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Social Skills Deficits in Students with Disabilities

Social Skills Deficits in Students with Disabilities Author Helen Nicole Frye Myers
ISBN-10 9781475801125
Release 2013
Pages 148
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Social Skills Deficits in Students with Disabilities has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Social Skills Deficits in Students with Disabilities also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Social Skills Deficits in Students with Disabilities book for free.

Systematic Instruction of Functional Skills for Students and Adults with Disabilities

Systematic Instruction of Functional Skills for Students and Adults with Disabilities Author Keith Storey
ISBN-10 9780398091576
Release 2017-02-27
Pages 272
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This book provides an overview of systematic instructional strategies and is written in a format so that teachers and other service providers can immediately put the information to use. It specifically focuses upon systematic instruction for individuals with disabilities (school age and adults) and is generic across age groups as well as disability labels. The book focuses on improving instructional practices for students and adults with disabilities. Practitioners may understand the importance of placing individuals in different settings (e.g., inclusive classrooms, supported employment sites) but not understand how to improve their skills once they are in that setting. This book is intended to give teachers and other service providers the instructional skills for improving the skills of the individuals that they are serving. The most unique feature of the text is that it is written specifically for practitioners in the field (teachers and adult service providers) as well as those in training rather than being written for other academics. An advantage of this book is that those preparing teachers and others can easily use it in methods courses as it covers instructional methodology that is seldom covered in detail in most texts. College instructors will find the book a good choice for their classes based upon: the consistent format throughout the book; the “readability” of the book for students; the comprehensive coverage of systematic instruction; and the direct applicability to applied settings. Others providing instruction, supervision, and training to direct service providers will find this book useful, such as those working in schools as well as those in transition and adult service settings.

Learning About Learning Disabilities

Learning About Learning Disabilities Author Bernice Wong
ISBN-10 9780123884145
Release 2012-11-27
Pages 464
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Learning about Learning Disabilities, 4e continues to provide equal attention to the intellectual, conceptual, and practical aspects of learning disabilities. The Fourth Edition of this popular title presents 80% new material, keeping the chapters up to date in this fast-moving field. With new contributors, and 11 new chapters, coverage is both comprehensive and thorough, encompassing the classification and identification of learning disabilities, learning disabilities in reading, writing, math, and social studies, interventions, and the issues germane to different age ranges of the learning disabled: children, adolescents, and adults. Readers will find Learning About Learning Disabilities, Fourth Edition suitable for use as a reference source for researchers or as a graduate level text. Reviews of previous editions: "This text provides a balanced focus on both the conceptual and practical aspects of learning disabilities. Its research coverage is more comprehensive and of greater depth than any other LD textbook, and it is distinctive in its treatment of such important areas as consultation skills and service delivery." -CHILD ASSESSMENT NEWS "... provides a broad overview of some important issues in relation to the education and development of pupils with learning disabilities... Wong has succeeded in providing detailed descriptions and comments within a book which covers a broad range of topics. Without exception the chapters are clearly written and accessible, and many provide the reader with challenging ideas and practical suggestions." -BRITISH JOURNAL OF SPECIAL EDUCATION Learning Disabilities occur in 20% of the population. Three million children in the US have a learning disability and receive special education in school. 30% of children with learning disabilities drop out of high school, and 48% of those with learning disabilities are out of the workforce or unemployed. Discusses different types of learning disabilities including problems with attention, memory, language, math, reading, and writing Encompasses the impact of LD on learning as well as social competence and self-regulation Provides research summaries on most effective ways to teach children with LD Encompasses a lifespan perspective on LD, discussing the impact on children, adolescents, and adults

Working With Students With Disabilities

Working With Students With Disabilities Author Vicki A. McGinley
ISBN-10 9781483359724
Release 2015-09-14
Pages 408
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Working with Students with Disabilities: Preparing School Counselors by Vicki A. McGinley and Barbara C. Trolley is an essential tool for all school counselors in training and in practice with the aim to provide a comprehensive approach to working with students with disabilities in a school setting. As more students with disabilities are being included, school counselors need to have a fundamental understanding of the terminology, laws, principles, collaboration, assessment measures, and psycho-social, diversity issues associated with special education. This book continues in the trend of providing sound, evidenced-based knowledge with practical case examples and guided exercises, making the material 'come alive' and fostering critical thinking. “Finally, a book FOR school counselors that specifically addresses the needs of students with disabilities and how we can interface with the team in supporting these students.” –Nona Cabral, California Baptist University “McGinley and Trolley have brought together in one exceptional volume the vast material that modern school counselors often leave the classroom searching for – how to understand the complexities of the system in regards to students with special needs, how to best collaborate with professionals and families in meeting those needs, and how to best structure interventions and programs to move those students forward across social, emotional, and academic realms.” –Carrie Lynn Bailey, Georgia Southern University “McGinley and Trolley have crafted a text that illuminates the multifaceted responsibilities of school counselors relevant to special education. Faculty, graduate students and practicing counselors alike will find the problem-based learning approach a helpful guide for integrating the content covered in this text into their professional practice.” –Kylie P. Dotson-Blake, East Carolina University “Special education students are frequently the most marginalized group on school campuses. Working with Students with Disabilities: Preparing School Counselors points to ways school counselors can open pathways for creating a learning community that supports all students.” –Rolla E. Lewis, California State University, East Bay

Therapist s Guide to Learning and Attention Disorders

Therapist s Guide to Learning and Attention Disorders Author Aubrey H. Fine
ISBN-10 9780080519159
Release 2003-10-07
Pages 579
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Practitioners seeking the most current advances in the field of ADHD and LD must often bridge the gap between research and practice. The Therapist's Guide to Learning and Attention Disorders provides that bridge through the authors, who are both researchers and practitioners with extensive experience in providing direct services to children and adults with ADHD and LD. Practitioners are often faced with the choice of reading research or consulting text that suggest strategies or techniques for serving children and adults with ADHD that are not base on research. This book provides practitioners a translation of research to practice in one source. This book provides practical forms, illustrations, and rating scales that can be readily incorporated into practice. The last chapter takes a fascinating look into the role of various practitioners twenty years into the future. Contains innovative strategies for assessment of ADHD and LD Provides practical and useful illustrations, forms, and rating scales for use in practice Provides discussions of future practice and developments in the field of ADHD and LD Presents case studies illustrating best practices

Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with Learning Disabilities Author Cecil D. Mercer
ISBN-10 0132228424
Release 2009
Pages 546
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The seventh edition of this popular text about learning disabilities offers comprehensive coverage and a balanced approach of all of the varying theories and practices in the field--educational, medical, and psychological--incorporating assessment, definition, characteristics, and strategies-all to help readers develop their own personal perspective. It presents equal treatment to information about the characteristics, definitions, causes, and controversies of learning disabilities, with each researched-based topic clearly designed to support both diagnosis and intervention. Throughout the text, "best practices" have been identified through thorough research and practical examples. Revised to include the latest research and recent developments, the seventh edition reflects the latest trends in the field of learning disabilities. Current and classic, "Students with Learning Disabilities," Seventh Edition will stimulate and interest its readers about the nature and needs of individuals with learning disabilities. New to the seventh edition: Reflects the recent changes and trends in learning disabilities including current issues in this dynamic and expanding field. Now features current information on the "2004 Reauthorization of IDEA "and the "2006 Code of Federal Regulations." A new chapter on ADHD and other related cognitive disabilities-including information about intellectual disabilities and autism. Special pedagogical and boxed features have been added throughout the text- "Focus on the Law, Personal Perspectives, and Learning Tips." A strong focus on "how to teach "and" manage" students with learning disabilities. Revised, updated, and increased coverage of: cultural diversity, Responsiveness to Intervention techniques for identifying students with LD, effective practices to prevent and remediate reading difficulties, and includes more effective assessment strategies and teaching practices in the academic areas based on the most current research.

It s So Much Work to Be Your Friend

It s So Much Work to Be Your Friend Author Richard Lavoie
ISBN-10 9780743254656
Release 2006-10-03
Pages 394
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A guide for parents, teachers, and caregivers of learning disabled children explains how to instill social skills in disabled children, covering such topics as self-esteem, depression, and body language.

Teaching Word Analysis Skills

Teaching Word Analysis Skills Author Ashley Bishop
ISBN-10 9781425893651
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 0
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This professional resource provides strategies for developing a personalized understanding of how the word analysis process works. Topics to help learners become proficient readers include phonics, structural analysis, alphabet knowledge, sight words, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, context clues, fluency, and special instructional needs of English language learners. Also provided is a unique and important focus on rich children's literature as a key component of word analysis instruction. 168pp.

Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Autism and Developmental Disabilities Author Anthony F. Rotatori
ISBN-10 9781848553569
Release 2008
Pages 285
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This book provides regular and special educators, mental health professionals, clinicians and parents with information on best practices and research based findings related to: identification, characteristics, diagnosis; special, general, early and postsecondary education; and quality of life concerns.

Viewpoints on Interventions for Learners with Disabilities

Viewpoints on Interventions for Learners with Disabilities Author Festus E. Obiakor
ISBN-10 9781787430891
Release 2018-05-18
Pages 256
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This volume focuses on divergent perspectives and innovative interventions known to maximize the fullest potential of people with exceptionalities. Emphasizing that intervention strategy objectives must always be to meet individual learners unique needs, contributions reflect where we are and where we are going in the field of special education.

Teaching Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Teaching Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities Author Diane M. Browder
ISBN-10 9781606239919
Release 2011-03-22
Pages 429
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This essential text and practitioner guide is unique in its emphasis on fostering academic learning as well as life skills. In-depth chapters cover reading, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as health care needs, communication and social skills, daily living, and job skills. The expert authors present research-based best practices for assessing each student's needs and crafting individualized education plans that build a strong foundation for life in the community. User-friendly features include engaging vignettes, sample lesson plans, and reproducible checklists and forms. The text is a contemporary follow-up to Diane M. Browder's widely adopted Curriculum and Assessment for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities.

Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders

Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders Author Janet W. Lerner
ISBN-10 UOM:49015003057529
Release 2006
Pages 624
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Designed to help pre-service teachers and practicing professionals evaluate and aid students with disabilities, this comprehensive text is guided by three main principles: to aid in the assessment and evaluation of students with learning disabilities, to demonstrate Learning Disabled (LD) theory and its practical applications through the use of case studies, and to provide the most up-to-date information on recent developments and topics of debate in the field. The Tenth Edition continues to stress familiarity with state and national standards, specifically those from the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). The issues surrounding diversity, namely assessment and evaluation of students from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and inclusion are discussed at length. New! Web Site Icons are located in the text margins next to URLs for quick reference. Icons are also used to indicate when additional content on the given topic can be found on the text Web site. New! "LD in Practice: Strategies for the General Education Classroom" features have been added throughout the text to provide additional information for the general education teacher. New! A reference guide appears at the end of the text as a directive to relevant resource materials including case studies, student assessment tests, Web Sites, video and print materials, and professional organizations. New! The chapter on Attention Deficit Disorder has been expanded to include additional information on neuro-developmental problems. A reduced text length is more suitable for semester-length courses—the first two chapters have been combined to provide a broader view of the history of learning disabilities. More coverage of standards, particularly CEC Standards in regard to schools, teachers, and students is evident throughout the text. A reference chart indicating where specific CEC Standards are addressed is featured in the inside cover. Coverage of diversity has been increased and is highlighted by new callouts in the text.

The Prepare Curriculum

The Prepare Curriculum Author Arnold P. Goldstein
ISBN-10 087822419X
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 899
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This well-researched manual has been significantly revised and expanded to include new and updated materials, procedures, and 93 supplementary exercises. The book is designed for use with middle school and high school students and can also be adapted for use with younger students. Prepare presents a series of 10 course-length interventions grouped into three areas: reducing aggression, reducing stress, and reducing prejudice. The 93 supplementary exercises involve games, role plays, reading and writing, drawing, brainstorming, group discussion, relaxation, tape recordings, photography, and other hands-on activities. The Prepare Curriculum examines important issues such as behavior management, assessment, motivation, and transfer and maintenance of skills.

The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook

The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook Author Joan M. Harwell
ISBN-10 9781118937686
Release 2014-03-20
Pages 416
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The third edition of this classic resource is a comprehensive source of information, strategies, and activities for working with learning disabled students. The book offers special educators, classroom teachers, and parents a wealth of new and proven suggestions and ready-to-use materials for helping LD students of all ages learn and perform at their fullest potential.

Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities

Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities Author Roger Pierangelo
ISBN-10 9781452293134
Release 2008-05-29
Pages 192
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The authors include a complete glossary of terms, plus guidelines for academic instruction, behavioral interventions, classroom accommodations, placement options, assessments, and transition services for students with LD.

ADD ADHD Alternatives in the Classroom

ADD ADHD Alternatives in the Classroom Author Thomas Armstrong
ISBN-10 9780871203595
Release 1999
Pages 126
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Offers different approaches for teaching ADD/ADHD children, including incorporating imaginative journeys, bodily-kinesthetic cues, posters, drama, and dances into the curriculum.

Issues in Educating Students With Disabilities

Issues in Educating Students With Disabilities Author John Wills Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781317954385
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 432
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The contributors to this volume represent the most prominent researchers and thinkers on issues in educating students with and without disabilities. The book captures the most current thinking, research, and analysis on the full range of issues in educating students with learning disabilities, from its definition to the most recent case law and interpretations of federal law on educating these students in the general education classroom. The contributors' words speak sufficiently, mellifluously, and exactingly about their contributions to the education of all students, in particular those with disabilities. This book of essays was written to pay tribute to Barbara D. Bateman, who -- along with Sam Kirk -- coined the term "learning disabilities." Its content reflects the significance of her contributions to the field of special education.