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Sociology and public affairs

Sociology and public affairs Author James T. Carey
ISBN-10 0803904215
Release 1975
Pages 205
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Sociology and public affairs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sociology and public affairs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sociology and public affairs book for free.

A Master of Science History

A Master of Science History Author Jed Z. Buchwald
ISBN-10 9789400726260
Release 2012-01-05
Pages 440
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New essays in science history ranging across the entire field and related in most instance to the works of Charles Gillispie, one of the field's founders.

Public Sociology

Public Sociology Author Philip Nyden
ISBN-10 9781412982634
Release 2011-05-04
Pages 317
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This book highlights the variety of ways in which sociology brings about social change in community settings, assists nonprofit and social service organizations in their work, and influences policy at the local, regional, and national levels. It also spotlights sociology that informs the general public on key policy issues through media and creates research centers that develop and carry out collaborative research. The book details a broad range of sociology projects. The 33 case studies are divided into 8 sections. Each section also includes sidebars of include non-sociologists writing about the impact of selected research projects. In some cases these are interdisciplinary projects since solutions to social problems are often multifaceted and do not fit into the disciplines as defined by universities. Further, it emphasizes actions and connections. This is not armchair sociology where self-proclaimed public sociologists just write articles suggesting what government, corporations, communities, or others "ought to do." The authors are interested in the active connections to publics and users of the research, not the passive research process.

Jane Addams and the Men of the Chicago School 1892 1918

Jane Addams and the Men of the Chicago School  1892 1918 Author Mary Jo Deegan
ISBN-10 9781351511148
Release 2017-07-12
Pages 369
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Jane Addams is well known for her leadership in urban reform, social settlements, pacifism, social work, and women's suffrage.The men of the Chicago School are well known for their leadership in founding sociology and the study of urban life.What has remained hidden however, is that Jane Addams played a pivotal role in the development of sociology and worked closely with the male faculty at the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. By using extensive archival material, Mary Jo Deegan is the first to document Addams's sociological significance and the existence of a sexual division of labor during the founding years of the discipline. As the leader of the women's network, Addams was able to bridge these two spheres of work and knowledge.Through an analysis of the changing relations between the male and female networks, Deegan shows that the Chicago men varied widely in their understanding and acceptance of her sociological though and action.Despite this variation, it was through her work with the men of the Chicago School that Addams left a legacy for sociology as a way of thinking, an area of study, and a methodological approach to data collecting. This previously unexamined heritage of American sociology will be of value to anyone interested in the history of the social sciences, especially sociology and social work, the development of American social thought, the role of professional women, the Progressive Era, and the intellectual contributions of Jane Addams.

Sociology and the Public Agenda

Sociology and the Public Agenda Author William Julius Wilson
ISBN-10 9781452252636
Release 1993-03-02
Pages 391
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The editor of this volume asserts that sociology's ostrich-like stance threatens to leave the discipline in a position of irrelevance to the world at large and compromises the support of policymakers, funders, media and the public. Wilson's vision is of a sociology attuned to the public agenda, influencing public policy through both short and long-range analysis from a sociological perspective. Using a variety of policy issues, perspectives, methods and cases, the distinguished contibutors to this volume both demonstrate and emphasize Wilson's ideas.

Documents of Life 2

Documents of Life 2 Author Ken Plummer
ISBN-10 0761961321
Release 2001-03-20
Pages 306
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Documents of Life was originally published in 1983 and became a classic text, providing both a persuasive argument for a particular approach and a manifesto for social research. As a critique of anti-humanist methodology in the social sciences, it championed the use of life stories and other personal documents in research which are now widely used today. This book is a substantially revised and expanded version which takes on recent developments. Providing numerous illustrations from a range of life documents, the book traces the history of the method, examines ways of 'doing life story' research, and discusses the many political and ethical issues raised by such research. The whole book has been substantially re-written and

The Disability Business

The Disability Business Author Gary L. Albrecht
ISBN-10 9781452252780
Release 1992-05-14
Pages 336
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This comprehensive volume examines the `big business', such as health care corporations and insurance companies, that has grown up around rehabilitation of the disabled in the United States, and the impact that this has had on care. Albrecht discusses how the quality of care is influenced by income, income potential and insurance cover and traces how the financial growth in this industry has changed the nature of the care provided. He also presents a realistic assessment of the policy options and solutions available to a society that values equity in ensuring that quality rehabilitation services are equally available to all.

George Herbert Mead

George Herbert Mead Author Peter Hamilton
ISBN-10 0415037557
Release 1992
Pages 332
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George Herbert Mead has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from George Herbert Mead also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full George Herbert Mead book for free.

The Chicago School Diaspora

The Chicago School Diaspora Author Jacqueline Low
ISBN-10 9780773589704
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 360
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When the University of Chicago was founded in 1892 it established the first sociology department in the United States. The department grew rapidly in reputation and influence and by the 1920s graduates of its program were heading newly formed sociology programs across the country and determining the direction of the discipline and its future research. Their way of thinking about social relations revolutionized the social sciences by emphasizing an empirical approach to research, instead of the more philosophical "armchair" perspective that previously prevailed in American sociology. The Chicago School Diaspora presents work by Canadian and international scholars who identify with what they understand as the "Chicago School tradition." Broadly speaking, many of the scholars affiliated with sociology at Chicago understood human behaviour to be determined by social structures and environmental factors, rather than personal and biological characteristics. Contributors highlight key thinkers and epistemological issues associated with the Chicago School, as well as contemporary empirical research. Offering innovative theoretical explanations for the diversity and breadth of its scholarly traditions, The Chicago School Diaspora offers a fresh approach to ideas, topics, and approaches associated with the origins of North American sociology. Contributors include Michael Adorjan (University of Hong Kong, China), Gary Bowden (University of New Brunswick), Jeffrey Brown (University of New Brunswick), Tony Christensen (Wilfrid Laurier University), Luis Cisneros (postdoctoral scholar, University of Arizona), Gary A. Cook (Beloit College), Mary Jo Deegan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Scott Grills (Brandon University), Mervyn Horgan (Acadia University), Mark Hutter (Rowan University), Benjamin Kelly (Nipissing University), Rolf Lindner (Humboldt University & HafenCity University, Germany), Jacqueline Low (University of New Brunswick), Mourad Mjahed (Peace Corps, Rabat, Morocco), DeMond S. Miller (Rowan University), Edward Nell (New School for Social Research), David A. Nock (Lakehead University), Defne Över (PhD candidate, Cornell University), George Park (Memorial University), Thomas K. Park (University of Arizona), Dorothy Pawluch (McMaster University), Robert Prus (University of Waterloo), Antony J. Puddephatt (Lakehead University), Isher-Paul Sahni (Concordia University), Roger A. Salerno (Pace University), William Shaffir (McMaster University), Greg Smith (University of Salford, UK), Robert A. Stebbins (University of Calgary), Izabela Wagner (Warsaw University, Poland and CEMS EHESS - School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, France), and Yves Winkin (ENS Lyon, France).

Symbolic Interactionism Foundations and history

Symbolic Interactionism  Foundations and history Author Kenneth Plummer
ISBN-10 1852781580
Release 1991
Pages 523
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These two authoritative volumes provide a valuable resource for students of symbolic interactionism. Volume I traces the historical roots of interactionism and analyzes the work of many of the earlier pragmatists and sociologists who shaped the interactionist tradition. It also considers the contemporary debate about the impact of Mead and gives special prominence to the work of the late Herbert Blumer. Volume II takes as its starting point the critique of interactionism, which gathered momentum during the 1970s, and shows that many of these earlier critics were misguided. The readings provided suggest interactionism can be linked strongly to structure, power, history, emotion and language.

A History of Sociological Analysis

A History of Sociological Analysis Author T. B. Bottomore
ISBN-10 NWU:35556021624184
Release 1979
Pages 717
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A History of Sociological Analysis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A History of Sociological Analysis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A History of Sociological Analysis book for free.

African American Pioneers of Sociology

African American Pioneers of Sociology Author Pierre Saint-Arnaud
ISBN-10 0802094058
Release 2009
Pages 381
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development of modern sociology." --Book Jacket.

Journalism Monographs

Journalism Monographs Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105010665342
Release 1994
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Journalism Monographs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journalism Monographs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journalism Monographs book for free.

The Anthem Companion to Robert Park

The Anthem Companion to Robert Park Author Peter Kivisto
ISBN-10 9780857281937
Release 2017-06
Pages 258
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The Anthem Companion to Robert Park comes to terms with Robert Park’s legacy. This companion focuses largely on the work rather than the man, a major figure in American sociology during the first half of the past century, and encourages readers to consider the virtue of rethinking—and rereading—the much maligned and frequently misunderstood Park. Despite the fact that he wrote with exemplary clarity, Park’s work has often been ignored by contemporary sociologists. The contributions in this companion embrace no singular response to Park, but rather present a broad range of responses, generally appreciative but also critical.

Pragmatism and Democracy

Pragmatism and Democracy Author Dmitri N. Shalin
ISBN-10 9781412844222
Release 2011-12-31
Pages 412
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This volume examines the roots of pragmatist imagination and traces the influence of American pragmatism in diverse areas of politics, law, sociology, political science, and transitional studies. The work explores the interfaces between the Progressive movement in politics and American pragmatism. Shalin shows how early 20th century progressivism influenced pragmatism’s philosophical agenda and how pragmatists helped articulate a theory of progressive reform. The work addresses pragmatism and interactionist sociology and illuminates the cross-fertilization between these two fields of studies. Special emphasis is placed on the interactionists’ search for a logic of inquiry sensitive to the objective indeterminacy of the situation. The challenge that contemporary interactionist studies face is to illuminate the issues of power and inequality central to the political commitments of pragmatist philosophers. Shalin explores the vital link between democracy, civility, and affect. His central thesis is that democracy is an embodied process that binds affectively as well as rhetorically and that flourishes in places where civic discourse is an end in itself, a source of vitality and social creativity sustaining a democratic community. The author shows why civic discourse is hobbled by the civic body that has been misshapen by past abuses. Drawing on the studies of the civilizing process, Shalin speculates about the emotion, demeanor, and body language of democracy and explores from this angle the prospects for democratic transformation in countries struggling to shake their totalitarian past. View Table of Contents

Robert Redfield and the Development of American Anthropology

Robert Redfield and the Development of American Anthropology Author Clifford Wilcox
ISBN-10 0739117777
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 235
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Relying upon close readings of virtually all of his published and unpublished writings as well as extensive interviews with former colleagues and students, Robert Redfield and the Development of American Anthropology traces the development of Robert Redfield's ideas regarding social change and the role of social science in American society. Reconsideration of these debates will enrich contemporary thinking regarding the history of American anthropology and international development.

Keywords in Qualitative Methods

Keywords in Qualitative Methods Author Michael Bloor
ISBN-10 9781847877550
Release 2006-07-06
Pages 208
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An essential companion for students across the social and health sciences, this text provides a wide-ranging coverage of qualitative methods complemented by extended illustration from the array of academic disciplines in which qualitative research is found and employed. Written in a lively and reader-friendly style, the guide covers a comprehensive range of topics, including: - a concise definition of the method - a description of distinctive features - examples to convey the flavour of a technique or principle - a critical and reflective evaluation of the method or approach under consideration - cross references to associated concepts within the dictionary - a list of key readings