editor A. Javier Treviño, working with a panel of experts, thoroughly examines all aspects of social problems, providing a contemporary and authoritative introduction to the field. Each chapter is written by a specialist on that particular topic. This unique, contributed format ensures that the research and examples provided are the most current and relevant in the field. The chapters carefully follow a model framework to ensure consistency across the entire text and provide continuity for the reader. The text is framed around three major themes: intersectionality (the interplay of race, ethnicity, class, and gender), the global scope of many problems, and how researchers take an evidence-based approach to studying problems.

Sport Culture and Society

Sport  Culture and Society Author Grant Jarvie
ISBN-10 9781134020546
Release 2013-06-19
Pages 520
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It is impossible to fully understand contemporary society and culture without acknowledging the place of sport. Sport is part of our social and cultural fabric, possessing a social and commercial power that makes it a potent force in the world, for good and for bad. Sport has helped to start wars and promote international reconciliation, while every government around the world commits public resources to sport because of its perceived benefits. From the bleachers to the boardroom, sport matters. Now available in a fully revised and updated new edition, this exciting, comprehensive and accessible textbook introduces the study of sport, culture and society. International in scope, the book explores the key social theories that shape our understanding of sport as a social phenomenon and critically examines many of the assumptions that underpin that understanding. Placing sport at the very heart of the analysis, and including vibrant sporting examples throughout, the book introduces the student to every core topic and emerging area in the study of sport and society, including: the history and politics of sport sport and globalization sport and the media sport, violence and crime sport, the body and health sport and the environment alternative sports and lifestyles sporting mega-events sport and development. Each chapter includes a wealth of useful features to assist the student, including chapter summaries, highlighted definitions of key terms, practical projects, revision questions, boxed case-studies and biographies, and guides to further reading, with additional teaching and learning resources available on a companion website. Sport, Culture and Society is the most broad-ranging and thoughtful introduction to the socio-cultural analysis of sport currently available and sets a new agenda for the discipline. It is essential reading for all students with an interest in sport. Visit the companion website at

Social policy

Social policy Author Paul Spicker
ISBN-10 9781447316121
Release 2014-03-20
Pages 512
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Social Policy: Theory and practice is a fully revised, updated and extended edition of a bestselling social policy textbook, extensively reworked and adapted to meet the needs of its international readership. The book lays out the architecture of social policy as a field of study, binding the discussion of theory to the understanding of social policy in practice. It aims to provide students and practitioners with a sense of the scope, range and purpose of the subject while developing critical awareness of problems, issues and common fallacies. Written in an accessible and engaging style, it explains what social policy is and why it matters; looks at social policy in its social context; considers policy, the role of the state and the social services; explores issues in social administration and service delivery; and focuses on the methods and approaches of the subject. For practitioners, there are discussions of the techniques and approaches used to apply social policy in practice. For students, there are boxes raising issues and reviewing case studies, questions for discussion and a detailed glossary. The book’s distinctive, path–breaking approach makes it invaluable for students studying social policy at a range levels, professionals and practitioners in the field of social policy.

Social Problems

Social Problems Author Charles Zastrow
ISBN-10 0534523927
Release 2000
Pages 510
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Preface. 1. THE SOCIOLOGY OF SOCIAL PROBLEMS. The Sociological Approach. Social Movements and Social Problems. Consequences of Actions Taken on Social Problems. Perspectives on Social Problems and Social Programs. Sociological Perspectives on Social Problems. Research on Social Problems. PART ONE: DEVIANCE AND SOCIAL VARIATIONS. 2. CRIME AND DELINQUENCY. The Nature and Extent of Crime. Crime Causation Theories. Types of Crimes. The Criminal Justice System. How to Reduce Crime and Delinquency. 3. EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS. The Nature and Extent of Emotional and Behavioral Problems. Mental Health Issues. Social Structure and Mental Illness. Treatment. 4. DRUG ABUSE. Drugs and Society. Facts about and Effects of Commonly Used Drugs. Rehabilitation Programs. Suggestions for Curbing Drug Abuse in the Future. 5. VARIATIONS IN HUMAN SEXUALITY. Sex in History and in other Cultures. Sex Variances Rather Than Sex Problems. Tolerated Sex Variance. Asocial Sex Variance. Structural Sex Variance. Personal Sexual Concerns. PART TWO: INEQUALITY PROBLEMS. 6. RACISM AND ETHNOCENTRISM. Ethnic Groups and Ethnocentrism. Prejudice, Discrimination, and Oppression. Background of Racial Groups. Strategies for Advancing Social and Economic Justice. The Future of American Race and Ethnic Relations. 7. SEXISM. The History of Sexism. Sexual Harassment. Sex Roles and Sexism: Biology or Socialization? Consequences of Sexism. Recent Developments and the Future. 8. AGEISM. An Overview. Problems Faced by the Elderly. Current Services. The Future. 9. POVERTY. Poverty in the United States. Programs to Combat Poverty. PART THREE: TROUBLED INSTITUTIONS. 10. FAMILY. The American Family: Past and Present. Problems in the Family. Social Change and the Future of the American Family. 11. HEALTH CARE. Physical Illnesses and the Health Care System. Problems in Health Care. AIDS. Proposed Programs to Combat Health Care. 12. EDUCATION. Problem Areas in Education. Improving Education. Toward Equal Educational Opportunity. 13. BIG BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, AND WORK. Big Business. Technology. Work. Problems with Work. Regulating Big Business and Technological Development. Current and Proposed "Solutions" to Work Problems. PART FOUR: PROBLEMS OF A CHANGING WORLD. 14. VIOLENCE, TERRORISM, AND WAR. Types of Violence. Causes of Violence. Approaches to Reducing Violence. 15. URBAN PROBLEMS. History of Cities. Urban and Rural Areas Defined. An Urbanizing World. Theories on the Effects of Urbanism. Problems Confronting Central Cities. Strategies to Improve Urban Areas. 16. POPULATION. Rapid Population Growth and Overpopulation. 17. ENVIRONMENT. Environmental Problems. General Pollutants. Confronting Environmental Problems. EPILOGUE. GLOSSARY. NOTES. PHOTO CREDITS. NAME INDEX. SUBJECT INDEX.

Poverty and Power

Poverty and Power Author Edward Royce
ISBN-10 9781442238091
Release 2015-01-21
Pages 392
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Poverty and Power asserts that American poverty is a structural problem resulting from failings in our social system, rather than individual failings of the poor. The second edition has been revised throughout with new statistical information, analysis of the recent recession, the Obama presidency, increasing political polarization, and more.

Social Problems

Social Problems Author Anna Leon-Guerrero
ISBN-10 9781412988056
Release 2010-09-16
Pages 524
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With an engaging writing style that has made it a popular choice at both 2- and 4-year schools, the Third Edition of Anna Leon-Guerrero’s Social Problems textbook clearly presents contemporary social problems and addresses their consequences while emphasizing community involvement by both individuals and groups to achieve real solutions. With an overarching focus on social inequalities, this proven text provides a platform for discussion that encourages critical thinking through compelling illustrations, boxed features, learning checks, discussion questions, and online learning tools, all designed to inspire hope rather than simply present a disheartening parade of maladies.

Solutions to Social Problems

Solutions to Social Problems Author D. Stanley Eitzen
ISBN-10 0205698344
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 217
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This reader examines how other advanced industrial societies have dealt with social problems with relative success and looks how these strategies may be applicable to the United States. For each social problem considered, several articles have been selected. These articles either describe the situation in a single country or in multiple countries, or expressly contrast the situation of a country or countries with the United States.