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Sociological Methodology 1979

Sociological Methodology 1979 Author Karl F. Schuessler
ISBN-10 0875893872
Release 1978
Pages 388
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Sociological Methodology 1979 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sociological Methodology 1979 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sociological Methodology 1979 book for free.

A Conceptual Introduction To Modeling

A Conceptual Introduction To Modeling Author David W. Britt
ISBN-10 9781317779414
Release 2014-03-05
Pages 232
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When seeking to test specific hypotheses in large data sets, social and behavioral scientists often construct models. Although useful in such situations, many phenomena of interest do not occur in large samples and do not lend themselves to precise measurement. In addition, a focus on hypothesis testing can constrict the potential use of models as organizing devices for emerging patterns -- summaries of what we believe we know about the dynamics of situation. This book bridges the gap between "quantitative" and "qualitative" modelers to reconcile the need to impose rigor and to understand the influence of context. Although there are many different uses for models, there is also the realistic possibility of doing credible research without their use. A critical reexamination of the assumptions used in quantitatively-oriented models, however, suggests ways to increase their effectiveness as organizers of both quantitative and qualitative data. Students of methods in psychology, sociology, education, management, social work, and public health -- and their instructors -- are increasingly expected to become familiar with both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Unfortunately, they find few vehicles for communication regarding the implications of overlapping work between the two approaches. Using models as organizing devices for a better dialogue between assumptions and data might facilitate this communication process.

Sociological Methodology

Sociological Methodology Author Yu Xie
ISBN-10 9781444332933
Release 2009-10-27
Pages 300
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The 2009 volume of Sociological Methodology continues a 41-year tradition of providing cutting-edge methodology for sociological research. Under the editorship of Yu Xie, three features are prominent in this volume: · Appropriate and practical methodological tools for substantive research. · Interdisciplinary dialogues on methodological issues between sociologists and non-sociologists. · Dedication to publishing purely methodological work in sociology.

Social Integration of an Elderly Native American Population

Social Integration of an Elderly Native American Population Author Randy A. John
ISBN-10 9781365856358
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 126
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The building of the Kinzua Dam abrogated one of the oldest Indian Treaty with the United States, the 1794 Pickering Treaty. The dam flooded 10,000 acres of Seneca land and damaged the way of life of the Senecas and their elders. The stories of their loss are distressing. The Senecas survived this traumatic event but not without significant cultural change and loss. This is the story of the dislocated Seneca Elders of the Allegany Territory.

Residential Relocations and their Consequences

Residential Relocations and their Consequences Author Philipp M. Lersch
ISBN-10 9783658042578
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 290
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Philipp M. Lersch shows that residential relocations may change individuals’ lives for the better but also for the worse depending on their resources, restrictions and contextual conditions. A comparative analysis of English and German panel data reveals that relocations improve the quality of dwellings on average in both countries but improvements strongly depend on life course stages and economic resources of individuals. Only few individuals improve their neighbourhoods when relocating. Conditions in the housing market are important determinants of these changes. Gender inequality persists in the occupational outcomes of relocations in England and West Germany. Due to institutional conditions, residential trajectories in England exhibit more variation and a higher risk of changes for the worse than in Germany. These innovative findings will inspire further research on the consequences of residential relocations.

Handbook of Survey Research

Handbook of Survey Research Author Peter V. Marsden
ISBN-10 9781848552241
Release 2010
Pages 886
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"The Handbook of Survey Research, Second Edition" builds on its widely-recognized 1983 predecessor by updating its previous historical account of the development of survey research and the evolution of social science before going on to examine new and expanded usages of survey research during the past half century. Editors Peter Marsden (Harvard University) and James D. Wright (University of Central Florida), long-time editor of Elsevier's Social Science Research, have created an authoritative reference book and an excellent starting point for anyone requiring a broad examination of the field. Detailed chapters include: sampling; measurement; questionnaire construction and question writing; survey implementation and management; survey data analysis; special types of surveys; and integrating surveys with other data collection methods. This handbook is distinguished from other texts by its greater comprehensiveness and depth of coverage including topics such as measurement models, the role of cognitive psychology, surveying networks, and cross-national/cross-cultural surveys. Timely and relevant it includes materials that are only now becoming highly influential topics.

New Serial Titles

New Serial Titles Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015030016466
Release 1985
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New Serial Titles has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from New Serial Titles also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full New Serial Titles book for free.

Computational Science and Its Applications ICCSA 2015

Computational Science and Its Applications    ICCSA 2015 Author Osvaldo Gervasi
ISBN-10 9783319214078
Release 2015-06-19
Pages 777
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The five-volume set LNCS 9155-9159 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2015, held in Banff, AB, Canada, in June 2015. The 232 revised full papers presented in 22 workshops and a general track were carefully reviewed and selected from 780 initial submissions for inclusion in this volume. They cover various areas in computational science ranging from computational science technologies to specific areas of computational science such as computational geometry and security.

Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion

Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion Author Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor
ISBN-10 9781472571175
Release 2015-12-17
Pages 256
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Within an era of growing reliance on digital technologies to instantly and effectively express our beliefs, values and allegiances, the interest in digital methodologies among sociologists of religion continues to increase. Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion addresses a gap in the literature for a text that explores the epistemological underpinnings and rationale for the use of digital methodologies. It considers the implementation difficulties of researching religion online and reflects on the ethical dilemmas faced by sociologists of religion when using digital research methods. In doing so it sets a precedent that future scholars can utilise and follow. This pioneering volume brings together established and emerging scholars, including William Bainbridge, Heidi Campbell, and Paul Weller, to consider the methodological issues associated with the sociology of religion. Global case studies draw on, for example, the use of social media as a method for researching discrimination on the basis of religious or non-religious belief, religion and identity in virtual worlds, digital communication within religious organisations, and young people's diverse expressions of faith online. Additionally, boxed tips are provided throughout the text to serve as reminders of tools that readers may use in their own research projects. Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion is ideal for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers employing digital methodologies within their own research.

Handbook of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

Handbook of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution Author Mark A. Fine
ISBN-10 9781317824213
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 696
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This Handbook presents up-to-date scholarship on the causes and predictors, processes, and consequences of divorce and relationship dissolution. Featuring contributions from multiple disciplines, this Handbook reviews relationship termination, including variations depending on legal status, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The Handbook focuses on the often-neglected processes involved as the relationship unfolds, such as infidelity, hurt, and remarriage. It also covers the legal and policy aspects, the demographics, and the historical aspects of divorce. Intended for researchers, practitioners, counselors, clinicians, and advanced students in psychology, sociology, family studies, communication, and nursing, the book serves as a text in courses on divorce, marriage and the family, and close relationships.

LISREL Issues Debates and Strategies

LISREL Issues  Debates and Strategies Author Leslie A. Hayduk
ISBN-10 0801853362
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 256
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LISREL: Issues, Debates, and Strategies examines issues of concern to researchers already familiar with the basics of structural equation modeling. Building on his earlier work in Structural Equation Modeling in LISREL, Leslie Hayduk explains procedures that maximize researchers' control over the meanings of their concepts and integrates the modeling of single and multiple indicators. The constraints and deceptions of the factor model are used to highlight measurement issues and the debate over whether one should estimate a measurement model prior to estimating a structural model is reviewed, extended, and evaluated. For sociologists, political scientists, psychologists, and researchers in science, medicine, and education, LISREL offers a wealth of useful information: A loop-equivalent to the standard recursive model is presented as grounding an interpretation style that can be used to challenge any or all the effect estimates from recursive models. (Loop-equivalent provide an appealing alternative conceptualization of longitudinal processes.) Models with acceptable negative R2's are discussed and LAR2 is introduced as a more appropriate indication of error variance for variables touching reciprocal relationships or loops. The logic connecting partial correlations, tetrads, equivalent models, and LISREL is presented and recent advances in this area are reviewed. Phantom variables and a modeling trick combine to illustrate how stacked models based on differing sets of indicator variables can be used: to identify otherwise unidentified models, to control for unmeasured variables, and to integrate models based on diverse data sets. A more appropriate Monte-Carlo-test model is proposed and a brief review of the recent literature is provided.

Handbook of Psychology Research Methods in Psychology

Handbook of Psychology  Research Methods in Psychology Author Irving B. Weiner
ISBN-10 0471385131
Release 2003
Pages 711
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of methods of data collection and analysis in psychological science. Chapter address basic considerations in research design-such as formulating hypothesis, selecting participant samples, identifying independent and dependent variables, and determining appropriate procedures-and alternative techniques for statistical treatment of data, such as categorical and factorial methods, path analysis and logistic regression, and meta-analysis.

Subject Catalog

Subject Catalog Author Library of Congress
ISBN-10 WISC:89126007947
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Subject Catalog has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Subject Catalog also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Subject Catalog book for free.

The Language Of Environment

The Language Of Environment Author Department of English Language and Literature George Myerson Lecturer (King's College, London)
ISBN-10 9781317821632
Release 2014-03-05
Pages 272
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First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Time Maps

Time Maps Author Eviatar Zerubavel
ISBN-10 9780226924908
Release 2012-06-12
Pages 187
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"Time Maps extends beyond all of the old clichés about linear, circular, and spiral patterns of historical process and provides us with models of the actual legends used to map history. It is a brilliant and elegant exercise in model building that provides new insights into some of the old questions about philosophy of history, historical narrative, and what is called straight history."-Hayden White, University of California, Santa Cruz Who were the first people to inhabit North America? Does the West Bank belong to the Arabs or the Jews? Why are racists so obsessed with origins? Is a seventh cousin still a cousin? Why do some societies name their children after dead ancestors? As Eviatar Zerubavel demonstrates in Time Maps, we cannot answer burning questions such as these without a deeper understanding of how we envision the past. In a pioneering attempt to map the structure of our collective memory, Zerubavel considers the cognitive patterns we use to organize the past in our minds and the mental strategies that help us string together unrelated events into coherent and meaningful narratives, as well as the social grammar of battles over conflicting interpretations of history. Drawing on fascinating examples that range from Hiroshima to the Holocaust, from Columbus to Lucy, and from ancient Egypt to the former Yugoslavia, Zerubavel shows how we construct historical origins; how we tie discontinuous events together into stories; how we link families and entire nations through genealogies; and how we separate distinct historical periods from one another through watersheds, such as the invention of fire or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Most people think the Roman Empire ended in 476, even though it lasted another 977 years in Byzantium. Challenging such conventional wisdom, Time Maps will be must reading for anyone interested in how the history of our world takes shape.

Sociology a Systematic Introduction

Sociology  a Systematic Introduction Author Harry M. Johnson
ISBN-10 817023137X
Release 1960
Pages 688
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Sociology a Systematic Introduction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sociology a Systematic Introduction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sociology a Systematic Introduction book for free.

Debating Organization

Debating Organization Author Robert Westwood
ISBN-10 9781405142113
Release 2009-02-04
Pages 424
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This volume introduces readers to the central debates of organization studies through a series of 'point' and 'counterpoint' debates by major figures in the field. Introduces readers to the central tensions and debates of organization studies. Celebrates the productive heterogeneity of the field by placing competing perspectives side by side. Includes contributions from major figures in the field. Structured in an innovative 'point' and 'counterpoint' format.